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Stable changelog
DCS - 05.06.2024
DCS - 22.05.2024
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DCS - 12.04.2024
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DCS - 10.07.2019
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DCS - 15.05.2019
DCS - 03.04.2019
DCS - 20.02.2019
DCS - 06.02.2019
DCS - 25.01.2019
DCS - 12.12.2018
DCS - 31.10.2018
DCS - 17.10.2018
DCS - 29.09.2018
DCS - 19.09.2018
DCS - 07.09.2018
DCS - 27.06.2018

Introduced new modules: DCS P-47D Thunderbolt and DCS The Channel map.

Added support of DCS NS 430 Navigation System modules for C-101CC and C-101EB by AvioDev.

Introduced Historical mode filter in the ME.

The historical mode is designed to facilitate the creation of historical mission scenarios. If the author of the mission wants to use equipment only for a given year, he can click on the small clock piktogramm in the bottom line of the Mission Editor, after which all lists of equipment and aircraft are filtered out for a given year. The lists will show only those aircraft or equipment that were in service with the selected country in a given year. This mode can be turned on and off in the process of creating a mission if you need to select objects outside a given year.

Introduced new campaign: F/A-18C The Serpent's Head 2 by Badger 633.

DCS World

  • Introduced a new flight dynamics model of AIM-120 missiles. In contrast to the old missile dynamics model the new one includes revised lift and drag, revised induced drag and motor data. Added stability and control characteristics, velocity-altitude adaptive autopilot and modified lofting trajectories.
  • AIM-7. Improved loft algorithm. Loft pitch angle now depends on range to target. Added simulation of English Bias maneuver during boost phase of flight.
  • AIM-7. F and MH versions use old FM - fixed(was caused by database conflict by F-14B AIM-7 definitions).
  • Introduce new AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM). This is a subsonic, over-the-horizon, air-launched cruise missile with new route by waypoints autopilot, INS + GPS, sensor guidance and F/A-18C integration.
  • ME. Incorrect AIM-9X Mission Editor icon - corrected.
  • ME. Neutral unit can now be placed by ME. Added filter by button COMBAT/ALL countries. The ALL position shows all countries, including neutrals. Support of old missions is maintained.
  • GUI. Loading window pictures doesn't show for some modules - fixed.
  • MP. Ammunition reloading in Combined Arms can cause server and client crash - fixed.
  • GUI. DCS restarts after selecting current screen resolution in options - fixed.
  • M61 Vulcan gun dispersion corrected.
  • MP. Client can now embark troops correctly.
  • AI wingman remains on the runway after group landing - fixed.
  • Improved DCS startup time.
  • Fixed crash on AIM-120 seeker.
  • AI soldiers shoot through walls - fixed.
  • ME. Su-33. Decrease default fuel to 50%.
  • Fast mission generator crash in 2.5.6 branch - fixed.
  • AJS-37 and JF-17 spawned in Senaki hangars with wrong heading - fixed.
  • S_EVENT_ENGINE_SHUTDOWN not triggered for clients - fixed.
  • MP. Fixed occasional IC failing even if no user-mods are installed.
  • MP. More fixes for server list empty if IPv6 is disabled in Windows.
  • GAI: Column not completely following route - fixed.
  • ME. Triggered action refuel stop condition not working with flag - fixed.
  • Line effect on shadows over trees - fixed.
  • HUD intensity corrected for non FC3 aircraft.
  • S-3B unable to launch SLAM - fixed.
  • Embarking group disappears from F10 map - fixed.
