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Open Beta changelog

Added support of new DCS NS 430 Navigation System modules for SA-342 Gazelle

Introduced multi-crew for DCS UH-1H Huey.

Added the ability to play with multi-crew for the UH-1H. Up to four crewstation are available for cooperative play: pilot, co-pilot, left gunner and right gunner (if they are added in missions). Added multi-crew missions for the UH-1H helicopter.

Known Issues during playing with multi-crew:

  • Possible desynchronization of the state (visualization) of the helicopter in case of damage and when requesting ground power before engine start.
  • When leaving the crewstation of the left (right) gunner into the spectators and back, the gunner's body-model may disappear.
  • There may be problems in the cockpit with controls that have axis settings commands (knobs for adjusting the volume, setting the altitude, etc.), if the controls is intended for another crewstation.
  • There is no visualization of the cargo mark on the cargo indicator (cargo position display).

DCS World

  • AI vehicles. Added new MBT T-72B3, SPAAG ZSU-57-2, and APC BTR-82A.
  • Parking Position Numbers reversed at Tbilisi Lochini, this bug originates from 2012, please be aware of any changes this might make to existing missions.
  • Added modify coalition in mission editor (Thank you to Grimes and uboats, their mod is now no longer required if used).
  • AIM-120 AMRAAM active radar seeker bug fixing/improvements:
    • Fixed HOJ logic, missile will switch between HOJ and active modes if target is lost.
    • LOS rate limit computations. Restriction on the angular rate of the line of sight has been restored.
    • Fixed visual launch mode behaviour. The missile in this mode no longer receives target designation from the aircraft, but itself searches for a target after launch. The search for the target is provided inside the 15 degrees cone (the width of seeker FOV) right in front of the missile.
    • Fixes in seeker target searching logics.
    • Introduced last target LOS storing. When the target is lost, the seeker retains its orientation, directed to where the target was.
    • Datalink. A fighter-missile line-of-sight check has been introduced.
    • Fixed periodical desynchronization of chaff lock in MP.
  • AIM-7 semi-active radar seeker bug fixing/improvements: most of the above changes applied to active seeker were also applied to semi-active seeker.
  • Optimized culling for Default Terrain Objects Shadows option.
  • The new Damage Model improvements
    • Multi engine aircraft support
    • AI reaction on different damages
    • Visualisation of a fuel leakage stops when the fuel ends
    • Removing control surfaces disproportionally reduces size of the connected airfoil - fixed
    • Bearing damage model is added to FW 190A-8 and P-47D
    • Stutters on hits to the fuel tanks are fixed
  • Added ability to remove bookmarks in the cockpit kneeboard.
  • Fixed crash when attacking ground targets by a group of helicopters in some conditions.
  • SS-1 Scud range and rearming time are corrected.
  • Improved WWII AI tactics for attacking bombers.
  • IR Pointer too much blooming - corrected.
  • Fixed error ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND that occurred in some cases.
  • A high polling rate on your mouse results in a poor response time in the game - fixed.
  • ME. Error when click on new button for vehicle units in some cases - fixed.
  • Unable to delete unit from within a group in ME - fixed.
  • AI B-17G collides when climbing in formation Bomber element - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B. Landing overloaded AV-8B on some ships leads to plane crash - fixed.
  • AI. F-16 breaks engagement after HARM attack into a hillside - fixed.
  • AI. Samuel Chase ship. Some AA guns do not attack surface targets - fixed.
  • GUI Input. Better folder management while saving input profile.
  • Radio transmission from a unit doesn't work after using the radio for calling the ATC - fixed.
  • GUI Input. Added button Rescan devices.
  • AI. SSK-887 does not hold appointed depth in the waypoint - fixed.
  • White dot can be seen in day time for aircraft and units in the far - fixed.
  • AI. B-17 and two-piston engine bombers formation lateral separation fixed.
  • ME. The leader of the ground group on the map will be indicated with digit 1.
  • ME. Static objects are not displayed in the mission planner - fixed.
  • ME. Hide units filter doesn't work in the mission planner - fixed.
  • ME. New piktogramm of Templates icon.
  • GUI Input. UI Layer and NS430 Input categories do not show if bind is already in use in another module - fixed.
  • Wire strike for helicopters doesn't occur- fixed.
  • Track replay mouse cursor issue when using Scale GUI and UHD fixed.
  • AI. Helicopters will be spawn on the FARP with direction opposite to wind instead of North direction.
  • AI. Aircraft fly over previously bombed target enroute to next waypoint - fixed.
  • AI. Aircraft when they miss TOT will fly the remainder of the route at extremely slow speeds - fixed.
  • ME payloads panel. When modifying an aircraft payload via the mission payload selection the weight stats for the loadout are not updated when a change is made - fixed.
  • ME. Warehouse screen: added field - fill column to value.
  • ME. Added ability to copy and paste Coordinate info via mouse position.
  • GUI VR options. Added some help images.
  • GUI input. No possibility to tune FFB joystick - fixed.
  • ME. Aircraft. Advanced Actions. Add Multirole Fighters to the list of Enroute tasks.
  • ME. Added Argentina.
  • Fixed crash - set mission date in editor prior to 1970 save and start mission from editor.
  • AI Ship. Aircraft carriers revised: sounders, phalanx elevation added.
  • AI Ship. Arleigh Burke sounder fixed.
  • AGM-84 Harpoon fired from B-52 never hit target, they either fly over, circle around, pop upk, and completely overshot the target - fixed.
  • AI pilot falls through Tarawa deck after shutting down - fixed.
  • DCS freeze when assigning a route to a ground unit in some case - fixed.


