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Open Beta changelog
18 nov

DCS World

  • VR mask setting not persistent between sessions - fixed.
  • Changing ROE or Formation on client aircraft causes client to freeze - fixed.
  • Guarded request to cockpit arg values.

DCS Black Shark by Eagle Dynamics

  • Ka-50 ABRIS map fix.


DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

  • Squashed a number of small bugs.
  • Modified AI aircraft to make the mission a bit more challenging.
17 nov

DCS World

  • Debriefing. Players get no scores - fixed.
  • Weapons. Kh-58 and Kh-25MP will not aim to long-wave EW radars.
  • ME. Loadout menu extended to 15 hardpoints.
  • MP. Users in the same server sharing the same UCID - fixed.
  • DS: Liveries stored in zip files are completely missing from dedicated server install - fixed.
  • DS. "Pure Scripts" option not available in webGUI - fixed.
  • Fixed: Alarm State Change causes all tasks to abort.
  • Fixed: Wrong position for ground units in ME (3D view).
  • Fixed: Initial heading in simulation does not match the heading assigned in the editor for ground vehicles.
  • Added task 'Hold' for ships.
  • Fixed: Unable to create circular routes with “Go to waypoint” for ground units.
  • Improvements made to Tracer Round Smoke
  • Fixed: MP Scoreboard not working
  • Fixed rare crash caused by using TAD MFD mostly in A-10C II (in edterrainGraphics41.dll)
  • MP: Reduced number of AWACS messages. (WIP)
  • AIM-120: Improved tracking of slow targets
  • Fixed: AI aircraft sometimes fail to takeoff if player enters runway with no ATC clearance
  • New: Multiple lines of text now possible in ME draw tools
  • Fixed: AI F/A-18 will not release TALD
  • New: AI task - Recovery tanker.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added UFC/BU Page
  • Fixed: AUTO Int impact error with Dive Toss.
  • Fixed: Donated trackfiles on the RDR ATTK page stop showing speed and altitude info, while the radar trackfile is being built
  • Fixed: Hornet Rocket CCIP Pipper Weirdness
  • Fixed: HARM Page still shows threats after Jettisoning all HARM
  • Fixed: Radar tracks AIM-120/SD-10

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed:CTD with F6 view
  • Fixed: FCR Sync with TGP using TMS Right
  • Fixed: HMCS ACM Bore ellipse should vanish once lock gained
  • Fixed: Tail numbers on the 0 and 1 LOD. unable to set in ME or in game
  • Fixed: M4 IFF Scan provides accurate target range and azimuth
  • Fixed: ACM-BORE HMCS Error
  • Fixed: ENG CONT switch doesn't affect nozzle position
  • Fixed: MK-84 CCRP fall short
  • Fixed: CRM in BST mode locks target outside beam pattern
  • Fixed: Incorrected behaviour after off HMD
  • Fixed: Unable to boresight multiple mavericks without TGP
  • Fixed: Using step or weapon release on dual maverick lock undesignated the second target
  • Fixed: Steering cue does not lead perpendicular targets
  • Fixed: AGM-65D Handoff does not work if the target is moving
  • Fixed: Guard frequency doesn't shown on freq indicator
  • Fixed: Radar priority in Mode 2 not switching on with MRM mode
  • Fixed: Markpoint HUD not working if I cycle CCIP, CCRP, DTOS and back to CCRP
  • Fixed: AG Radar in GMT mode azimuth change decreased scan velocity
  • Fixed: Autolocking target in ACM mode from 30nm
  • Fixed: LAR indication can still be seen in HUD after maverick use and switched to CCIP
  • Fixed: ACM Bore JHMCS ellipse - after lost lock at radar gimbal edge incorrect display and incorrect radar behavior
  • Fixed: HARM Target handed off in HAS mode gets frozen relative to missile's seeker boresight
  • Fixed: HARM reacquires target handed off in HAS after it's gone off seeker's gimbals
  • Fixed: Don't show up on DL without GPS
  • Fixed: Lesson 13 for AGM-65 Maverick - Too short duration of text showing "Reset Run 4"
  • Fixed: Radar elevation jumping around on bugged target
  • Fixed: HSD shows range to jamming target
  • Fixed: AIM-120 being guided by FCR when it is off
  • Fixed: Air start setting HOME on CRUS page changes when set

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Total controls MPD profiles added
  • Fixed: FUEL Advisory should not show in EUFD if fuel page is open
  • Fixed: AH-64D paint kit - APU Exhaust warning on wrong side
  • Fixed: FMC channels not synced on CPG join - MP
  • Fixed: Radar Altitude Hold uses barometric altitude as reference
  • Fixed: Altitude Hold will oscillate when out of ground effect.
  • Fixed: CPG TRN Threat ring appearing on Pilot TSD when it should not
  • Fixed: Threat ring shown in centre of TSD when TG point is set as ACQ but hidden by COORD SHOW options
  • Fixed: VID page is briefly showing main format when VSEL (T6) format is enabled and VID button is pressed
  • Fixed: George should select "NO WPN" after depleting another
  • Fixed: CPG AI George systems desync on seat switch cold start
  • Fixed: Keyboard Unit Brightness Knob stop working correctly when assigned to Axis

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Sometimes SC doesn't rise JBL after client spawn
  • Fixed: Carrier wake too short

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: integrated configuration panel GUI not open if there’s wind
  • Fixed: Cockpit capture keyboard input when integrated config panel GUI is opened
  • Fixed: LS6-100/250 accuracy issue
  • Fixed: unguided rocket engine not ignition bug
  • Fixed: SPI switched to WPT when WMD7 point track downgraded to area track
  • Fixed: some bugs when manually set SMS load
  • Adjusted: try to improve WMD7 CCD image quality (still under adjustment)
  • Added: campaign mission 11 and 12. Now campaign is completed

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • Added YAW position to Yaw/Anti-slip switch and renamed the switch up position from ON to ANTI-SLIP in control inputs.
  • Fixed missing gunsight reticle in (C + M or SW) mode with VEL (velocity vector) Optical Sight mode selected.
  • TRAIN light logic corrected according to SME feedback.
  • Combat flap logic completed.
  • Fixed missing default Mirage F1 art picture in ME briefing window and in loading window when the module is not set as wallpaper.
  • Fixed BIP Trim heading mode behaviour.

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Improved: All drum style indicators animation (EDP, ACP, Hydraulic Gauge, Flaps Indicator, Standby Altimeter, Fuel Panel)
  • Fixed: Speed brake not properly retracting sometimes when gear retracted
  • Fixed: LHA Tarawa tag missing
  • Fixed: Incorrect aircraft name in Nevada’s Cold and Dark QS Mission
  • Fixed: Mission trigger error in Nevada’s A/A Gun and Sidewinder mission
  • Updated: TOO button functionality. When saving the position as targetpoint, If the aircraft is not in A/G attack mode, TOO will command the aircraft into A/G mode and recall the last A/G weapon used.

DCS: MiG-19P by Razbam

  • Fixed: Aircraft damage table.
  • Fixed: both engines able to start at same time.
  • Fixed: Auto-start getting stuck in MP.

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Added new textures for inside of upper airbrakes
  • Added new textures for inside and outside of lower airbrakes
  • Fixed all instances of deprecated 'Color' shader causing severe visual issues
  • Added correct tire animations for L/R tires respectively.
  • Fixed some lighting direction issues in LoD2 meshes
  • Slightly reduced drawcalls by batching together some materials for improved performance

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX

  • 2 New Single Player Missions for Operation Jubilee

DCS: P-51D Mustang

  • 2 New Single Player Missions for Operation Jubilee

DCS: Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

  • 2 New Single Player Missions for Operation Jubilee

DCS: Fw 190 A-8

  • 3 New Single Player Missions for Operation Jubilee

DCS: Mosquito FB VI

  • Texture Template now available here!

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Attack points clone when moved.
  • Fixed: Leopard 2-family. AA MG stabilizes with the hull, not with the tower.

DCS: South Atlantic Map by Razbam


  • New - Santa Cruz Airfield
  • New - Comandante Luis Piedrabuena Airfield
  • New - Aerodromo de Tolhuin Airfield
  • New - Generated all detail maps for the full map
  • New - Porvenir Airfield
  • New - Almirante Schroeders Airfield
  • New - Rio Turbio Airfield


  • New - Updated Lighting components to support 2.8 releases new lighting system
  • New - The Normal maps previously pushed are now enabled for the whole map (see know issues)
  • New - Added Gause bushes across the Falklands Islands
  • New - Started Detailing out the farms in the Falklands (still WIP)
  • New - Replaced primary and Secondary Road surface textures across the map
  • New - Added new detailing models for surfaces in a few places
  • New - Various new models across the map, which include but are not limited to: New shipping container models, new gas storage tank models ….
  • New - Introduced lighting variations across the map for a more realistic look
  • New - Added new towns and villages around new airfields
  • Improved - Converted all Lighting to 2.8 standard for all our objects
  • Improved - Added lighting variations across the map for a more realistic feel with light colour variation
  • Improved - Improved video memory usage which should improve performance across the map
  • Improved - Adjusted taxiway lighting at Puerto Williams
  • Improved - Detail maps for the low level terrain have been improved for the whole map
  • Improved - Existing towns around the airfields have been tweaked for a better look
  • Improved - Updated the vegetation maps for 3/4 of the map (still WIP)
  • Improved - Resolved forum reported surface triangulation around the Falklands Islands
  • Improved - Changed the colour of all of the tracks across the map to be more in keeping with the region
  • Improved - Fleshed out Rio Gallegos refuelling terminal
  • Improved - Refined the Railway line from Rio Gallegos refuelling terminal


  • Fixed - Map grid misaligned according to in game coords
  • Fixed - Threshold lighting at El Calafate Airfield set to correct direction.
  • Added - REIL lights at El Calafate Airfield runway 25
  • Added - Various new models across the map, which include but are not limited to: New shipping container models, new gas storage tank models ....