  • DM. Aircraft insensibility to damage by weapons - fixed.
  • MP. Improved integrity check reports.
  • Crash on Server Stop - fixed.
  • Corrected lights in the cockpits of next aircraft: Yak-52, Su-25, Su-25T, MiG-29, A-10A, F-86F, L-39C, L-39ZA, A-10C, MiG-15bis, P-51D-25NA, P-51D-30NA, TF-51D, UH-1H, F-15C, F-5E.
  • Aircraft carriers. Planes don't takeoff until the previously taken-off group of helicopters land at the airfield - fixed.
  • AI flight no longer maintains AAR formation while flight members are refueling - fixed.
  • AI aircraft AAR in turn receive fuel at a slower rate - fixed.
  • AI aircraft: When attempting to maintain formation AI is capable of noticeably breaking the laws of physics - fixed.
  • S3B AI eject before reaching runway after tanker mission - fixed.
  • Ground AI. Task 'Hold' ignored by HMMWV - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B: Spawning inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B: landing outside of the deck - fixed.
  • Aircraft Carriers: Helicopters block aircraft landing in some cases - fixed.
  • If AI helicopter spawn on a ship in cold, later startup and takeoff then land back on ship, then it will land at the center of the ship model - fixed.
  • If AI helicopter spawn in air, then land on ship it will disappear at 100m behind the ship - fixed.
  • AI E-2D goes outside deck boundaries during taxi to parking - fixed.
  • Protection from incoming NaN at game initialization added (crash on mission start fixed).
  • Tall targets (with high antennas for example) will be targeted at the base now, instead of the geometrical center of the model box.
  • ME. Added Copy and Paste of Trigger Zones.
  • AI F/A-18 turned external lights off during catapult launch - fixed.
  • FARP: ground units sinking into the FARP surface - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated server late activation ships do not activate - fixed.
  • AI MiG-25: Since MiG don't have gun fitted and short range AA missiles his attack attempts from short range are useless - fixed.
  • ME. Triggers. Added condition: Unit Type in Zone - Aircraft/Helicopter/Ground/Naval.
  • Ka-50. Reduced beacon rotary speed.
  • ME. Copy and Paste an aircraft group can lose Uncontrolled option - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Sometimes occurs a midair collision during recovery to deck.
  • In some cases AI aircraft do not take off until the AV-8B group lands or deactivates - fixed.
  • Dedicated Server. Added Su-25T and TF-51D into server install.
  • F10 map. Optimised font rendering, increased frame rate a bit.
  • F10 map. Eliminated grey squares on map at low graphic preset.
  • EWR 55G6 radar model from certain angles goes grey to white on the mast - fixed.
  • MP. Crash in MP after using the radio command Engage ground targets - fixed.
  • Fixed error occurs when you are trying to take off from an airport where there is no radio on the airfield by default. Mesquite in Nevada for example.
  • VR. Super carrier crew figures only render in one eye in VR and the encyclopedia - fixed.
  • DCS affinity to zero CPU core fixed.
  • Fixed Transport.dll crash when bridge destroyed with vehicles on.
  • ME. Added a missing airplane A-20G, Ju-88A4 images in Loadout editor.
  • AI aircraft dropping guided bombs are horribly inaccurate - fixed.
  • GUI. Added special options of NS430 Nav System for C-101.
  • Fixed crash when helicopter landing on deck with Follow task.
  • DCS hangs after destroying objects - fixed.
  • MP. Cargo operations. Two clients on a server, take different cargos one by one. At the moment the second client hooks cargo one of the client crashes - fixed.

