Bonus system

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Bonus system

Customer Bonus System

Please read Bonus system terms and conditions

Some important points from terms:

1.3. A bonus for the product does not apply if the purchase is part of a discount sale, a coupon code is used, or a product bonus has already been granted for that product.

1.4. For a product purchased with partial bonus payment, bonuses are not granted.

1.9. The bonuses can only be spent on purchases from the DCS Store website.

Please note that all bundles in the E-shop are not participating in the Bonus program and also some 3rd party products 

This mean's you do not get bonus points for purchasing bundle deals.

*Note that when purchasing a DCS World product as a gift, no bonus points are earned, but you can use bonus points to purchase a gift.

Due to an error in the e-shop software, bonus points for bundles purchases were calculated incorrectly in 2016. 
Corrections to user bonus points will be performed in accordance with rule 2.6, which allows for such corrections in the event of erroneous calculations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Find more information here: DCS World Weekend Update - 23 September 2016 at the bottom of the post

How to receive a bonus points and How to paid the order using bonus points?

If you want to receive a bonus points just paid the full price for the order.

1.2. A 20% bonus of the product price is issued once per one product unit (that was not bought previously) that is involved in the bonus program.
1.8. Bonuses earned when purchasing accrue automatically and can be used immediately for subsequent purchases.

If you have a bonus points on account, you can use it to pay current order.

If you want to paid by bonus points just click on PAY BY BONUSES

2.1. Bonuses are used for partial payment for products at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble, 1 euro, or 1 dollar.
2.2. A product can be paid by use of bonuses no more than 30% (thirty percent) of the full product price. We retain the right to change this percentage at any time and at our discretion.

What would be the most economical way to make purchases of approximately 10 products with bonus points?

Some examples:

If you buy 10 products participating in bonus program in one order you will receive 60% bonus points from the full order amount.
10 products, price $10
Total: $100
Bonus balance: $60

But if buy one product per one order you will receive 20% bonus points and then you can spend 30% (from the full order amount) in the next order.
First order (earn bonus)
5 products, price $10
Total: $50
Bonus balance: $20

Second order (spend bonus)
5 products, price $10
Total: $50
Total-bonus, to pay: $35
Bonus balance: $5

In the first variant you will have $60 for the next purchases (including bonus special offers where you can spend up to 60% bonus points from the full order price), and in the second you save $15 and have $5 for the next purchases.