  • Normal maps cause a discolouration around the Falklands Islands Cliffs areas in certain parts

DCS Campaigns

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bomber formations updated
  • Carpet bombing performance optimized
  • Ice halo enabled
  • More realistic turbulence levels

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bomber formations updated
  • Carpet bombing performance optimized
  • Ice halo enabled
  • More ambient chatter added
  • Radio procedures improved - you only check in with control over the Channel
  • Ingress altitudes adjusted - flight lead will stay low and climb only over the Channel.
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Mission 10 workaround for JU88 AI crashing into ground units.
  • Bomber formations updated
  • More realistic turbulence levels

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bomber formations updated
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bomber formations updated
  • Ice halo enabled
  • UK AAA improved
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: UH-1H Paradise Lost Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Ice halo enabled
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • AI skill levels adjusted to better match the new AI BFM
  • Improved AI breaks
  • Fixed the landing checklist in the intro mission
  • More realistic turbulence levels
  • Bozo calls Speed & Angels instead of Jester

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Ice halo enabled
  • Recovery tanker functionality added to mission 1
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Intro mission progression fixed
  • Ice halo enabled
  • Increased bomber speeds to reduce AI glitches
  • Carpet bombing performance optimized
  • UK AAA improved
  • The Bet mission - AI will now put up a fight
  • More realistic turbulence levels

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Ice halo enabled
  • More realistic turbulence levels

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Cerberus North Campaign by Ground Pounder Sims

  • Mission 1 - Adjusted Poodle AI behaviour.
  • Mission 2 - Adjusted ATC zone to fix possibility of not being handed off if player is off course.
  • Mission 7 - Adjusted AI behavior to avoid rare potential for mid-air collisions.
  • Mission 11 - Fixed error in scoring incorrectly deducting points for hitting TOT.

DCS: F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badge633

  • All Super Carrier versions: New Stennis model added.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion campaign by Badger633

  • Mission 1 all versions: New Stennis model added.
  • Mission 13: 420 not engaging fixed.
  • Missions 3,4, 6 to 9 and 14: Launch radio call conflict avoided.
2 nov

DCS World

  • Network protocol version changed.
  • Fixed CTD while conversing with JTAC.
  • Aircraft shadows appear overlapping models and duplicated - fixed.
  • VR Kneeboard waypoint pages show battery page - fixed.
  • Fixed crash caused by shooting train that was placed via ME.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when client uses smoke rockets.
  • Aircraft at Senaki Hold for 15+ mins before taking off - fixed.
  • Сombined arms crash - fixed.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: HARM Target handed off in HAS mode gets frozen relative to missile's seeker boresight
  • Updated ACM BORE HMCS logic. Hold TMS Forward to slave radar to HMCS line-of-sight and display the ellipse. When TMS Forward is released, the radar will attempt to lock the nearest contact within the ellipse out to 10 nm.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: gear automatically deploying in some cases when multicrew is used (Petrovich shenanigans).

DCS: Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics (Features added in last patch DCS Open Beta 2022-10-28 but not mentioned)

  • Changes in the flight dynamics model include the implementation of the engine gas-dynamic instability during rocket launch from the inboard launchers, at hover, and at low speeds. This is due to hot rocket gases sucked in the air intakes, which can lead to a thrust drop, surge, and shutdown of the engines.
  • Added delay up to 2 seconds for ATGM Vikhr launch sequence.
  • SHKVAL screen textures changed to achieve more authentic “green” look

DCS: SA-342 by Polychop Simulations

  • Added functionality to ripple switch on weapons panel

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • New: Brand new integrated configuration panel GUI
    • Apply laser code change, DTC config, AAR probe install/remove etc by one click
    • Open it via radio menu -> ground crew -> configuration panel
  • Added: campaign mission 11 and 12. Now campaign is completed

DCS: AV-8B by Razbam

  • Fixed:  Dedicated server crash when the aircraft dumps fuel
  • F10 MAP designation rework.
    • a. Now it is not required to create an unlabeled Marker. Marker Label must now say '#TPn' where  n is a number. 
    • b. In MP environment it will only load the Markers created by the pilot.
  • Added: New mode for Offset input in the Mission Editor. Please check the forum for a more detailed explanation.

DCS: M-2000C by Razbam

  • Fixed: Dedicated server crash when the aircraft dumps fuel

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges


  • Complete autopilot rework (BIP trim fix will be included in next update):
    • AP is now less aggressive in altitude hold mode.
    • Included radionavigation G and R modes that allow interception of a radial and following an ILS approach.
    • Corrected AP engagement and mode logic, as well as light logic.
  • Route commutation unit selected radial no longer affects ILS.
  • Artificial horizon radionavigation bars behaviour adjusted according to manuals.
  • Backup ADI bank index now animated (pending to fix incorrect bank indication).
  • IDN distance selector can no longer exceed its limits.
  • IDN: In TT and TE modes, now the narrow needle does not move with the rest of the IDN assembly
  • Fixed radio presets not allowing integers.

3D model:

  • Updated EQ liveries for Iraq.
  • Fixed missile floating when the wing is damaged.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

    • Fixed CTD when using LANTIRN in point track.

DCS: A-10C Warthog by Eagle Dynamics

  • Digital clock is initialized with GMT. it doesn't derive the local time adjustment from CDU anymore. To be able to adjust the displayed time, the 'Time set' mode was implemented (hold SEL + press CTRL, better to use keyboard for that). Refer to -1 for details of the 'Time Set' mode.

28 oct

Introducing DCS: MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho and new Graphics Features:

  • Added atmospheric effects: rainbow, glory, and ice halo. The ice halo effect has settings in the Mission Editor Weather tab. 
  • Volumetric clouds now move according to wind direction and speed. Each cloud layer respects wind settings at the set altitude band.
  • New terrain lights system for the Persian Gulf map with accurate real time shading. This is a test case, and once final, it will be implemented for all DCS World maps.
  • New and improved AI Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM) for jets. Please note that this does not apply to World War II aircraft. and

DCS World

  • AI Aircraft. Taxiing AI F-15C does not lower intake ramps - fixed.
  • ME. Missing country in ME. Fix default country.
  • Added copy of JTAC 9-Line data to kneeboard.
  • FLIR. Overexposed FLIR image at some angles - fixed.
  • WWII AI warbirds: improved behaviour and fixed collision during landing in pairs
  • Voice chat: added possibility to use TURN servers. Please use it if you have problems hearing other players (mostly for VPN connections).
  • Graphics. Adjusted: tone-mapping process and exposure control. We recommend that you reset your gamma setting to 2.2 if it has been changed.
  • Graphics. Adjusted rain effect.
  • Graphics. Fixed rare cloud artefacts where cloud parts can become invisible.
  • Graphics. Fixed flat shadows on MFDs.
  • Graphics. Fixed glass shading in the cockpit.
  • Fixed over-brightened terrain lights in mirrors.
  • Fixed lights source rendering in mirrors.
  • Input. Improved axis tune panel.
  • Added Italian Social Republic for historical mode.
  • New IC setting - "Require pure scripts"
    •  This is an optional setting that  will block mods that modify files in    DCSWorld/Mods/aircraft/<MOD_ID>/Cockpits/Scripts to prevent exploits.
    •  Servers that update to the new version default to set pure scripts to disabled, so server owners will need to opt in.
    •  If you are kicked for breaking IC on a pure scripts server you need to restart DCS before you can connect to any server again, regardless of that servers IC status
  • Graphics. Improved motion blur effect.
  • Graphics. Raindrops on the canopy effect now works on "Rain preset #3".
  • A-20G loss of stabiliser removes entire tail - fixed

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Gun accuracy.
  • Fixed: Loss of frame rate when selecting the AIM-120.
  • Fixed: TWS on the RDR ATTK page not displaying HAFU wahen trackfile is created.
  • Fixed: Hornet A2G RADAR not working on the channel map.
  • Fixed: Missing AIM-120 launch delay.
  • Fixed: If Local time and Zulu time are different days the datalink would not work.
  • Fixed: Red Flag Iron hand mission Nevada corrections.
  • Fixed: Radar scan centre resets between RWS and TWS
  • Fixed: A-A mode no step option for missiles.
  • Fixed: AIM-120 tracks last locked target when fired in visual mode

Ongoing tasks for later updates:

  • Refactoring of the flight model, flight control system, and landing gear based on new advancements in these areas.
  • Refactoring the air-to-air radar to better account for lookdown, detection and tracking ranges, and more. Once complete, this will be moved to the F-16C.
  • Back Up (BU) page.
  • IAM Loft functions.
  • Additional IAM HSI functions.
  • Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF)
  • Correcting AGM-84D, AGM-84E, and SLAM-ER behaviours.
  • TOO IAM engagement behaviours.
  • Correcting Velocity Vector confinement.
  • New and improved pilot model. Once complete, a new F-16C pilot model will be created.
  • Data Transfer Cartridge and default cockpit settings.