DCS AJS37 by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fix to long ELINT-analysis time (crash when setting BER after landing).
  • Filename sanitization for F10-cartridges.
  • Implemented proximity fuses (MARK and LUFT) for Rb05 missile.
  • Added diagonal control bindings for controlling Rb05 missile.
  • Fix to Rb05 Fusing.
  • Fixes to internal and external lights - tweaked all lighting levels and emissive materials for new DCS lighting system.
  • Turned down hud brightness knob at night-start.
  • Probable fix to out-of-memory problem in ELINT analysis.
  • Fix to proximity fuse for Rb05.
  • Fixed weapon selector knobs not being readable at lower texture settings.
  • Added warning in DCS.log if Easy Avionics or Easy Flightmodel is activated.
  • Tweaked engine behavior at medium altitude.
  • Updated all Wrath of thunder missions, now initializes properly due to change in Mission Start trigger.
  • SnabbURKoppling Autopilot Quick Disconnect implemented.
  • Corrected typo in a keyboard mapping.
  • Fix for crash when pressing IFF IDENT.
  • Updated Mjolnir Response Mini-campaign.
  • Fixed Mission 2 ship AI Added mission-skip functionality (available via F10 option in comms menu).
  • Fixed mission 5 end crash.
  • Fix for crash when using Walkman.
  • Fix for possibility to launch Rb05 in incompatible J/A mode.
  • Fixed pull up warning in CCIP.
  • Corrected high-drag bomb accuracy and added compensation for spread.
  • Corrected rocket accuracy.
  • Reimplemented atmospheric model for avionics.
  • Fix to inaccurate ELINT-analysis.
  • Updated AI afterburner.
  • Reduced opacity of Viggen glass.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed typo in Carrier Quals CVN-73 Quickstart mission name.
  • Re-added Supercarrier Coop missions for Carrier Quals.
  • Fixed version mismatch that may have caused several smaller issues.
  • Fixed kneel switch behavior: aircraft will not spawn kneeled anymore and a simple down-press of the switch to kneel the aircraft will not prevent using NWS if extended again. (Solenoid holdback is still WIP and will be added in the next patches).
  • Adjusted flap drag while overspeeding with full flaps deployed.
  • Fixed fuel flow fluctuation caused by inlet performance discontinuity when AOA crosses from 180 to -180 degrees at low speeds.
  • Added Supercarrier version for cold start Cage the Bear campaign - thank you Kaba! (replaces old carrier cold start version).
  • Fixed wind direction in Debridging the River Inguri SP and COOP mission.
  • Fixed inverted warning panel on Jolly Rogers Hi Vis livery.
  • Fixed IFF showing for non aerial vehicles (ships).
  • Added Ticonderoga and Arleigh Burke as NTDS (datalink host) capable.
  • Adjusted flaps drag and damage model.
  • Adjusted pitch damping.
  • Corrected kneel switch animation.
  • Adjusted flaps pitch moment.
  • Adjusted pitch trim actuator rate.
  • Adjusted pitch with power.
  • Complete lighting overhaul and readjustment:
    • Fixed annunciator lights not being visible.
    • Fixed green dot showing in HUD.
    • Tweaked flood light intensity.
    • Tweaked value of remaining daylight required to spawn with cockpit lights on - will be generally later in the day now.
    • Fixed vertical panels not changing light intensity in sync with other panels.
    • Changed red flood lights to dim per default when spawning at dusk or night.
    • HSD, ECMD and TID brightness start with lower values when spawning at dusk or night.
    • Fixed Lantirn panel lights appearing without the Lantirn stick being visible.
    • Fixed exterior lighting bugs.
  • Tweaked canopy glass cockpit and exterior.
  • Fixed Jester infinite input loop during TWS-A.
  • Added possibility to load 10 Mk20 Rockeyes. Note: MAK-79 is still WIP and not visible atm.
  • Finished Kneel Switch solenoid behavior.
  • Minor tweaks to flaps overspeed/overG and flaps jamming.
  • Tweaked asymmetric flap roll.
  • Adjusted fine trim single step intensity (trim should be more precise now).
  • NEW - Added Jester Audio option via headphones.
  • Set RWR, walkman, radar altimeter tone and sidewinder tone to go via headphones.
  • Fixed CMS rearming not working.
  • Fixed broken shading on nacelle NACA intakes.
  • Initial implementation of PD ground clutter contacts.
  • Prioritize AWACS and carrier over other datalink hosts for Jester menu.
  • Changed nose strut keybinds to avoid flicking switch to off when key is released.
  • Tweaks to canopy glass cockpit and exterior.
  • Fixed LANTIRN panel lights appearing without LANTIRN stick visible.
  • Specify module shortName in entry.lua as F-14 (defaulted to F14 when unspecified).
  • Fixed broken normals on NACA vents on engine nacelles.
  • Fixed the boxy halo around the afterburners visible at night.
  • Increased strength of landing (taxi) light.
  • Corrected countermeasure resistance for AIM-54 missiles.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Added VR device tracking support. (WIP)
  • Corrected ASP fixed net and piper illumination levels for day and night operations.
