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Stable changelog
DCS - 22.07.2024
DCS - 11.07.2024
DCS - 05.06.2024
DCS - 22.05.2024
DCS - 03.05.2024
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DCS - 10.07.2019
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DCS - 15.05.2019
DCS - 03.04.2019
DCS - 20.02.2019
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DCS - 12.12.2018
DCS - 31.10.2018
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DCS - 29.09.2018
DCS - 19.09.2018
DCS - 07.09.2018
DCS - 27.06.2018

Launch of the DCS: F-15E by RAZBAM

Introduced a new map module: DCS: Sinai by OnReTech

Introduced new campaigns:

  • DCS: F/A-18C Flaming Sunrise Campaign by Sandman Simulation
  • DCS UH-1H The Last Show Campaign by SorelRo

DCS World

  • Fixed H-6J GDJ-IV1 MER6 adaptor model.
  • Added smoke from vehicles and some static objects based on health, this means as a vehicle takes more damage you may see different levels of smoke giving you a better idea visually if you did any damage on that last run in.
  • ME. Info window expanded with opportunity to auto or selectively rename the units in the group. Press the “question” mark button next to the Group Name field. It was added earlier but not mentioned.
  • MP lobby. Select Role dialog now shows the name and IP address of the current server. The “Favorites” interactive star is also presented for convenience. Double-clicking on the IP address string copies it to clipboard.  It was added earlier but not mentioned.
  • The lessons for free entry level Su-25T attack aircraft are improved: tuned triggers and timings; added helpful highlights and in-simulation pictures for some lessons; added RU voiceovers.
  • Added raster charts layers transparency
  • Fixed crash on loading surface textures in Normandy 2.0
  • Ships AI. Fixed - ships are swung around target course duration after hard turn.
  • Ground AI. Fixed - Artillery does not fire if there is more than one unit in the group.
  • Ground AI. SL Flakscheinwerfer 37 continues to work after destruction of the generator.
  • Dedicated server.  Fixed - JTAC unresponsive in MP.
  • Fixed. Exhaust flames effect hang in the air after client changes slot or disconnects
  • Effects. Smoke from Vehicle Damage: smoke flickering when vehicle fire fixed, smoke after non-lethal damage temporary removed, added little smoke after damage for ships with old damage model
  • Destroyed AI plane teleports to ground level - fixed
  • MP. Static MLRS-270 attached to ship, don't moves with ship on client - fixed
  • In the mission there are many groups with multiple helo pickups. Once the helo's are full and troops remain a crash occurs - fixed
  • ME.GUI Error with task Embarking from Trigger actions in some cases - fixed
  • MP. DS. Required modules check is not working for the ww2 assets pack - fixed
  • MT. Units and smoke are visible through clouds from long distance - fixed
  • Weapons. Corrected weight of S-8 rocket family.
  • Infantry no longer smoke when injured or killed
  • ME. Weather widget: Broken alignment. Not enough space for strings - fixed
  • Ships. Arleigh Burke aft launcher is missing the 'boom' sound when the SM-2 missile is fired - fixed
  • ME. Mission Editor freezes when creating a new group - fixed
  • AI Aircraft. AV-8B. Incorrect deck landing and takeoff in some cases - fixed
  • AI Aircraft. AV-8B can't take off from FARP and sea shelf objects - fixed
  • GUI Error when try to select track in some cases - fixed
  • Ground units. In some situations, the collision of a bullet and a unit is not registered - fixed.
  • MP. Server CTD if the client is destroyed due to a trigger and the client leaves the server - fixed.
  • Historical mode. Egyptian list of units tuned.
  • MP. There is no confirmation window when exiting the MP via the role selection menu - window added
  • ME. ATC always shows AM radio modulation even if scene role set to FM - fixed
  • AI Aircraft. MiG-31 will be able to simultaneously launch up to four R-33 missiles to four targets.
  • Improved rendering of sea water surface in FLIR.
  • ME. Aircraft payload view will stay open when "Additional Properties" tab is open.
  • FLIR. South Atlantic Map IR render is adjusted.
  • AI Aircraft. AI fighters will attack specialized interceptors like MiG-31 type if they are tasked with attacking fighters.
  • MP. Server CTD on unit:destroy when player controlled - fixed
  • Incorrect display of the horizon visibility boundary in TV mode of targeting pods - adjusted
  • VR. Left eye has issues with lights on terrain and buildings - fixed lightmap applying in multi-viewport setup
  • ME. MK-84 and some other bombs are missing in the Bomb in Zone Condition of trigger - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server: slot spamming causes 100% CPU load and server unreachable - Fixed
  • New IA mission for Sinai Map: MiG-15bis, F5E, and Su-25T
  • MT. Shaded 3D models in ME and Encyclopedia
  • ME exits without Save prompt when closing Encyclopedia with a double-click - fixed
  • MP. Server. Missions lists are now separated. MP mission launched from ME would be always shown as a single one in list while ordinary mission list accessible from MP menu will not be purged
  • Train horn sound fixed
  • Cancel button not working in game options/system - fixed
  • ME. Egypt. Historical database checked and corrected
  • ME. The crew's radio is enabled
  • MANPAD units will not have smoke damaged effect after being hit
  • Fixed several crashes in certain situations
  • NS430 Persian Gulf crash on zoom out to 200 nm - fixed
  • MP. New feature. Slot types filtering feature added to client
  • MP. Server restart leads to client being timed out or client DCS hang - fixed
  • MP. Key combo does not work in the role selection window in MP - fixed
  • ME. New feature “copy settings” button. You can now copy settings and properties between aircraft in your group, different groups, or all of the same type of aircraft on the map.
  • ME. GUI Error when try to create new payload - fixed
  • ME. GUI Error when try to open fuse adjustment panel in some case - fixed
  • AI ground units will now attack enemy trains
  • AI ground. The cause of collision and intersection of ground unit shapes has been eliminated
  • AI aircraft. Overloaded OH-58D cannot take off - fixed
  • AI aircraft. B-52H will not use all flares on the one incoming hostile missile
  • AI aircraft. Some planes suspension nose / tail gear animation corrected
  • AI aircraft. Il-76, Il-78, A-50, MQ-9 Reaper, E-3A, MiG-31, MiG-23MLD, Tornado GR4/IDS, Su-25, damage model corrected.
  • AI aircraft. After task Embarking, the helicopter remains on ground - fixed
  • AI aircraft. AI-launched laser guided weapons keep track of target while no one is lasing them after launch - fixed
  • Engine. When camera gets close to the water, the horizon line in the distance seems to disappear - fixed
  • Weapons. Added a small random trajectory spread of cruise and anti-ship missiles so that they do not fly exactly one after the other and do not collide.
  • Engine. Rewritten and optimized screenshot taking. Allow screenshots to be taken more than 1 per second.
  • Cameras. Corrected default camera position for the F4 view
  • L-39. Corrupt damage models - fixed
  • Corrected inaccurate terrain shadows appearing in some cases
  • Weapons. Some weapons pass through terrain and objects without exploding - fixed
  • Screen flickers black in some case - fixed
  • Exploded bridge has an ugly explosion crater - fixed
  • Authorization. Failed auth resets users options for the module - fixed
  • Encyclopedia. Wrong Harrier entry - fixed
  • Weapons. Kh-59 missile changes direction when target is already dead - fixed
  • Weapons. Arleigh Burke -Tomahawk wings are deployed too soon during launch - fixed
  • CTD when Mi-8 is destroyed with a specific payload - fixed
  • ATC comms mix up between maps - fixed
  • Weapons. AIM-54 loft trajectory adjusted
  • MP. Fix scrolling to own slot if filters were used before select role dialog was closed
  • Fix coalitions passwords feature