  • Fixed: SKID Warning Light illuminates with parking brake engaged.
  • Fixed: Selected weapon box remains after store depleted.
  • Fixed: Keyboard pitch command resets to centered position.
  • Fixed: Unable to edit Markpoints and Target Points.
  • Fixed: Brake Accumulators reading 0 when starting on carriers.
  • Fixed: External 3D model errors when taking damage.
  • Improvement: Added VR Pilot body.
  • Improvement: Added Parking Brake keyboard/joystick command.
  • Improvement: Added wheel chocks & ground crew menu option.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RWR library.
  • Improvement: Added Mission Route Plan page in the kneeboard.
  • Improvement: Aircraft will now taxi roll on idle power if parking brake or brakes are not applied or nozzle deflection is not used to control taxi speed.
  • Improvement: Parking brake will now be engaged by default for all ground start missions.
  • Improvement: Wheel chocks are now installed by default when starting cold and dark.
  • Improvement: Nozzle stop now moves in steps based on the lock locations.
  • Improvement: Nozzle lever now will latch slightly around the hover stop to simulate hitting the hover stop.
  • Improvement: Enabled show/hide VR body (and force stick and throttle visible when VR body enabled).
  • Improvement: Enabled mirrors clickable.
  • Improvement: Merged show/hide stick and throttle keyboard commands.
  • Improvement: Enabled show/hide stick and throttle clickable.
  • Improvement: Enabled UTM input for Waypoints and CAS. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.
  • Improvement: Merged missing command definitions from keyboard to joystick.
  • Improvement: Waypoint can be defined as Target Zone or IP in the Mission Editor. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.
  • Improvement: Waypoints Offsets can now be defined on the Mission Editor. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.


  • Fixed: Keyboard pitch command resets to centered position.
  • Fixed: TDC waypoint range and bearing info display condition.
  • Fixed: HSI knob decreases value.
  • Fixed: ADI "pole" mode not working on INS failure.
  • Fixed: PRET keeps blinking after alignment is finished and INS is set to NAV.
  • Fixed: INS decimal value.
  • Fixed: INS short alignment.
  • Fixed: INS off has no impact.
  • Fixed: TDC position reset when switching from search mode to scan.
  • Fixed: Radar SIL message position on the VTB.
  • Fixed: External 3D model error.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RWR library.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RDI library.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD altitude display conditions.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD RS arrow display conditions.
  • Improvement: Updated SELH behaviour.
  • Improvement: Updated VTB heading tape indicator behaviour.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD RS Arrow behavior.

DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Added Mission editor option “Allow NS430”.

