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Open Beta changelog

Introduced new campaigns:

  • DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations
  • DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

DCS World

  • Added technicals (armed pickup trucks):  
    • Scouts with mounted DSHK 12.7mm or KORD 12.7mm
    • MLRS with BRM-1 80mm Rocket
    • Air defense with mounted ZU-23
  • Improved voice chat
    • fixed lowering sound volume in other programs when using the radio
    • removed connection between microphone controls inside the game and Windows
  • AGM-88. Corrected HARM LOFT behavior when the target is terrain masked.
  • BDU-33. Corrected warhead parameters, less smoke.
  • Weapons. AMRAAM's were too easy to notch when performing a notching maneuver inside of pitbull range - solved. Improved range gate modeling for missiles with active radar sensors.
  • AI aircraft. AI Flights with "Follow" task fall behind in turns - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AI salvo placement discrepancies - corrected.
  • SSE. Added EMERGENCY_LANDING event when AI aircraft lands on belly or ditch on water. Support for player will be added later.
  • SSE.Fixed “Unit.getByName”.
  • Fixed some CTDs.
  • Weapons. Kh-31A missiles detonate in the vicinity of the target without hitting - fixed.
  • Weapons. Adjusted S-25O warhead parameters, added forgotten concrete_factors adjustment.
  • Weapons. Restored the lost of WGr21 fuse timing.
  • Weapons. AGM-84D does not hit target in R/BL mode - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84 returns to guiding to original target point after losing acquisition due to line of sight - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AI Wingman crashes during approach - fixed.
  • VR. Blue VR cross is persistent and does not fade when not in use - fixed.
  • ME. Updated templates.lua file with NASAMS and WW2 units.
  • AI aircraft. E-3A cannot refuel from a tanker if in a turn - fixed.
  • Added EWR AN/FPS-117, radar+ECS and Independent unit “Radar (domed)”.
  • MP. Added server option to hide multiplayer scoreboard (advanced server options)
  • MP: Added Coalition password option to dedicated server & Web GUI.
  • MP. Added mission editor password options for roles and client aircraft slots. Password protected slots will be hidden in the role select screen unless the correct password is entered.
  • Added “Launch MP server” option to mission editor (in “flight” menu), and mission load screens. 
  • AI aircraft. AIs reported wrong WP passed. Advanced by 1. The report over the last WP was ignored.
  • LD-10. change to scheme used by AGM-88
  • YJ-12. change to ramjet scheme
  • C802AK. adjust seeker params (try to fix some issues)
  • IR view. No smoke in TGP by some conditions - fixed.
  • Stinger missiles missed if the target is flying lower than MANPAD unit location- fixed.
  • Added shadows from secondary light sources at night.
  • Warbirds. AI bots’ behavior during climb to altitude is improved
  • Triggers. Added a trigger and scripting function to display a message to a selected unit.
  • Triggers. Added a trigger and scripting function to sound to a selected unit.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

For Supercarrier CVN -71/72/73/75

  • Addition of the Automatic Carrier Landing System, ACLS.
  • Addition of the Link 4 datalink for carrier-to-aircraft communications when using DCS: Supercarrier.
  • Addition of ACLS On/Off and Link 4 datalink On/Off to carrier Mission Editor advanced waypoint actions.

For free (without Supercarrier module) CVN Stennis (CVN-74):

  • Only CPL P/R mode is available, no T/C (traffic control) or DCS: Supercarrier radio communications. 
  • It is possible to use ACLS with the CVN-74 John C. Stennis. If you do not own the DCS: Supercarrier module, all carriers but the free CVN Stennis will refuse the inbound call. 

The free CVN-74 John C. Stennis procedure is simple:

  1. Call inbound.
  2. If closer than 5.5 and within appropriate margins (+-630ft vertical error from 1200 ft, +-5 degrees from landing course) - receive ACL RDY message, turn on CPL P/R by pressing CPL button on the UFC.
  • Additional ME payload presets.
  • Corrected the Auto-Throttle Control (ATC) Approach mode such that it no longer moves the throttles to idle.
  • Fixed: SA page was not showing ID of contacts known to MIDS tracks.
  • Fixed: LTWS unboxed remove all datalink contact in FCR.
  • Fixed: Selecting Baro Alt Hold whilst in Coupled autopilot de-selects coupled mode.
  • Fixed:JDAM TOO - TOO will now be saved when stepping stations and TOO ½.
  • Fixed: Autopilot disconnect Caution not implemented.
  • Fixed: QNH is not set right when born on the carrier. Also fixed limits for pressure setting.
  • Fixed:AG radar image not showing units on ground.
  • Fixed: Ghost contact in TWS.
  • Fixed: Slant range.
  • Fixed: Offset point MAG/TRUE issue.
  • Fixed: SA Cursor alignment is different if you come from top of contact or from bottom with cursor.
  • Fixed: Waypoint/OAP Steering info in HUD will direct towards the offset.
  • Fixed: HSI / SA differences in orientation of offset symbology.
  • Fixed: AGR flashes when re-entering the RDR ATTK page.
  • Fixed: Target ID's on SA - AZ/EL.
  • Fixed: LTD/R Special for joystick not working on inputs.
  • Fixed: SLAM-ER data link13 with unlimited ammo guidance issues.
  • Fixed: Using ft for elevation data always rounds down the number.
  • Fixed: When using FLIR page Gray option on DDI UFC is blanked but still works.
  • Fixed: When using JSOW GUN is blank on DDI but can still be pressed.
  • Fixed: Check North up behavior when using ADF.
  • Fixed: Bullseye Coordinates Preload.
  • Fixed: HMD J-109 Overlap PP symbology.