  • Decreased radio-altimeter hot-start value from 200 m to 100 m.
  • Tuned SAU and autopilot. (WIP)
  • Fixed KPP glideslope needle.
  • Fixed landing gear lock sound.
  • Fixed lights' switch axis in clickables.lua by adding 2 new commands for light controls.
  • Added switch operation for air conditioning. (no use in game, visual only).
  • Phase 1 Livery Template released.
  • Phase 1 External Model Changes Include:
    • Added overwing vapor effects. (WIP)
    • Updated GSH-23 muzzle flash, smoke, tracer effects. (WIP)
    • Updated canopy & windscreen.
    • Updated PVD-7, DUAS-5 pitot tubes.
    • Updated gear bay upper fuselage blisters.
    • Updated dorsal fuel tank.
    • Updated vertical stabilizer.
    • Updated lower wing root covers.
    • Updated SPRD-99 / POMIG mounts.
    • Updated taxi/landing light glass lenses.
    • Added afterburner volumetric light effects. (WIP)
    • Adjusted afterburner flame to be seen in daylight hours and added shock diamonds.
    • Adjusted landing / taxi light brightness.
    • Fixed AI non-retracting landing / taxi lights.
    • Fixed gear strut lights to turn off when the battery is switched off.
    • Fixed nav lights from turning white while viewing from long distances.
    • Adjusted drag chute animation and associated collision shell
    • Fixed TacNumbers from all changing at the same time.
    • Converted all 8K livery textures to separate numerous 1, 2, and 4K textures.
    • Adjusted all livery camouflages to match Phase 1 airframe. (courtesy of Joshua Pemberton).
    • Adjusted & added RoughMet textures to numerous areas.
    • Adjusted & added Normal Map textures to numerous areas
    • Corrected Russian spelling of livery stenciling. (courtesy of LazySeal [P61]).
    • Removed Croatian 2014 and Hungarian liveries. (Unable to contact original artist for PSD files).
    • Merged cockpit textures into atlas.
    • Merged pilot textures into atlas.
    • Updated SPRD-99's 3d mesh & added RoughMet texture.
    • Added RoughMet textures to missile launcher rails.
    • Added RoughMet texture to POMIG chaff & flare dispensers.
    • Corrected size of external 490L drop tank. (courtesy of SVKSniper & GumidekCZ)
    • Corrected size of external 800L drop tank.
    • Created new drop tank textures.
    • Reduced destroyed 3d mesh's 8K textures to 4K.
    • Adjusted damage table properties.
  • Added RSBN navigation data for The Channel's airfields.
  • Added RSBN navigation data for Persian Gulf's newly added airfields.
  • Fixed the canopy lock sequence from users having to lock and then unlock to open the canopy after it was unlocked the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where the NS430 module turns off when the afterburner is engaged.
  • Fixed non-rotating turbine blades.
  • Adjusted suspension to prevent the tires digging in below the ground.
  • Fixed dashboard from protruding out of the windscreen.
  • Fixed ejected pilot and seat missing textures.
  • Fixed Southeria & Iran’s missing textures.
  • Fixed damaged parts’ missing textures.
  • Fixed critical damage shape on tail.
  • Fixed dorsal fuel tank from disappearing after taking damage.
  • Reverted file names for SPRD-99 and POMIG 3d meshes. (POMIG is a Yugoslavian made chaff/flair dispenser)
  • Adjusted rear belly antenna from looking metallic on metal liveries.
  • Adjusted color of PTB-490/800 fuel tanks.
  • Adjusted tilt angle of PTB-490/800 on the center pylon.
  • Introduction of Phase 1 Cockpit includes:
    • New ASP and Windscreen 3d meshes (WIP).
    • Volumetric lighting for gauges added (WIP).
    • Cleaner canopy glass.
    • Corrected stenciling’s lighting (Some changed to glow in the dark).
    • Chronometer now glows in the dark.
  • Added wheel chock function.
  • Fixed external glass material name.
  • Fixed nose cone animation.
  • Fixed ejection seat visibility.
  • Fixed aircraft covers showing during ejection sequence.
  • Fixed artificial horizon pitch animation.
  • Fixed ASP glass texture z-fighting its frame.
  • Fixed 'English - Metric' and 'Chinese' cockpit liveries.
  • Fixed key bindings for the RSBN / PRMG channel selectors.
  • Fixed key bindings for the ARU and landing light switches.
  • Fixed the ejected pilot's view point and added Arg 10 for the invisible head.
  • Fixed "smooth_normals" object definitions on the TacNumbers.
  • Fixed all the light rheostats' clickable data. (Courtesy of Joe)
  • Fixed the ASP lights from being on while the battery power is off.
  • Fixed the glow in the dark text on the lower-right-rear panel.
  • Increased afterburner IR coefficient to 2.4
  • Cockpit instruments calibration in accordance to cockpit 3d and texture improvements.
  • Deleted redundant input in keyboard inputs list.
  • Minor code optimizations.
  • Lights are tuned at max for dawn/dusk settings. When it’s complete darkness, users must switch indicator lights to night mode and set other lights’ rheostats to a non-max position.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3