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Adjusted threat position on the RWR.
    • Each threat lethality ring has been moved slightly outward. Radar threats in Track mode will appear just outside the solid white ring on the RWR display. Radar threats in Missile Guidance mode will appear inside the solid white ring. When taking defensive actions, radar threats displayed within the solid white ring should be prioritized over those outside the ring.
  • Fixed:Snowplow option missing on FCR page without TGP installed.
  • Fixed: High aspect BFM mission for Black Sea map - AI ignores player.
  • Added Velocity Search With Ranging (VSR)
    Instruction video DCS: F-16C and F/A-18C Velocity Radar Modes Update (COMING SOON)
  • Added MTR LO (71 knots) and HI (110 knots) function from CTRL (knots) page of FCR for radar AA modes
  • Added Sinai IA Instant Action missions
  • Fixed: Markpoint created from FCR GM has large offset from what is designated
  • Fixed: Offset Aimpoint altitude is entered from DED with negative values
  • Fixed: ASEC and DLZ persists in FCR after switching to NAV mode
  • Fixed: TGP Mark point incorrect in weapon MAN mode
  • Fixed: ACM 30x20 locking outside the HUD limits.
  • Fixed: IAS incorrect on Marianas with very high head winds
  • Fixed: Radar able to track targets that are terrain masked
  • Updated BFM Instant Action Mission
  • Improved target hold mechanism in STT.
  • Added Thrustmaster Viper TQS Default Profile
  • Fixed:MAN AUTO waypoint sequencing control.
  • Fixed:New Ground Emitter sound played when missile inbound
  • Fixed: TGP+GBU38 = 15-20m Miss. Note: 3 Second laser or AGR required before release for increased accuracy.

DCS: F/A-18C by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: WPDSG designates the wrong point if the TDC assigned to HUD in A/G mode.
  • Fixed: Dumb bombs, cluster bombs and LGBs stuck in the wrong mode if IAMs are selected and a designation is made.
  • Fixed: Rudder animation on net phantom doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Trackfile stepping issue, sometimes a trackfile is skipped.
  • Fixed: VFA-97 Fuel Tank Texture Issue.
  • Added Velocity Search (VS)
    Instruction video DCS: F-16C and F/A-18C Velocity Radar Modes Update (COMING SOON)
  • Added Sinai IA Missions
  • Fixed: Enabling one-look raid removes target offboard information
  • Fixed: Stuck B sweep on the edge of the DDI after locking on to the target
  • Fixed: Slewing after Offset designation moves the WP symbol on the HSI
  • Fixed: Extrapolated radar trackfiles continue to update the AIM-120 with the true position of the target
  • Fixed: Precise coordinates discrepancy between F10 map and the cockpit
  • Fixed: TWS won't show a trackfile until 6 raw hits (bricks) are detected
  • Fixed: AZ/EL and RDR ATTK pages show info for jamming target
  • Fixed: Offset symbol moves in SA page
  • Fixed: SA page shows HAFUs ranked as 0, for trackfiles below rank 9
  • Fixed: Stepping away from first track file takes two presses
  • Fixed: Training mission carrier moves when it should be static
  • Fixed: Airspeed in HUD on Marianas is doubled in very high head winds
  • Fixed: Time on Target seems too fast when setting ground speed
  • Fixed: Radar able to track targets that are terrain masked
  • Updated DCS: F/A-18C BFM Instant Action missions
  • Improved target hold mechanism in STT.
  • Fixed: TDC Cursor not shown after switching from A/A to ACM
  • Fixed: Trains on ground radars
  • Fixed: Radar Range in VS on AZ/EL Page
  • Fixed: ARC-210 modulation set in ME is not respected
  • Fixed: Entering STT from VS results in azimuth vs velocity, STT should always be azimuth vs range
  • Fixed: VS detects and locks aircraft set to Late Activation before they activate
  • Fixed: Targeting pods loses point track on weapon change
  • Fixed: Auto bomb mode sometimes ignores countdown.
  • Fixed: AGM-84D Harpoon does not self destruct at correct distance when used in BOL HTP
  • Fixed: AGM-84D Harpoon Search distances are not relative to HTP even though HSI indications show correctly
  • Update "Mission Qual" and "Weapons Qual" to standard ED graphics

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added AGM-114L. See video created earlier:  DCS: AH-64D | Radar-Guided Hellfire Missiles (COMING SOON)
  • Added Laser Spot Tracker. See DCS: AH-64D | Laser Spot Tracking (COMING SOON)
  • Added Internal Aux Fuel Tank option
  • FM. Considerable change of flight dynamics model (WIP):
    • The range of roll and pitch control has been increased, and at the same time, the stability of the helicopter has been increased in all flight modes, including:
      • Helicopter controllability at low-speed maneuvering has been improved;
      • Increased helicopter roll stability at submaximal speeds;
      • Improved behavior in transitional modes (roll-in/out and pitch-in/out)
    • The trim position of the helicopter and controls in hover and level flight modes has slightly changed.
    • SCAS tuned for modified flight dynamics model;
    • SCAS altitude channel damping and auto-shutdown behaviour was remodelled to react at specific limit parameters of the engine and vertical speed
  • Fixed: Weight issue after heavy loadout creates control problems
  • Fixed: Crash on PLT client when CPG leaves from crew.
  • Fixed: Multi monitor - Exported displays not respecting brightness
  • Fixed: George menu does not take into account the scaling of the interface. (reticle offset left)
  • Fixed: PERF page WIND direction displays value 180 deg opposite of correct value
  • Fixed: CHAFF (T1) should be "barriered" when forced to SAFE
  • Fixed: Enemy AI does not attack AH64 if pilot is killed (heli by CPG control)
  • Fixed: Rotor lighting effect artifacts at night
  • Fixed: Export viewport - static viewport images when choosing external views
  • Fixed: TEDAC Export Viewport spills into adjacent view ports
  • Fixed: VHF AM radio can transmit in 108 - 115.975 MHz range
  • Fixed: MPD TSD Pages - Routeline doesn't include Hazards points
  • Fixed: CPG TDU blinking in Multicrew/MP
  • Fixed: Blurred rotor effect not working for CPG in multicrew
  • Fixed: CPG Nav range automatically updating to new Nav range without SLAVE being re-enabled
  • Fixed: AGM-114 quantity issue when taking control with CA
  • Fixed: Missile Constraints Box and Rocket Steering Cursor not displaying when SAFE
  • Fixed: George AI uses weapons incorrectly in some case (George AI launches one missile without lazing the target. Missile flies past. Laser does not turn on. Indications on IHADSS does not correspond to the selected mode in George AI menu.)
  • Fixed: "Back Scatter" Message with no missiles
  • Fixed: M282 rocket warhead falls outside the timeframe
  • Fixed: Wrong control layer opens in the settings, after selecting AH-64 in the simulation
  • Made it possible for AI to use IAT
  • Added Sinai IA Instant Action missions
  • Added Windshield wipers clear rain drops
  • Added for AGM-114L  new icon for ME
  • Fixed: George manoeuvres are not predictable and almost deadly
  • Fixed: LST switch in front cockpit moved to A in colds (auto-start and manuals)
  • Fixed: AGM-114L seem to fail to hit targets fired while aircraft is moving
  • Fixed: APU desync between PLT and CPG
  • Fixed: "George" will say "in range" when it is not
  • Fixed: Player-CPG cannot launch AGM-114L after AGM-114K
  • Fixed: George evaluate LT switch position when Player leaves CPG seat
  • Fixed: Yaw limit after you don't launch AGM-114L at once
  • Fixed: Constraint box fixed after last missile
  • Fixed: George launched AGM-114L from 9km when in weapons free mode
  • Fixed: AGM-114 typo in weapon label
  • Fixed: FCR defaults to wrong mode in specific power on conditions
  • Altitude Hold logic corrections
  • Added mixed AGM-114 loadout
  • Fixed: George enter VRS too often
  • Fixed: Uses gun limit depending on the cockpit, not on the actual trigger pressed
  • Fixed: George refuses to fire gun after first engagement
  • Fixed: Extra symbols on EUFD
  • Fixed: George AI as pilot loses height for no reason
  • Fixed: IAT inertial track behavior for primary tracked target
  • Fixed: VR Collective issues - Collective raises with no user input.
  • Fixed: INU alignment resets when APU is turned on from External Power
  • Fixed: Ground power GPS alignment can be broken with APU
  • Fixed: PLT and CP/G TADS Desync issue - Slaved TADS
  • Fixed: MPD Brightness knobs not working cold and dark with input pushes
  • Fixed: Flat tires are not fixed with repair.
  • Fixed: CPG joins after APU - no sync of engine or rotors
  • Fixed: Multicrew Hold mode indications not Syncing
  • Fixed: JTAC and player uses Laser Hellfire instead of Radar Hellfire in 9 line dialog  