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added  new deck crew animations that utilize the new skeletal animation system, new animations that are specific to night operations and the inclusion of light wands. 
  • For the aircraft, deck crew and objects on the “roof” at night, we have improved lighting and shadows based on the deck and tower lights.
  • On final approach, you’ll now need to contend with the “burble” effect. We continue to tweak this effect and you can expect the first iteration shortly. (WIP)
  • Improve sparks effect from hook during landing. (WIP)
  • Kuznetsov model update: flag back transparency issue and hole in the superstructure issue - fixed.
  • Fixed: AIRBOSS and Crewman glowing at night.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crashes in avionics and weapons.
  • Added pull-up / weapon fuzing cue logic (LOW indication on HUD). https://youtu.be/BM3PBAW-Cak?t=163
  • Added Primary Datalink Target (PDLT). https://youtu.be/qCEFHf01FvI
  • Improved VIP and VRP Behavior (WIP). https://youtu.be/Utmt3z8MZms
  • Improved TIME DED page
  • Added offset aimpoints (OA1/OA2). https://youtu.be/SnqFHMok-hA
  • Adjusted FCR and HSD Symbols. https://youtu.be/BM3PBAW-Cak?t=25
  • Added Destination (DEST) DED Page. https://youtu.be/SnqFHMok-hA
  • Added Cursor Zero (CZ) all TGP and A-G FCR Pages and when radar is OFF
  • Additional ME preset loadouts. https://youtu.be/BM3PBAW-Cak?t=230
  • Fixed: DED STPT TOS can now be edited.
  • Fixed: Ghost targets on Datalink.
  • Fixed: Locked target box moves if modes switched.
  • Fixed: TMS Left to interrogate target in dog fight mode drops lock.
  • Fixed: Maverick Cursor Enable doesn't cycle VIS, BORE, PRE.
  • Fixed: Bugging target in RWS then switching to TWS loses bug.
  • Fixed: White cross on HSD when using AG mode is missing.
  • Fixed: HARM EOM and targeting.
  • Fixed: HTS Not showing emitter in correct location when locked.
  • Fixed: When BULLSEYE is not active, the bullseye symbol MUST NOT be present on the HSD because is not related to any coordinates.
  • Fixed: Radio preset frequencies off by 01.
  • Fixed: Second mark point creation if TMS AFT was not used before backing out of the mark point page.
  • Fixed: HTS not functioning after rearm.
  • Fixed:FCR tracks and IFF.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crashes/freezes  in avionics, weapons and multi-crew.
  • Improved SCAS.
  • Initial work on Velocity Hold submode.
  • Improved AI pilot when flying over/around terrain and obstacles (trees, powerlines, buildings, etc.)
  • Added trigger guard as option. See in AH-64D Special Tab in Options.
  • Added air targets tracking restriction for AI.
  • Fixed: Multicrew - TADS desync from CPG LMC use/Hellfires missing targets in TRAJ other than DIR.
  • Fixed: Multi Crew - Rockets I beam freezes in COOP mode with George.
  • Fixed: Multi Crew - TADS flickering.
  • Fixed: Multi Crew - Master Arm state.
  • Fixed:Cold Start Caution Message Errors.
  • Fixed: Rotor damage shake effect continues after rotor has stopped.
  • Fixed: Hellfire attack on tank from front has no effect due to Hellfire hitting gun barrel.
  • Fixed: Livery files are .tga instead of .dds.
  • Fixed: Master Arm state isn't synchronized after auto switching to SAFE.
  • Fixed: Attitude Hold Exit Tone (shorter).
  • Fixed: Errors in WCA and DMS pages desync between PLT and CPG.
  • Fixed: When starting APU with engines on, Utility Hyd pressure drops to zero.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Training Mission 3 Voice Over.
  • Fixed: EGT showing incorrectly on the IHADSS.
  • Fixed: Take off while refueling allows infinite fuel.
  • Fixed: FLT SET ALT does not accept altitude values above 1428ft.
  • Fixed: Request Removal of outer fuel tanks hangs program.
  • Fixed: Barometric altitude symbology on cruise and flight page should be in 10 ft increments.
  • Fixed: ACQ source behavior.
  • Fixed: NVG Goggles do not save brightness settings.
  • Fixed: Wind Direction/Velocity Status Window updating incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Headtracker symbol on the HDU was aligned too high.
  • Fixed: Kneeboard flares option can not be changed on a moving ship.
  • Fixed: TSD Map orientation settings.
  • Fixed: Rotor sound glitch.
  • Fixed: RTS rocker does not function once preset is selected.
  • Fixed: George AI  as CP/G Hellfire accuracy issues.
  • Fixed: Unable to set RADAR ALT on FLT page.
  • Fixed: Engine fire test audio - Aft deck fire does not repeat.
  • Fixed: RWR calls 'SA-15' instead of F-15.
  • Fixed: Without the Radar Altimeter, George AI will attempt altitudes below ground level.
  • Fixed: Greek livery description.lua.
  • Fixed: TSD orientation affects the TSD's ASE footprint display.
  • Fixed: Hover bob up box size was too small.
  • Fixed: in Sight Status Field Indication.
  • Fixed: EUFD: Fuel Indication Error.
  • Fixed: The limits of the attitude indicator should be +-90 degrees.
  • Fixed: RADALT not defaulting to "ON" if Cold Start is used.
  • Fixed: G-Meter on Flight Page only records min/max G when on 'SET' sub-page.
  • Fixed: MPD brightness set before APU start does not dim the MPD.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • KM-2 system fix and addition of Petrovich AI work with it.
  • More main model LODs were added
  • Added keybinds for radios
  • Resolved several keybinds collisions
  • Added new CPG input commands for weapons selector
  • SPUU-52 and AP panels keybinds added
  • Fixed. Hydro Lock collective brake mode does not work
  • Fixed. AP stabilization button animation getting stuck
  • Fixed. Power on-off and selection missile panel (SCHO) desync between Pilot and Operator
  • Fixed. Rockets Side Selection Issue
  • Fixed. AP Heading channel not switching into heading hold after pedals returned to neutral (More options for pedals and this AP channel coming in next patch).
  • Fixed. Pilot-Operator not dying
  • Fixed. Tooltips match with commands for "Greben. PU-38"

