Authorization errors

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Authorization errors

OFFLINE mode / "Cannot exit offline mode due to hardware ID change"

With DCS World 2.5.1 we have implemented new OFFLINE mode.

To transfer DCS to OFFLINE mode, click on the antenna button in the top panel of the main menu. This can be done ONLY after successful authorization. You cannot enable OFFLINE mode unless you have an internet connection first.

Click to see how to enter Offline mode.

User can turn on OFFLINE mode that allows the game to be used without internet identification and without a time limit.
If you don't want to play Multiplayer game, no need to enable OFFLINE mode.

if you are already in OFFLINE mode, you can turn it off.

Click to see how to exit Offline mode. Offline_Mode-off.gif

Note: user must turn off OFFLINE mode on the same PC*. OFFLINE mode cannot be turned off from another PC even with the same user's login.
* on the same PC - it means exactly the same for both hardware and software. For example, changing BIOS or reinstalling Windows in offline mode will not allow you to log in.

The mode is unlimited in time, thus all network services (Manager of Modules, multiplayer, news) will be inaccessible.

More information you can find on forums:

If you get an error "Cannot exit offline mode due to hardware ID change"
that means you are no longer able to play DCS.
Also you can't enable or disable OFFLINE mode in DCS World

In this case You need to Create a support ticket

Please note that offline mode will not be available if there are trial modules.

Authorization error. Error code is: 500


This error happens when an incorrect time, date, or time zone is selected on your computer.
To eliminate the authorization error, you need to set the correct settings.
In case, if the system automatically sets the wrong time and date, you need to uncheck "Set Time Zone automatically", and then manually select your Time Zone. You can also correct the date and time if necessary.

More instructions for setting the date, time and time zone on the official Microsoft website:

To find out the exact time in your region, enter the search query "Exact time" in any browser.

Authorization failed. Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 59m

not authorized.png

1. Make sure that you own the license for the module that caused this error.
If you do not have a license, uninstall the module through the module manager, in the case of the version from Steam, through the library.

2. If you have a license, you need to add the entire DCS World folder (DCS World OpenBeta) to the antivirus and firewall exclusions list.

2.1. Run DCS World cleanup and repair procedure:
via command prompt (Powershell may not work)
For Steam users, run verify integrity of game cache:

2.2. If recovery does not help, manually delete the dcs_manifest.bin file located in the folder with the installed module, for example:
DCS World [openbeta]\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2
and run repair with an option: Check all files (slow) and Search for extra files after repair.

ERROR: Couldn't resolve host name

When you try to use DCS updater to repair or update, it can not connect to server and you get an error saying couldn't resolve host name.

from log file - autoupdate_log.txt - located in root DCS World folder you can see:
ERROR: replied HTTP -1 
ERROR: Couldn't resolve host name

to resolve this issue you can try some hints:

  • try to Completely disable AV and Firewall and try again
  • Do not forget that a firewall can also be installed on your router. In this case, try using a wired network connection bypassing the Wi-Fi router.
  • try to manually change DNS server for IPv4 to free DNS from Google
  • Make sure that the IPv6 protocol is also enabled in the properties of the network adapter
  • try to flush DNS via the command prompt - ipconfig /flushdns (
  • try to do a WINSOCK reset via the command prompt - netsh winsock reset

"The web site is not available at the moment"

Something is blocking DCS World access to the Internet.

Please double check that your antivirus and firewall is allowing DCS World to access the network (ports 80, 443).

BitDefender owners:

This program has so many options, it has an SSL analyze which should be turned off for DCS World to work.
1. Goto Menu / Protection /Protection WEB / Analyse SSL
2. Turn it off

Also add DCS world exe file to Exceptions
1. Go to Adjustments / Antivirus-Adjustments / Exceptions.
2. Add DCS.exe file.

If nothing helps the only way is complete uninstall of the BitDefender.

Kaspersky Internet Security owners:

1. Go to Settings / Protection / Application control settings / Manage application
2. Find all executable files in the DCS World folder: 
DCS World\Run.exe
DCS World\bin\DCS.exe
DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe
DCS World\bin\dcs_protect.exe

3. Right click on it and choose "Details and rules".
4. Select checkbox in exclusions.

ESET Smart Security 8 owners:

1. Go to Advanced Setup / Protocol Filtering - SSL.
2. Disable SSL protocol scanning.
3. Go to Web access protection - HTTP, HTTPS.
4. Check Do not use HTTPs protocol checking.

"SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key not OK"

Your antivirus software is blocking DCS World access to the Internet.

Find more in the faq article above

"Incorrect login name or password"

You supplied incorrect login name or password. Please check them again. You can try to authorize on the DCS site or use password recovery form.

"Invalid serial number" (in the case of the old protection system)

This error means that some of your serial numbers activated in the game are bound to another login or not bound to account or blacklisted.

You have to check the serial number bindings written under the error message "invalid serial number"
You can copy serial numbers in red and check them on Licensing page.

Also these wrong keys can be found in the dcs.log file here C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\Saved Games\DCS [open beta]\Logs\
You need to open it and find the strings :
ERROR NET: Login failed because of a serial number conflict.
ERROR NET: "number" keys were rejected:
copy and paste the keys at special Licensing page:

"Invalid Serial Number" it's Blacklisted and Deactivated (in the case of the old protection system)

If you've checked your serial number on the licensing page
and found that your serial number is blacklisted and deactivated.

Your serial number has been Blacklisted because Steam every month sends us a list of revoked keys and all the keys from this list are blocked and deactivated.

If you disagree with that and your serial number still in Steam Library, then:

Create a new support ticket and choose the category: Serial number activation issues > Deactivated / Blacklisted serial number

We need a proof that your CD key has not been revoked.

You have to send us a screenshot of your DCS CD keys from Steam Library.
Where to get Steam CD key?

and screenshot of your orders

Kindly attach a copy of your receipt.

Unable to bind DCS World Key purchased from other sources

Only DCS World keys purchased from the DCS World E-shop and Steam are valid and can be bound to account and activated in the Module Manager.
Any DCS World keys purchased from other sources are invalid and are simply trying to re-sell keys that are bound to other users.
Such sites include Kinguin and CDExpress. 

If you purchase such invalid DCS World keys from these sites, we cannot help you. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund.