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Technical questions

How can I download and install DCS World 2.x.x?

DCS World 2.9

You have to download File : DCS_World_Web.exe
put this file to any folder, run it once and follow the installation process. 

Installing the DCS World 2.x.x

Please choose the version you want to install from our website: DCS World versions

Run, specify the directory and observe the process.
By default, the files download using torrents uploaded parts become available to all who currently run the updater. After downloading, the files are unpacked to the desired structure on the disk is deleted from the temporary directory, and the updater is shuts down.

Re-start the updater available from the start menu (Eagle Dynamics - DCS World - DCS World Update). Downloading will continue from the point where it was interrupted.

How can I install modules to any DCS World version

If you have purchased DCS module from the DCS e-shop, the easiest and fastest way to install the module is to use the Module Manager. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Run DCS World and log in.

2. From the Main Menu Page, click on Module Manager on the Top side of the screen (DCS ver. 1.5.* and ver. 2.*.*)


3. From the Module Manager page, click on the Modules tab, located along the top of the screen. Note: If you have purchased a New module through the DCS e-shop and open the Module Manager, DCS World will automatically detect the new purchase and you will be prompted to begin the installation.


4. Listed below will be all the Modules that you have and can purchase. For modules that you have purchased through the DCS E-shop, an "Install" button is located on the right side of the entry. Click this button to install your purchase.

5. Follow the prompted installation steps.

Please watch a video on YouTube made by BIGNEWY - Installing a module in DCS World

If you are using the Steam version, please read the FAQ here

Where can I find an aircraft manual?

 You can find the manuals in the Doc folder of the specific aircraft directly in the installed DCS World game
..\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\<Module>\Doc\

How to install DCS without Internet on PC ? (or traffic issues on PC)

Due to the rather large volume of the simulator there are often questions about copying of DCS World, which is already downloaded on another computer. "Frontal" way of copying might work, but sooner or later it will end up in a complete reinstall. 

How to properly and safely do this:

1. Copy the existing module to any temporary location (external Flash Drive), preserving the folder structure of simulator (for example, E:\DCSCopy\). 
2. Create in the root directory of the DCS simulator the text file with the title: dcs_local_source.txt
3. The contents of the file is the path to a temporary directory, in this case (UTF-8!): E:\DCSCopy\
4. Run DCS World web installer and follow the installation process.  The Updater will read the dcs_local_source.txt file and find your existing files, compare the version numbers, download all the required and will install it correctly.
5. After installation of DCS World on second PC, you can delete the temporary directory.

Unable to install the products through the Module manager, DCS closes and then nothing happens

If you have a serial number for the module (purchased in other store or from Steam) at first you have to bind it to account here: License serial number check, more information here: License informational Page and after that you will be able to install your product via Module Manager.
It's the same with DCS licenses.

If you already check out all your serial numbers or licenses and they are bound to account and you still can't install Modules, so...

This is a quick solution for your problem :

1. Please download install batch file for your module, put this file to the root \DCS World\ folder and run it once. Should be installed your module.

2. After that run any mission and activate by your key.

If your module is not listed, then download any version, open the file with editor (Notepad++) and change the module name to one that does not manage to install, save under the desired file name and put this file to root DCS World folder and run it once.

The correct name (Module_ID) you can take from this page.

Unable to install NEW product or an error message Unknown module appears

If you unable to install just purchased product via Module Manager or/and you get an error message saying:

Unknown module *Module_ID* (for example A10C-PIERCING_FURY_campaign or other NEW product)

There are two reasons of that issue:

1. Your current DCS version is not updated

2. Please make sure you have the latest DCS World version. You can find it:
1a) at the lower right corner of the main menu.
1b) in the file ..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\autoupdate_log.txt

The latest DCS World version number and the latest released DCS_updater.exe can be found on the page: DCS World updates

To update DCS World go to:
Windows Start Menu / All Apps / Eagle Dynamics. Locate the Update option for the DCS product (version) you wish to update.

Only after successful update you will be able to install New module.

More information about *Module_ID* parameters can be found on forums page

How do I bind a boxed-product serial key to install as a DCS World module?

If you purchased A-10C Warthog, Black Shark 2, UH-1H Huey or P-51D Mustang as a boxed product, it will include a serial key on the back of the Quick Start manual. You can use this key to bind the product to your DCS World account and allow you to update it.
Please following these steps:

*    From the License Check field in the Profile of your DCS World account page, enter the product serial key and press the CHECK button. 

*    Select the option to bind the serial key to your DCS World account.

*    Run DCS World and select the Module Manager icon at the top of the Main Menu page. Note that you will need to use the same account to which you bound the serial key! You will then be prompted to install the module.