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: NEXT and PREV. bind commands for R-60 launcher selector
  • Added: Quick missions for NTTR and Caucasus
  • Fixed: Control options sometime stuck on Mi-24P Pilot-Operator category
  • Fixed: English cockpit backlight stencils conflict with Russian version stencils
  • Fixed: AI does not attack the MI-24P if pilot is killed and helicopter controlled by operator
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI menu does not take into account the scaling of the interface and reticle has left offset
  • Fixed: AC Voltmeter readings and wiring
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI warns about incoming attacks even if operator character is dead
  • Fixed: Killed Pilot character could control helicopter if Player being in operator seat and gives controls back ("C" by default)
  • Fixed: Several crashes reported by users through built-in report system
  • Fixed: Radio desync in multicrew
  • Fixed: R-863 radio does not turn on channel 11 on Pilot-Operator seat in multicrew
  • Added: Quick Start missions for Sinai map
  • Fixed: Searchlight multicrew desync
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI switch targets in the loop sometimes
  • Fixed: Fuel shut-off valve sound
  • Added: subtitle for Petrovich AI for target miss
  • Added: Petrovich AI interface for ASO-2V panel control has new function: Long Left (disables Petrovich auto-dropping flares/chaff if he see missile threat)
  • Improved: joystick axis controls and VR/head-tracker decouple for Mi-24P door gun
  • Improved: bomb struts are removed from pylons for weapons which don't need them
  • Improved: Petrovich AI will not use flares/chaff if there is weight on wheels of helicopter
  • Improved: Weapon release button cover opens automatically when weapon release is pressed
  • Fixed: More than one R-60M goes off rail sometimes if RS button cover is open
  • Fixed: DISS-15 system works without power
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI does not move sight to the designated position first time after switching on "Observe"

DCS: A-10C II by Eagle Dynamics

  • All training mission now using the correct A-10C II aircraft
  • Named presets for ARC-210 can be set in the ME now
  • Fixed. Two AIM-9 have launched from one point if manually selected
  • Fixed. Volume now can be regulated using Channel knob while being on the Menu page. Volume can also be changed for the guard receiver
  • Fixed. ARC-210 modulation set in ME is not respected
  • Fixed. CDU reruns BIT test when hitting "PREV" key after firstup
  • Added. Wheel chocks
  • Added. AN/ALQ-184 Long Pod
  • Added. Copy Feature for UFC and CDU

DCS: UH-1H Huey by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: New engine simulation model added, replacing the old one
  • Added: Hypoxia effect added to UH-1H pilot
  • Improved: Position lights dim/bright adjusted
  • Fixed: Minigun animation is missing in MT
  • Fixed: WIP Throttle control over FCU logic for new engine model. (Before, helicopter would be able to takeoff on throttle idle)
  • Fixed: WIP Fuel consumption tuning after new engine model implementation

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: Quick Start missions for Sinai map
  • Fixed: Crash caused by asymmetrical gunpods jettison

DCS: MB339-A by IndiaFoxtEcho

  • Fixed incorrect indication for RNAV bearing
  • Fixed radios stop working when tacan is switched on
  • Fixed knob behavior for the gunsight MILS settings
  • Fixed tacan and radios volume at spawn according to ICS panel
  • Fixed wrong RPM percentage for the anti ice test

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: wmd7 image shaking during maneuvering
  • Fixed: AG radar no RBM image
  • Fixed: blackout issue at high alt due to ECS turned off
  • Updated: SMS supports PL-12 for new scheme test (Player needs to modify JF-17.lua to manually add PL-12 to JF-17 pylons)
  • Updated: PL-12 changed to same scheme as AIM-120C
  • Fixed: SMS supports for PL-12
  • Added: Weapon Qualification missions
  • Fixed: FPM behaviour on MFCD radar page

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Tweaked HUD glass for better visibility in very bright lighting.
  • Fixed various sound loop issues.
  • Better ease-in and ease-out for afterburner sounds in cockpit
  • Added ability to move ahead in Cold Start mission in case of misfiring trigger.
  • Show Must Go On livery now shows appropriate droptank textures.
  • NEW: Added over 100 user requested keybinds (with special thanks to Munkwolf et al.).
    • Does not affect existing keybinds.
  • RB-05 Overhaul:
    • Fixed RB-05 only able to be steered with radar in A0.
    • Fixed launched RB-05s automatically setting radar to A0 (without moving the switch).
    • Fixed subsequent launches sending the first missile to Valhalla.
    • Fixed steering commands being sent to the missile beyond 30s.
  • Included several BK-90 fixes:
    • Fixed STD switch erroneously affecting pattern setting.
    • Inhibited display of BK-90 HUD symbology above 500m.
    • Max distance release cue not showing correctly.
  • Added U-22 Jammer Mode E (always transmits).
  • Added non-tracer AKAN gunpod.
  • Fixed Jammer warmup not being skipped during hotstart.
  • Fixed U-22 (old) warning light not showing during warmup.
  • Fixed X-TANK BRÄ light showing <50% RPM instead of <70%.
  • Fixed airbrakes not auto-retracting with landing gear releasing.
  • Added feature that allows airbrakes to be stopped in an intermediate position.
  • Added “_(...)” to keybinds for l10n. Now keybinds are localizable.
  • NEW: Added Quickstart Missions for DCS: Sinai map.
  • RB-05 Overhaul:
    • Fixed RB-05 only able to be steered with radar in A0.
    • Fixed launched RB-05s automatically setting radar to A0 (without moving the switch).
    • Fixed subsequent launches sending the first missile to Valhalla.
    • Fixed steering commands being sent to the missile beyond 30s.
  • Fixed Black Screen during EP13 operation.
  • Set the default position of manual fuel regulator to AUTO.

