MP server connection issues

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MP server connection issues

Can't join any MP servers, get a black screen and then come back to the server list

If you can't join any MP servers and during connection get a black screen for a while, and then come back to the server list, it's mean that something is blocking DCS World access to the Internet.
Please double check that your antivirus and firewall is allowing DCS World to access the network.
First, try this FAQ page: Authorization errors

1. Try to disable Antivirus and Firewall
2. Add DCS install location to Exclusions list
3. Also you can add dcs.exe file to that list.
4. Check if the IPv6 protocol is enabled in the network adapter settings.
5. Try using a VPN.
6. Try to manually change DNS server for IPv4 to free DNS from Google
7. Connect the Internet from another source, such as a 4G smartphone.

There are very few displayed servers in the network game list or the list is empty

Update your DCS World:
through the Start menu - All Programs - Eagle Dynamics - DCS World - Update DCS World
Keep in mind, that most server admins use the Open Beta version. In the list of available servers, a user with the Stable version will not find it.

DISCONNECT : Protocol error, stream error

You are getting the message "Protocol error , stream error" when connecting to a specific server.

The stream error you are experiencing is because the server may have banned you.

This is outside of ED's control please contact the server admin to discuss this issue.

Please contact the server admin.

Which ports should be opened for DCS World ?

If you have created a server and DCS users couldn't see it, you need to open some ports on Firewall

Add an Outgoing rule for DCS.exe with Allow policy, on port 10308 and 10309 on TCP and UDP, for each network Public, Domain and Home. You can quickly find on google how to do it.

If your router supports UPNP and it's enabled DCS World will forward the ports automatically.

For logging to Module Manager should be opened an access to with port 443, connection uses SSL/TLS. Please create this rule in the firewall.