DCS Update 1

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Stable changelog
DCS - 02.08.2023
DCS - 05.05.2023
DCS - 27.12.2022
DCS - 05.10.2022
DCS - 08.09.2022
DCS - 04.08.2022
DCS - 27.05.2022
DCS - 08.04.2022
DCS - 09.02.2022
DCS - 30.12.2021
DCS - 03.11.2021
DCS - 01.10.2021
DCS - 18.08.2021
DCS - 14.07.2021
DCS - 25.06.2021
DCS - 11.06.2021
DCS - 05.03.2021
DCS - 04.01.2021
DCS - 25.12.2020
DCS - 09.10.2020
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DCS - 23.12.2019
DCS - 15.11.2019
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DCS - 26.08.2019
DCS - 10.07.2019
DCS - 26.06.2019
DCS - 15.05.2019
DCS - 03.04.2019
DCS - 20.02.2019
DCS - 06.02.2019
DCS - 25.01.2019
DCS - 12.12.2018
DCS - 31.10.2018
DCS - 17.10.2018
DCS - 29.09.2018
DCS - 19.09.2018
DCS - 07.09.2018
DCS - 27.06.2018
New build of Normandy 1944 map with all additions and corrections.
Added Spitfire IX clipped wings version.
Added bombs and external fuel tanks for Spitfire.

DCS World
  • ME. Payload panel. The payload can be renamed in all cases.
  • ME. Carrier COMM FREQ can be assigned for each ship.
  • ME. New a unit's 2D view on the map. Units to always appear above / on top of static objects.
  • ME. New a unit's 2D view on the map. New button (tank in plan view) was added to lower bar in ME for show the unit models.
  • ME. Ships. TACAN can be assigned to exact ship, not whole group.
  • Doors of hangar don't open after spawn the plane - fixed.
  • Fixed crash that caused by helicopter spawn on carrier.
  • Incorrect route for AI when parking in a hangar - fixed.
  • The AI aircraft will not eject after takeoff if the carrier is deactivated.
  • Corrected Italy chevrons script for logbook by Automan.
  • Added F-86F RSAF skin made by CHSubZero based on PSD of Skatezilla.
  • Carrier doesn't raise shield when client borned on catapult - fixed.
  • After saving a static template, the names of objects on the map are changed to DictKey_GroupName - fixed.
  • Module manager. Disable useless tabs in offline mode.
  • GUI. Error when trying to save template with an invalid file name - fixed.

  • Added carrier cold start instant action missions
  • Nose gear shuttle will be attach to catapult correctly.
  • Gear strut uncompression corrected.
  • The aiming of CBU corrected.
  • Waypoint number can be changed on Waypoint Data page.
  • MDI's blank when trying to export to other displays - fixed.
  • Removed 2*Mk-83 from center pylon.
  • Unable to select AG weapon after launching AIM-7 - fixed.
  • Carrier deck. After connecting launch bar to the shuttle, player can disconnect with second key U press.
  • TACAN TTG indication errors - fixed.
  • "AA Gun and AIM-9 Sidewinder" mission corrected.
  • Course line disappears with 5 and 10 scales - fixed.
  • Added abeam distance to course line.
  • Gen Tie fixed.
  • Added third option for throttle afterburner detent.
  • UFC doesn't display TACAN channel and status when it's OFF - fixed.
  • TACAN callsign is missing on DDI and HUD until TCN audio volume is greater than zero - fixed.
  • Selective jettison releases rack instead stores - fixed.
  • Holes in gear bays - fixed.
  • Corrected fuel tanks pressurization cautions.
  • Mk-82 Snakeye bomb always releases retarded - fixed.
  • Caution EXT XFER is missing when external fuel available with BINGO state - fixed.
  • Rocket pods can't be jettisoned without BRU-33 - fixed.
  • Rocket pods can't be jettisoned from BRU-33 after rocket launch - fixed.
  • AIM-7 on LAU-115 jettison - corrected.
  • LAU-115 can't be normally jettisoned after missile launch - fixed.
  • Single bomb can't be jettisoned with RACK/LCHR option selected - fixed.
  • Current weapon is deselected after priority weapon has been jettisoned - fixed.
  • Priority weapon station doesn't save - fixed.
  • Radar too easily losing contacts - fixed.
  • Systems still energized by external power despite ExtPWR switches are disabled - fixed.
  • AI F/A-18C will not try to taxi to catapult occupied by player.
  • Trigger error in Nevada FA-18C AA Gun and AIM-9 quickstart mission - fixed.
  • While internal wing tanks are disabled, aircraft doesn't send to tanker event for terminate refueling process - fixed.
  • Engine Anti-Ice system, doesn't cause caution/advisories - fixed.
  • Missing DUD cue restored.
  • Reflected CUE for CCIP bombing is mechanized correctly.
  • Break X/Pull Up cue is displaying when the aircraft is not pointed at the ground - fixed.

  • Incorrect position vehicles sight when GUI scale option is ON - fixed

  • Datalink work restored.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
  • J-11A input missing command fixed

DCS Black Shark
  • Datalink work restored.

DCS Spitfire LF Mk IX
  • Drop tank can't be connected to fuel pipeline - fixed.

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • MW-50 restored.

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • MW-50 restored.

  • Fixed crash on repair.

DCS AV-8B N/A by Razbam Simulations LLC
  • Fixed external lights flashing inside of cockpit (disco strobe issue)
  • UFC Waypoint edit and data entry logic
  • Waypoint edit via moving map and TDC
  • MPCD Compass radio logic
  • Updated LHA Tarawa model and collision model
  • Corrected braking force that was causing movement during 60% RPM engine check
  • Add keybindings for anti-ski and electrical from community (Peagle)
  • Added further keybindings and switch abstractions from community (LeCurvier and Nero.ger)
  • Removed duplicate and unused Engine Start and Engine Stop keybind, to initiate auto-start or auto-stop sequence use the commands in the "Cheat" section (default Win+Home and Win+End)
  • Training missions in Caucasus
  • Rain falling on HUD glass fixed

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fixed crashing issue on aircraft re-initialization (respawn, refly)
  • Reworked overall Sidewinder seeker behaviour.
  • Increased Rb-74 (AIM-9L) all-aspect capabilities.
  • Fixed RB24J (AIM-9P) to be properly rear-aspect.
  • Added Next Missile selector (FRAMSTEGN IRRB) button to bindable controls.
  • Re-added kneeboard settings page
  • Fixed trim on ground start - now defaults to 3 degrees

DCS M-2000C by Razbam Simulations LLC
  • Strobe lights too bright fixed
  • Rain falling on HUD glass fixed

  • Campaigns DCS NTTR A-10C Red Flag, DCS NTTR F-15C Red Flag, F-5E ACM, F-5E BFM, Spitfire IX Epsom was transferred to keyless DRM.
  • Su-27 Ultimate Argument added CN localization
  • F-15C The Georgian War - corrected all missions.
  • M-2000C Red Flag Campaign - added documents.
  • A-10C Shturmovik - no progress in 11th mission fixed.