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Technical questions

New DCS modules don't have a serial number

All new modules after release of AV-8B and all campaigns have No serial number because of the new protection system.

With a release of DCS 2.5.4 all 3rd party modules have No serial number because of the new protection system.

All terrains have No serial number because of the new protection system.

Your successful order in E-shop means that you have access to this module.

It's important to be logged with your account to DCS World game.

You can check your Licenses on the page My licenses 

More information about new keys system here:

If you need to activate the newly purchased module by serial number on DCS version 1.5, please contact support.

Where can I find my serial numbers?

You can find your serial numbers in the order details at the Orders page, at the product page in the E-Shop and in the Module Manager in the game.

In case of bundle products (the combined package from special offer) you can find the keys at the individual product page for the aircraft in the E-Shop and in the Module manager in the game.

"Invalid Hardware Code", "Integrity fault of the Activation key" error

Go to this page on FAQ and find reg file for your module : Problem with Activation  (Solution is to wipe out activation data from Windows registry. It will make game to activate as if it was never installed on computer before) Use reg fix for your module and try to activate again.

License informational Page

Static address:

The Licensing page allows you to obtain all of the details pertaining to a license (current settings of the license in the Eagle Dynamics and Star Force databases), see a history of activations and deactivations.

The site includes functionality to Bind a license to your user account.

If you want to bind a New serial number to a different user account as a gift, you have to create a new support ticket