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Open Beta changelog

Introduced a new map module DCS: Normandy 2.0

DCS World

  • Fixed a core's layout on AMD processors like AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D (core group with lesser L3 cache size now used by IO pool only)
  • Scripting. Added world.removeJunk. Taking volume as first arg, returning amount of deleted objects.
    Volume  declaration is same as for world.searchObjects.
    Usage: local volS = {id = world.VolumeType.SPHERE,params = {point = {x = -303780,y = 5,z = 629149},radius = 1000}}
  • VR Mask in native OpenXR is upside down - fixed
  • F10 map. Draw function setMarkupTypeLine only works once in a mission - fixed
  • Crash on EagleFM - fixed
  • MP. User don't get any notification on connect to a full server - fixed
  • Weapons. Kh-29 missiles loft down after launch - fixed

DCS: Mi-24P by Eagle Dynamics

  • Improved: List of targets detected by Petrovich now dynamically updated, user just need to place a point on ground for Petrovich AI to scan and to get updates there is no need to repeat it now, Petrovich should update target list in real time with IFF and new targets progress.
  • Improved: additional optimization of Petrovich AI routine for performance