  • Added VR device tracking support. (WIP)
  • Tuned engine torque characteristics.
  • Tuned engine gyroscopic effects.
  • Tuned propwash effects.
  • Tuned P-factor effects.
  • Tuned aircraft stability to retain previously matched capabilities and performance.
  • Improved suspension code, allowing the aircraft to takeoff and land on some grass surfaces.
  • Implemented instrument panel gauge oscillations / vibration depending on engine state and external factors (related to aircraft movement).
  • Implemented over-priming the engine with more than 5 pumps may flood the engine.
  • Fixed bright lights in the cockpit.

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM

  • Engine idle now waits 5 seconds of weight on wheels before going from flight idle to ground idle.
  • Fixed gear was able to retract through keyboard commands after emergency gear handle deployed.
  • Improved afterburner glow effect behavior.
  • Cockpit lighting material change for indicator lights.
  • Corrected some cockpit sounds to properly go through headset source.


  • Fix IFR Probe responding to switch command without hydraulic power available.
  • Fixed cockpit alerts (cautions, voice warnings, maneuver tone, RWR alerts, weapon tones) to properly go through headphone/headset source.
  • Fixed incorrect RPM bias due to H2O mode working with Manual Fuel enabled.
  • Fixed H2O dump not functioning.
  • Fixed 2x Right MK-82 AIR incorrectly set as MK-82 Snakeyes.
  • Fixed MK-81 positioning.
  • Overhaul to WCA and Voice Warning logic for better management of fault acknowledgement and priority.
  • Fixed 15 SEC solid vs. flashing logic.
  • Further improved GPWS cues.
  • Improved auto-start sequence to give more time for cues to be heard through sequence.
  • Fixed DEP RES should only show when degraded not when in operation.
  • Fixed SKID should cause CAUTION CAUTION when Anti-Skid is OFF.
  • Fixed required time between BINGO auditory warning to be 60 seconds
  • Fixed required time between FUEL LOW LEFT or FUEL LOW RIGHT auditory warning to be 60 seconds.
  • Fixed required time between GPWS CHECK GEAR auditory warning to be 8 seconds.
  • Improved JPTL limiter check logic.
  • Fixed WCA for SAAHS Pitch, Roll, Yaw light not properly indicated SAAHS is disabled when paddle switch pressed.
  • Fixed WCA for LIDS when position disagrees with nominal position (either due to retract override switch or hydraulic failure).
  • Fix voltmeter always stuck at 27.5V - during checklist voltmeter should now change during checklist tests.
  • Fixed logic for DROOP light to go out during full aileron deflection per checklists.
  • TDC lag bug fix.
  • Gunpod ammo causing gunsight to "jump" bug fix.
  • MPCD video brightness and contrast control enabled.
  • HUD video brightness and contrast control enabled.
  • Cockpit interior lights fixed.
  • Cockpit lighting material change for indicator lights.
  • Added engine igniter sound.
  • CAUTION, CAUTION auditory tone sounded sometimes even after cautions had been acknowledged.
  • Added air start logic
  • Added engine windmilling
  • USS Tarawa: Modified Parking and taxi zones (Work in Progress).
  • Corrected speedbrake switch control logic and behavior for OUT, NORM, IN controls to allow partial extension/retraction.
  • Corrected LIDS and Speedbrake should be out already in cold start.
  • Added loss of electrical or hydraulic power to speedbrake to cause air loads due to airspeed to close speedbrake.
  • Fixed speed brake advisory to not show when landing gear up and speedbrake retracted OR landing gear down and speedbrake correctly at 25 degrees
  • Fixed fuel shutoff handle moving when it was supposed to be locked.
  • Fixed momentary switch behavior for APU switch.
  • Fixed momentary switch behavior for Compass/Lights Test switch.
  • USS Tarawa: Modified Parking and taxi zones (Work in Progress).


