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Open Beta changelog

DCS World

  • DCS log with many errors regarding score - fixed.
  • MP. Score not being recorded - fixed.
  • AGM-84H SLAM-ER suddenly climbs after launch at high speed and hits launcher-aircraft - fixed.
  • Fixed constant lead-angle guidance at high LOS angles for old API missiles.
  • Old API missiles sometimes can guide on client’s side without launcher radar illumination - fixed.
  • Crash when destroying a group leader while refueling wingmen - fixed.
  • Crash on RenderAPI - possibly fixed.
  • ME. Fixed historical mode for Leopards, VAB, Chieftain.
  • Added T155 Firtina SPG.
  • Crash caused by a static object (Single Helipad) gets destroyed via script - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Fixed the crash of the game when an AI crash landed outside the airfield.
  • Crash in video driver after changing water quality between two mission launches - fixed.
  • ME. Fixed wrong RU КАБ-1500 names in the payloads window.
  • Fixed one of the reasons for the crash when restarting the mission.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Adjusted Cockpit IBL and Ellipsoid Reflection settings.
  • Moved 'Special Features' SPO-10 to core code.
    • Users will no longer need to select the corrected functioning RWR.
  • Improved RSBN dialing precision.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Сrash on pressing CPL Mode - Fixed
  • Fixed a crash when carrying a weapon that is not provided for this station.
  • SLAM-ER Climbs after launch and hits aircraft - Fixed


F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign by ED. Overhauled.

  • Complete re-build of AI flights to ensure they execute their assigned mission and manage fuel in a more reasonable manner.
  • Added ‘air start’ option for players who would rather not fly the full departure. Select ‘Skip to Push Time’ from F10 comms menu to use.
  • Reduced radar usage by friendly AI flights. RWR activity should be more relevant and easier to follow.
  • Added several new radio calls to help build situational awareness
  • Added ‘kill removal and regeneration’ for players based on Red Flag procedures. Details are included in the new Campaign Guide.
  • Removed ‘mission success’ criteria from missions. Campaign will now advance automatically when ‘end mission’ is selected at the debriefing screen. If you wish to re-fly the mission, select ‘close’ instead.
  • Updated unit visibility options and routes to allow better use of the Mission Planner
  • Added new lineup card to kneeboard [RSHIFT+K]
  • Moved start time back 5-10 minutes on some missions to allow reasonably fuel-efficient departure while still making push time
  • Moved SAM and AAA threats to actual NTTR threat site locations
  • Replaced targets with actual NTTR target sites and layouts
  • Adjusted AI and player departure/recovery routes to match those used in 2016
  • Adjusted AI ‘Allied Flight’ radio calls to ensure only relevant information is provided. This requires ‘Allied Flight Reports’ to be enabled in DCS: World options.
  • Updated mission briefings to match mission plan and timing more closely. Also added illustrations where required.
  • Added new 50-page Campaign Guide
  • Updated weather to use new presets