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14 avr.

We are pleased to share our latest update to DCS World Open Beta and the substantial range of new features and improvements that are included. Some of the highlights are new cloud technology, new piston engine propeller technology and a wide array of new features for the Hornet and Viper. Check out the 100’s of fixes and enhancements below and please remember that we count on you to help us grow the product. We promise to keep you updated on all the progress to 2.7 and thank you in advance for your trust, passion and support.

You make our dreams come true!

The Eagle Dynamics Team

Changelog features

Please note that DCS does not support Windows 7 anymore. You will continue to be able to enjoy your existing version but all 2.7 updates will not install.

Introducing a new cloud system with presets.

Introducing the new WWII propellers technology.

New campaigns:

  • DCS: Black Shark 2 Pandemic campaign by Armen Murazyan.
  • DCS: A-10C Operation Persian Freedom by Ground Pounder Sims.
  • DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations.

DCS World New Features

  • Labels. Added new small neutral dot label.
  • Mission Editor (ME). Added quadrangular trigger zones.
  • ME. Updated payloads window design. Mouse interactive view. Double RMB to reset position.
  • ME. Updated weapons and stores naming.
  • ME. Added ability to place all Player/Client Aircraft on ground without parking spot
  • Several changes in graphics effects.
  • Missions created in DCS 2.7 are incompatible with old DCS versions.
  • Options. System:
  • F11 Free Camera. Added control with classic WASDkeys.
  • Campaigns. Added a campaigns main window background, that can be selected via Options --> Misc. --> Theme dropdown list.
  • Added basic barrage option for FLAK and AA guns. (fire at point with altitude selection)

DCS World

  • Corrected RSC of most missiles to bring values ​​to a more realistic look. Nothing special, just percentages.
  • ME. The default speed of ships increased from 11 to 27 knots.
  • Effects. The dust plume from low-flying aircraft has been improved and tuned.
  • AIM-9X missile. Corrected params of proportional navigation. Now the missile will be more agile.
  • R-27R/T missiles. We conducted preliminary CFD research, on the basis of which the aerodynamic drag coefficients were reduced. Missiles began to fly a bit faster by 10-20%.
  • R-27ER/ET missiles. Revised aerodynamic and motor data. Reduced zero-lift drag in subsonic and high supersonic regions. Updated rocket motor data for a more realistic velocity profile. Missiles began to fly a bit faster.
  • Fixed error which forces R-27 and other missiles to perform strange manoeuvres when launched from inverted flight or flight with high roll angles.
  • MP. Fixed several missile synchronization errors in multiplayer
    • Off boresight desync - Fixed
    • Desync when firing at high G loading - Fixed
  • Introduced low altitude aiming errors for AIM-7 and AIM-120 missiles.
  • Numerous fixes of weapons and payloads masses.
  • AGM-88C updated autopilot, implemented new loft trajectories, improved guidance law to achieve higher accuracy in strong wind conditions.
  • Four-engined bombers don’t make evasive maneuvers when shot.
  • Input. Removed automatic assignment of commands to non-existing joystick buttons.
  • Ability to link FARP objects to share ATC and warehouse.
  • ME. Group/Unit names, trigger scripts de-sync in localizations - fixed.
  • Input. Target designator analog axis has a big deadzone in the center - corrected.
  • JTAC cannot designate HQ-7 - fixed.
  • Triggers. The trigger "shelling zone" is randomized now.
  • Encyclopedia. Added new articles.
  • Graphic system. First game start will be in main display resolution, not 1280x768.
  • DCS_Updater: Only allow to install authorized modules.
  • AWACS aircraft.Target detection ranges have been adjusted taking into account the restrictions on the minimum radial speed in look-down conditions.
  • ME. Adjusted bound area of The Channel, Nevada, Normandy maps.
  • ME. Trigger condition DEAD_ZONE doesn't work in Dover map - fixed.
  • ME: AI Mi-8. Broken Perform Task Landing - fixed.
  • Ground AI. Fixed crash on cReloadingStateSequentialy::onReloadPosition.
  • MP. Client has gun's loadout without tracers but another client sees tracers - fixed.
  • UAV causes DCS crash when taking off from the runway after a cold start - fixed.
  • Triggers. Trigger condition '(dev) DEAD_ZONE' renamed to more correct Map object is dead.
  • Sounds. New missile launch sounds for exterior and cockpit views. Missile launch sounds are now divided into 4 types: light, medium, heavy, ejection.
  • Sounds. Correction of audio errors in F/A-18C.
  • Sounds. Updated helicopter trimmer sound.
  • Sounds. Updating some of the F-16C sounds for the exterior.
  • Sounds. Fixed bugs with sounds of rain in the cockpit.
  • Sounds. New sounds for sounding turboprop aircraft.
  • Sounds. Minor bug fixes for P-47D sounds
  • Sounds. New sounds for sounding aircraft with turbofan engines.
  • Sounds. New sounds for CFM-56 engine.
  • Sounds. Correction of minor bugs in some models of ground vehicles.
  • Sounds. New sound and small sound dynamics update for Su-27 and other jets.
  • Ground AI. Embark issues with AI, troops will no longer load when given the command - fixed.
  • Mission generator. Lua error in created mission with WWII units - fixed.
  • VR gloves: broken animation of thumbs - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AIs not engage infantry with APKWS - fixed. AIs will use tactical missiles against infantry only if an infantry group is designated as a target in the mission editor and the weapon is specified as tactical missiles.
  • MP. Reduced the amount of network traffic generated by the air defense missile systems.
  • AI aircraft. S-3 and E-2 not launching from supercarrier - fixed.
  • ATGM misses the BMD-1 in some conditions, flies above the vehicle - fixed.
  • Aircraft set to take-off from ground spawn on top of shelters - fixed.
  • MP. Server Browser. Map listed as none randomly - fixed.
  • Airdrome warehouse. S-8TsM rockets appear multiple times in base warehouse - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Fixed AIs collisions in some of the airports.
  • Encyclopedia. Added the articles about troops.
  • MP. Server without render aren't seen on remote clients until restart - fixed.
  • MP. A client's game will crash if they try to open the F10 map after a markup or shape object has been added via the scripting engine - fixed.
  • ME. Trigger action doesn't use correct FARP - fixed.
  • MP. Server SHUFFLE and LOOP modes work incorrect - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Aircraft will better maintain their combat formation in low-altitude flights.
  • Weapons. Fixed Mk-81, Mk-82, GBU-27 and LUU-19 masses, fixed mass of numerous payloads with BRU-42 rack.
  • Maps. Trees have summer textures when first loading winter season - fixed.
  • ME. Added command "Go to Waypoint" for Ships.
  • ME. Payload panel. Fix creating a payload with the name "fuel" automatically renames it to "Unlimited fuel" every time.
  • F12 cycling view of static objects only ever returns to lowest id static object - fixed.
  • AI planes. Fixed a bug that caused aircraft collisions after landing at WWII airfields.
  • Effects. Adjusted the ground dust effect.
  • ME. Added Category to Ship Group.
  • MP. Add ability to minimize the dedicated server window. Ignore window size from options for --norender mod.
  • AI CH-47D. Can't land when performing a task 'Land' - fixed.
  • Update of overlayed craters textures by weapon hits.
  • VR. Cockpit control pointers do not scale in training lessons - fixed.
  • Added: PLZ-05 SPH
  • Added: GDJ-II19 dual mount adapter for JF-17
  • Updated: replace all BRU33 adapter loadout by GDJ-II19 adapter loadout for JF-17 (modify your mission if needed)
  • Updated: JF-17 pylon/adapter texture
  • Fixed: Wingloong cannot climb up to 2000m issue
  • Fixed: 052C collision

