DCS Open Beta

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DCS World

Added AI short-range missile Scud-B launcher into ground units of some countries (Iran, Iraq and others). It can drive, but missile is not yet functioning and does not launch. WIP

Western RWR: 

  • LHA-1 Tarawa index '40', – same AN/SPS-40 as on Spruance.

  • KJ-2000 index 50.

  • JF-17 index JF.

  • HQ-7 LN SP index 7.

  • HQ-7 STR SP index HQ.

Fixed M249 AI Infantry poor response to enemy contact.

Fixed name liveries for DEN Leo2A5.

Fixed flight.dll crash on user track.

Fixed mistake in text pop-up in the Russian version of lesson 1 (flaps rising) for Su-25T tutorial.

DCS F-16C by ED

Cockpit. MFD. Fixed wrong AG weapons number. Tuned lighting of navigation gauges and SAI.

Gap near canopy with head shift and mouse look - Fixed

LERX vortex effect corrected.

INS no longer tracks current coordinates in ATT mode.

No longer ALIGN indication in NARF.

Hydraulic flow corrected for JFS start procedure.

INS alignment resets when knob placed to NORM from STOR HDG.

INS coordinates should be confirmed by pilot on DED with enter.

INS coordinates fields on DED no longer limited to 5 or 6 digits.

INS coordinates confirm procedure added to autostart macro.

INS alignment now degraded in BATH mode.

AG TLL Line Points fixed.

Restored missing INS altitude correction from CADC data.

SAI pitch trim index animation corrected.

Fixed DED sub-pages switching.

Fixed AIM-120 reticle position on target

DCS: A-10C by ED

Custom cockpit options updated to correspond with the new model name.

Added strip on windshield glass by outer edges.

Canopy still present in F1 view after jettison - fixed.

Glued strip antenna added to the top of canopy.

BRT DIM Switch has no effect - fixed.

New cockpit caution panel APU GEN not illuminated - fixed.

ADI pointer not illuminated - fixed.

Emergency Chute Safety pin Should be removed for flight

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

Fixed RWR issue in MP, RWR signals will be displayed in order of priority, and the total number is limited

Fixed DL receiving E-2/E-3 message in MP

Fixed unguided AG gun/rocket/bomb CCIP not precise because it's based on sea level.

  • Using SPI (except waypoint) height for CCIP calculation

  • self radar alt as backup height source

Fixed rada hpt/spt

Fixed radar TDC wont lock target in real time

Fixed radar antenna will try to follow hpt

Fixed radar AG image glitch (with ED's help)

Fixed CM-802AKG will self destroy if launcher landed

Fixed PL-5EII IR missiles will have no tones if not fully powered, default caged, need HOTAS 'T2_Press' to cage/uncage PL-5EII missiles

Fixed HUD TDC axis control logic error

Fixed WMD7 camera init state error, WMD7 camera wont cage after OSB cage clicked

Fixed WPT/RP/PP load issue in MP

Fixed CMS loading issue

Add smoke generators support for pilon 1/2/4/6/7, default 'T' key assigned to turn on/off smokes.

Limitations to turn on smoke generators:

  • MUST be in NAV master mode

  • Gun MUST be deactivated

  • FCS WOW signal MUST be off

Tweak AA missile TOF/TOA, limited by rocket power system time and life time, not hardcoded

Tweak CM-802AKG narrow FOV axis control speed, more quickly now

Tweak CM-802AKG gain/level control, by OSB buttons or keys sensor up/down/left/right, for game play

Restore kneeboard map

DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations

Added active stores display activated when in TAKT/Out, just pressed IRRB FRAMSTEGN (unless in IDNR) and when UNSAFED (unless in IDNR).

Fixed minus-sign on CK37 thanks to user outbaxx.

Fixed fading-effect of CK37 panel display.

Improved accuracy of low-drag bombs.

Time-to-waypoint is now zero when landing gears are extended or in landing-mode, before it was just frozen.


Fixed issues with sidewinder step (IRRB FRAMSTEGN) button.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

TWS - AUTO scan centering does not center antenna elevation on L&S.

ACM entered from TWS incorrect.

L&S/DT2 trackfiles should appear above the LAR Indicator.

AIM-9 Tone does not come through headphone / helmet - fixed.

AIM 9 Not firing after selective jettison.

Fixed TD BOX Guns inside 3000 occluded.

Ground Targets will appear on SA Page if engaged - Fixed

R/BL Harpoon off axis warning - Fixed

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED

Gear indicator lights failing or not working correctly - fixed.

SZKK4 controls (knobs and switches) clickable zone increased.

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED

Clickable zone increased for cockpit controls: FuG 16 radio selectors, Landing Gear and Flaps Controls pushbuttons, Rocket control switches, Fuel gauge switch, ReVi altitude selector (rotary I)

ReVi altitude selector rotary II is fixed at "63"

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

Fixed broken view position of door gunner at the second mission run.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

Fixed broken view position of door gunner at the second mission run.

DCS Combined Arms by ED

Mouse click will no longer fire weapon when ingame debriefing window is open.


DCS Caucasus by ED

Trees restored to original visualization.

Trees removed from roads in some locations.

Mozdok 08 runway broken lights fixed.

Improved a scene on the Gudauta airfield.

Larger aircraft can not use the taxiway. Fixed

Some minor visual improvements.

DCS Campaigns

Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M07: helipad and insurgent camp is no longer covered by the  trees. 

  • M09: minor changes to AI wingman target reporting. 

  • M13: fixed rare issue when briefing at WP1 wouldn't start.

  • M14: fixed issue with F-16s not engaging bandits. 

  • M16: updated triggers so that chances of saving HVA are higher. Minor fixes to VO timings. 

  • M17: fixed issue with show of force by player having no effect on the CLA troops on the ground.

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  •  Corrected F-86 livery folder name for displaying of custom liveries.