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Major Ground Handling and Suspension Overhaul Phase 1:
    • Improved general suspension.
    • Improved taxi behaviour and ground roll characteristics.
    • Improved ground handling sounds.
    • More ground handling improvement to come!
  • NEW: Added pedal shaker sound (above 21 units AOA.)
  • NEW: Added wing turbulence and wind sounds for additional feedback queuing at high G/pitch rate
  • Added DLC deployment sound
  • Fixed USS Forrestal taking damage on landing and take off
  • Adjusted buffet intensity and AOA schedule for “realistic” buffet option
  • Adjusted Yaw SAS effectiveness
  • Adjusted ground effect pitch moment to assist in aerobraking and rotation (necessary after rolling friction reduction)
  • Fixed MAK-79 loadouts.
  • Phoenix pallet mass now again added to total aircraft mass (added weight cannot be seen in-game, but is taken into account in the FM)
  • NEW: Major Ground Handling and Suspension Overhaul Phase 2:
    • Significant suspension and ground handling qualities update.
    • Increased Brake Torque.
    • Adjusted kneel actuator rate.
    • Completely redone strut forces and dynamics.
    • Adjusted kneel spring energy.
  • Fixed aircraft spawning kneeled on carrier hots.
  • All hots now spawn with the parking brake engaged.
  • Adjusted default takeoff trim for carrier spawns.
  • Fixed incorrect delay in ejection sequence.
  • EIG brightness adjusted with ambient illumination.
  • New: Added Quickstart Missions for DCS: Sinai map.
  • Improved AIM-54 loft.
  • Improved AIM-54 notch behavior.
  • Fixed laser issues with painted objects.
  • Possible fix to INS readout bug on TID.
  • Refined gearing ratio between pedals and commanded NWS angle for better ground control.
  • Reduced pitch trim actuator speed by 25%.
  • Reduced carrier catapult shot speed target by 15 knots to be more realistic.
  • Increased possibility of compressor stall in MCB region while MCB is inactive (CB pulled) by 300%.
  • Increased volume of DLC deploy sound.

DCS: SA-342M Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

SA342 - Common to all

  • Updated external textures to PBR standard
  • Added raindrops on canopy
  • Interior lighting and reflections updated
  • Flight model
    • Entirely rewritten FM
    • Overhauled engine and rotor behaviours
    • Updated mass and payload mass parameters
    • Many new behaviours added or reworked (ground effect, flapback/blowback, retreating blade stall, density altitude, ETL…)
    • Engine surge effect from rapid collective movement added
  • Force Feedback support added
  • Removed ‘Easier Controls’ special option
  • Removed ‘Rudder Trimmer’ special option (replaced with new trim options)
  • New trim options for cyclic and pedal behaviour when using ‘Force Trim Interrupt’
    • None - has no effect
    • Instant - trim position instantly set to current cyclic/pedal position
    • Fade In/Fade Out - trim position will move to current cyclic/pedal position over short time period (<1sec) (also applies to ‘Trimmer Reset’)
    • Applied upon Recentering - trim position will apply instantly only when cyclic/pedal position is recentered
  • Updated controls indicator
    • Red marker shows control position
    • Grey marker shows trim position
    • Autopilot markers removed for further consideration
  • Updated/added network animations
  • Implemented IFF panel (limited functionality)
  • Updated autopilot system
    • Airspeed/Altitude hold mode removed for further consideration
    • “Auto-collective” removed for further consideration
    • Added light indicators for auto-hover (CSV) and heading-align (ALV) autopilot modes
    • Autopilot master switch will not engage/will disengage if pitch, roll or yaw SAS disabled
  • Added smoke display system
    • Smoke launchers can be equipped in the rearm/refuel screen
    • Smoke launchers have a new input to toggle on/off
  • Collective can be hidden by clicking on base of collective
  • Added tablet navigation aid
    • Tablet can be disabled from mission editor
    • Tablet provides map, heading, airspeed and groundspeed GPS information
  • Updated slip ball to be less erratic
  • Fuel warning light now flickers if below 80L
  • Improved: Engine performance and torque limitations adjusted
    • This is a continuous iterative process and there may be further changes in the future
  • Improved: SAS behaviour adjusted
  • Improved: Adjusted visual rotor speed
  • Improved: Auto-hover improved
    • Heading slave to camera still WIP
  • Improved: Autorotation behaviour
  • Improved: Starter switch can now correctly be placed in ‘OFF/ARRET’ position once fuel is flowing
  • Fixed: Fuel mass bugs
  • Fixed Mistral reticle not showing
  • Fixed RWR Crash
  • Fixed FFB cyclic trim implementation
  • Fixed: Lateral force improvements
  • Fixed: Removed pilot sight clickable when sight is not visible
  • Fixed: Overtemp issues
  • Fixed: Bort numbers were not functional
  • Added: Replaced HOT3 missiles with ED weapon
  • Added: basic sling loading
    • Helper UI to be added later
  • Added: Periscope now has laser range finder
  • Added: Pilot sight will be hidden when spawning without any weapons equipped
  • Added: Mistral missiles are now able to lock on to ground targets when heat contrast is high enough.
  • Added: keybinds for radar altimeter (joystick)
  • Added: High detail community liveries by Mispunt: Olive Drab for US, UK, The Netherlands and Greece.
  • Added: High detail community liveries by Shaft, Peet and Mispunt: Armee HRI and Armee HRI Daguet for France.


  • Added new weapons:
    • 2x/4x Mistral
    • 2x/4x HOT3
    • HMP400 gunpods (100, 200, 400)
    • Selectable GIAT M621 20mm
  • Replaced Viviane screen with periscope sight
  • Replaced Viviane control panel with periscope control board
    • Periscope provides two zoom levels
    • Toggleable gyro stabilisation
    • Selectable reticles for estimating distance
    • Connected to ‘VIS’ mode on Artificial Horizon same as Viviane
  • Pilot sight can be hidden by clicking on mounting of pilot sight
  • AI now able to fire HOT3 missiles
  • Added ground crew option to remove doors
  • Added option to shoot multiple pylons if the weapon is from the same type


  • Viviane camera code overhauled
  • Viviane multicrew synchronisation improved
  • AI now able to fire HOT3 missiles

SA342 Mistral

  • Removed playable version (now replaced by SA342L)
  • Removed Custom Cockpit options

SA342 Minigun

  • Added special option to decouple minigun from head/camera view
  • Added inputs for keyboard/joystick control of minigun
  • Added inputs for mouse control of minigun
  • Added clickables and inputs for minigun safety, sight power/brightness and IR laser

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

TRAP 136 (‘Green’) and TRAP 137B (‘Red’) radios fixes:

  • TRAP-136 radio (‘Green’). Fixed incorrect operation of the radio function selector switch at cold.
  • TRAP-136 radio (‘Green’). Fixed inoperative radio at cold cockpit up, when the frequency was selected before the radio was powered on.
  • TRAP-136 radio (‘Green’). Selection of the Frequency mode selector 'G' position will not enable the guard receiver anymore. Use 'Pal+G' Function selector position to enable the guard receiver.
  • Fixed both 'Red' and 'Greed' radios function selector switches operation with autostart/autostop macros.

