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Open Beta changelog

DCS World

  • Weapon. CTD on AGM-84E explosion when launched in pair - fixed.
  • Campaigns. Spitfire IX. Operation Epsom campaign. First mission does not run correctly - fixed.
  • AI F/A-18A is invulnerable for cannon and ram attack - fixed.
  • Fixed some MP CTDs.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: AGM-84E final phase manual correction is broken

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash on avionics and weapons.


  • Fixed: Cannot enter new Waypoints.

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: GMTT kept tracking after target stopped

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

FM and systems fixes:

  • Increased yaw and pitch dampeners strength, following SME feedback. Fixed bug introduced in the previous update.
  • Adjusted thrust at very high speeds and low altitude. Added a new type of partial engine failure.
  • Improved anti-slip behaviour, following SME feedback.
  • Fixed mass handling issues after refuelling and when dropping the external fuel tanks.
  • FM tweaks related to pitch abnormal behaviour at very negative AoA:
    • Adjusted drag coefficient at very negative AoA.
    • Adjusted pitch coefficient behaviour at extreme AoA.
    • Adjusted yaw coefficient at extreme AoA.
  • All internal fails trigger the repair process now.
  • Operating roll trim with AP on no longer changes the roll trim state.
  • Optical Sight and the Radar are consuming electric power now.
  • Connected a missing electrical bus to UHF radio.
  • Fixed a bug with TACAN range channel operating even if the system is turned off.
  • RWR is now connected to electrics.
  • Implemented the RWR Lights Test function ('T' pushbutton).
  • Implemented RWR “Pulse”/”CW” self-test functions (only indication, no actual failures yet).
  • Updated RWR antennas positions.
  • Min/max RWR antennas detection elevation was reduced to +/-45 degrees.
  • Fixed accelerometer reset function: The min/max reached pointers are correctly reset at the current G pointer position.
  • AIM-9B seeker head now always remains caged, until it is launched.
  • AIM-9B seeker head has now an instantaneous FOV of 4 degrees.
  • Reduced AIM-9B seeker head detection range.
  • Updated all Sidewinder missiles audio. Removed the steady high pitched tone when a target is tracked. It should be present in AIM-9M only.
  • AIM-9B now gets no audio tone when the tracked target is centred in the missile FOV.
  • Reduced all Sidewinder missiles launch delay down to 0.8 seconds.
  • A/A heat seeking missiles restore now correctly when the unlimited weapon flag is set in options.
  • Corrected alternator load calculation.
  • Battery now recharges when repairing.


  • Updated Radio Selector Unit switches initialization at mission start.
  • Added JTAC support to radiocommunications menu.
  • Easy Communication operation fixed. Now both radios function selectors, and V/UHF radio frequency mode switch, are forced to correct positions at the transmission start with “Easy Communication” option enabled.
  • Both radios are not accounted as “powered” anymore if function selectors are set to “F1” or “H” positions.
  • Radio Selector Unit now correctly selects the transmitter according to the radio that is being talked on in Easy Communication.
  • Radio Selector Unit “TP” light (“ground crew available”) is made functional now, instead of the previously lit “MRK/TP” pushbutton.
  • Radio Selector Unit amplifiers are now connected to the corresponding buses. Ground crew now can be contacted in a completely cold cockpit with amplifier 2 selected.
  • Radio Selector Unit audio amplifiers electric consumptions are now taken into account.
  • Radio Selector Unit push-buttons lights are connected to AC bus 2. “TP” light will operate in a completely cold cockpit (if the battery is alive).

3D model:

  • Updated Cockpit PBR materials and textures overall darkness. The cockpit is now much lighter.
  • Updated SAAF liveries.


  • Added missing A/A refuelling capability to AI F1EE.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • AIM-54 Overhaul, Part 2:
    • Increased PN gain for all variants.
    • AIM-54A will now only update guidance when the target is illuminated (you will see the missle periodically update).
    • Corrected motor impulse (reduced MK47 a bit and the MK60 significantly).
    • Reduced MK-60 burn time from 30 to 20 seconds.
    • Both motors have the same total impulse now. The MK60 has a slight advantage during motor burn time, while the MK47 has an advantage in burn time. With increasing altitude the difference becomes smaller.
    • MK47 Mod 1 has now the same thrust/impulse and burn time as the Mod 0, but with reduced smoke (was previously weaker than the Mod 0).
    • AIM-54C should go active by default (even when losing lock from STT).
    • Increased AIM-54C chaff resistance.
    • Reduced AIM-54A chaff resistance.
    • Added option for AIM-54C with MK-60 motor.
    • Adjusted AIM-54 missile empty mass.
    • Adjusted MK-60 motor propellant mass.
  • Set the JESTER option for automatic PDSTT -> PSTT to disabled by default.
  • Fixed several issues with damaged avionics and flight systems (including jammed flaps for example) not allowing a repair to be triggered.
  • Potential fix for CTD with F-14 AI (was not applied correctly in the last patch).
  • Fixed emergency sweep logic:
    • Fixed commanded wing sweep position being saved over to a new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed emergency wing sweep handle moving to spider detent on new aircraft spawn.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator commanded position bit mismatching with the actual indicated position.
    • Fixed emergency sweep handle able to be moved between 68° and 75°, after being stowed at 75°. Now it has to be lifted to move it again after it has been stowed.
    • Fixed wing sweep indicator raising EMER / OVER flags when wings get swept past 67 degrees.
  • Fixed turn indicator needle deflection rate.
  • Fixed mach buffet not dying off beyond M 1.3.
  • Fixed an issue with the AWG-9 track logic to avoid tracks being thrown by aircraft launching air to air missiles.
  • Fixed LANDING CHK light remaining illuminated after touchdown.
  • Fixed Manual Throttle not unlocking after disengaging the Autothrottle.
  • Fixed all mission versions of “Watching the Devil Dog” not being able to be completed successfully.
  • Fixed VF-31 AE-200 and AE-205 1991 by Mach3DS - thank you.
  • Fixed VF-14 AB-100 and AB-103 1796 by VFlip - thank you.
  • Added Top Gun 114 by LanceCriminal86 - replaces previous Top Gun livery. Thank you.
  • Updated Rogue Nation by YaeSakura - thank you.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed BK-90 yaw stability.