Known Issue

  • ASE dot is not always accurate

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added NCTR (Non Cooperative Target Recognition mode) indications. 
  • Added ECS inlet scoops logic.
  • Added MK-84AIR high drag bomb and training version.
  • Added LODs 3/4/5/6 for improved performance.
  • Fixed: Dropping GBU-24 could cause a crash.
  • Fixed: AIM-120 M and F Pole Indications on the HUD.
  • Fixed: Wheels are pitch black when not in sunlight.
  • Fixed:  The digital clock (DED page and used for all systems, and important for TOT/TOS) is not sync with DCS time.
  • Fixed: TWS: TMS Up on a Tracked Target makes it STT instead of setting it as a system target.
  • Fixed: Radar antenna elevation becomes stuck when dropping a SAM designation.
  • Fixed: AIM-120 AMRAAM would still receive telemetry even if radar is off.
  • Fixed: GPS & DL switch overlap.
  • Fixed: Jettison doesn't work with an empty LAU container.
  • Fixed: Nose wheel sinks into grass and never recovers.
  • Fixed: 1st IFF scan returns limited response.
  • Fixed: Black screen after running out of fuel during rearm.
  • Fixed: Anti collision lights reflect on the ground even with missing lights.
  • Fixed: HUD TGP symbology offset depending on QNH.
  • Fixed: When landing gear is down, CAS should show in HUD.
  • Fixed: TTI/TTA removed from HUD when the last missile is launched.
  • Fixed: ECM Standby switch behaviour.
  • Fixed: Updating steerpoint with FIX page offsets Mark points.
  • Fixed: AIM-9 unexpected launch.
  • Improved: Russian localization of CMS/DMS commands.
  • Fixed: HUD CCIP->CCRP consistently falls short compared to normal CCRP.
  • Fixed: Cannot upgrade target tracks to system tracks when a target is bugged.
  • Fixed: Datalink tracks on radar display blanking out RWS bricks even when the datalink filter switched to "NONE".
  • Fixed: AIM-9 BORE setting - no longer retaining setting when switched weapons.
  • Fixed: In FCR A-A TWS mode, the TGP would only track the first air target.
  • Fixed: JHMCS Steerpoint locating indicator.
  • Fixed: Spot light mode should require a long press.
  • Fixed: In DGFT, CAS should show in HUD.
  • Fixed: Magnetic ground track should be displayed with a triangle mark.
  • Fixed: Datalink tracks randomly not showing in HSD/FCR in MP
  • Fixed: Maximum G-value reset doesn't work when pressing DRIFT C/O to WARN RESET.
  • Fixed: Set trim at takeoff using hotas, trim resets after takeoff.
  • Fixed: Missing A/F pole indication for AIM120 on the FCR page.
  • Fixed: Emergency jettison should require a 1 second depress
  • Fixed: ECM light still shows yellow 'Standby' even without the jammer pod.
  • Fixed: Code for the GBU-24 is incorrect.
  • Updated lessons 13-18.
  • Update briefing and mission images of lessons 13-18 with RU version.
  • Fixed:  HARM Training mission 15.
  • Fixed: Training mission 13 - AGM-65 Maverick - incorrect names of OSB have been fixed.
  • Improved: Texts for the whole training course (RU). Add notes for use of nautical miles in Russian.

Ongoing tasks for later updates:

  • LADD bombing mode. We had hoped to have it available for this update, but it requires further tuning.
  • Animated tail hook and alternative landing gear handle.
  • New pilot model, after the new Hornet pilot model.
  • RWR PRF tones in handoff mode.
  • Air-to-Air datalink target assignments.
  • Data Transfer Cartridge and default cockpit settings.

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Jitter on supercarrier during turns

Known Bugs:

  • Deck crew sometimes do not respond after takeoff - landing.
  • Landing lights create a very large lighting effect on the sea in front of the carrier. However, you should never use landing lights on a carrier deck.

Ongoing tasks for later updates:

  • Ready Room
  • PRIFLY deck
  • Plane directors move aircraft from parking locations to catapults and from landing box to parking locations.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added LODs 3/4/5 for improved performance.
  • Added cycled : NO WPN > MSL > RKT > GUN > NO WPN.
  • Fixed: NVG for CPG not working in multicrew.
  • Fixed: Multicrew - Navigation info on pilot's IHADSS not visible when CPG selects a point which is not part of the route.
  • Fixed: George Lists targets many miles away.
  • Fixed: COOP rockets with George when the gun is empty.
  • Fixed: Laser codes not synced between CPG and pilot.
  • Fixed: CPG turns off Rad alt, and is unable to turn back on.
  • Fixed: Special Options. Combox width too short.
  • Fixed: AI (as CPG) checks PNVS.
  • Fixed: George CPG interaction should not be affected by Pilot's ACQ source selection.
  • Fixed:  George will not fire in LOAL.
  • Fixed: TSD Point icon corrections.
  • Fixed: Spawns in with left rudder input.
  • Fixed: Missing RKT NORM and RKT G-S messages.
  • Fixed: Control Measures missing text when deselected.
  • Fixed: AI CPG reports no detected targets, but provides a target list.
  • Fixed: Chaff/Flare inventories should not be editable in Rearm/Refuel menu.
  • Fixed: Flight Path Vector should not be displayed if on ground or less than 5 knots ground speed.
  • Fixed: Acceleration Cue should not change format based on vertical velocity.
  • Fixed: Torque flashing errors when in single engine format.
  • Fixed: New single RAZBAM FARP AH-64D needs to be moved forward to prevent tail break.
  • Fixed: OUTFRONT Boresight option still present on WPN-BORESIGHT page.
  • Fixed: Fly-To symbol should only be displayed if the aircraft is airborne.
  • Fixed: Time To Go format switch in IHADSS flight symbology.
  • Fixed: Typo in lesson 6 heading (RU).
  • Fixed: SCUD Busters - Wrong co-ords.

Ongoing tasks for later updates:

  • Yaw SAS behaviour improvements.
  • Improving Vortex Ring State (VRS) characteristics.
  • Image Auto-Tracker (IAT) and Multi-Target Tracker (MTT) TADS functions.
  • Complete the Performance (PERF) page.
  • Complete new Pilot and CPG models, external and 1st person.
  • Improved Datalink Modem (IDM) that will include Longbow Net and ability to share targeting.
  • Additional George (Pilot and CPG) messages.
  • “Robbie” fuel tank.
  • Fire Control Radar (FCR) and AGM-114L radar-guided Hellfire.
  • SAS collective channel behaviour improvements.
  • Radar altitude hold and altitude hold stability when in OGE.
  • Adjust SAS Saturation tone behaviour.
  • Uncommanded pitch and roll in some high speed conditions.

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

FM and systems:

  • Landing light state and retraction now depend on landing gear state.
  • AoA indicator was calibrated.
  • FM adjustments:
    • Reduced aoa at which the first stall effects appear.
    • Induced drag now does not take horizontal stabiliser downforce into account.
    • Increased flap efficiency.
    • Reduced induced drag near transonic speeds.
  • Extended range at which vibrations occur to include low G and high AoA situations.
  • Increased sensitivity of weight on wheels detection.
  • Wake turbulence induced by other vehicles is now correctly taken into account by FM.
  • Made g-suit effectiveness equal to that of most other aircraft (this era and newer).
  • Adjusted compressor stall behaviour (corrects the multiplayer problem caused by wake turbulence).
  • Restored force feedback.
  • Adjusted the strength and velocity of the anti-slip system.
  • Engine starter damage is now repaired.
  • Solved problem with aircraft oscillation on the ground with wind.


  • AIM-9B, -9J, -9P missiles now have a specific “growl” sound.
  • Fixed a bug in audio volume control of some AIM-9 versions.

Optical Sight and radar:

  • Implemented Optical Sight target range display (except gun 600 m fixed range option) on the heading/range scale.

It works as follows:


  • 300 m with no radar lock
  • target locked and the range > 3.5 km → range in NM
  • target locked and the range < 3.5 km → range in hectometers


  • radar strobe position in NM with no radar lock (34 NM max)
  • target locked and the range > 3.5 km → range in NM
  • target locked and the range < 3.5 km → range in hectometers
  • The gunsight target range is fed now by the radar tracked target range (GYRO-ANT switch is still WIP, i.e. the gunsight always operates in GYRO mode).
  • The heading/range scale now displays a fixed 600 m range when the “Cannon 300/600” button is kept pressed, and there is no target tracked by the radar.
  • The “(C + M or SW) R” button now switches the Optical Sight to “A/A cannon” mode with short range missiles status displayed.
  • The gunsight reticle diameter is now set to 20 mrd, when the radar tracks a target. The “Cannon 300/600” button reverts it to 40 mrd diameter, while kept pressed.
  • The A/G sight is now a fixed depression sight. The selected manual depression doesn't affect A/A gunsight anymore.
  • Adjusted gyro (A/A) gunsight dampening constant.
  • Implemented Optical Sight time/velocity scale display logic:
    • when no radar lock → the scale is hidden (V symbol is in view)
    • with A/A gun selected → target relative velocity
    • with R550/SW missile selected and in (C + M or SW) R mode → target aspect angle
    • with R530 missile selected → missile flight time (time computation logic is WIP)
  • Target range provided by the radar to the gunsight is limited to 300-1600 m.
  • Gyro gunsight now accounts for the target range rate. The rate is set to 0 when the target is outside of the 300-1600 m range window.
  • Radar is now correctly initialised to search mode, according to cockpit switches positions, if its power switch was cycled OFF and ON while tracking a target.

3D model:

  • Updated 3D model for those users who wish to make their own livery textures: Added custom arguments for parts of each Mirage F1 version. (Arguments 985 to 993 defined in description.lua. Check also Model Viewer).
  • Fixing the sun reflection of cockpit glass (WIP).
  • Added F1EQ liveries. (Thanks to Isaac).

Other changes:

  • Controls Indicator stick/rudder positions are now raw pilot inputs, not including trim adjustments.
  • Stick trim position works now in the Controls Indicator.
  • Adjusted AI induced drag.

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • AIM-9B, -9J, -9P missiles now have a specific “growl” sound.
  • Fixed a bug in audio volume control of some AIM-9 versions.
  • Wake turbulence induced by other vehicles is now correctly taken into account by FM.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Improved : LoS checks behaviour with TAF
  • Improved : Decimal dot HUD rendering

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: Cannot slew steerpoint in DATA page if DESG is boxed
  • Fixed Adjusted and added VREST drag index calculations to be more accurate
  • Fixed: Fixed stores loadouts that had incorrect weights 
  • Fixed: Corrected pitch RCS to properly be neutral at 2° nose down trim
  • Improved: Updated DECU corrected RPM limiter now interpolates properly with altitude
  • Improved: Adjusted basic empty weight based on SME feedback and experience
  • Improved: Added proper nozzle hysteresis micro-switch logic for going between wingborne and jetborne engine limits
  • Improved: Adjusted very high altitude engine performance to better match envelope
  • Improved: Adjusted engine to have increased JPT behaviour in hover

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Added: LS-6 100 Laser JDAM and LS-6 250 JSOW
  • Updated: F10 mark WPT altitude no longer zero but uses terrain alt instead
  • Updated: move LS-6/GB-6 loadout selection from missile menu to bomb menu
  • Updated: training missions
  • Updated: CN locales