DCS: A-10C by Eagle Dynamics

  • Keybind for "Ready Pre Contact" not bindable to HOTAS - fixed
  • Fixed transparent nose RWR antennas and ladder bay textures

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Tail damage fixed - the whole tail unit isn’t drop with any destroyed element.
  • The pilot is visible from distance.
  • Fixed issue with the texture on the Left Intercooler.
  • Fixed compass backlight isn’t controlled by switch

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Gunsight glass is fixed
  • Added two Mosquito RP-3 practice missions

DCS: P-51 Mustang by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed non transparent bullet holes
  • Fixes to visual damage
  • Fixed - with the gear up the Tail wheel is visible on far LOD
  • Magnetos are mixed up in the damage model - fixes

DCS: FW 190A-8 Anton by Eagle Dynamics

  • Starter switch animation is fixed.
  • Bombs don’t drop when reloaded with Unlimited ammo - fixed
  • WGr21 fuse timing defaulted to A2A instead of A2G

DCS: FW 190D-9 Dora by Eagle Dynamics

  • Starter switch animation is fixed.
  • Compass bezel is not clickable with mouse - fixed
  • Fixed axis controls for radiator flaps
  • WGr21 fuse timing defaulted to A2A instead of A2G

DCS: Bf 109K-4 Kurfurst by Eagle Dynamics

  • Visual fixes to the 3D model
  • Fixed tail damage
  • Fixed issues with Flap damage
  • Fixed wrong exhaust flare shield
  • Fixed muzzle flash visual artifacts
  • Fixed damage area shown transparent squares on some LODs
  • Fixed refueling with MW-50 causes refueling loop
  • Oil pressure starts to drop once about 30% of oil reservoir is empty 

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added damage penalties for player controlled vehicles in Combined Arms.
  • Added combat state view Buk SR for ENC.
  • Added the ability to turn ON/OFF the vehicle engine (LCtrl + E). 
  • Added a checkbox for automatic start engine under Special Options for Combined Arms
  • Fixed: MG for Leopard 2A4 on isometric view.
  • Fixed: Flag animation for La Combattante 2.
  • Fixed: Client engine sound in multiplayer for ground units.
  • Fixed: ALERT on hit manpads.
  • Fixed: Camera shake after destroying player controlled CA.
  • Fixed: Player can drive units after a critical hit.

