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Open Beta changelog
  • Mk-82 bomb fuse on Mirage-2000 fixed
  • FC aircraft. Cyclic target Lock On by Enter key like easy avionics style - removed
  • OpenXR is removed from autosearch. DCS has a chain of VR vendors in priority oculus, OpenVR, Varjo, etc. OpenXR was in that chain in top priority, now it is removed from this chain and only available when you explicitly specify it in command line of DCS.
  • Game Options. Game avionics mode removed.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed : Bomb fuses always inert
  • as well as all the other fixes indicated in the previous OB log but not actually presented in game, namely:
    • Fixed : TACAN Mode Binds
    • Fixed : PAR gun burst
    • Fixed : SEC CALC at airstart
    • Fixed : Log file errors
    • Fixed : Wake turbulence causing uncontrolled spin
    • Updated : BAP 100 drag
    • Updated : SAMP on pylon drag
    • Improved : Reduced engine ignition boom
    • Improved : Sun visor effect
    • Improved : Engine sound
    • Added : Sun visor Elevation axis
    • Added : SELH Warning Altitude axis
    • Added : SELH Warning Altitude binds