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Introduced Pilot and RIO body for front and back cockpit. 
  • NEW: Added jammer detection and tracking functionality in the AWG-9, which adds amongst other features:
    • Noise jammers will now prevent AWG-9 from ascertaining range or range-rate from a target.
    • DDD will show noise returns over the range axis at jammer azimuth in pulse search. 
    • DDD will show jamming intensity trace overlay in pulse doppler modes. 
    • TID will display jamming strobe in TWS and RWS modes. 
    • TID jamming strobe can be toggled via the Jam Strobe button below TID.
    • Jam strobes can be shared over Link-4A fighter to fighter datalink, allowing for eyeballed triangulation of actual jammer position. 
    • TID angle symbol is hookable. 
    • PSTT or PDSTT on jamming target leads JAT (Jam Angle Track).
    • STT-ed target transitioning to jamming outside of burnthrough automatically switches to JAT submode. 
    • In STT-JAT submodes both AIM-7 and AIM-54 can be employed in HOJ (home on jam). 
  • Added jamming targets to JESTER STT options. 
  • NEW: Added new list of set commands for JESTER to be used in the Mission Editor.
    • 10017 to 10033 are new.
    • For a full list and functionality visit this post here please. 
  • Reverted AIM-54 loft to state before looping hotfix to revert exceptionally poor performance.
  • Fixed forward rendering for canopy sealant - will now not appear shadowed at odd angles anymore.
  • Screens and other glass surfaces will now reflect sunlight again.
  • Added non-gfx external args to check the status of JESTER tracking air targets (to be used with scripts):
    • 1026: tracked predefined target; 0.01 - 0.99, same as command 10024; 0.0 - no predefined target tracked.
    • 1027: range to predefined target (only when tracking); - three digits of distance to tracked predefined target in NM.
  • Potential fix for mission freeze including F-14 AI. 
  • Made LANTIRN available as laser designator for the AI. 
  • Fixed ALT HOLD not working >36k AGL. 
  • Fixed flashbang-like sun glare on internal canopy glass.
  • Fixed MiG-23s not taking off in PG Flogger Faceoff Mission. 
  • Adjusted all Quickstart BVR missions for new AIM-54s. 
  • Removed instances of “color” shader in cockpit due to deprecation.
  • Minor cockpit optimizations - fixed some visibility arguments not triggering LoD changes.

DCS: Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics

  • ABRIS: Calculation of satellites for the selected airfield does not work - fixed. SNS RAIM calculation is fixed. Use direct ICAO code of the airfield, without transliteration.

DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: more Petrovich AI voiceovers for work with targets and countermeasures and timings adjusted
  • Added: GUV AP-30 Grenade launcher training tutorial mission added
  • Improved: Maximum detection distance implemented for targets recognition in simple IFF Petrovich AI mode
  • Improved: Windshield area adjusted to be more resilient to bullet calibers up to 12.7 mm
  • Improved: Shadows rendering in cockpit
  • Improved: changed R-828 radio buttons hints to match radio name
  • Fixed: Tail rotor now can be damaged more consistently
  • Fixed: ASP-17 manual range input and indication adjusted
  • Fixed: Petrovich automatically turns off OBSERVE even if human client is present in front cockpit
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI cant determine target type and side at short distances in some case
  • Fixed: Player can use Petrovich AI menu even when AI Pilot - operator is “dead”
  • Fixed: Player can’t change gunner's behavior after seat changing
  • Fixed: Engine oil cooling fan animation in certain regimes
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI spam “Observe off” messages in certain cases
  • Fixed: Artifacts around cockpit gauges arrows

DCS: P-51D Mustang by Eagle Dynamics

  • P-51D; TF-51D. Rain drops inside the front glass - fixed.
  • Part of the cockpit can be seen from outside - fixed.
  • Canopy glass issue - corrected.

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Improved the behaviour once the AI has completed an attack run

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed shells for T155 Firtina.
  • Fixed pathfinding for follow the road.
  • Fixed time rearming for Soldier M4.
  • Added self levelling for EWR FPS-117.
  • Fixed - Target mark panel starts showing up although not choosing any CA role.
  • Fixed - Client can't add the target for ships on the F10 map.
  • Fixed - Ground units do not execute command Fire at point in MP.(Dedicated Server)
  • Fixed - Server crashes if client Stop/Start Fire for ship target mark

DCS: Persian Gulf map by Eagle Dynamics

  • Integrated new terrain lights system with accurate real time shading
  • Integrated new light sources effects
  • Improved roads night illumination
  • Improved illumination of Burj Khalifa
  • Optimized surface mesh
  • Fixed ambient occlusion on 3D objects
  • Fixed airfield illumination objects
  • Fixed visual bugs in 3D objects
  • Fixed surface noise texture
  • Fixed FLIR heatmap for civil traffic

DCS: Marianas map by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added possibility to use helicopter from North West Field and Olf Orote
  • Added 3D models of Oka Towers Condominiums and OceanView Hotel
  • Added radar reflections to all objects
  • Fixed angle of parkings for Antonio airport

DCS: MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho - Known issues

  • The gunsight MILS settings tumblers should be discreet, now it is possible to set in between steps.
  • Wheel chocks currently deactivated.
  • Brakes on controls indicator always ON.
  • Repair does not replace used/overheated battery.
  • Missing many key binds -> will be added with updates.
  • Easily flyable with one wing.
  • Flaps do not have a collision model.
  • Flaps damage does not affect stall speed.
  • MB-339 Rear canopy does not break from ejection.
  • When replaying the trackfile the view position in the rear pilot appears too backwards so that it is covered by the pilot model. maybe it can be advanced a little bit to make it better.
  • Wingtip damage missing/WIP? W/O tip tanks.
  • It is possible to eject in either seat and still control the aircraft if you are not solo. You cannot swap to the other seat, but nonetheless control is still possible.
  • AI - Damage model might be over performing.
  • Damage to flaps has no effect on maximum speed straight line or stall speed (clean).


M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 01. Updated initial drift for the INS to reflect long transit to Nellis. Removed the INS failure that made it difficult to finish the mission. Added new picture at mission start and updated briefing. Added kneeboard pages to the briefing materials.
  • Mission 02. Fixed rare issue where aggressor F-4 would hit the ground during aerobatics. Fixed issue with other flights not returning to base. Updated timing for Reaper 11 turns and associated radio messages. Updated timing to match taxi times for other flights as per kneeboard. Updated frequency for wingman (he no longer oversteps on other transmissions). Updated briefing images to match flight callsigns correctly.
  • Mission 03. Updated timing to match taxi times for other flights as per kneeboard. Updated voiceovers to change "mud spike" reports to "muds".
  • Mission 04. Fixed issue with Tornados refusing to attack their target. Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Mission 05. Minor bug fixes.
  • Mission 06. Updated taxi logic & timing for allied flights. Fixed rare issue with allied flights not being detected on station. Minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 07. Fixed issue with Banshee refusing to drop flares.
  • Mission 08. Fixed issues with taxi timing for the package. Other minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 09. Fixed problem with Rocket 01 refusing to taxi as briefed. Minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 10. Updated taxi times for player's package. Fixed problem with German Tornadoes taking very long time to engage. Fixed problem with German Tornadoes flying directly to RTB after attack. Other minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 11. Updated taxi times for Hawg flights. Fixed issue with Hawg 31 stopping on the taxiway. Fixed issue with Departure audio not playing properly. Other minor fixes.
  • Mission 12. Double checked DRYAD table (and yes, it is as it should be). Minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 13. Updated taxi time for all packages. Disabled contact reports by wingman over target.
  • Other minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 14. Fixed issue with defecting F-16 following player indefinitely instead of landing. Other minor updates and fixes.
  • Mission 15. Fixed problems with Noble dropping only two bombs instead of four on primary. Added workaround for wingman not attacking the AAA. Fixed missing VO lines when reporting outcome of the attack and talking to Noble. Fixed missing Fox calls for Berger. Other minor updates and fixes.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 04. Reverted player to cold start.
  • Mission 14. Lowered skill of enemy SA-2 and moved it further away from the target (upon remarks that it was too difficult to defeat).

The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 10. Fixed potential problem with score 50 at mission end.
  • Mission 12 (only Tank Killer version). Fixed problem with immortal enemy troops attacking Raider.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 3. Fixed a bug where nothing happens after landing IL-76.

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • All missions. Custom VF-24 Low-Viz liveries added with unique side numbers.
  • Missions 10 and 12. Carrier turning on new course during case III recovery - FIXED.
30 sep

DCS World

  • Network protocol version changed
  • AIM-54 Looping After Launch - fixed
  • AIM-120 performs extreme pull-up if no target in FOV - fixed

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Operator’s sight duplicated mark on Pilot’s ASP sight desync and jitter fix for multicrew
  • Fixed: Player can’t give or take control to/from Petrovich AI while being in front cockpit in multiplayer

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • FM. Fixed modelling of tail rotor partial vortex ring effect. It was appearing in the hovering lateral bank movement to the left, when a certain speed reached there was a sudden yaw push to the right. Now SAS heading hold mode is able to compensate for this.

DCS: UH-1H Huey by Belsimtek

  • Fixed: Modified change seat code to comply with new core logic


DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations:

  • All missions. Major overhaul for better performance optimization
  • All missions. Bullseye is marked as fixed point
  • Mission 1. UZI 2 colliding with AWACS on catapult - FIXED
  • Missions 2 and 4. Too much crosswind - FIXED

DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign by Eagle86

  • Added general Briefing PDFs.
21 sep

DCS World

  • Fixed: SAM missiles in IR view.
  • Fixed: crash when unit with task FAC destroyed during radio communication.
  • Added SON-9 for countries that have KS-19 and added for historical mode.
  • Fixed: units with delay activation are "hot" in IR-view.
  • Fixed: Kh-29/31/35/58U/59M missiles’ masses and AKU-58’s mass
  • Fixed: AI didn’t use 9M120/9M220 missiles to attack targets
  • Voice chat. Fixed. Incorrect microphone volume when rejoin in to the server
  • Weapons. GBU-24 falls short when target is elevated above sea level - fixed
  • Weapons. R-27 overshoots target every time in HOJ mode - fixed
  • Weapons. R-27 missiles family and R-77 switched to true proportional navigation
  • Weapons. Kh-31A missile - fixed insufficient warhead damage
  • Weapons. AGM-114 will not detect laser spot behind obstacles
  • Weapons. AIM-9B/P/P5 - added nozzle exit area
  • Weapons. AIM-120 AMRAAM - improved position estimation and reacquisition when target pases through notch. Missile Kalman filter was adjusted to significantly improve missile performance against manoeuvring targets. Many other improvements.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: CTD on AGM-84E explosion when launched in pair.
  • Fixed: Radar RWS Mode Manual Scan Centering
  • Fixed: Using undesignate to step through contacts, last step often locks own missile
  • Fixed: AZ/EL shows zero range and wrong heading for donor-only trackfiles
  • Fixed: Offset is on the wrong spot on HSI
  • Fixed: SLAM PP launch zone blinks at TGT selection
  • To update the overall cockpit airflow sounds.
  • Fixed: Check TWS on the RDR ATTK page not displaying HAFU as soon as trackfile is ready