Optical Sight:

  • Fixed a bug with wrong gunsight diameter, when entering A/G mode with VEL Optical Sight mode enabled.
  • Changed Optical Sight Velocity Scale display logic:
    • In '(C + M or SW) R' mode the Target Aspect Angle is displayed.
    • With short range missiles selected and not in '(C + M or SW) R' mode - the Target Closure Velocity is displayed.
  • The Optical Sight target symbol doesn’t disappear anymore when it is near its movement limits.
  • The Optical Sight attitude reticle displayed part is limited now by ~75 degrees of total angle in pitch (it is the physical display limit of the pitch ribbon).
  • Optical Sight 'Normal' and 'Simplified' attitude scales are implemented on a single ribbon now, with a visible animation when the scale type is changed.
  • Implemented animated transition between the 'radar command bar' and the 'gun firing reticle' symbols. These symbols are physically placed on the same reticle ('Moving reticle').

General missile logic:

  • Wingtip missiles can now only be fired with a lock.
  • After review of available sources, Magic 1 and 2 missiles launch delays were reduced to 310 ms.
  • Added radar missile locked and masked tones.

Flight control system and AP fixes:

  • Yaw damper logic reworked: runaway yaw damper issue and oscillation in transonic fixed. Work on improving the behavior in wake turbulence is underway.
  • Fixed AP integral lateral command problems: AP can work with significant asymmetric payloads now.
  • AP ALT mode engagement is much more smooth now.
  • It's no longer possible to connect the AP at all when disconnection conditions are being met.
  • Solved AP disconnection issues with FFB.
  • Fixed control stick slow jitter in some situations when AP was connected.
  • Fixed autopilot roll issues that caused disconnection in MP (and in SP after a longer time).
  • Adjusted yaw damper response (both amplitude and frequency).
  • Adjusted wake turbulence behaviour. Now the aircraft won’t be so much affected by turbulence in yaw.

3D model and textures:

  • Fixed Mirage F1 EE AOA color band lights.
  • Fixed Mirage F1 EE accelerometer reset animation.
  • Fixed right wing pylon. It is identical to the left wing one, instead of being both symmetrical.
  • Added missing SIL label to UHF radio unit.
  • Fixed animation of the anemometer speed bug.
  • Fixed several fuel and radar lights in the Mirage F1 EE.
  • Fixed the size of white dots in the Autopilot control panel.
  • Fixed circuit breaker label (C de GYRO circuit breaker was incorrectly called NAV).
  • Improved BR-250 bomb texture.
  • Fixed the spherical indicator, it now shows the correct pitch attitude.
  • Fixed the standby horizon, it now shows the correct pitch attitude.
  • Adjusted spherical Indicator airplane symbol.

Short range IR missiles:

  • Fixed AIM-9J lock-on audio not being heard.
  • Sidewinder missile will not perform SEAM (scan pattern) anymore as this mode was not implemented in the real F1.
  • 'Cannon 600/Identification P' throttle button will now uncage Sidewinder missiles (except AIM-9B). If no target was detected at this moment, the seeker head will drift randomly following the background IR heat. The seeker will return to the boresight once the 'Cannon 600/Identification P' button is released. I.e. if a target is tracked, the button must be held pressed to keep the seeker on the target.
  • AIM-9JULI launch delay was reduced to 0.4 seconds (AIM-9B/P/J still have 0.8 seconds).
  • Magic 1 and 2 scan now is a 5 degrees wide rectangular pattern.
  • Fixed Magic missile scan pattern. Sometimes the scan pattern size was excessively increased.
  • Updated Magic missiles instantaneous seeker FOV. It is now 3.4 degrees wide.
  • Wingtip missile energization switch now always spawns in ON position.
  • Wingtip missile cooling time increased.

Gyroscope system fixes:

  • Fixed bug that impeded full alignment of the gyros if the Gyro mode switch is moved out of stop before the aircraft has AC power.
  • Gyro failure overhaul:
    • Added new gyroscope related failures.
    • Fixed general gyroscopic central failure (it now works as described in the manual’s failures section).
  • Changed CAP (heading) failure light logic to no longer depend on the attitude gyroscope state.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed both left and right BARAX panels animation and clickability issues.
  • Corrected asymmetric load behavior when carrying BR-500 bombs.
  • Fixed control stick animation arguments mix.
  • Oxygen system energization logic fixed.
  • Main oxygen tank level test corrected.
  • Emergency landing gear deployment issues fixed.
  • Updated tooltips in Mirage F1 'Special Options' menu.
  • Fixed IDN training mission. Lesson 2.1: The navigation indicator (IDN).
  • Removed "T" key default binding in "Search light button" input.
  • Added "Stick alternate PTT button" input.
  • Updated the Flight Manual.
  • Updated theup training mission: Highlighted the NWS high sensitivity button. Specified that the "I" key on the keyboard sets the throttle to idle.
  • Added PHIMAT chaff pod to versions CT, CR, ED, BD, EQ, BQ. (Only visual for now).
  • Added Stick Hide/Unhide keybind.
  • Fixed missing decimals in loaded radio presets.
  • Increased alternator overheating time.
  • BARAX lights test logic will be always working now, disregarding the system test status.
  • INS overhaul (first step):
    • Improved alignment steps and precision in all modes.
    • Accelerating during alignment now generates a malfunction in the INS and requires full realignment.
    • Fixed ALCM mode.
  • Corrected oxygen test logic to follow manual description. Now the needle moves from full to empty to full again until the test button is depressed.
  • Fixed oxygen indication energization logic. Now, when pressing the OXY TEST button, the oxygen indicator will be energized by the emergency AC bus 1 instead of the main AC bus 2, thus allowing the oxygen level to be read with the engine off.
  • Fixed Standby Horizon attitude reference symbol movement with keyboard inputs.
  • Fixed initial position of the ejection seat clickspot before it is pressed for the first time.
  • Fixed IDN mode switch initial position in F1EE: The animation position didn't match the internal value, so the indicator moves now correctly after selecting the first mode switch position.
  • Added timer to weight on wheels sensors to avoid the antislip kicking in when the wheels were not yet fully in the air.
  • Fixed an error in the VOR/ILS test - direction of the horizontal needle movement was inverted.
  • Fixed Standby Horizon initialization pitch error at hot.
  • Fixed R550 timeout logic at missile station selection - now the 'hardwired' 34 seconds timeout (gyros spool up timeout by a timer relay) is applied only when the "Matra 550 or SW missile" switch is turned ON.
  • Fixed the initialization of the mechanical clock hours hand when the aircraft time is more than 12:00 PM.


  • Implemented mirrors position control by mouse axis, in addition to the existing clickable 'on/off' action.
  • Cockpit mirrors now can be toggled On/Off by 'Toggle Mirrors' key.
  • Fixed left mirror, it doesn't freeze anymore at certain view angles.

