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Technical questions

Installing the DCS 2 Open Alpha

The web installer is available from our website: DCS World 2 Early Access
Run, specify the directory (DCS version 2 should be in a separate folder!) and observe the process. After installing If you have the DCS World 1.5 version installed DCS will copy the files to DCS 2 open alpha reducing network traffic.
By default, the files download using torrents uploaded parts become available to all who currently run the updater. After downloading the files are unpacked to the desired structure on the disk is deleted from the temporary directory, and the updater is disconnected from the torrent network and shuts down.
It is possible to switch the updater to use http download, you can press the Cancel button - you will be asked to either upload via http, or cancel the download.
Re-start the updater available from the start menu (Eagle Dynamics - DCS World 2 Open Alpha - Update...). Downloading will continue from the point where it was interrupted.
Open Alpha takes all StarForce information from the registry of previous installations.

Installing Nevada (NTTR) or Normandy 1944 map

First and foremost, you must have purchased Nevada (NTTR) or Normandy map, It is required for DCS 2 Open Alpha
You can buy it in our E-Shop: DCS Terrains
Once you have DCS 2 installed login to the module manager in game, your purchased terrain should be available for download.

If not, please check your purchase is bound to your ED account here using the license check.