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash on avionics and weapons
  • Added 1 and 2 LODs
  • Added AIM-120 M and F Pole Indications on HUD
  • HOTAS improvement
  • Small tweak AOA/G Limiter work
  • Fixed: Incorrect DLZ Rmax1 and Ropt
  • Fixed: CCRP symbology may be blocked by toss cue at altitude and lower speed
  • Fixed: Max Toss Anticipation Cue
  • Fixed: Bombing Mode HOTAS Cycle
  • Fixed: MSL Override mode - COOL setting
  • Fixed: TGP codes on DED page are zero
  • Fixed: Sidewinder tone present with AIM-120 selected
  • Fixed: Time to Impact off when dropping GBU-24
  • Fixed: Radar antenna elevation re-zeroing
  • Fixed: Offset aimpoint uses magnetic bearing instead of true
  • Fixed: BIT test timings
  • Fixed: Cockpit shakes with strong wind on ground
  • Fixed: TGP bottom right timer resets to 420 after zeroing in some cases.
  • Fixed: WARN mnemonic size, position, flashing rate
  • Fixed: letter W in HUD font
  • Fixed: WARNING-WARNING voice message and WARN mnemonic logic
  • Adjusted WARNING-WARNING message timings
  • Fixed hydraulic system pressure switches initialization (fixed warning at mission start)
  • Added CAUTION-CAUTION voice message logic
  • Fixed: Manual STPT breaks HARM POS symbology
  • Added RU texts for lessons 13-18
  • Fixed: keyboard only - Throttle can be pushed passed canopy spider
  • Fixed: Still possible to drop bombs with ST STA switch disabled

Known bug: CCRP Solution Cue is in the lower position after dropping JDAM/JSOW. Changing the aim point by cursor (TDC) does not change CCRP Solution Cue. After first bomb falls, the solution works correctly again.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added change of seats in the cockpit by a player in multiplayer.
  • Added: Disable Multicrew feature for “client” helicopter mission editor slots. When ON in a particular slot it disables any multicrew capability for that helicopter. In multiplayer role selection screen this helicopter will show only one available slot for a client (player still able to change seats)
  • Added option to Disable George AI subtitles
  • Adjust the health of the AH-64 elements
  • THRT SHOW page corrections
  • George AI. Added cyclic scrolling of the target list menu
  • Fixed: NVS Norm queued commands issue
  • Fixed:George doesn't fire cannon on some occasions
  • Fixed: Missing LIMITS Indication on Sight Status Field
  • Fixed: Ground speed should be displayed in HMD and TEDAC if WP is not present
  • Fixed: Multi Crew - CPG NVG Gain resets when pilot toggles goggles
  • Fixed: LHG Cursor Display Select (L/R) not correctly working for CPG in multicrew
  • Fixed: CPG laser range is mirrored in Pilot's symbology when laser is firing
  • Fixed: Co-pilot gunners head can be seen glitching into the seat
  • Fixed: ACQ TRN may be set as ACQ TXX
  • Fixed: Spawns in with left rudder input (high torque)
  • Fixed: TSD Points not displaying correctly
  • Fixed: George cannot track targets on side of helicopter
  • Fixed: George should not lose target if you fly by upon the target
  • Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Error
  • Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS UNSTOW - Laser Power Off Error
  • Fixed: TADS: Slew Limit Error
  • Fixed: WP and TG numbers are not displayed when stored
  • Fixed: WP/TG stored using the NOW button becomes the destination

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: change of seats in the cockpit by a player in multiplayer
  • Added: Disable Multicrew feature for “client” helicopter mission editor slots. When ON in a particular slot it disables any multicrew capability for that helicopter. In multiplayer role selection screen this helicopter will show only one available slot for a client (player still able to change seats)
  • Added: Petrovich AI voice language setting (auto by default looking at the avionics language setting)
  • Added: Russian voices for Petrovich AI
  • Added: function to Disable Petrovich AI subtitles (will respond to global subtitles setting)
  • Added: ability for windshield wipers to affect raindrops textures (WIP)
  • Added: Cyclic scrolling of the target list menu for Petrovich AI
  • Added: Addition of mechanism 100% margin control of autopilot in SAS YAW channel
  • Improved: Petrovich AI split voice overs for “Observe ON” and “Searching”. Now Petrovich says “Observe on” only when he engages Observe.
  • Improved: added new English voice overs for two situations and overhaul of some of previously added ones
  • Improved: Rearranged additional properties of the aircraft in the mission editor
  • Fixed: Initial fix for pitch oscillations in flight on medium speeds
  • Fixed: Kord gunner does not fire consistently in some cases
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI Menu closes when commanding to turn on weapons
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI trying to shoot ATGM missile even if weapon system is not ready yet
  • Fixed: VR View position is shifted if sight is selected before power on
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI can't launch missile in some cases
  • Fixed: Mi-24P - Empty rack is missing from warehouse
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI Incorrect target tracking point for ATGM sight (was resulting in lower accuracy at terminal phase and sometime hitting ground in front of vehicle)
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI flight controls in active pause
  • Fixed: Ability to change seats while looking at the ATGM sight ocular
  • Fixed: ASO-2V bugs of logic during selection between sets
  • Fixed: Kord gun is not moving inside when rear cargo bay doors are closed
  • Fixed: Symbology error in ATGM sight net
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI. Flares/Chaff texture switch bug at the ASO panel mode
  • Fixed: Default bind for “Radiation reset” of 9K113 (LALT+R)
  • Fixed: S-8 rockets do not work properly when different types of them are in same loadout simultaneously
  • Fixed: Changing seats in multicrew (multiplayer) with hotkeys

DCS: FW 190D-9 by Eagle Dynamics

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Image on the Mission resources window is updated to actual pylons configuration

DCS: WWII Assets pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • A20G. Added UK livery
  • Train and wagons got proper connection to the Assets pack in Mission Editor

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • DEFA-553 total rounds count was increased up to 135.
  • F1CT now has only right cannon installed, and F1CR has only left cannon installed respectively.
  • Countermeasures counters go no longer back to 99 after reaching 0.
  • AB detent position can now be adjusted in Special Options without the need to modify a checkbox (the checkbox was removed). Users that had previously adjusted it, will need to readjust it.
  • Now radar cover initial state is set via Special Options, unless the mission creator decides to forbid it in the ME.
  • Fixed TRAP-137B Channel 20 operation in realistic communications mode. With “Easy Communications” enabled, it is reserved for the radio autotuning.
  • Fixed frequency autotuning in “Easy Communications” mode: sometimes the radio was unable to tune because of an externally set frequency being not perfectly aligned with the 25 KHz step.

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

Weapons and armament:

  • C-101CC ARM light on SCAR display unit is now correctly lit when bomb arming selector is set to any other position than OFF.
  • Now only the AIM-9M missile has the steady high pitched tone in addition to the chirped tone when a target is tracked. Other Sidewinder versions have the chirped tone removed.
  • A/A heat seeking missiles are now correctly restored after launch, when the unlimited weapon flag is set in options.
  • Fixed C-101CC sight depression initialization. Now it is correctly initialised to 30 mil.


  • VOIP is correctly switched to the new transmitter now when the Intercom mode dial is clicked with VOIP PTT being held ON.
  • When the “Easy Communications” option is enabled, ARC-164 and V/TVU-740 radios functional mode dial will be automatically switched to valid position, when a message transmission is attempted.
  • With “Easy Communications” option enabled, the Intercom mode selector will be now automatically switched to the position corresponding to the radio being talked on.

Other fixes and additions:

  • Added missing padlock functionality.
  • Tooltip for the C-101CC rear seat main altimeter barometric adjustment knob was changed to: "Altimeter Baro Adjust (No function)"
  • Added “Middle” flaps position to joystick/keyboard commands.
  • Added “Toggle Flaps - one step up/down” joystick/keyboard commands.
  • Added separate flaps commands for joysticks other than TM Warthog - up/middle/down positions.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Improved : Flight model
  • Improved : Fly By Wire
  • Improved : Autopilot
  • Improved : Independent inner and outer elevons
  • Improved : Aspect Dependent RCS in radar simulation
  • Improved : Loadout Dependent RCS in radar simulation
  • Improved : Independent landing gear door movement
  • Updated : Emergency LG release doesn't close doors
  • Updated : Runway hotstart radar switch on SIL instead of PCH
  • Fixed : Stick wipe during FBW test should not result in green light
  • Fixed : jittery own speed arrow at low speeds on VTB
  • Fixed : Engine rain effect checks rain at sea level instead of aircraft level
  • Added : Subtle radar mechanical gimbal sounds

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed : NSEQ CS/T calculator error after passing first waypoint.
  • Fixed : Unable to enter TOT through the QUICK ACCESS menu
  • Fixed: EHSD Symbology is visible in the second MFD

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Improved: AG radar GMTI can detect and track low speed low altitude target (helicopter and aircraft)
  • Improved: AG radar SEA1 is designed to detect stationary and moving targets under low sea state. When the weather is bad, SEA1 detection ability will be greatly reduced or even lost in such conditions.
  • Improved: AG radar SEA2 is more suitable for med/high sea state and can only detect moving targets with a reduced range compared with SEA1 mode
  • Fixed: SD-10/LD-10 nozzle exit area size
  • Fixed: CM802AKG may pull up when seeker turns on
  • Fixed: AA radar TDC bearing info in ref to current waypoint
  • Fixed: Cockpit panel knob/button backlight at night

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added camera-marker for isoview.
  • Fixed: Incorrect work of the isometric view (Linking camera to the sight).
  • Fixed: Some input commands are not available for controllers.
  • Fixed: turret twitching when turning for a long time.
  • Added "Rangefinder Combat Range" (fixed range for selected shell, RAlt + L) for NATO modern tank.
  • Fixed: autotracking target assigned from PPi.
  • Fixed: Reserve sight for Leopard 2A6.
  • Fixed: Dirt/dust effect particles misaligned with tank tracks.