DCS: JF-17 Thunder by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: HUD TDC movement issue due to SPI
  • Fixed: Radar in STT mode should not change PRF
  • Fixed: HUD TACAN display issue
  • Fixed: AA INTC/DGFT modes should have unified MFCD page memory
  • Fixed: Dual mount station broken/loadout drop issue due to high-G manoeuvre
  • Added: special option "Icing On the Cake" to turn on/off canopy fog, pilot cold/hot reaction etc features
  • Added: special option "Testing Feature": if you found some new changes (marked by [*]) break the game experience badly, you can uncheck this option to disable them until they’re moved out from this protection.
  • Updated: If radar antenna elev changed, the antenna will move to new pattern after finishing current bar scan (previously, after full scan for jitter throttle axis). [*]
  • Updated: HSD TACAN display
  • Updated: reduced SPJ jam power
  • Updated: radio comm menu (allow wingmen to attack my SPI)
  • Updated: aerodynamic damping moment Clp
  • Updated: new cloud preset for all missions

DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL by RAZBAM

  • Fixed: Negative clock values when local time reaches 00H00:00
  • Fixed: CAS Long/Lat Input
  • Fixed: CAS UTM input
  • Fixed: TACAN line course deviation
  • Fixed: TACAN modes not working correctly
  • Fixed: DMT VV slave following ghost vector
  • Fixed: UFC input errors after entering TACAN or waypoint values.
  • Fixed: TPOD reverts to wide view when selecting FLIR
  • Fixed: AAR Zone 3 not appearing on EHSD
  • Fixed: TPOD Compass Arrow not pointing North from the POI viewpoint.
  • Fixed: DECM annunciator lights remaining ON when pod is OFF.
  • Fixed: UFC/ODU display not responding to brightness control.
  • Fixed: GBU-12/16 ODU Fuze options not working.
  • Fixed: CRS Switch not centering when using keyboard/joystick
  • Fixed: Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Keybinds profiles.
  • Fixed: SAI cage/uncage lever animation. To cage the SAI it must be pulled and rotated.
  • Added: AUTO Point Blank designation.
  • Added: Special Option: Action/No Action TDC behavior.
  • Added: FLIR Hot Spot detector on HUD
  • Added: JTAC 9 line CAS brief reception. The brief can be reviewed in the MPCD CAS page.
  • Improved: MPCD FLIR page to incorporate Hot Spot Detector cues.
  • Improved: Hydra rockets firing logic for single and ripple fire.
  • Improved: USS Tarawa Textures
  • Improved: KC-130 Lights
  • Improved: Exterior lights w/ LODs
  • Improved: UFC WOF mode function.
  • Improved: VREST page logic
  • Improved: TPOD G4 functionality
    • NWS functionality
    • Snowplow mode enabled (requires Action/No Action TDC enabled).
    • SLV VV (slaved to VV) mode enabled
    • 2D Yardstick circle enabled
  • Improved FM
    • Corrected insufficient drag at negative angles of attack.
    • Corrected incorrect thrust being generated when engine is windmilling but no combustion.
    • Improved negative angle of attack dynamics.
  • Missions: "Ottoman Courier" campaign updated for 2.7 features, including the clouds.
  • Missions: Added completely new Tote Board to all missions.
  • Missions: Fixed invalid loads on some Fast Action missions.

