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DCS terrains

Terrain installation

First and foremost, you must have purchased DCS Terrain, any of them can be installed to DCS 2.5
You can buy the map in our E-Shop: DCS Terrains
Once you have DCS 2.5 installed log on to the module manager in game, your purchased terrain should be available for download.

If not, please check your purchase is bound to your ED account here using the license check.

How to install the terrain (map) without Internet on PC ? (or traffic issues on PC)

Due to the rather large volume of the simulator (especially true with the release of maps of Nevada) there are often questions on the quick add module, which is already downloaded on another computer. "Frontal" way of copying might work, but sooner or later it will end up in a complete reinstall. 

How to properly and safely do this:

1. Copy the existing module to any temporary location, preserving the folder structure of simulator (for example, E:\DCSCopy\Mods\terrains\Nevada). 
2. Create in the root directory of the DCS simulator the text file with the title: dcs_local_source.txt
3. The contents of the file is the path to a temporary directory, in this case (UTF-8!): E:\DCSCopy\Mods\terrains\Nevada
4. Run DCS World, go to module Manager and start installation of Nevada terrain. The Updater will find your existing files, compare the version numbers, download all the required and will install it correctly.
5. After installation of Nevada on second PC, you can delete the temporary directory.