F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Added PDF documents.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 05. Fixed bug with Blade flying into space. Fixed rare bug with mission not progressing after rejoin.
  • Mission 06. Temporary fix for mission not progressing after attack (included workaround for bug with Tomcats not dropping guided bombs and equipped them with dumb bombs until this is resolved).
  • Mission 08. Updated coordinates for player's target on the kneeboard. Removed smoke marker from Red, which could have caused CTD.
  • Mission 12. Temporary fix for mission not progressing due to Tomcats not dropping GBUs (swapped with dumb bombs for the time being).
  • Mission 13. Fixed problem with Cajun not returning to base after escorting Smoke. Fixed problem with Smoke not rejoining with player after AAR.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 04. Fixed "cannot open debriefing file" error.
  • Mission 12. Moved blue shirts on the deck so that they don't block CAT I. Fixed rare issue where there was no option to kiss of your wingman. Added mission complete message.
  • Mission 13. Sword 22 will now properly engage second radar site.
  • Mission 14. Sledge 22 will now stay in formation end engage the target.

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Fence in checks updated, ACM guard down when loaded with Phoenix
  • Jester silenced during fence checks
  • Speed callouts added on takeoff
  • Landing check updated
  • Exposure briefing fixed

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bomber formations fine tuned
2 sep

DCS World

  • Weapon. CTD on AGM-84E explosion when launched in pair - fixed.
  • Campaigns. Spitfire IX. Operation Epsom campaign. First mission does not run correctly - fixed.
  • AI F/A-18A is invulnerable for cannon and ram attack - fixed.
  • Fixed some MP CTDs.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: AGM-84E final phase manual correction is broken

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash on avionics and weapons.


  • Fixed: Cannot enter new Waypoints.

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: GMTT kept tracking after target stopped

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

FM and systems fixes:

  • Increased yaw and pitch dampeners strength, following SME feedback. Fixed bug introduced in the previous update.
  • Adjusted thrust at very high speeds and low altitude. Added a new type of partial engine failure.
  • Improved anti-slip behaviour, following SME feedback.
  • Fixed mass handling issues after refuelling and when dropping the external fuel tanks.
  • FM tweaks related to pitch abnormal behaviour at very negative AoA:
    • Adjusted drag coefficient at very negative AoA.
    • Adjusted pitch coefficient behaviour at extreme AoA.
    • Adjusted yaw coefficient at extreme AoA.
  • All internal fails trigger the repair process now.
  • Operating roll trim with AP on no longer changes the roll trim state.
  • Optical Sight and the Radar are consuming electric power now.
  • Connected a missing electrical bus to UHF radio.
  • Fixed a bug with TACAN range channel operating even if the system is turned off.
  • RWR is now connected to electrics.
  • Implemented the RWR Lights Test function ('T' pushbutton).
  • Implemented RWR “Pulse”/”CW” self-test functions (only indication, no actual failures yet).
  • Updated RWR antennas positions.
  • Min/max RWR antennas detection elevation was reduced to +/-45 degrees.
  • Fixed accelerometer reset function: The min/max reached pointers are correctly reset at the current G pointer position.
  • AIM-9B seeker head now always remains caged, until it is launched.
  • AIM-9B seeker head has now an instantaneous FOV of 4 degrees.
  • Reduced AIM-9B seeker head detection range.
  • Updated all Sidewinder missiles audio. Removed the steady high pitched tone when a target is tracked. It should be present in AIM-9M only.
  • AIM-9B now gets no audio tone when the tracked target is centred in the missile FOV.
  • Reduced all Sidewinder missiles launch delay down to 0.8 seconds.
  • A/A heat seeking missiles restore now correctly when the unlimited weapon flag is set in options.
  • Corrected alternator load calculation.
  • Battery now recharges when repairing.


  • Updated Radio Selector Unit switches initialization at mission start.
  • Added JTAC support to radiocommunications menu.
  • Easy Communication operation fixed. Now both radios function selectors, and V/UHF radio frequency mode switch, are forced to correct positions at the transmission start with “Easy Communication” option enabled.
  • Both radios are not accounted as “powered” anymore if function selectors are set to “F1” or “H” positions.
  • Radio Selector Unit now correctly selects the transmitter according to the radio that is being talked on in Easy Communication.
  • Radio Selector Unit “TP” light (“ground crew available”) is made functional now, instead of the previously lit “MRK/TP” pushbutton.
  • Radio Selector Unit amplifiers are now connected to the corresponding buses. Ground crew now can be contacted in a completely cold cockpit with amplifier 2 selected.
  • Radio Selector Unit audio amplifiers electric consumptions are now taken into account.
  • Radio Selector Unit push-buttons lights are connected to AC bus 2. “TP” light will operate in a completely cold cockpit (if the battery is alive).

3D model:

  • Updated Cockpit PBR materials and textures overall darkness. The cockpit is now much lighter.
  • Updated SAAF liveries.


  • Added missing A/A refuelling capability to AI F1EE.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • AIM-54 Overhaul, Part 2:
    • Increased PN gain for all variants.
    • AIM-54A will now only update guidance when the target is illuminated (you will see the missle periodically update).
    • Corrected motor impulse (reduced MK47 a bit and the MK60 significantly).
    • Reduced MK-60 burn time from 30 to 20 seconds.
    • Both motors have the same total impulse now. The MK60 has a slight advantage during motor burn time, while the MK47 has an advantage in burn time. With increasing altitude the difference becomes smaller.
    • MK47 Mod 1 has now the same thrust/impulse and burn time as the Mod 0, but with reduced smoke (was previously weaker than the Mod 0).
    • AIM-54C should go active by default (even when losing lock from STT).
    • Increased AIM-54C chaff resistance.
    • Reduced AIM-54A chaff resistance.
    • Added option for AIM-54C with MK-60 motor.
    • Adjusted AIM-54 missile empty mass.
    • Adjusted MK-60 motor propellant mass.
  • Set the JESTER option for automatic PDSTT -> PSTT to disabled by default.
  • Fixed several issues with damaged avionics and flight systems (including jammed flaps for example) not allowing a repair to be triggered.
  • Potential fix for CTD with F-14 AI (was not applied correctly in the last patch).
  • Fixed emergency sweep logic:
    • Fixed commanded wing sweep position being saved over to a new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed emergency wing sweep handle moving to spider detent on new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator commanded position bit mismatching with the actual indicated position.
    • Fixed emergency sweep handle able to be moved between 68° and 75°, after being stowed at 75°. Now it has to be lifted to move it again after it has been stowed.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator raising EMER / OVER flags when wings get swept past 67 degrees.
  • Fixed turn indicator needle deflection rate.
  • Fixed mach buffet not dying off beyond M 1.3.
  • Fixed an issue with the AWG-9 track logic to avoid tracks being thrown by aircraft launching air to air missiles.
  • Fixed LANDING CHK light remaining illuminated after touchdown.
  • Fixed Manual Throttle not unlocking after disengaging the Autothrottle.
  • Fixed all mission versions of “Watching the Devil Dog” not being able to be completed successfully.
  • Fixed VF-31 AE-200 and AE-205 1991 by Mach3DS - thank you.
  • Fixed VF-14 AB-100 and AB-103 1796 by VFlip - thank you.
  • Added Top Gun 114 by LanceCriminal86 - replaces previous Top Gun livery. Thank you.
  • Updated Rogue Nation by YaeSakura - thank you.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed BK-90 yaw stability.
24 aug

DCS World

  • The extended cooling physics and additional damages are added to Mosquito, P-47D, P-51D, FW 190A-8, and FW 190D-9
  • Weapons. Corrected R-60 exhaust plume.
  • Weapons. CBU-97 some bomblets not detonating - fixed.
  • ME. P-51D Added the intercept task.
  • Weapons. R-40 AA missile. Corrected FM and DLZ.
  • F10 map. All Directional Beacons have a null angle in F10 view - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84A incorrect glide height randomization - fixed.
  • Input. Added possibility to assign keyboard or joystick combo for Camera transpose mode (cells in INPUT are inactive).
  • AI aircraft. MQ-9 Reaper armed with Hellfire missiles would miss sometimes. Adjusted AGM-144K and launch conditions.
  • AI aircraft. F/A-18C. Hornets would fall from the sky if arriving before a tanker - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AI flights would perform a random S pattern after a certain length of flight - fixed.
  • AI Submarine. Weapon Type 'Torpedo' is now available in ME under the 'Attack Group' action.
  • Voice Chat. Mic mode button disabled after slot changing - fixed.
  • Voice Chat. Added voice level normalisation
  • Ground AI. SON-9 arty radar will be able to be detected on the RWR and HARM.
  • ME. Trigger event set to ON MISSION START doesn't work - fixed.
  • Weapon. Corrected AGM-84E guidance at terminal stage.
  • ME. late activation SAM with set option ALARM STATE RED - fixed.
  • Weapons. Kh-31 missile explodes short of target - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Planes fails to A-A refuelling - fixed.
  • Sounds. Fixed a bug with the rain sounds in the helicopter's cockpit.
  • Fixed some bugs that can cause CTD in certain conditions.
  • Static objects. Added 2 containers 20ft and 40ft.
  • Descent. Infantry told to embark in 'ALL' vehicles won't embark in ground vehicles - fixed.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Crash when trying to drop GBU-38 JDAM, from a severed wing.
  • Fixed: AGM-84E has a huge undershoot
  • Fixed: Slant range cue should not be fixed at 5500
  • Fixed: Marking an offset places a markpoint on at the original designation
  • Fixed: User track shows TWS contacts jumping around wildly
  • Fixed: Check TACAN CPL behaviour when using Magnetic heading
  • Fixed: TACAN CSEL with true/magnetic heading
  • Fixed: ASL and DIL flash logic error
  • Fixed: "CPL SEQ" message displays incorrect number
  • Fixed: User track shows free fall bombs colliding and exploding
  • Fixed: Updates to Lessons 24 & 25 - TOO and WPDSG
  • Fixed: PPLI symbol missing from AZ/EL page
  • Fixed: Harpoon guides to OAP instead of O/S in R/BL
  • Fixed: Upon STT donor target data is lost
  • Fixed: Incorrect offset bearing set by UFC
  • Fixed: Investigate Gun being fired with JDAM selected
  • Fixed: Rearmed JDAM is already aligned