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM

  • Fixed: HUD Waypoint course error ("house") jumps
  • Fixed: AP star HUD symbol
  • Fixed: VTB WP display in CADR AR mode
  • Fixed: Radar Altimeter minimum altitude switch range
  • Fixed: Green Radio 1 digit channel keyboard entry
  • Fixed: Emergency compass behaviour
  • Fixed: Brightness curve for cockpit lights
  • Fixed: VTB WP off-screen visibility
  • Fixed: AP oscillations at low speed
  • Fixed: engine in-flight restart after inverted flight
  • Fixed: INS Alignment must be done on a waypoint >=1
  • Fixed: VTB Bullseye Selector going too fast
  • Fixed: minimum HUD brightness and added a brightness curve for easier adjustment
  • Fixed: feeder tank ribbon levels
  • Fixed: UHF Main Mode knob rotation
  • Fixed: External tanks not refuelling on ground
  • Fixed: PCA issue when switching BL and AG Radar modes back and forth
  • Fixed: Issues with PPA/PCA binds
  • Fixed: alignment status timings
  • Fixed: InFlight realign.
  • Fixed: double keypress on PCN with binds
  • Fixed: IDN and PCN symbols flickering
  • Fixed: CCRP-IP release cue
  • Fixed: bug causing HUD WP reticle at correct place with wrong INS alignment
  • Fixed: Waypoints position displayed on VTB is not affected by the INS drift
  • Fixed: VTB Waypoints can't be added if outside radar azimuth cone
  • Fixed: Bug causing VTB Waypoint system stuck when 5 waypoints are added
  • Fixed: Adding more than 5 waypoints to VTB does not remove the oldest one
  • Fixed: Can only add 4 waypoints to VTB instead of 5
  • Fixed: VTB WP persistence across flights
  • Fixed: Police light ON/OFF switch
  • Fixed: IFF set OFF on Air Start but still operates as if on
  • Fixed: Radar elevation bug - slow elevation increase
  • Fixed: CCRP turn cues
  • Fixed: Radar range switch limited to 80nm
  • Fixed: PCN ΔLatΔLon distance 1000 factor
  • Fixed: Wrong ΔAlt input in PCN
  • Fixed: green radio ch knob not turning when radio off (cosmetic)
  • Fixed: Wrong TWS Closing Velocity
  • Fixed: TACAN Bug
  • Fixed: FPM stutters in wake turbulences.
  • Added: INS switch on to Autostart sequence
  • Added: Added RD (desired route) to HUD
  • Added: Refuel log in kneeboard
  • Added: REC can be used on the ground
  • Added: brightness knob on PCN including test position
  • Added: Palette SNA (Magic Slave / INS Update) hides the ILS cue and synth runway
  • Added: Automatically sets CP and PD on a landing waypoint
  • Added: Desired glide indicator on the HUD in APP mode
  • Added: Manual Fuel Detotalizer (can be disabled in special options)
  • Added: Refuel quantity message at the end of refuel for manual detot update
  • Added: Automatic waypoint conversion to BAD offset if wp name contains #CONVERT_TO_BAD
  • Added: INS wind estimate CCRP correction.
  • Added: Trailing needles to GMeter (with reset).
  • Improved: INS accelerometer and gyro failures
  • Improved: INS power supply
  • Improved: Aux ADI pitch mouse wheel speed
  • Improved: PCN display
  • Improved: Pitch ladder & horizon uses drifted INS in instead of perfect angles;
  • Improved: ILS line. Added CP axis ILS line to HUD instead of the previous localizer dashed line.
  • Improved: AP APP HOLD mode to follow the ILS cue
  • Improved: Synthetic Runway created from ILS data and CP/PD info instead of mission editor
  • Improved: HUD ILS cues
  • Improved: Bingo fuel logic
  • Improved: All 20 waypoints enabled by default
  • Improved: CCRP bombing accuracy
  • Improved: HUD Heading tapes shows backup gyro if INS is off, and magnetic heading if both are off.
  • Improved: heading/pitch/roll functions.
  • Improved: HSI and ADI movements
  • Improved: INS drift with a more realistic model
  • Improved: Windspeed calculation based on INS speed and FM sensors
  • Improved: ALCM (fast alignment).
  • Improved: Caution lights knob “click” and profile.
  • Fixed and Improved: Time to Destination mode
  • Replaced "INS does dot need realign" option by "Fast Alignment (ALCM) enabled"
  • Adjusted Formation lights.
  • All campaigns have been updated for 2.7 features, including the clouds
  • Stock campaign (South Ossetia) updates:
    • Added SPACE BAR option and instructions for radio checks in all missions.
    • Fixed "gear up" call at mission start for M07.
    • Updated M13: JTAC will now lase target correctly; removed the need to use DCS JTAC radio men.

DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM

  • "Crime and Punishment" campaign updated for 2.7 features, including the clouds.
  • Fixed: Left gun Electrical power keybind
  • Fixed: ARK-5 ADF keybind not working.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Added the ability to load runway headings on map markers, like so: L1 180 - this is useful for road bases and other ad-hoc fields.
  • Added EP-13 Brightness and Contrast controls to cockpit model
  • Added missing EP-13 Brt/Contrast label
  • Fixed MIKBAND clickable area being too large
  • Fixed direction of arrow on radio panel
  • Fixed appearance of Navigation Light orbs
  • Improved smoothness of fabric coverings on glareshield and surrounding areas
  • Significantly improved readability of weapon selector switches - especially with lowered texture settings.
  • Fixed white formation lights being constantly on regardless of power or switch position.
  • Fixed appearance of white formation lights (orb shader)
  • Decreased cast attenuation range of navigation lights on the airframe
  • Decreased intensity of fin illumination lights
  • Reduced intensity of anti-collision light
  • Increased visibility of anti-collision light flipbook textures
  • Moved position of fast erect button
  • Added “fake mirrors” (ala F-14) to mirrors when they are off - instead of just appearing black/grey.
  • Tilted EP-13 sight and tube towards pilot head for more neutral aiming position
  • Adjusted EP-13 clipping masks
  • Fixed rudder pedal mechanism clipping into the floor.
  • Fixed rudder pedal pedestal base clipping
  • Removed floating screws near pedals
  • Added proper afterburner visual effects to human-controlled aircraft
  • Adjusted afterburner effects inside exhaust for human-controlled aircraft
  • Added Heatblur effect when afterburner is in use
  • Added RB75 tutorial mission
  • Added clickable area for the CI filter
  • Fixed loading image not appearing
  • Updated mission 2 of The Mjolnir Response
  • Updated airborne intercept mission frequencies
  • Fixed typos on various SP mission names
  • Updated C-130 spawns on basic navigation tutorial
  • Updated weapon display names
  • Updated Airborne intercept mission frequencies
  • Updated mission 8 Springfield 2 behaviour.
  • Changed HUD brightness knob gains
  • Updated RB-04 warhead for new ASM DCS parameters
  • Fixed taxi-light MP sync.
  • Fixed 6DOF head movement limitations in the cockpit
  • Corrected oddly repeating / clipped texture on right-hand side of cockpit near IFF panel
  • Corrected FLI night lighting on the FLI ball always being on.
  • Fixed excessive “shininess” (roughness) on FLI ball baked AO
  • Changed shader for FLI lighting and adjusted intensity
  • Fixed flipped knee maps on in-cockpit pilot
  • Mattified cover glass pieces in cockpit
  • Fixed slightly incorrect shape of EP-13 glass
  • Improved appearance of EP-13 glass textures and shader
  • Fixed missing smoothing groups on interior of radarscope wall.
  • Roll Trim Center button is now clickable
  • Fixed RAT hydraulics sticking through into intake
  • Fixed secondary LoDs not loading due to argument number assert
  • Fixed toe-brake pedal animation not appearing
  • Fixed various needles lacking night lighting illumination
  • Fixed mirrored warning panel textures and incorrect non illuminated text.
  • Fixed some texture repetition on the warning panel area.
  • Fake radar bloom now scales accurately with radar brightness
  • Fixed FLI Roll indicator moving in the wrong direction
  • Slightly tweaked landing light intensity
  • Fixed inoperative cabin pressure indicator
  • Slightly reduced bloom emissivity on lights and indicators
  • Adjusted all instant action missions for new weather rendering system
  • Fixed Anti-collision light sprite MP sync
  • Updated “Mjolnir Response” and “Wrath of Thunder” campaigns with new weather presets.
  • Made emergency trim switches spring-loaded

