Discount coupons

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Discount coupons

How to use discount coupon?

Coupons can be used during checkout process directly in the shopping cart.

Coupons obtained from purchased Track IR gives 60% off any one DCS module. It works only Once!

1. Go to shopping cart
2. Enter coupon code for discount (not bonus): it looks like CP-12AB5-67CD0EF
    (make sure you are enter the correct symbols: O is wide, 0 (Zero) is slim, also pay attention to other suchlike symbols)
3. Then click to any place and you will see green field and Discount. Also you can press Enter which forward you to the next page

Please note, the coupons can't be used for products with discount and for bundles.
Also 3rd party products such as MiG-21, Hawk and C-101 don't participate in this program.