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed Possible crash in avionics and weapons
  • Added FLCS BIT (work in progress to be further adjusted)
  • Added ALT Release button functional
  • Added SIM indication on HUD
  • Added DTE static page
  • Added ECM centerline adapter for ALQ-131
  • Added TGP Attitude Advisory Function (AAF)
  • Added Gun Gas Purge Door animation
  • Added Gun barrels rotation
  • AoA bracket and VV adjustment
  • Refined flight model for STR and ITR
  • Fixed: TGP not working after cursor zero
  • Fixed: Second Detent on trigger does not fire laser
  • Fixed: Incorrect DTOS Solution Cue
  • Fixed: Max Toss Anticipation Cue Errors
  • Fixed: Missing CCRP Loft Scale
  • Fixed: Incomplete LASER DED Page
  • Fixed: TMS Forward hold not working for Mavericks
  • Fixed: Broken ASL
  • Fixed: Depressible Reticle Switch not affecting HUD
  • Fixed: Incorrect type of fire for LAU-3 after rearming(unlimited weapons).
  • Fixed: Wing pylons not jettisoning with wing external fuel tanks.
  • Fixed: RWR Priority mode with search reverts to open mode
  • Fixed: IFF LOS does not interrogate until release of TMS Up Long
  • Fixed: SMS page doesn't show gun, if Mode changed to another page
  • Fixed: EMER Jettison not functioning with only EPU running
  • Fixed: General HOTAS Short and Long Press behaviour
  • Fixed:Magnetic heading not showing in DED only true heading
  • Fixed: AIM-9 Sound during startup and NAV mode if ACM switch toggled before startup
  • Fixed: Odd canopy texture with wing vapour
  • Fixed: Spotlight Search mode
  • Fixed: "Ghost bomb" remain on TER when selective jettison
  • Fixed: Stores drag excessive on takeoff
  • Fixed: Selective jettison not working with ground jet enabled
  • Fixed: Selective jettison works with Master Arm set to safe
  • Fixed: Tail light is different on left and right, only one shows the bloom
  • Fixed: Radar AGR (CZ added if cursor is moved)
  • Fixed: Target found via LSS doesn't cue sensors as SPI
  • Fixed: Specific Mach number for endurance does not display in HUD
  • Fixed: INV option in MFD
  • Fixed: CBU-97 in CCIP isn't dropping cue within parameters
  • Fixed: GBU-12 fails to release in CCRP if released after GBU-38
  • Fixed: Bombing Mode HOTAS Selection Remove redundant modes
  • Fixed: GBU-12. Incorrect MLE
  • Fixed: Steerpoint data not updated until cycling steerpoints
  • Fixed: Unable to carry weapon pylons in stations 4 and 6 from ME
  • Fixed: TMS-Right for Radar CRM mode
  • Fixed: ECM containers appears on INV - S-J page
  • Fixed: HMCS Sensor not seen in external view
  • Fixed: Japanese fuel tank not correct on livery
  • Fixed: Gaps on fuselage near gear doors
  • Fixed: Gaps in the canopy when open
  • Fixed: Threat ring turns red, number in ring should also turn red

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: glitches and double switches
  • Refined Lod 0 and added Lod 1 and Lod 2.
  • Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals
  • Fixed: Damaged engine 2 will not work even after a repair
  • Fixed: AIrcraft “ORIGINATOR” PAGE behaviour
  • Fixed: TADS Shut Down Errors
  • Fixed: Bezel Button Options and Sub-Pages
  • Fixed: FREEZE TEDAC/TDU Function
  • Fixed: Viewport error - pilot seat
  • Fixed: Cued LOS dot in the Field-Of-Regard box should always be visible on the TADS
  • Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point.
  • Fixed: Multi monitor setup - AH-64D Displays remain active even after full shut down
  • Fixed: Can slave to deleted target point
  • Fixed: BRU’s should not function If the IHADSS is turned off
  • Fixed: Underlay selection should remain when returning to the VID page
  • Fixed: No radio presets
  • Fixed: Friendly Patriot site showing as threat on TSD even when hidden on MFD selected
  • Fixed: Desync Between Pilot and Gunner in the Ah-64 on the Engine Page
  • Fixed: Some training missions load in gamemode when launched from training menu
  • Fixed: M Button functionality for XPDR, COM and COM PRESET
  • Fixed: Wrong vertical speed reading (all displays)
  • Fixed: COORD page behaviour when expanded ACQ source is selected
  • Fixed: TGT/THRT points added during mission are missing threat rings
  • Fixed: ENG page issues
  • Fixed: DTV WFOV Slew rate too high
  • Fixed: Crosshairs on TADS don't align with units when George points
  • Fixed: Tbilisi Guard mission wingman will not engage
  • Fixed: REMOTE logic/messages in High Action Display
  • Fixed: Desync issue between server missile and client (Hellfire)
  • Fixed: SA-19 Grison/Tunguska is shown as "GU" in TSD
  • Fixed: When using PAN on TSD, ASE deltas hover almost above targets
  • Fixed: Altitude fluctuations when turning on Alt Hold at speeds above 100 knots
  • Fixed: Flashing icons and black square of ASE threats in TSD
  • Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL Page TADS STOW Barrier Error
  • Fixed: TEDAC Grayscale (G/S) Button Errors
  • Fixed: TADS: Limit Indication Error
  • Fixed: Screen Save Mode
  • Fixed: Discrepancy in cockpit temperature status
  • Fixed: Maximum digital readout of Engine Torques should be 255%.
  • Fixed: The windshield wiper knob behaves incorrectly with no generator power

DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added. First wave of voice-overs for Petrovich AI. Same amount as in AH-64D, more coming with future updates.
  • Added. New ATGM sight texturing and FOV changes, adjusting it closer to real specs.
  • Added. New routine for Petrovich AI, when S-5 rockets used with bombs Petrovich will choose appropriate mode with bomb/pods switch (for this system to work bombs should be on racks 1 and 4)
  • Added. Kord gun iron sights deployed
  • Added. New ATGM and empty rack icon for weapon payload manager
  • Fixed. Weapon Selector control mapping duplicates
  • Fixed. R-60 missile panel hints and control buttons remain when R-60 equipment is disabled
  • Fixed. Client camera not moving to Kord gun place if Kord is added after rearm
  • Fixed. Petrovich AI "Designate target/open fire" button function bugged
  • Fixed. Petrovich AI NATO AI target list color scheme works as Coalition AI color scheme

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Engine: too easy main bearing damage
  • Fixed. Water Injection is not filled on Rearm/Refuel

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Engine failures are completed


  • Fixed: TPOD relative position indicator not accurate.
  • Fixed: CTD caused by misclicking on button when entering Waypoint coordinates.

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM

  • Fixed : PCA ordering
  • Fixed : MISSION ACCOMPLIE livery mipmap
  • Fixed : Radalt 3pos bind
  • Fixed : PCA jettison issues
  • Fixed : hot start VTB startup animation
  • Fixed : FPM with crosswinds in A/A or high alt NAV modes
  • Fixed : MGRS first in TAF Kneeboard channel names
  • Updated : increased engine smoke


  • Fixed: Engines now are unable to start at the same time
  • Improved: Pitch damping dynamics and pitch control feel behaviour
  • Improved: Aileron failure due to excessive roll rate enhanced behaviour
  • Fixed: Afterburner texture bug

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Improved: AA radar look-down penalty model
  • Adjusted: LS6-500 code in SMS changed to 650 (by following IRL rule for rocket/bomb codes). Prepared for LS6-250 (625) and LS6-100 (610)
  • Fixed: DGFT STT not return to prev mode after losing track
  • Fixed: ghost hpt symbol when STT spt from DTT mode
  • Fixed: AA radar antenna will not follow TDC after losing track due to out of limitation

DCS: Mirage F1 by Aerges

Input and cockpit controls fixes:

  • Fixed keyboard/joystick operation for the following cockpit clickable axes and multi-position switches:
    • Chaff and flares dispenser ALE 40 control unit:
      • Program selector switch
    • Sight system and recording camera:
      • Reticle intensity rheostat
      • Moving and Target Reticles intensity rheostat
      • Attitude Reticle intensity rheostat
      • Exposure time repeater
      • Overrun select thumbwheel
    • IFF:
      • All "Mode 1A..." selectors
      • All "Mode 3A ..." selectors
      • Mode 4 selector switch
      • Function selector switch
      • IFF fault light
    • Radar indicator scope control box:
      • Indicator lights brightness
      • Strobe brightness
      • Distance markers brightness
      • Horizon and radial velocity marker brightness
      • Horizon symbol vertical position
    • Radar detector indicator:
      • Indicator lights intensity adjusting switch
    • Cabin lighting:
      • Map light rheostat
      • Miscellaneous instrument integral lighting rheostat
    • Lighting control unit:
      • Light and panel lighting rheostat
      • Ultraviolet lighting rheostat
      • Dual instrument panel lighting rheostat (Floodlights)
      • Dual instrument panel lighting rheostat (Integral)
      • Dual console and pedestal lighting rheostat (Floodlights)
      • Dual console and pedestal lighting rheostat (Integral)
    • TACAN control box:
      • TACAN mode selector
    • Omnibearing and VOR/ILS-TAC selector box:
      • VOR/ILS-OFF-TACAN selector
    • Air conditioning system:
      • Temperature control rheostat
    • Warning lights intensity:
      • Combat flaps light
      • Nose wheel steering light
      • Airbrake light
      • Standby receptacle light
      • Jammer detection light (animation is absent now)
      • (C + M or SW) R light
      • Cannons too hot light
    • Incidence indicator lighting rheostat
    • Air data instrument controls:
      • Mach/Airspeed indicator reference airspeed knob
      • Slaved altimeter barometric pressure setting knob
      • Standby altimeter barometric pressure setting knob
    • Heading control unit:
      • Heading and vertical reference system control switch
    • Radio selector unit:
      • MISS potentiometer
      • TAC potentiometer
      • VOR potentiometer
      • U + V potentiometer
      • U potentiometer
      • RAP + CME potentiometer
      • MKR + TP potentiometer
    • V/UHF control unit - TRAP 136:
      • All "Frequency select thumbwheel"
      • Frequency selector switch
      • Channel selector
  • Fixed clickability of the following clickable controls:
    • IFF:
      • All "Mode 1A..." selectors
      • All "Mode 3A ..." selectors
  • Pedal toe brakes now animated.
  • Keyboard/joystick controlled independent left and right toe brakes now operational.
  • TRAP136 KHz can now be set correctly
  • Fixed flaps input commands toggle option (F key).
  • Removed radar control stick keyboard default assignments.
  • Fixed “U/C light” that was erroneously named as “Combat flaps light” in inputs.
  • “Horizon framing” command was renamed to “Horizon symbol vertical position” (to make it consistent with the name of the clickable control).
  • Fixed RWR “Indicator lights intensity adjusting switch” spelling.
  • Fixed seat height adjustment controls that were reversed.
  • Removed delay in the preset channels counter animation of both radios.
  • Fixed TACAN and VOR/ILS channel selectors animation direction when set with keyboard/joystick.
  • Changed cannon 300-600 m and missile lock/unlock button default binding.
  • Armament panel buttons operate now as on/off buttons when using keyboard/joystick bindings.
  • Added VOIP PTT ("custom") keyboard command, as an alternative for standard VOIP commands.