Training missions:

  • Updatedup training mission: Highlighted NWS high sensitivity button. Specified that the "I" key on the keyboard sets the throttle to idle.
  • Updated the taxi, takeoff and climb training mission: Added the need to press the U + V pushbutton in the radio selector unit. Improved the TACAN in T/R mode trigger, no need to reset the T/R position.
  • Landing training mission minor fixes.
  • Updated ground attack training missions: The sight is set in NORMAL mode instead of APP mode. Modified sight depression figures.
  • Added Sinai missions (Quick Start and Single Player for both Mirage F1CE and Mirage F1EE).

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • AIM-9M launch delay was reduced to 0.4 seconds.
  • Magic 1 and 2 scan now is a 5 degrees wide rectangular pattern.
  • Fixed Magic missile scan pattern. Sometimes the scan pattern size was excessively increased.
  • Updated Magic missiles instantaneous seeker FOV. It is now 3.4 degrees wide.
  • Fixed missing decimals in loaded radio presets.
  • Fixedup training mission (EN, ES and CN). The aileron control test trigger should now work.
  • Fixed the initialization of the mechanical clock hours hand when the aircraft time is more than 12:00 PM.
  • Fixed clock hands animation: minutes and chronometer minutes hands were mixed up with each other.

DCS: Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics

  • APU & Engine sounds updated
  • ME. Incorrect mass of payloads - fixed
  • MP.  2011 version instead of 2022 when looking at other clients - fixed
  • Rotor gearbox sounds updated
  • Shkval. Inaccurate aiming to target from memory - tuned embedded INS+DNS algorithms, the error won't drastically increase on hover (filtered input more precisely)
  • Sound. Correctup sound procedure, add compressor's sounds, adjust zones for APU, turbine, compressors and other sounds. Improve the overall sound outside the helicopter.
  • INS. Alignment in some condition can't make IMU precision better that a certain threshold - fixed

DCS: Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics

  • Su-33. G limiter not functioning correctly - fixed
  • Double pylons with B-8 rockets don't work on Su-27/33 - fixed
  • Su-33. Heavy sky mission 20, Immobile Kuznestov makes takeoff impossible - fixed
  • Fixed Sinai QS missions
  • Fixed radio communication in the IA mission F-15C
  • Fixed CTD when leaving Gazelle slot then spawning in a FC3 aircraft

DCS: A-10C II Tank killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • ARC-210:Incorrect display of the symbol "," on comm page. -minor: comma will also be filtered out from ARC-210 preset name

DCS: F-86F Sabre by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Radar ranging for gunsight reticle.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: TACAN morse code can be heard although TACAN volume is OFF
  • Fixed:  Radar gunsight solution incorrect
  • Fixed: Radar doesn't return to acquisition phase after target lost in dogfight modes

DCS: AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: Radio Microphone Keybind behaviour

DCS: MiG-19P by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Updated: Temporarily disabled Radar Dynamic Terrain for VR due to compatibility issues.

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • CVN-74 USS John C. Stennis No Number in LSO Display
  • Fixed: MT - long range lineup light not visible
  • Fixed: Deck markings not showing in mission editor MT

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed - The submarine could dive underground at shallow depths (after command from F10 map).
  • Fixed - Range lamp for leopard 2.
  • Fixed - Isometric view remains when switching to ship, if previously used for vehicle.
  • Added gun reloading sound for WWII tanks.
  • Fixed - Player can't use HE shells in the second stage if in the first stage set 0 HE shells.
  • Fixed - "Zero-sight" mask in iso-view IR or NVG on MBT Abrams.

All WWII aircraft

  • Repair now replaces the battery with a charged one.
  • Fixed. Guns sound the same with open or closed cockpit

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. RP-3 25lb is not firing as specified from within the mission editor - fixed
  • Fixed. Cockpit lighting does not work in the Multi-threading
  • Added new skins for the aircraft
  • Fixed. Glitches in the spinning propeller effect.

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added the Chinese Flight Manual
  • Fixed. Cockpit lighting does not work in the Multi-threading

DCS: P-47D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Landing gear that led to jumping behavior and explosions of the aircraft

DCS: Bf 109K-4 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. AI bot flies too slow compared to the player flown aircraft

DCS: FW 190D-9 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Starter animation backwards when using keybinds.
  • Reworked keybounder handle animation
  • Fixed: Double bind for Start Switch
  • Added wheel chocks

DCS: FW 190A-8 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed. Starter animation backwards when using keybinds.
  • Reworked keybounder handle animation
  • Pitot light indicator now works without ground power (pitot heating functions still have known issues)
  • Fixed: Double bind for Start Switch
  • Added wheel chocks

DCS: Bf 109K-4 Kurfurst by Eagle Dynamics

  • Unsupported ‘Signal Starter Crew’ command removed
  • Added wheel chocks

DCS: P-51D Mustang by Eagle Dynamics

  • P-51 Challenge Campaign. Updated clouds, seasons, skins, time of days

DCS: WWII Assets pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • C-47. Better up visual is integrated
  • C-47. Fixed. Landing gear contact with the surface.
  • C-47. Added new sounds for the aircraft
  • Reloading sounds for WWII tanks are added
  • A-20. Fixed. Bomber does not fire defensive guns

DCS: Normandy 2.0 Map by Ugra Media

  • Added scene of Spitfires factories in Hampshire
  • Added scene with flags and warehouses from machinery at Heathrow Airfield
  • Added the port of Le Treport
  • Added two fishing boats
  • Added fishing boat routes
  • Added underground tunnels in Paris
  • Added new tram routes in London
  • Added wooden piers
  • Improved radar tower scenes in England and France
  • Improved port scenes for Portsmouth, Dunkirk, London
  • Improved traffic of trains and cars
  • Added earthworks at English airfields Kenley, Ford, Chailey, Needs Oar Point, West Malling, Gravesend
  • Improved scenes of Orly, Saint-Andre-de-lEure, Amiens-Glisy, Carpiquet, Gravesend, Kenley airfields
  • Improved tent and sandbag shelter scenes at Ford, Chailey, Gravesend, Kenley airfields
  • Part of metal car bridges replaced by stone ones
  • Improved range of visibility settings for city objects
  • Improved life settings for objects
  • Improved lighting of objects
  • Destruction models are optimised
  • Added steps on Tower Bridge, Mirabeau Bridge, Alexander III Bridge
  • Fixed errors in the Chailey, Farnborough, Ford, Kenley, Beny-sur-Mer, Bazenville, Deux Jumeaux airfield scenes
  • Fixed errors in taxiways and car parks at Chailey, Farnborough, Ford, Kenley, Lymington, Orly, Villacoublay, Saint-Andre-de-lEure, Creil, Cormeilles-en-Vexin, Carpiquet, Sainte-Laurent-sur-Mer
  • Terrain errors on the French coast have been fixed
  • Leveled terrain in the ports of Portsmouth, Dunkirk, London, Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • Fixed errors in land textures near the Isle of Wight and on the coast of the landing zone
  • Corrected collisions in Louvre Museum arches, military school in Paris, Luxembourg Palace, Tower, Victoria Station, Liverpool Street Station, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace
  • Fixed errors at Cumberland and Newhaven Forts
  • Fixed the hands on the clocks at Victoria Station, Big Ben and model churches
  • Increased texture resolution for minimum settings
  • Improved cliffs on the coast of France
  • Added large size flags