China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed ZBD-04 collision model for AP ammo.
  • Fixed 052B cannot intercept harpoon.
  • Fixed (by ED) 093 flying after setting a new waypoint.
  • Adjusted: SD-10 active seeker param according to updated active radio seeker bugfixing/improvements in AIM-120 scheme.
  • Adjusted: JF-17 AI engine param.
  • Adjusted: SAM missile reflection limit.
  • Adjusted: 052B/052C SAM radar type and launcher.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: CTD due to AA radar hpt/spt switch under some condition.
  • Fixed: laser-guided bomb tracking issue (adjusted motor speed).
  • Fixed: CCRP cannot release bomb with crosswind.
  • Fixed: DTC data copy between 01-49 and 50-59.
  • Fixed: potential CTD from new kneeboard design.
  • Fixed: salvo bomb release under infinite ammo mode.
  • Fixed: engine oil pressure.
  • Fixed: CLINK page network host indicator.
  • Fixed: input master_mode_next/prev keys not work when start from cold.
  • Fixed: INS page display error.
  • Adjusted: Radar page IFF indicator will show disabled symbol if no INT mode selected.
  • Adjusted: too dark MFCD camera page for wmd7 and c701.
  • Adjusted: MFCD SMS CNTL page and AG param page.
  • Adjusted: Training 08 CCRP.
  • Added: applied new CCRP symbols - more details.
  • Added: AG radar AGR mode for bomb (when close to SPI, AG radar automatically switches to AGR mode, later returns to prev mode once done. You cannot enter AGR mode manually).
  • Added: MFCD DATA->NAV can manually set wind speed/dir if INS works abnormally.
  • Added: HSD shows target indication lines of wingmen in the same flight via datalink.
  • Added: CLR button for MFCD in edit mode (to clear current input and then re-enter digits).
  • Added: F-14A in RWR detection.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Added GPS circuit breaker on main panel.
  • Added C-101CC Video Camera light.
  • Fixed 0.8 Mach mark size in speed/mach indicator of C-101EB.
  • Fixed orientation of several C-101EB speed/mach indicator marks.
  • Removed unused lua files.
  • Added Georgia fictional skin for C-101EB.

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED

  • Added GBU-24 A/B Paveway III laser-guided bomb.
  • Added Auto IFF/CIT from the AZ/EL A/A page.
  • Added AZ/EL FLIR Sublevel.
  • Redesigned threat search algorithm for HARM for TOO mode.
  • AGR Ranging Uncommon Symbology - Fixed.
  • Hostile NCTR doesn't contribute to hostile ID - Fixed.
  • Hornet radar azimuth reverts to a RWS behavior WHEN changing weapons in TWS and also allows WAY more Azimuth than normal - Fixed.
  • ACM Mode - GACQ circle disappears after switching modes or weapons - Fixed.
  • Un-designate in any Gun mode should return to GACQ - Fixed.
  • Bar setting glitch upon exiting GACQ - Fixed.
  • GACQ shows strange search pattern dependent on radar elevation upon entry of GACQ - Fixed.
  • GACQ + AG radar breaks both AA and AG radar modes - Fixed.
  • AG Radar picture anomalies at 160nm range - Fixed.
  • Walleye HUD error - Fixed.
  • AGM-65E code step when unboxed- Fixed.
  • Double Print on DDI - Fixed.
  • Heatblur F-14A appears as 'U' in RWR- Fixed.
  • JHMCS ATC indication is linked to gun selection - Fixed.
  • Problem with AGM-65E after using LST when not self-lasing - Fixed.
  • AIM-9X Can't be Slaved Off Waterline with JHMCS - Fixed.
  • LGBs still releasable without laser code set - Fixed.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Added new, free MP mission by Baltic Dragon.

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • Fixed the logic of the System Point of Interest (SPI) concept.
  • Added POS (Position) mode, RUK (Range Unknown) submode for the AGM-88C HARM.
  • SPI location isn't changed when steerpoint is changed - Fixed.
  • Maverick Slew Error in PRE Mode - Fixed.
  • Phantom waypoint issue - Fixed.Phantom waypoint issue - Fixed.
  • Un-commanded return to CZ when A2G Weapon select or dogfight switch is used branch only - Fixed.
  • F-16 Firing HARM blocks CCRP SPI movement with TGP - Fixed.
  • CCRP SPI not updating with TGP designation - Fixed.
  • Using VIS mode with AGM-65 interrupts autopilot settings - Fixed.
  • Uncommanded TGP to Maverick Handoff - Fixed.
  • Maverick Not Slaving to TGP LOS in PRE - Fixed.
  • Uncage switch works for all sensors independently from SOI assigned - Fixed.
  • Fuel quantity dial sound only in one direction - Fixed.
  • Reduced search time for HARM for HAS mode.
  • AIM-120B/C Training lesson bugs - Fixed.
  • Minor cockpit sound fixes.
  • Added new F-16C A/A Training Missions.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Fixed wrong release scheme in POS mode.

