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STEAM Discussion board about DCS World

What are the differences between the Standalone DCS World and the Steam version?

Steam Version:
- Auto-Update without launching the game (as long as steam is open)
- Faster Download/Update Speed
- Steam In-Game Overlay
- Steam Friend List Notifications
- Quick Repair
- DLCs not present on Steam are unsupported

Standalone DCS World:
- Get all the modules as soon as they are released
- Does not require any extra program to be launched
- Has every single modules available

If you are fine with waiting for most product to be available on Steam and like most of the Steam feature, the Steam version might be for you.
If you own unsupported products such as Upgrades / FC3 or do not care about the Steam functionalities, Standalone DCS World might be for you.

Can I use my modules purchased from ED Store on Steam?

Note: from 06/07/2014, License Keys purchased from ED, Gamefly or other External Sources will no longer activate on Steam.


Can I activate my DCS World Module purchased on Steam on DCS World Standalone(Non-Steam)?

Yes, only DCS keys for modules releases on Steam before 12th May 2017 can be used on DCS stand alone.

1. You need to retrieve your serial number (CD key):
it can be found within your Steam Library and right-clicking on DCS World -> "View CD Key".  Where to get Steam CD key?
Another way to view your cd-key is by simply clicking the "CD-Key" link on the right side menu displayed after clicking DCS World within your library.

2. If you received a serial number for the module you have to bind it to account here: License serial number check and after that you will be able to install your product via in-game Module Manager.

...if you found that the licensing page is not working for some reason
3. If you unable to use License serial number check page, you need to activate your module in any DCS World version (Steam or from our DCS site) and then Log On under your account to DCS game and all the Star-Force keys from the registry will be automatically bound to account.

If you need to install the module in order to activate it, please use this FAQ

How to activate Star-Force modules described here:

so, the main steps: 1. Install DCS , 2. Install the module, 3. activate the module, 4. log on to DCS game, 5. check the keys in Module Manager on on product page in E-shop

New Modules bought on STEAM from 12th May 2017

Please note from 12th May 2017 DCS: M-2000C and all future DCS World DLC releases on Steam, will now use Steam Keys instead of Starforce keys. As such, these purchases cannot be activated on the DCS World e-Shop version. Previous purchases will not be affected.

Please be advised that this only affects NEW modules on STEAM. Pre Mirage 2000C modules will be issued with StarForce serials.

More information on

Here are some modules releases on Steam after 12-May-2017:
DCS: M-2000C
DCS: Nevada map
DCS: Spitfire
DCS: Normandy map
DCS: WW2 Assets pack
DCS: Su-33
DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
DCS: F/A-18C
DCS: Persian Gulf map

and also many new campaigns from The Museum Relic campaign.

You always can find the date in the Steam store - Sort by Release date

How do I add command line arguments to a Steam shortcut?

- Right click on DCS World within your Steam Library
- Select Properties
- Click on "Set Launch Options"
- Type your command line options.

Every time the game is launched, the arguments will be executed.

Can I change the catalog where user settings are held (tracks, missions, screenshots, joystick profiles, graphics, game settings)?

Yes, you can. Write -w key in the command-line tag and after this indicate folder name. This folder still will be in a Saved Games folder. This Saved Games folder you can transfer with the help of standard means of your OS.

My Steam installation crash / does not work properly anymore, is there any way to fix it?

You repair your installation by going in the properties of DCS World which can be done by right clicking on DCS World within your library and selecting Properties. Then selecting the Local Files tab, which allow you to repair (Verify integrity of game cache) or uninstall the software.

Verify integrity of game cache...

How to switch to openbeta version?

Going in the properties of DCS World which can be done by right clicking on DCS World within your library and selecting Properties. Then selecting the BETAS tab, which allow you to select the version you would like


After that the Steam should download full content for choosen DCS version.

It's impossible to have several DCS versions on Steam platform simultaneously.

If you want to have several DCS versions at the same time, you need to install DCS from our site

Download and installation FAQ

Are patches/updates for the Steam version of DCS released at the same time as the standalone? Is this a source of potential issues if both are installed and used between updates?

DCS World Updates are pushed through ED servers for the standalone and Steam Servers for the Steam platform thus resulting in a delay when using Steam (since Steam has to first receive and handle the new update). The good news is that the updates will be much quicker to download from your Steam platform. The negative side is that you might have to wait before being able to play with your friends using the standalone version on the latest revision.

Can I have both the standalone and Steam versions of DCS installed? Do they share settings? Are there any negative side-effects?

You can have both installations on your PC at the same time. There won't be any negative effects due to both installations keeping all their updates / configurations within their own folders.

My Steam DCS World does not show any key!

It can sometimes happen that the steam store run out of keys for the games sold on their platforms. Wait until the developers give them a fresh batch of keys and you will be able to get your key afterwards.

Please note from 12th May 2017 DCS: M-2000C and all future DCS World DLC releases on Steam, will now use Steam Keys instead of Starforce keys, therefore they not shown in Steam Library

Where to get Steam CD key?

Where to find Steam CD key?

I already purchased a module through Steam, but now it’s available for sale. What can I do?

The timing of your purchase is not within our control. Nevertheless you can try contacting Steam and find out if they can do something for you (perhaps in cases where you may have made your purchase within just minutes of a sale opening).