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Open Beta changelog

Added support of new DCS NS 430 Navigation System modules for C-101CC and C-101EB.

Introduced Historical mode filter in the ME.

The historical mode is designed to facilitate the creation of historical mission scenarios. If the author of the mission wants to use equipment only for a given year, he can click on the small button with a clock in the bottom line of the Mission Editor, after which all lists of equipment and aircraft are filtered out for a given year. The lists will show only those aircraft or equipment that were in service with the selected country in a given year. This mode can be turned on and off in the process of creating a mission if you need to select objects outside a given year.

  • Aircraft carriers. Planes don't takeoff until the previously taken-off group of helicopters land at the airfield - fixed.
  • AI flight no longer maintains AAR formation while flight members are refueling - fixed.
  • AI aircraft AAR in turn receive fuel at a slower rate - fixed.
  • AI aircraft: When attempting to maintain formation AI is capable of noticeably breaking the laws of physics - fixed.
  • S3B AI eject before reaching runway after tanker mission - fixed.
  • Ground AI. Task 'Hold' ignored by HMMWV - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B: Spawning inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B: landing outside of the deck - fixed.
  • If AI helicopter spawn on a ship in cold, later startup and takeoff then land back on ship, then it will land at the center of the ship model - fixed.
  • If AI helicopter spawn in air, then land on ship it will disappear at 100m behind the ship - fixed.
  • AI E-2D goes outside deck boundaries during taxi to parking - fixed.
  • Protection from incoming NaN at game initialization added (crash on mission start fixed).
  • Tall targets (with high antennas for example) will be targeted at the base now, instead of the geometrical center of the model box.
  • ME. Added Copy and Paste of Trigger Zones.
  • AI F/A-18 turned external lights off during catapult launch - fixed.
  • FARP: ground units sinking into the FARP surface - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated server late activation ships do not activate - fixed.
  • AI MiG-25: Since MiG don't have gun fitted and short range AA missiles his attack attempts from short range are useless - fixed.
  • ME. Triggers. Added condition: Unit Type in Zone - Aircraft/Helicopter/Ground/Naval.
  • ME. Copy and Paste an aircraft group can lose Uncontrolled option - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Sometimes occurs a midair collision during recovery to deck.
  • In some cases AI aircraft do not take off until the AV-8B group lands or deactivates - fixed.
  • Dedicated Server. Added Su-25T and TF-51D into server install.
  • F10 map. Optimised font rendering, increased frame rate a bit.
  • F10 map. Eliminated grey squares on map at low graphic preset.
  • EWR 55G6 radar model from certain angles goes grey to white on the mast - fixed.
  • MP. Crash in MP after using the radio command Engage ground targets - fixed.
  • Fixed error occurs when you are trying to take off from an airport where there is no radio on the airfield by default. Mesquite in Nevada for example.
  • VR. Super carrier crew figures only render in one eye in VR and the encyclopedia - fixed.
  • DCS affinity to zero CPU core fixed.
  • Fixed Transport.dll crash when bridge destroyed with vehicles on.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur

  • NEW - Added Jester Audio option via headphones.
  • Set RWR, walkman, radar altimeter tone and sidewinder tone to go via headphones.
  • Fixed CMS rearming not working.
  • Fixed broken shading on nacelle NACA intakes.
  • Initial implementation of PD ground clutter contacts.
  • Prioritize AWACS and carrier over other datalink hosts for Jester menu.
  • Changed nose strut keybinds to avoid flicking switch to off when key is released.
  • Tweaks to canopy glass cockpit and exterior.
  • Fixed LANTIRN panel lights appearing without LANTIRN stick visible.
  • Specify module shortName in entry.lua as F-14 (defaulted to F14 when unspecified).