DCS A-10C II Tank Killer by ED

  • Visual improvements to 3D model of the cockpit:
    • SAS switches
    • UHF selector positions
    • STEER switch
    • Reflections on glass
  • Analog speed dial discrepancy fixed.
  • IFFCC SPI in guns mode - fixes.
  • Maverick IFFCC SPI wrong location - fixed.
  • Improvements were made in the training missions.
  • Removed nose rise with PAC Off.
  • Emergency trim reversed when using mapped controls - fixed.
  • With GBU selected switching to guns does not allow calculated Gun sight only cross and fixed - fixed.
  • Flares will come from both dispensers behind the wheel bays, and chaff from both wingtips.
  • Updated the manual.

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

  • UHF selector stop positions corrected.
  • Analog speed dial discrepancy - fixed.
  • Eliminated intersecting the external mesh to cockpit mesh.
  • Recalibrated airspeed indicator main pointer to make it consistent with the drum indication.
  • Maverick IFFCC SPI wrong location - fixed.
  • STEER switch bug fixed.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Carrier accepts aircrafts even if the flight deck is damaged - Fixed.
  • F-14A replies "Hornet Ball" on landing - Fixed.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • Add new F-14A unit types to ALR-67 threat library.
  • Explicitly prevent all sparrows but AIM-7MH from lofting.
  • Fixed AIM-7 not tracking correctly in PD-STT.
  • Make Radar send radio command when launching in AIM-54 in PD-STT so F-14 RWR can detect it.
  • Fixed sparrow flood mode giving radio command (triggering target RWR) prior to launch.
  • Added new TTI calculation with real time update.
  • Renamed F-14A models to avoid clashes with VSN mods.
  • Added more potential fixes for Jester switching to RWS right after TWS Phoenix. Launch (could not reproduce bug reported by some).
  • Fixed DCS log warnings about duplicated ALU shapes.
  • Tweaked FM for both -B and -A:
    • Slightly reduced transonic airframe drag
    • Adjusted intake drag at low airflow ratios for TF30
    • Restored and re-tested previous F110 subsonic and supersonic AB thrust
    • Re-tuned TF30 AB thrust
    • Adjusted TF30 extreme high altitude core thrust and fuel flow
    • Adjusted TF30 extreme high altitude AB fuel flow schedule
    • Adjusted TF30 burner temperature model to be less prone to engine fires at extreme high altitude/low speed
    • Adjusted TF30 fuel control gains and spool dynamics
    • Adjusted TF30 gross thrust at low RPMs
  • Fixed ground spoiler logic.
  • Added F-14A single and multiplayer missions.
  • Added VF-11 Red Rippers 106 livery.
  • Added VF-33 Starfighters 201 livery.
  • Exterior engine sound adjustments.
  • Fixed LAU-7 color on some liveries.
  • AIM-54 now uses distance (determined by TGT Size switch: large=13NM, medium=10NM, small=6NM) for going active, instead of 16s TTI.
  • Added special option for convenience to allow “Weapon selector up” binding to emulate “weapon selector press” when in SP/PH position, to toggle between Phoenix and Sparrow.
  • JESTER Menu changes & additions:
    • Radar mode submenu renamed to Radar Settings
    • TWS-M switch added
    • TGT Size switch submenu added
    • Ground/Aircraft stabilize renamed to TID Ground/Aircraft stabilize
    • Scan distance renamed to TID range
  • Changed kneeboard datalink hosts page to use unit display name instead of type name.
  • Fixed AI F-14A nozzle animations & afterburner.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed canopy position sync in multiplayer.
  • Updated RB75 A/B/T (AGM-65 A/B) flight model and seeker behaviour.
  • Fix to crash when dropping High-drag bombs.

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • Cockpit pressure initialization fixed. There was displaying the oxygen starvation during launch at high-altitude aerodromes.