  • Fixed animations and connector commands so that canopy can be opened and closed manually through clicks.
  • Fixed keyboard canopy open/close command delay.
  • Fixed keyboard canopy open/close command to have proper sequence.
  • Corrected EUP-53 instrument behavior for turn indicator.
  • Added flame out conditions due to air flow issues caused by deep stall and or tail slide.
  • Added aileron failure and damage due to excessive roll rate at high speed.
  • Increased R-3S structural load tolerance.
  • Decrease structural load tolerance at very high speeds
  • Increased buffet vibrations when near stall.
  • Fixed damage argument for right flap and aileron.
  • Weathered cockpit liveries are default now for English and Chinese cockpits.
  • Factory Fresh cockpit livery removed for now.
  • The resolution of several cockpit UV maps was increased to allow for more detailed textures.
  • New cockpit mesh and textures for several objects, including the cockpit gun-camera, the canopy locking mechanism cover and pipes.
  • Added the channel selector for the SRO-2 Khrom IFF.
  • Small tweaks to cockpit night lighting.
  • ASP-5 control axis not working fixed.
  • Brightness knob not working fixed.
  • Corrected animation of gun arm buttons.
  • Added and improved gear lever and gear lever lock keybindings.
  • Added helmet visor command and animation (you need to assign a key).
  • Added pilot wave animation when wheel chocks removed.
  • Increase nose up pitch moment effect with flaps.
  • Increase trim down required for level flight as airspeed increases above Mach 0.9
  • Improved behavior of transonic effect on vertical speed indicator.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Improved 3D model of cross and dot window in HSI.
  • Fixed external lights. Landing and taxi lights beam looks correct now.
  • Braking is now without anti-skid when using parking brake.
  • Fixed flaps extension and retraction speeds.
  • Improved slipball behaviour with new physics model.
  • Adjusted some landing gear parameters. There are more chances now to move out when the aircraft is on ground out of runway.
  • Reduced wheels strengthness.
  • Improved turn indicator accuracy in standard conditions (30 degrees of bank), both in C-101EB and C-101CC.
  • Rate of turn pointer in turn indicator of C-101CC shows now a two minutes turn when on the mark.
  • Improved inclinometer (slipball): adjusted it's behavior according to installation position and physical parameters (ball mass, tube size, tube radius of curvature and viscous drag).
  • Mirror toggles now correctly on/off with keyboard or joystick button when the option is set to OFF in the game UI. Previously it was only working correctly when using clickable cockpit.
  • Added default key combination for Trigger Safety Catch UNLOCK, Trigger Safety Catch LOCK, Stores Release Guard OPEN and Stores Release Guard CLOSE of front cockpit for both C-101EB and C-101CC.
  • Fixed C-101EB-Nevada-takeoff mission. There should be no AI mid-air collision.
  • New cockpit textures
  • NS-430 is now available for both C-101 EB and C-101 CC.
  • Changed USAF Aggressor pilot name
  • Deleted obsolete files.
  • Added default key combination for Range Selector for C-101CC.
  • Added new training missions (EN and ES):
    • C-101EB Basic Visual Flight.
    • C-101CC Ground Attack with Guns and Rockets.
    • C-101CC Ground Attack with Bombs.
    • C-101CC Air Combat with Cannon and Missiles.
  • Reduced C-101CC FD vertical bar sensitivity in NAV Capture mode.
  • Added over-G effect to damage model. Wings will break now under heavy G load.
  • Fixed Air Combat training mission.
  • Air Combat training lesson #5 appears now in training missions list of EN localization.
  • Added Sea Eagle training mission (EN and ES).
  • Reworked cockpit textures: Reduced instruments and panels wear. IFF console for now. The rest of the cockpit is still WIP.
  • Fixed animation of C-101CC V/TWU-740 radio frequency selectors. This fix also affects frequency setting when the rotaries pass the 0 digit.
  • Fixed animation of C-101CC sight depression rotaries
  • Systems damage repair is partially fixed.
  • Implemented extrapolation of all warning flags and gauges animation. All gauges are now animated smoothly, even when the simulation time is slowed down.
  • Added smooth animation of trim position indicators when electric power is set on/off.
  • Fixed instantaneous HSI/RMI compass card jump to the new heading once the electric power is available again.
  • Adjusted speed of min/max reached g pointers when g-meter is reset.
  • Fixed animation of anemometer speed bug. Now it's animation follows strictly the knob rotation.
  • Fixed assignment of cockpit clickable commands related to trim and canopy control functions. All clickable commands are now handled by the correct destination seat, disregarding the seat currently occupied.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed Anti-Collision light not blink.
  • Copying non-editable DST channels data to editable channels will cause the latter no longer editable - fixed.
  • Fixed DST channel copy caused non-editable channel.
  • Fixed CCRP line and cue are incorrect disabled in DTOS.
  • Fixed WMD7 pod external view: should set seeker to Caged state after initialization.
  • Fixed S2_left cycle radar submode in EMMC NAV mode, will depend on radar main mode:
    • radar in INTC main mode, cycle between RWS/TWS/VS.
    • radar in AG main mode, cycle between MAP/GMTI/SEA1/SEA2/TA/WA/AGR.
    • press OSB_U1 for main/sub mode select(INTC/AG only, DGFT mode cannot manually select).
  • Fixed GUN RDY state.
  • Removed SPJ pod station limitation, but if mounted more, jam power will be reduced drastically.
  • Switch to new AG radar render API.
  • Added SPI/OAP on HSD in AG mode.
  • Added customized effect for start-up flame/smoke.
  • Added starter exhaust door animation.
  • Implemented engine surge due to flying out of operational limits or missile/rocket smoke trails.
  • Added engine surge effects and sound.
  • Added customised effect of vapor cone.
  • Updated campaigns: added brief images for C01-C06, fixed some triggers, C06 operation time: day→night.
  • Fixed SPJ not work issue.
  • Fixed DTOS mode releases all bombs issue.
  • Adjust initial gain for AG radar RBM.
  • Fixed DGFT radar scan pattern (vertical scan).
  • Fixed datalink receiving message from F-16 issue.
  • Adjusted datalink message broadcast rate.
  • Improved C701 and WMD7 camera track stability.
  • Updated checklist page.
  • Adjusted FM (Cm0, fuel flow etc).
  • Corrected ISA max rate limit.
  • Enriched transonic pitching moment.
  • Notice: the path for DPLAYER and Customized Warning sound sdef/audio files has been changed.
    • DPLAYER: \Sounds\sdef\Cockpit\DPlayer\
    • CE: \Sounds\sdef\Cockpit\Warning\CE\
    • Don’t forget to change the audio file path in sdef files
  • Adjusted the layout of special options.
  • Updated RU locales.
  • Added click operation for g-suit tube connection.
  • Added click operation for seat height adjust.

ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed J-11A windshield texture.
  • Fixed J-11A brake chute texture.
  • Added starter exhaust door animation for JF-17 AI.
  • Added customized effect of start-up flame for JF-17 AI.
  • Added overwing vapor for J-11A.
  • Fixed J-11A landing/taxi light.
  • Fixed JF-17 dragchute model after cut-off.
  • Adjust navy ship wsType3, now helicopter can born in cold on deck.
  • Added 250kg bombs (Mk82, GBU-12, Type-200) to inner station.
  • Fixed J-11A strobe light effect.
  • Fixed JF-17 eject canopy texture issue.
  • Added 071 Transport Dock:
    • Allows two helicopters to take-off (AI, players) at the same time.
    • Includes 6 liveries.
  • Fixed navy units model bugs.
  • Renamed navy units: Type_052B, Type_052C, Type_054A, Type_071, Type_093 (Livery folders are also updated to match new unit names).

DCS F/A-18C by ED

  • Add Real Beam Ground Map with Navigation Stabilized Cursor Designation - WIP.
  • Litening Targeting Pod:
    • Updates for LTD/R and LST (laser), automatic laser illumination.
    • Add AA Mode.
    • Issue in logic and symbols in AA and AG modes were fixed.
    • Add on HUD No-Action Slewing indication (segmented TD box).
  • Add AGM-84E SLAM.
  • Fixed Dynamic launch zone, AUTO mode for JDAM.
  • Fixed FLIR video on ALT+F1 view.
  • AOA Brightness knob has no effect on indicator - Fixed.
  • TACAN has wrong position on HSI - Fixed.
  • EXP on SA page shows blank - Fixed.
  • ACM legend doesn't disappear and range selection arrows don't return after uncommanded ACM lock break - Fixed.
  • DUD cue is in the wrong position in the HUD - Fixed.
  • Using JDAM TOO mode causes the target diamond to get stuck in the HUD - Fixed.
  • GACQ issues after radar rework - Fixed.
  • TDC radar altitude readout does not update with antenna elevation change - Fixed.
  • Radar scan elevation limit overflow - Fixed.
  • HUD Conflict Between FLIR and TMR/IN RNG/MAV LKD - Fixed.
  • SLAM video not switching on sometimes - Fixed.
  • AIM-120 launch in LTWS or TWS gives RWR launch warning to the target in MP - Fixed.
  • AGM-65F When uncaged slew close to designated point but not close enough - Fixed.
  • TDC scan altitude readout changes as the radar goes through each individual bar - Fixed.
  • Fixed the azimuthal scan indication in MAP mode after a hot start.
  • Add The sounds for throttle (throttle lims/throttle transition from Idle to Off and back/from mil to AB and back).
  • SLAM TOO data from TPOD can be transferred to PP - Fixed.
  • If user uses ground power only no stores information is shown in DDI - Fixed.
  • Radar elevation coverage is incorrect - Fixed.
  • Possible fix for crash in CLC.
  • Laser Maverick does not see Laser spot on a building - Fixed.
  • Refuel never confirms and rearm cannot continue - Fixed.
  • AG radar MAP mode - issue with incorrect designation target position - Fixed.
  • Walleye switching stations will prevent WPDSG being used - Fixed.
  • Only Available Fuze Options Should be Displayed - Fixed.
  • AGM-65F Ground stabilise before reaching designated point when uncaged - Fixed.
  • GBU - laser code can't be assigned for several stations per time - Fixed.
  • Rudder deflection angle indication arrow too close to figures - Fixed.
  • CAGE Switch when FLIR selected changes HUD cage when not in any master mode - Fixed.
  • AGM-65E Auto uncage works for first maverick, subsequent ones require manual caging and un-caging - Fixed.
  • Inside 3000m Gun sight occluded but remain occluded when selecting missile - Fixed.
  • Hornet Changing laser Code - GBU QTY becomes negative - Fixed.
  • Repair causes issues (Radar Altimeter warning, SAI frozen, ADI frozen) - Fixed.
  • AutoStart Fails in Cold Weather Conditions - Fixed.
  • AIM-9 Shoot cue missing - Fixed.
  • EXPAND does show TUC info in bottom right corner - Fixed.
  • EXPAND should cancel DCNTR - Fixed.
  • Timer in DDI does not go past 5959 - Fixed.
  • After the launch of the AGM-84E rocket, you must enable the display of information from AWW13 (button 6 DDI disable SLAM) - Fixed.
  • EXPAND doesn't zoom map - Fixed.
  • Only Available Fuze Options Should be Displayed - Fixed.
  • MFD image in some sun light exposure positions is corrupted - Fixed.
  • Cockpit 3D model DDI and RWR materials were adjusted - improved.
  • Brightness level of displays not working correctly - fixed:
    • Left/Right MDI and AMPCD day/night mode is initialized now according to Sun angle at the mission start
    • Adjusted MDI brightness control levels.
    • Implemented repetitive AMPCD GAIN/CONT/SYM rockers function (CONT has no function yet).
    • Added AUTO X brightness/contrast display for AMPCD when values are changed. It is disabled for contrast until it is implemented.
    • Implemented automatic brightness adjustment for AMPCD for all display formats in night mode, and in day mode when the digital map is displayed.
  • Launch bar switch flickers when controlled by VR gloves - Fixed.
  • Turn rate indicator of Standby AI should be able to move to the edge of the window - Fixed.
  • Unable to select fuzing option on stores page for cluster weapons - Fixed.
  • Updated afterburner effect.
  • Updated Flight Manual RU.

DCS F-16C by ED

  • Added ability to create new waypoints.
  • Low altitude, Low fuel, High speed wobbling - Fixed.
  • Radar elevation coverage is wrong - Fixed.
  • No HUD steerpoint indications for preset steerpoints - Fixed.
  • TDC range numbers don't change when antenna elevation changes - Fixed.
  • HUD symbology is barely visible in daylight - Fixed.
  • Added french F-16 localization.
  • TGP TV picture has extremely high brightness - Fixed.
  • F-16 Chaff Flare audio not working from cold start - Fixed.
  • Crash when using higher numbered steerpoints for manual waypoint - Fixed.
  • HUD To bright at night - Auto / night switch has no effect - Fixed.
  • PNEU label is not displayed - Fixed.
  • Corrected LAU-129 drag with adapter.
  • Corrected drag index for AIM-120 on wing pylons.
  • Corrupted Kneeboard fonts - fixed.

DCS A-10C by ED

  • Lights inside "FIRE ‹eng› PULL", "FIRE ‹APU› PULL" & landing gear handles were too dim - corrected.
  • Brightness of some lights in the cockpit was too high - corrected.
  • Decreased MFD brightness at night. Except for 'HUD only' mode.
  • VR hand controllers backwards when used on stick and throttle - Fixed.
  • Autopilot fix.

DCS Spitfire IX by ED

  • Fixed issue with negative G fuel cut out (known issue with blackout with negative G still there).