DCS: Spitfire by Eagle Dynamics

  • Misplaced static Spitfire in The Channel cold start instant action mission

DCS F-5E Tiger II by Belsimtek

  • Fuel Auto Balance Switch does not reset, draining right tank past balance - fixed.

Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics

  • 'Receive Mode' feature does not work - fixed partially.

DCS: WWII Assets Pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added MG for M4 Sherman
  • Ju-88 AI bug fixes
    • Fixed LOD models
    • Fixed - tail wheel turning animation exaggerated
    • Visual fixes to landing gear animations

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: bugs in AG radar modes and displays
    • Should directly enter target tracking mode from target indication mode after lock, no intermediate state
    • Remove redundant elements in target tracking display
    • Behaviors of snowplow and slave modes
    • Should not enter AGR when silent
  • Fixed: LD-10 launch issue and abnormal behavior after launch
  • Fixed: bomb release sequence not match SMS selection
  • Fixed: rocket cannot be launched after changing the program wpn to rocket
  • Fixed: ghost SPI when toggle radar stby
  • Fixed: SPI logic switching between sensors
  • Fixed: HUD CCRP line display bug
  • Fixed: incorrect target bearing digits on HUD 
  • Fixed: radar AGR off didn’t affect CCIP accuracy
  • Added: TDC filter for more accurate movement
  • Adjust: AA gun LCOS/SSLC param, should be more accurate now

DCS: AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Updated: TPOD transitions

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: AP ALT Hold fails to reconnect when releasing AP override
  • Fixe : Added back decoy rearm sliders to solve dispense problems in multiplayer (see forum for more information)
  • Fixed: Thumbwheels do not cycle from 0 to 9 with LMB
  • Fixed: FBW test passes if stick wiped after it failed
  • Fixed: UAE Livery missing MipMaps

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • Improved AP HDG HOLD.
  • Fixed GT HOLD to return both modes to ATT hold with single mode disengagement.
  • Fixed Autothrottle not able to be disengaged.
  • Fixed AP NaN values freezing the hydraulics system causing a crash.
  • Disregard STT targets for missile tracking in BRSIT mode (BRSIT now overrides STT).
  • Disregard MSL mode switch in ACM mode.
  • Give flood mode priority over STT for AIM-7 tracking.
  • Fixed flood mode not activated in BRSIT prior to launching first AIM-7.
  • Changed TWS to ignore new tracks when overwhelmed rather than overwrite existing tracks.
  • Fixed rare crashes/freezes caused by the animation system.
  • Improved switching out of Iceman.
  • Improved Iceman behavior on flying to point.
  • Fixed Iceman refusing to perform a right hand orbit.
  • Iceman’s throttle won’t damage flaps anymore.
  • Iceman can now use speedbrake to slow down.
  • Bingo fuel level can now be adjusted with power off.
  • Updated VF-211 Fighting Checkmates 100 livery. 
  • Updated CN localization messages.mo. 
  • Fixed gear door using livery texture from the opposite side.
  • Fixed several small export issues on F-14A and -B exterior models

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Reduced the ADI gyro allowed error angle for startup to ~0.02 deg.
  • Fixed corrupted brakes logic on release and adjusted parking brake logic.
  • Fixed broken glass normals on cockpit gauge.
  • Fixed EP13 brightness knobs being sunk into the panel.
  • Fixed corrupted mesh on left panel housing near EP-13 brightness knobs.
  • Re-added missing brightness control labels.
  • Yellow ADI bars are now in front of the "wings".
  • Optimized shape of some minor cockpit elements due to broken modifier set.


DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign by Eagle86

  • Corrected messages of some persones.
  • Improved the routes of AIs.

F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M1 : Russian fighters will now properly trigger voiceovers after launch
  • M8: Adjusted Sabre's formation to reduce chance of AI collision
  • M1-M16: Enabled datalink for AWACS (by request for A/C swappers)

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M5: fixed issue with wingman not taxiing behind the player.
  • M6 and M7: fixed issue where mission would not progress after flights get on station.

DCS: A-10C Iron Flag Part I Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 06: Added extra explanations on the MRFCS part in the briefing.
    Fixed wrong frequency for Ground in the radio presets.
  • Mission 10: Removed wrong parking spot information from the kneeboard.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • M3: mission complete" message will now display properly
  • M10: option to kiss of wingmen much earlier (30NM from the boat)
  • M11: Spade Flight now attacks and destroys its targets correctly
  • M13: Updated scoring (previously it was impossible to get more than 80 points)

DCS: UH-1H Paradise Lost Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Mission 2: redesigned some trigger zones to accommodate for AI changes.
  • Mission 8: moved ground soldiers a bit further from the player.

Known Issues

  • Quality issues with new FLIR on some modules still remain.