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED

  • Updated EN and RU manuals.
  • Default payloads added for all modifications.
  • Improvements to the aftercooler.
  • Pylons drag - fixed.
  • Structure elements parameters - tuned.
  • Improved visualisation of the damage on armor glass.
  • Pilot 3D model is added to the first person view.
  • Autostart procedure - fixed.
  • Improvements to FM and Systems.
    • Engine with water manifold pressure
    • Turbine stall
    • Buffeting from the cowl flaps
  • Engine damages and failures.
    • Detonation with water
  • New P-47 Turbine Stall and Bearing Sounds.
  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS FW 190A-8 by ED

  • Fixed the oil pressure.
  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Minor cockpit sound fixes.
  • Added new IA missions for The Channel map.
  • Added new Caucasus IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS Spitfire IX by ED

  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED

  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

  • Minigun sound fix.
  • Cockpit doors are now always operated separately.

DCS: WWII Assets Pack by ED

  • U-boat VII-C flak has wrong depth - fixed.
  • LSO view disabled for WWII ships.
  • KDO used an incorrect shell for flak 41 calculations - fixed. Some target assignment. optimization.
  • Sight M70D for M8 Greyhound.
  • Added warehouses for Bedford and CCKW.
  • A-20 x-ray model improved.

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • APC M113. Implemented variable armor thickness in collision model.
  • AA guns do not attack surface targets - fixed.
  • Infantry collision with aircraft can do massive damage - fixed.
  • Compass for T-72 in isometric view - fixed.
  • Added indication of stabilization “STBL ON”.
  • Fixed missing sound CIWS for some ships.

DCS: The Channel Map by ED

  • Optimized VRAM meets 4GB requirements.

DCS: Caucasus by ED

  • Kobuleti airfield: Large aircrafts can now reach the runway.
  • Lochini airfield: fixed reversed parking slots positions 8/9, 13/14, 18/19, 23/24, 28/29, 33/34 and 38/39.
  • Beslan airfield: fixed runway sign.
  • Fixed scenes objects: intersections, objects on roads, and elevated objects.
  • Added names of beacons on "ARK channels" plate KA-50.
  • Fixed random disappearance of airfield markings.
  • Cosmetic corrections in the airfield markings.
  • Fixed many surface elevation artifacts.
  • Many cosmetic corrections to forest tree distribution and tree-line borders.
  • Removed trees from ATC line of sight.
  • Fixes to building collisions.

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map by ED

  • North Las Vegas airfield: aircrafts can now reach runways from parking spot B19.
  • Nellis airfield: aircrafts can now reach runways from parking spot E11.
  • Runway/taxiway signs are no longer fuchsia colored at night.
  • Fixed many surface textures.

DCS: Persian Gulf Map by ED

  • Fixed tile of surface textures on far distances.
  • Khasab airfield: fixed VASI lights.
  • Jask airfield: added АТС frequencies.
  • Bandar-E-Jask airfield: added TACAN.
  • Sharjah airfield: fixed taxiway/runway signs.
  • Fujairah airfield: fixed scene objects distribution.
  • Al Minhad airfield: changed parking slot "Stand01" to "62".
  • Bandar Abbas airfield: fixed collisions of aircrafts with walls.
  • Bandar Abbas airfield: no more collisions with hangars when starting from the parking spot J04.
  • Liwa airfield: added more parking slots for larger aircraft.
  • Fixed duplicated airfield scenes objects.
  • Fixed airfields namings.
  • Fixed collision shells of buildings with flat roofs.
  • FIxed many air navigation beacons: types, channels, frequencies, names, and ATC.
  • Fixed many cosmetic errors on shorelines.
  • Fixed many surface artifacts (flipped triangles).
  • Added lightmaps for airfield taxiway/runway signs.
  • Cosmetic corrections to surface textures.


The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon.

  • Mission 11: Updated kneeboard.
  • Mission 13: Fixed issue with Special Forces not entering the building and thus stalling the mission.
  • Documentation updated.

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon.

  • Mission 03: Unchecked "force alignment and INS drift option".
  • Mission 04: Fixed issue with mission not progressing when all flights are on station.

F/A-18C Hornet - The Serpent's Head 2 Campaign by Badger 633.

  • Missions & Briefs 5, 7 and 10: Description of obtaining and configuring Precise Coordinates updated.

F-5E Aggressors Air Combat Maneuver Campaign by Maple Flag Missions.

  • Behaves AI wingman F-5E corrected.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger, Fw 190 A-8 Horrido!, P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaigns by Reflected Simulations.

  • Flak adapted to the new DM.

UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low Level Heaven.

  • French mission text localization added.