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A-10C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign and DCS 2.0.1 Update
NOW AVAILABLE: A-10C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign and DCS 2.0.1 Update
29 jan

Dear Pilots!

2015 was an important year for DCS World with the introduction of new Eagle Dynamics Modules like DCS: L-39 Albatros, DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range, and both Su-27 and Ka-50 campaigns. Just as important, we launched our new graphics engine, the ability to support multiple maps, introduction of cooperative multiplayer in the same aircraft, and a rapidly growing number of high quality 3rd party developers. These accomplishments have laid the foundation for great things in 2016 and beyond.
DCS 1.5.2 Update and Bundles
Today we have released second update of DCS World 1.5.2 and two bundles: 
- Su-27 and the Ultimate Argument Campaign
- A-10C + Ka-50 + The Enemy within Campaign + Republic Campaign

F-15C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign

Starting today, the F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is available for purchase and download from:

8 jan

DCS Winter Bonus Spectacular

Got a bunch of DCS bonus points to use? Here is your chance! Starting 08 January at 1500 GMT time and lasting until 11 January 2016 at 0900 GMT, use your bonus points to discount most DCS module up to 50%!


DCS World 1.5.2 released now!

Please use DCS Updater to update current DCS 1.2.16 to DCS 1.5.2.

Note. All products (modules) should be installed via ingame Module Manager only. Dedicated installers will not be provided anymore.

DCS Holiday Sale and M-2000C Open Beta
Didn’t get the Christmas gift you wanted today? Got some gift cash needing a home? Starting 25 December at 1500 GMT time and lasting until 04 January 2016 at 0900 GMT, we are having our annual DCS World sale! Get 30% off on most DCS modules.
Starting 25 December 2015, the open beta of DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM will be available for download.
A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign is now available!
The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are proud to announce A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign by Baltic Dragon.

Campaign is available in the DCS e-shop:

11 dec

DCS World 1.5.2 Update

Today we have updated DCS World Open Beta to Ver. 1.5.2
4 dec

Su-27, F-15C, A-10A and Su-25 bundle weekend sale 40% off

Su-27, F-15C, A-10A and Su-25 bundle weekend sale 40% off

Weekend Sale!

This weekend's sale will begin on Friday, December 4th at 1500 GMT and last until Monday, December 7th at 0900 GMT. For some great Nevada map action, an F-15C, Su-27, A-10A and Su-25 bundle will take 40% off the price of each individual module, plus you can take off an additional 30% using bonus points. This can provide you a 70% savings!