Possible crashes on notebooks

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Possible crashes on notebooks

DCS BSOD on Mission Editor / Mission Start

When you try to load the mission editor or start mission, the game crashes while loading, you always get Blue Screen of Death - Driver Power State Failure. 

Solved issue by user with login dcmgame.

Driver power state failure occurs because the gpu is switching to NVidia and Intel and during the switching the NVidia gpu goes to sleep. But fails to respond again when used.

1- Go to Nvidia Control Pannel
2- Manage 3D Settings
3- Find Power Management Mode
4- Change from Optimal Power to Maximum Performance
5- Fly!

It is important to note that, this makes the gpu at maximum clock when a 3d application is running even if you're running it in the background. This, however, causes high temperature and high power usage so I suggest selecting only specific programs where you experience driver power state failure to use this mode. 

Here is the link with the original fix:

Suddenly DCS is stopped because of a switchable graphics AMD

Just follow this procedure:
AMD Catalyst Control Center > Power > Switchable Graphics Application Settings > Add Application ...> add DCS.exe and Run.exe > Graphics settings -> switch to High Performance for both files.

The game is running perfectly after that. This happened even in the old AMD driver.