DCS Black Shark by ED

  • Game avionics. ABRIS and IT-23 overlays on F2 view are not functional - fixed.
  • Ka-50 Georgian Oil War Campaign, fixed by MadDog-IC. Updated the briefing target images, by Alex Zander (gornyak).
  • Ka-50 Deployment Campaign. Corrected parking conflict of player with wingman.
  • Cockpit lamp illumination changed to an additive method.
  • IT-23 and ABRIS doesn't update information on F2 view when DCS launched in 2-monitor configuration - fixed.
  • Kh-25ML missile not tracking laser - fixed.
  • Signal flares when used shoot forward and not to side - fixed.

Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • F-15C cockpit. Warning lights animation corrected.
  • Added adaptive self-illuminating materials in the cockpit of A-10A, Su-25T, Su-25.
  • Broken shadows in the cockpit - fixed.
  • In cockpit mirrors. Optimized rendering, increase framerate.

DCS Yak-52 by ED

  • Fixed reverted trim descriptions for Yak-52 in localization (RU).

DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED

  • RWR buttons not properly lit - fixed.

DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Fixed cockpit lighting intensity.
  • Fixed navigation lights color.
  • Fixed beacon light color.
  • Animated and adjusted landing light.

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • L-39ZA cockpit. Stick dont move, animations pilot right hand, artefact on gunsight - fixed.
  • L-39C cockpit. Fixed lightning of some panels being available without electric power.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

  • Door gunners not engaging armed towers - fixed.
  • Door-gunners shoot through the buildings - fixed.
  • UN-PILOT Campaign, Mission 14 - fixed.
  • UN-PILOT Campaign, minor changes in briefing Mission 09.

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Added wheel brakes failures.

DCS Fw 190 A8 by ED

  • Fixed missing flaps damage, increased severity of the effect.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Corrupted Kneeboard fonts - fixed.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • IFLOLs helper visibility fixed.
  • New soundtrack for game GUI.
  • Uncontrolled AI affected by mission planner on super carrier only - fixed.
  • Player appears on the wrong Kuznecov if he doesn't have a module - fixed.
  • Fix rain reflected light intensity.
  • Add specular reflections for dynamic lights.
  • Updated Russian manual (Quick Start part added).
  • Deck crew ignores player after helicopter takeoff in some cases - fixed.
  • Uncontrolled aircraft on six pack are ignored by landing aircraft - fixed. Note: collision fixed, but mission designers must ensure Six pack and routes for taxi are clear.
  • Helicopters block aircraft landing in some case (Helicopters land earlier and remain standing on the deck,after that the planes cannot land) - fixed.
  • Foul deck if moved back to spectator after blocking deck - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B Spawn on same spots as other AI on SC - fixed.
  • E2D goes beyond the deck of an aircraft carrier when turning - fixed.
  • Assertion when server changes mission with Supercarrier to another mission - fixed.
  • Radio dialogue case 3 available in MP (branch 2.5.6) without SC module - fixed.
  • Improved textures of aircraft carriers.
  • Corrected island position.
  • Nimitz class. Updated geometry and texture of lights. IFLOLS lights attached to model.
  • Arleigh Burke. Updated geometry and textures.

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Added multichannel tracking radar for SAM + Aegis for navy.
  • Fixed ineffectiveness SAM Sea RAM to ASM.
  • Fixed infantry stick together from 14 to 2 If set task “Embarking”.
  • Added MLRS 9А52 “Smerch” with HE missile.
  • Added 9N235 submunitions for 9M55K missile (Smerch MLRS).
  • Added M77 DPICM submunitions for M26 (missile M270 MLRS).
  • Disconnecting client kicks host from CA unit - fixed.

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED

  • Added model 15cm shell.
  • Added model 75mm shell.
  • Fixed bofors 40mm erratic behaviour.


F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag Missions

  • Adjusted AI vehicles to avoid aircraft collisions.

F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign Files by Maple Flag

  • Added Skip Mission F10 radio menu to practice missions.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger, P-51D Mustang Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney and Spitfire IX The Big Show campaigns by Reflected Simulations

  • Campaigns updated to include the AI P-47 Thunderbolt.

A-10C The Enemy Within 3 by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 2: removed the safeguard as mission now works as intended (AI movement is fixed).
  • Mission 5: fixed issue with damaged Mi-8 taking off and departing the AO.
  • Mission 8: fixed typos in the briefing.
  • Mission 10: fixed issue with Falcons not hitting targets with GBUs.
  • Mission 12: fixed issue with Georgian APCs at the end moving too early.
  • Mission 13: moved enemy AAA from the roof of the factory complex to prevent them from falling inside the building.
  • Mission 19: fixed issue with CLA trucks not moving out from the compound.

UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven

  • Mission 6: Enemy Ka-50 set to weapons hold.
  • Mission 8: Sinking ship issue fixed, Russian Frigate changed to AI unit, Time of day adjusted.
  • Mission 4 - Fixed path finding issues.

Memory of the Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • Mission 4 - Cruiser Moscow destroys the first target before you take off - fixed.