DCS: Syria Map by Ugra Media

  • Added lighting with new real-time technology
  • Added right-hand traffic in Cyprus
  • Added kneeboard (tablet)
  • Mission generator updated
  • Added helicopter landing sites on GUI map
  • Added parking places for big planes
  • Improved and optimised urban development models
  • Improved models of airfield hangars
  • Improved models of original objects
  • Added destruction models for Aleppo power plant and Lafarge factory
  • Improved scenes of original buildings in Haifa, Beirut, Adan and Damascus
  • Trees in the forest have been optimised
  • Simplified tree collisions
  • Added parking areas for MiG-23 Marj Ruhayyil, Shayrat, Tiyas
  • Fixed frequency settings at Gazipasa, Rene Mouawad, Ramat David, Ercan, Beirut and HATAY
  • Fixed taxiways at Tal Siman, Beirut
  • Fixed lighting for Sanliurfa, Adana, Khmeimim, Haifa
  • Corrected the signs at Akrotir, Incirlik
  • Removed objects from Rene Mouawad car parks
  • Removed objects from Kingsfield glide slope
  • Fixed bugs in vector data and scenes
  • Map description updated
  • Added objects at road and railroad crossings
  • Two types of fuel stations added
  • Two types of roadside cafes added
  • Improved motor vehicles and ships
  • New trains have been added
  • Cars for right-hand traffic have been added
  • Improved city and field assemblies
  • Improved road and railroad assemblies

DCS: South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM

  • New - Major switch in technology used across all city blocks across the whole map
  • New - All new POIs for Cities (ongoing) First City is Punta Arenas and Ushuaia
  • New - Complete redesign of city blocks using all new models which are in keeping of the region
  • New - Major tree distribution adjustments to get rid of tree patterns across the whole map
  • New - Major re-work of roads across all Cities across the whole map with new blocks, textures, models, layout etc
  • Adjusted - adjusted many models to reduce poly count and improve textures and performance
  • New - Rural areas have also been given some love with new villages
  • Adjusted - Reduced surface file size to within ED recommendations
  • Fix- Reduced the street lighting on (Route National 3) near Rio Gallegos airfield (Discord feedback)
  • New - Added Deep water port for Rio Grande
  • New - Added hidden airfield in the north for small aircraft. Happy hunting


DCS: F/A-18C Inherent Resolve Campaign by Looking Glass

  • ADDED DOCS FOLDER - previously missing. Contains Campaign PDF, Mission Briefing PDFs, Info on skins and detailed campaign notes, credits
  • COLD STARTS - added for all applicable missions
  • Player now launches mission via SPACEBAR when ready allowing prep time
  • Added ability to use LABELS
  • Added SCORE SYSTEM system to each mission
  • Added optional IMMORTAL MODE to several longer missions, dangerous missions
  • Fixed / added EPLRS for all aircraft with datalink
  • New KNEEBOARDS for all missions with detailed flight plans, mission details including load out, flight plan, maps, orders, roll call and more
  • Embedded improved ground unit infantry skins from US Infantry Insurgent skins - see Campaign PDF for links
  • Player WAYPOINTS renamed for consistency
  • TACAN for tankers now use 72/74/75Y on all missions due to inconsistent TACAN issues
  • Mission1. Steered C-130 higher and wider to avoid confusing player to follow them on take off
  • Mission 2. Сorrected waypoints for target apron at menakh. Corrected transit speeds of package. Added additional ground units in firefight.
  • Mission 4. Improved in-game instructions and briefing. Improved Ai behaviours all-round. IImproved target sets and positions. Added improved secondaries and airfield attack. Dozens of other upgrades/improvements.
  • Mission 5. Adjusted helo heights - after reports of hovering around pad and too low for shoot downs around city. New audio added for weapons firing, BDA and other items. Mission improved playability / Flow / Timings. Improved gameplay, added audio for fox calls player and wingman, improved AI, landings, sequencing
  • Mission 7. Updated Ai behaviour for egress/recovery/landings. Updated Completion music. Updated Sabre20 audio/dialogue for improved accuracy (location, instructions). Updated Oil Derrick explosions. Updated Flypast Artillery strike/timings. Updated flight audio/comms to avoid audio clashes. Updated Banshee targeting and BDA.
  • Mission 11 - Chemical Alley - added immortal mode, improved gameplay, Enemy defences reduced, AAA FX improved, timings for tanker fixed
  • Many more updates that improve flow/experience

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • Missions 12. Mission goals edited
  • All missions: AI voice overs replaced by human actors
  • All missions: AI aircrafts chatter when not supposed - FIXED
  • Mission 3: Interceptors not reacting as supposed - FIXED

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Radio frequencies fixed
  • Odd truck parked on a revetment fixed
  • Mission 6 odd units fixed
  • Minor trigger zone fixes

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Radio frequencies fixed
  • Mission 2 success score fixed
  • Some random leftover statics removed
  • Mortality not enforced

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Radio frequencies fixed
  • Mission 10 AI takeoff bug workaround
  • Missing skin textures fixed
  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Hand gestures added

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Hand gestures added
  • Mission 3 possible AI taxi bug workaround
  • Jester will automatically navigate
  • Jester will automatically handle the radio
  • Randomized wild cards for better replayability
  • Randomized threats at the EW range for better replayability
  • Safety trigger added to avoid radio anomalies
  • Workarounds for overlapping radio messages blocking each other
  • Smoother trigger solutions
  • Documentation and graphics update

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Hand gestures added
  • Jester will automatically navigate
  • Jester will automatically switch radio channels
  • Workarounds for overlapping radio messages blocking each other
  • Smoother trigger solutions
  • Documentation and graphics update

DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Hand gestures added
  • TACAN added to the tanker in mission 13
  • Safety trigger added to avoid radio anomalies
  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Hand gestures added
  • Mission 10 progression safety added
  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

