ED Miles and Bonus systems

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ED Miles and Bonus systems

Customer Bonus System

On 1 August 2019 bonus system was replaced by ED Miles.
Bonus points can not be accrued any more and all existing bonus points will expire on 1 June 2020.
Bonus points cannot be exchanged for ED Miles or cash.
You can only spend the remaining bonuses on products released before August 1, 2019

You can read the terms and conditions of the bonus system here:


How to paid the order using Miles ED?

If you want to receive a Miles ED, just paid the full price for the order.

1.2. A 10% of the Purchase Price is issued once per one product unit that is involved in the loyalty program.
1.3 For an order purchased with partial ED Miles payment, ED Miles are not granted.
1.7. ED Miles earned when purchasing accrue automatically and can be used immediately for subsequent purchases.  


If you have a Miles ED points on account, you can use it to pay current order.

If you want to spend Miles, just click USE MILES.

2.1. ED Miles are used for partial or full payment for products at the rate of 1000 ED Miles = 1 US dollar.


If you spend miles when buying from your account to pay for one of the modules, you will not receive any miles for this purchase!
For example: I want to buy an F-18 worth $ 79,99 (7990 miles), an AV-8B worth $69,99 (6990 miles) and a Nevada card worth $49,99 (4990 miles). The total bonus for this purchase is nearly 20,000 miles. But if I use at least one mile from my account when paying for this order, I will not receive new miles for this purchase. Nothing at all.