DCS AJS37 by Heatblur

  • Added warning in DCS.log if Easy Avionics or Easy Flightmodel is activated.
  • Tweaked engine behavior at medium altitude.
  • Updated all Wrath of thunder missions, now initializes properly due to change in Mission Start trigger.
  • SnabbURKoppling Autopilot Quick Disconnect implemented.
  • Corrected typo in a keyboard mapping.
  • Fix for crash when pressing IFF IDENT.
  • Updated Mjolnir Response Mini-campaign:
    • Fixed Mission 2 ship AI Added mission-skip functionality (available via F10 option in comms menu).
    • Fixed mission 5 end crash.
  • Fix for crash when using Walkman.
  • Fix for possibility to launch Rb05 in incompatible J/A mode.
  • Fixed pull up warning in CCIP.
  • Corrected high-drag bomb accuracy and added compensation for spread.
  • Corrected rocket accuracy.
  • Reimplemented atmospheric model for avionics.
  • Fix to inaccurate ELINT-analysis.
  • Updated AI afterburner.
  • Reduced opacity of Viggen glass.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Increased afterburner IR coefficient to 2.4.
  • Cockpit instruments calibration in accordance to cockpit 3d and texture improvements.
  • Deleted redundant input in keyboard inputs list.
  • Minor code optimizations.

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM

  • Corrected some cockpit sounds to properly go through headset source.


  • Added engine igniter sound.
  • CAUTION, CAUTION auditory tone sounded sometimes even after cautions had been acknowledged.
  • Added air start logic.
  • Added engine windmilling.
  • USS Tarawa: Modified Parking and taxi zones (Work in Progress).
  • Corrected speedbrake switch control logic and behavior for OUT, NORM, IN controls to allow partial extension/retraction.
  • Corrected LIDS and Speedbrake should be out already in cold start.
  • Added loss of electrical or hydraulic power to speedbrake to cause air loads due to airspeed to close speedbrake.
  • Fixed speed brake advisory to not show when landing gear up and speedbrake retracted OR landing gear down and speedbrake correctly at 25 degrees.
  • Fixed fuel shutoff handle moving when it was supposed to be locked.
  • Fixed momentary switch behavior for APU switch.
  • Fixed momentary switch behavior for Compass/Lights Test switch.
  • USS Tarawa: Modified Parking and taxi zones (Work in Progress).


  • Weathered cockpit liveries are default now for English and Chinese cockpits.
  • Factory Fresh cockpit livery removed for now.
  • The resolution of several cockpit UV maps was increased to allow for more detailed textures.
  • New cockpit mesh and textures for several objects, including the cockpit gun-camera, the canopy locking mechanism cover and pipes.
  • Added the channel selector for the SRO-2 Khrom IFF.
  • Small tweaks to cockpit night lighting.
  • ASP-5 control axis not working fixed.
  • Brightness knob not working fixed.
  • Corrected animation of gun arm buttons.
  • Added and improved gear lever and gear lever lock keybindings.
  • Added helmet visor command and animation (you need to assign a key).
  • Added pilot wave animation when wheel chocks removed.
  • Increase nose up pitch moment effect with flaps.
  • Increase trim down required for level flight as airspeed increases above Mach 0.9.
  • Improved behavior of transonic effect on vertical speed indicator.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed DGFT radar scan pattern (vertical scan).
  • Fixed datalink receiving message from F-16 issue.
  • Adjusted datalink message broadcast rate.
  • Improved C701 and WMD7 camera track stability.
  • Updated checklist page.
  • Adjusted FM (Cm0, fuel flow etc).
  • Corrected ISA max rate limit.
  • Enriched transonic pitching moment.
  • Notice: the path for DPLAYER and Customized Warning sound sdef/audio files has been changed.
    • DPLAYER: \Sounds\sdef\Cockpit\DPlayer\
    • CE: \Sounds\sdef\Cockpit\Warning\CE\
    • Don’t forget to change the audio file path in sdef files
  • Adjusted the layout of special options.
  • Updated RU locales.
  • Added click operation for g-suit tube connection
  • Added click operation for seat height adjust

ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Added 250kg bombs (Mk82, GBU-12, Type-200) to inner station.
  • Fixed J-11A strobe light effect.
  • Fixed JF-17 eject canopy texture issue.
  • Added 071 Transport Dock:
    • allows two helicopters to take-off (AI, players) at the same time
    • includes 6 liveries
  • Fixed navy units model bugs
  • Renamed navy units: Type_052B, Type_052C, Type_054A, Type_071, Type_093 (Livery folders are also updated to match new unit names).

DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Fixed cockpit lighting intensity.
  • Fixed navigation lights color.
  • Fixed beacon light color.
  • Animated and adjusted landing light.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • New cockpit textures.
  • NS-430 is now available for both C-101 EB and C-101 CC.
  • Changed USAF Aggressor pilot name.
  • Deleted obsolete files.
  • Added default key combination for Range Selector for C-101CC.
  • Added new training missions (EN and ES):
    • C-101EB Basic Visual Flight
    • C-101CC Ground Attack with Guns and Rockets
    • C-101CC Ground Attack with Bombs
    • C-101CC Air Combat with Cannon and Missiles
  • Reduced C-101CC FD vertical bar sensitivity in NAV Capture mode

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • L-39ZA cockpit. Stick dont move, animations pilot right hand, artefact on gunsight - fixed.
  • L-39C cockpit. Fixed lightning of some panels being available without electric power.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

  • Door gunners not engaging armed towers - fixed.
  • Door-gunners shoot through the buildings - fixed.
  • UN-PILOT Campaign, Mission 14 - fixed.
  • UN-PILOT Campaign, minor changes in briefing Mission 09.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

DCS P-47D by ED

  • Added more oxygen containers.
  • Parking brake handle update.
  • Forced end switches on rad flaps on initialization.
  • Switch on position lights by default.
  • Matched descriptor to model.
  • Added spin tweak.
  • Guns pos corrected.
  • Cooling: radiator's thermostat.
  • FM adjusted for stall and spin with proper MOIs. Prop is tuned to increased power.
  • Engine tweak.
  • Prop AD data tuned for 2000/30".
  • Canopy gap fix, attitude indicator wings illuminated fix.

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Added wheel brakes failures.

DCS Fw 190 A8 by ED

  • Fixed missing flaps damage, increased severity of the effect.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark by ED

  • Cockpit lamp illumination changed to an additive method.
  • IT-23 and ABRIS doesn't update information on F2 view when DCS launched in 2-monitor configuration - fixed.
  • Kh-25ML missile not tracking laser - fixed.
  • Ka-50. Reduced beacon rotary speed.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Corrupted Kneeboard fonts - fixed.

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

  • Decreased MFD brightness at night. Except for 'HUD only' mode.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • Broken shadows in the cockpit - fixed.
  • In cockpit mirrors. Optimized rendering, increase framerate.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Deck crew ignores player after helicopter takeoff in some cases - fixed.
  • Uncontrolled aircraft on six pack are ignored by landing aircraft - fixed. Note: collision fixed, but mission designers must ensure Six pack and routes for taxi are clear.
  • Helicopters block aircraft landing in some case (Helicopters land earlier and remain standing on the deck,after that the planes cannot land.) - fixed.
  • Foul deck if moved back to spectator after blocking deck - fixed.
  • Assertion when server changes mission with Supercarrier to another mission - fixed.
  • Radio dialogue case 3 available in MP (branch 2.5.6) without SC module - fixed.
  • Improved textures of aircraft carriers.
  • Corrected island position.

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED

  • Added model 15cm shell.
  • Added model 75mm shell.
  • Fixed bofors 40mm erratic behaviour.

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Fixed infantry stick together from 14 to 2 If set task “Embarking”.
  • Added MLRS 9А52 “Smerch” with HE missile.
  • Added 9N235 submunitions for 9M55K missile (Smerch MLRS).
  • Added M77 DPICM submunitions for M26 (missile M270 MLRS).
  • Disconnecting client kicks host from CA unit - fixed.


A-10C The Enemy Within 3 by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 2: removed the safeguard as mission now works as intended (AI movement is fixed).
  • Mission 5: fixed issue with damaged Mi-8 taking off and departing the AO.
  • Mission 8: fixed typos in the briefing.
  • Mission 10: fixed issue with Falcons not hitting targets with GBUs.
  • Mission 12: fixed issue with Georgian APCs at the end moving too early.
  • Mission 13: moved enemy AAA from the roof of the factory complex to prevent them from falling inside the building.
  • Mission 19: fixed issue with CLA trucks not moving out from the compound.

UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven

  • Mission 6: Enemy Ka-50 set to weapons hold
  • Mission 8: Sinking ship issue fixed, Russian Frigate changed to AI unit, Time of day adjusted

Known Issues

USS Tarawa: Deck invisible collision issues