  • New datacard developed which includes weather data, more comprehensive info of the entire strike package, aircraft weight table, Joker and Bingo fuel states, and Bullseye coordinates.
  • New flight plan page includes waypoint altitudes, incremental and cumulative distances, weapons loadout graphic and description.
  • Both datacard and flight plans use larger font for easier viewing in-flight.
  • For missions with AFAC (airborne JTAC), added ability to turn the laser off/on by the player.
  • All AI anti-air threats dumbed down a bit to enhance game enjoyment.
  • Added background radio transmissions for a more "immersive" experience.
  • All mission kneeboards updated to new graphics/checklists.
  • Added support for new ARC-210 radio
  • And finally, after wheels up, a new little secret in the F10 menu to help make those long, lonely flights more bearable.
  • Mission 0: Added new datacard and flight plan. Wingman crashes into Player's aircraft on final. Fixed. New ATC instructions when landing.
  • Mission 1: Added new datacard and flight plan. AI Wingman not responding to menu commands. Fixed.
  • Mission 2: Added new datacard and flight plan. Increased effectiveness of anti-air threats (previously didn't do anything).
  • Mission 3: Completely rebuild from scratch. Added new datacard and flight plan. Loadout adjusted. Added more bad guys at Senaki and Kutaisi. Added SEAD support. Modified flight plan.
  • Mission 4: Added new datacard and flight plan. Added a few more Russian JTACs and IFVs. MedEvac not appearing - fixed. Medevac smoke not appearing - fixed. Added more and bigger BOOMs for player enjoyment. AI Medevac helo's not following flight plan. Fixed - maybe. Thanks David Reiff.
  • Mission 5: Added new datacard and flight plan. Updated flight plan route. Updated (increased) aircraft parked at Nalchick. Updated Colt 1-2's route. Changed Jolly to CH-53 (to better reflect CSAR Pave Low aircraft). Modified Jolly’s flight plan. Updated bad guy’s weapons. Player's aircraft is now available to the mission. Fixed. Thanks to Scylla and CrystalnEntity.  Also, added directional arrows to help with taxing in the dark and adjusted the amount of devastation the strike package wrought.
  • Mission 6: Added new datacard and flight plan. Updated Russian convoy route. Added AFAC (Reaper) for targeting. Modified players loadout. Modified Russian aggressor's route.
  • Mission 7: Added new datacard and flight plan. Reworked the entire strike package, Coalition flightsing up but not launching - fixed. Mission goals revised. Less aggressive Russian convoy. Added SEAD flight. Changed Bullseye location. Vehicles were previously on the taxiway blocking access to the active runway. Fixed. Thanks David Reiff.
  • Mission 8:  Added new datacard and flight plan. Modified player's loadout.
  • Mission 9: Added new datacard and flight plan. Changed SA-8s to SA-9s (thanks Blackadder 55). Modified Players loadout. Added SEAD flight. Changed lasing JTACs. Changed loadout back to GBU-12s from GBU-54s (the player keeps the option to change loadout at mission).
  • Mission 10: Added new datacard and flight plan. Essentially recreated this mission: modified all Russian ground unit's routes and waypoints. Updated mission goals and objectives. New mission briefings. Changed Pig Flight's loadout. Significantly modified and reorganized all Russian armor's routes and speed and added a few mildly effective SAMs to keep it interesting. Added another U.S. armored cavalry company to help fight the invading Russian horde.
  • Mission 11: Added new datacard and flight plan. Essentially recreated this mission: modified all Russian ground unit's routes and waypoints. Updated mission goals and objectives. Significantly modified and reorganized all Russian armor's routes and speed. Reorganized and remapped U.S. Cavalry's routes and makeup.
  • Mission 12: Added new datacard and flight plan. Essentially recreated this mission: modified all Russian ground unit's routes and waypoints. Updated mission goals and objectives. Significantly modified and reorganized all Russian armor's routes and speed. Reorganized and remapped U.S. Cavalry's routes and makeup.
  • Mission 13: Added new datacard and flight plan. Recreated the convoy to better follow their route.
  • Mission 14: Added new datacard and flight plan. Essentially recreated this mission: modified flight plan. Added new SEAD flight. Modified Russian armor at Tblisi. Added better AFAC support.
  • Mission 15: Added new datacard and flight plan. Add better ATC instructions. Boosted audio. Added more people and fireworks at Kobuleti. Decreased density of fog a bit.

DCS: F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger633

  • Missions 1 to 10: Ford dedicated skins added
  • Mission 3: Removal of co-ords via space bar fixed.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion Campaign by Badger633

  • Missions 1 to 15: Livery numbering fixed
  • Missions 13: Adjustment to help reduce A2A refuel collision.

DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633

  • Missions 1 to 13: Livery numbering fixed
  • Mission 13: Initial fail zone reduced.

DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign by INVERTED

  • M02 - Fixed abnormal time flow at the beginning of the mission.
  • M08 - Fixed abnormal time flow at the beginning of the mission.
  • M09 - Fixed A-A data link functionality on SA page.
  • M10 - Fixed the issue of Hammer squadron not engaging.

DCS: UH-1H Huey Argo Campaign by 373vFS Greg

  • Fixed carrier issues on Missions 1 & 8
  • Tweaked cargo issues on Mission 3
  • Tweaked Mission's 4 time
  • Tweaked Mission's 8 Convoy reactions

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS Greg

  • Fixed script error when targets were destroyed during CAS missions.

The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

General. Fixing typos, updates to briefings etc.

  • Mission 01. Fixes to coordinates in subtitles. Removed unnecessary files from the mission.
  • Mission 04. Added missing line for Pontiac. Updated on-screen messages so that player won't loose some of the comms.
  • Mission 05. Removed duplicate briefing images. Updated flight plan (removed wrong WP1).
  • Mission 06. Updated wrong kneeboard card with frequencies.
  • Mission 07. Updated kneeboard and briefing images.
  • Mission 09. Updated briefing images. Fixed issue with Overlord AI overstepping custom comms.
  • Mission 11. Updated Player Group ID. Balancing of the difficulty for the infantry attack near the mosque.
  • Mission 12. Fixed wrong VO for Lotus. Fixed overlapping comms for Raider.
  • Mission 13. Fixed issue with missing debriefing. Minor typos fixed.
  • Mission 15. Changed frequencies for some assets, so it is easier to manage the radios now.
  • Mission 20. Updated mission date. Made some friendly units invisible so that they are not engaged by Russian SAMs.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Horizontal Update. Updated and fixed skins for the campaign
  • Mission 01. Fixed problem with AI flights not taking off and carrier turning constantly
  • Mission 08. Fixed issue with Red orbiting around the carrier after takeoff
  • Mission 10: Updated triggers for Sluggo attacking SA-6. Added Link16 settings
  • Mission 12. Added safeguard for AI engaging the SAM sites. Fixed problem with Iranian corvette hitting the pier. Added Link16 settings

DCS: AV-8B Hormuz Freedom Campaign by SorelRo

  • Weapons loadout changed as per latest AV-8B update for mission 12 and 7 and briefing text changed for mission 3.

F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag Missions

  • Updated planner with range boundaries and updated range diagrams and kneeboard pages.
  • Added aircraft threat profiles to briefing.
  • Minor trigger tweaks to improve game play.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: Mosquito FB VI - V for Victory Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: UH-1H Paradise Lost Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Mortality not enforced

DCS: MAD Campaign by Stone Sky

  • All missions for SA-342 Gazelle set weapons and fixed minor bugs

DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign by Stone Sky

  • New AGM-114L Hellfire missiles have been added to combat missions and minor bugs have been fixed

DCS: UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development

  • Mission 2: Pathfinding issue solved (several time related safeguard's implemented / as well as Radio F-10 menu option if really necessary)
  • Mission 4: No Pathfinding issue found (time related safeguard has been already implemented).

Additional Radio F-10 menu option added to bridge that part.

DCS: F/18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 01: Fixed issue with Saint climbing too late. Fixed issues with cut off comms. Fixed issue with Saint's altitude during RTB
  • Mission 03: Improved Smoke's fuel management. Smoke will now correctly refuel. Smoke will correctly perform show of force. Smoke will correctly engage all other targets (including the jeep). Fixed problems on deck on RTB
  • Mission 04: Fixed issue with Raven 11 stuck on the catapult
  • Mission 08: Changed weather settings, the speed boats should be much better visible in NVGs now. Added green-tinted kneeboard for night operations
  • Mission 09: Fixed issue with Mirages taking fuel from the tanker. Fixed issue with leisure boat not moving from the pier
  • Mission 10: Fixed issue with several flights orbiting over Mother after takeoff instead of going to their anchor points
  • Mission 14: Completely re-worked theup and takeoff sequence (all flights should now take off correctly). Reworked zones and altitudes to ease the "Thunderstorm" condition. Added "mission complete" message before jumping to M15