Flight model, aircraft systems and weapons:

  • Adjusted engine thrust with AB on.
  • Added an option (Special Options menu) to automatically reset the countermeasures and fuel (detotalizer) counters upon rearm or refuel.
  • Fixed alternator failing outside intended failure regimes. Alternator failures are now recoverable, adjustments are still being made.
  • Permanent destruction of the alternators is possible again.
  • BIP trim directions switched.
  • Brake light now on when the brakes activate during retraction of the gear.
  • Adjusted oil failure, warning doesn’t appear so easily with negative G forces.
  • Corrected problems with the calculation of weight of the CLB4.
  • It is now possible to load the Mk-83 bomb.
  • Pylons damage is WIP.


  • TRAP-137B radio is now functional in the radio menu.
  • Volume controls are now enabled on the Radio Selector Unit panel.
  • Radio Selector Unit panel “Green” and “Red” lights are functional now.
  • “Alternate PTT” now serves as the ‘VOIP PTT’ button.


  • Fixed typo in startup mission (Sdes should read Sdef Fs).
  • Fixed Marianas landing single mission briefing, should read ILS RWY 06L instead of 06R.
  • Added Quick Start Caucasus dogfight practice mission.


  • Cockpit dark panel is being worked on, there is a provisional fix for now.
  • Fixed Iran and Iraq Liveries.
  • Deleted Libyan old skin version.
  • Some fixes made to the cockpit textures.
  • Updated texture of French liveries.

Other fixes:

  • Corrected AI thrust tables.
  • The engine now uses the correct ATAR sound again, instead of Su-25 and Su-27 engine sounds.
  • Added padlock controls.
  • Special options tooltips added.

Warning: due to changes in input commands some user local assignments may have disappeared.

Caucasus Map by ED

  • Batumi - fixed collision with buildings when spawning large aircraft in parking lot N10
  • Nalchik - fixed position of taxiway edge markers
  • Tbilisi - fixed glitches of airfield building models
  • Fixed railroad display in FLIR mode in winter
  • Improved TAD maps at 1:500k scale (used on MFD in A-10, F-16, F/A-18)

South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM

  • New - Added Animated Nodding Donkey Static object.
  • New - Added SkiRamp 01 (less angled version for hornets)
  • New - Ski Ramps can be found in Airfield Deck Equipment Category (missions that did include the first iteration will require adjustment)
  • New - Sounds enabled for all Frigates & invincible
  • New - added Launchers with New weapon number for torpedo
  • Fixed - Added Both Ski Ramps; Ski Ramp 01 Rotated thru 180 Degrees in Model
  • Fixed - Ski Ramps can be found in Airfield Deck Equipment Category
  • Fixed - Adjusted position of Offshore Wind Turbines to now sit at their Pivot Point on the surface of water
  • Fixed - Standardised naming convention
  • Fixed - Swapped Achilles LOD Commented out error
  • Fixed - removed the "common" from the ships all individual entities.
  • Fixed - Landing point on Invincible - AV-8B NA now lands on the flight deck instead of in the sea. Set landing runway as per value recommended by ED.
  • Terrain Changes
    • New - Added Airfield Aeropuerto Internacional Comandante Armando (El Calafate Airport)
    • New - Added Airfield Aeropuerto de Santa Cruz
    • New - Added Airfield Aeropuerto Guardiamarina Zanartu(Puerto Williams)
    • New - Added Aerodromo Guardiamarina Zanartu (Puerto Williams)
    • New - El Calafate
    • Fixed - Collision with Hanger R04 with some plains
    • Added - development of new ground detail textures (WIP)


Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 10 - First target kill triggers fixed
  • Mission 5 - triggers checked fixed
  • Mission 11 - bug fixed Mission failed

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 3 Old friends - IL-76 landing trigger now works correctly, the mission continues

DCS: MAD Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 7 Battle for Lar - target destruction triggers fixed for two helicopters

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Shamrock gets shot down prematurely - fixed

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Tanker TACANs fixed

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600

  • Adjusted weather in missions 4 and 8.1 for both campaigns.
  • Corrected Text which doesn't match V.O.'s in many of the missions.
  • Corrected a number of spelling errors found in mission briefings.
  • Corrected a few cases, in briefings, of incorrect aircraft named for F-86 version.
  • Adjusted various triggers in certain missions to help prevent V.O.s from stepping on each other.
29 jul

DCS World

  • JF-17 - crash on launch C802akg fixed
  • Updated headings localization of Apache lesson 6
  • Updated headings localization of Hornet lessons
  • P-47D Flight Manual - Propeller diameter description fixed to 13 feet
28 jul

DCS World

  • ME. Fixed a bug that lead to additional weapon weight without weapons.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Provide RU text localization for lessons 22-25.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash in avionics.
  • Fixed: The AoA bracket is bouncing around while taxiing under 60kts.
  • Fixed: Flight path marker and pitch ladder bounce during taxi.
  • Fixed: Bombing Mode HOTAS selection error.
  • Fixed: Selective jettison behaviour in dogfight or AAM mode.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash in avionics.
  • Fixed: No radio gui presets. Added GUI HF-radio settings.
  • Fixed: Stored point is slightly offset when slaving back to the point.
  • Fixed: Multi Monitor configuration: displays doesn;t rendered on additional monitors after cold start.
  • Fixed: Exported MFDs not synced on pilot seat (CPG works).
  • Fixed: RAD and BAR ALTITUDE HOLD signals.
  • Fixed: Incorrect logic of pylons articulation with activated SAL missiles.
  • Fixed: Hellfire training lesson.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: CM-802AKG control area bugs
  • Fixed: CM-802AKG random cruise after losing signal when in MITL mode
  • Added: when CM-802AKG approaches control area boundary, image quality reduced
  • Adjusted: C-802AK ship RCS size ranges (now several frigates will be presented as small bricks)

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • Fixed GUI error caused by frequency change on Channel 1 of Trap-136(137B)
  • Fixed RWR CW light logic
  • Fixed overestimated range of the R530 sight indication
  • Fixed chaff/flares switch binding
  • Fixed g meter over-reporting
  • Accelerometer reset function now works
  • Fixed crash when impacting the aircraft against water
  • Fixed main altimeter flag animation and initialization
  • A radar tracked target will now receive RWR warnings (launch warnings still in progress)
  • Increased the maximum radar detection range for AI to 70 km
  • Fixed crash when ejecting after losing stores due to over-G
  • Aircraft can now mount R530 EM and IR missiles at the same time
  • The Optical Sight missile launch lights now work with R530 IR missiles too
  • Parachute can now be recovered by repair or rearm
  • Pylon does not disappear now when the wing is damaged
  • Fixed a crash in the radar code with the aircraft being configured for delayed start, but not created yet at the moment when the mission exit was attempted
  • Fixed roughmet of Mirage F1BD
  • Updated pylons’ texture of Jordan Mirage F1
  • Fixed radar elevation buttons naming
  • Fixed the following cockpit controls keyboard/joystick operation:
    • Radar scale selector
    • Radar scan (scan width) selector
    • Radar scope Intensity adjustment knob
    • Radar function selector switch
    • Radar storage adjustment knob
    • Radar scope polaroid screen lever
    • Navigation Indicator mode selector
  • Fixed flaps input commands. (Flaps toggle, F key, still WIP)


  • Animated control stick trim hat and autopilot controls
  • Added animation of gun trigger/trigger cover and missile button
  • Added an option to choose between realistic and simplified firing safety logics. Made the simplified firing mode available by default. Simplified trigger cover is tied to the first trigger press. Firing a missile also opens the trigger
  • Added an option to modify the afterburner detent position
  • “Afterburner detent” tick was added on the throttle scale of Controls Indicator
  • Added logic and animation for gun safety lock
  • Added several country default liveries
  • Added a few South Atlantic map missions

Warning: due to changes in input commands (like radar scale selection, etc.) some user local assignments may have disappeared

DCS MiG-19P by Razbam Simulations

  • Fixed Afterburner texture bug


DCS: MAD JF-17 Thunder Campaign by Stone Sky

  • In all missions, an error occurred in the logic of triggers during autostart - fixed.
  • In the ALARM mission, the time of day has been changed to the correct one - 6:15 am.
  • In the PROFESSIONAL mission, the host was spending too much fuel waiting for you - fixed.

Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Corrected time in the first mission - more light, better weather.
  • In the second mission, the logic of search triggers has been fixed - the ship can be found almost immediately.
  • ​​​​​​​Fixed music overlay in several missions In the fifth mission, the enemy activation bug has been fixed.
  • In missions 9 and 10, the logic of triggers has been corrected, the tasks have become easier.

DCS: MAD Campaign by Stone Sky

  • In mission 7, a small problem of destroying the target was fixed.