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW!: JESTER speed awareness callouts during BFM:
    • Added over 1000 variations of speed callouts.
    • Jester will provide speed awareness calls during BFM.
    • Jester will advise of slow and fast speeds, as well as corner speed.
  • Added OP Reforger COOP missions.
  • Added new weather to all Quickstart, Singleplayer, Coop and Campaign Missions.
  • Complete overhaul of all Quickstart, Singleplayer, Coop and Campaign Missions.
  • Fixes to OP Reforger Campaign Missions.
  • Added new weather and fixes to Training Missions.
  • Fixed JESTER wire call on the SuperCarrier being errant.
  • RWR threat library adjusted to account for new Chinese assets.
  • Threat library correction: Type 052B was Type 052C.
  • Fixed kneeboard showing wrong loadout for human RIO in multicrew.
  • Adjusted clickable areas to trigger fire bottles and fire handles.
  • DLC no longer overrides spoiler brake operation on ground.
  • Fixed both fuel flow tape flags being linked to the same engine.
  • Reduced starting temperature of TF-30 engine oil.
  • Fixed corruption in misc texture.
  • Fixed canopy jettison not appearing properly in the cockpit.
  • Corrected animation of RIO Canopy jettison handle.
  • CRT Overlay mask no longer visible when VDI is off.
  • Flap damage should now reset on repair.
  • Fixed ejection seats being visible after ejection in LoD2.
  • Afterburner sound now fades in with a higher stage of the TF-30 AB.
  • Fixed static internal intake whine in F-14A.
  • Increased intensity of dynamic intake whine in F-14A.
  • Reduced volume of baseline engine sounds in F-14A.
  • Slightly reduced volume of ordnance release kuhklunch sound to account for new sound compressor.
  • Fixed ordnance and missile release thump / kuhklunch sound not playing.
  • Reduced lift due to ground effect.
  • Reduced stab effectiveness due to ground effect
  • Increased pitch with power effects.

DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Removed duplicates in input definitions.
  • Removed some irrelevant commands from input.
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Campaign updated.
  • Fixed movement of rear pilot right foot when applying brake.
  • Change in damaged wings aerodynamic model: The effective wing surface has been changed for the reduction in aerodynamic coefficients related to the wings. After some testing, the result was enough to produce uncontrollability to the aircraft.
  • Fixed ITT gauge CC.
  • Several changes in Georgian liveries.
  • Fixed empty aircraft and total fuel masses of C-101CC.
  • Fixed CoG handling of C-101CC.
  • Multicrew is currently under WIP:
    • Fixed time delays and synchronization bugs of the following cockpit controls: flaps, gear, L/R battery isolation switches, “ESS bus transfer” button, “pitot heat”, “anti-ice”, engine starter mode, start abort, and ignition switches.
    • Implemented multicrew synchronization of “computer” Korry button.
    • Implemented multicrew synchronization of “anti-skid” Korry button.
  • Fixed C-101CC rear cockpit landing gear handle light (it was inoperative).

DCS: I-16 by OctopusG

  • Added external fuel tanks.
  • (Updates that not marked in previous changelog):
    • Level flight tweaked
    • Motor shutdown process tweaked
    • Heating physics tweaked
    • Pilot and parachute shapes added
    • Oil radiator animation added
    • Kneeboard added
    • Fuelmeter changed
    • Gunsight and cockpit lighting improved

DCS: F-86F Sabre by Belsimtek

  • Decreased IR signature from 0.76 to 0.25.

DCS: MiG-15bis by Belsimtek

  • Decreased IR signature from 0.76 to 0.26.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added ATFLIR targeting pod
  • Added HARM Pre-Briefed mode and Self Protect with Pull Back mode
  • Added Coupled Autopilot mode
  • Added Spotlight mode
  • Added WACQ Uncaged Mode
  • Range No Escape (Rne) is Incorrect - Fixed
  • Should be able to selected AA or AG Master Modes while on Ground - Fixed
  • Litening Targeting Pod:
    • Moving Target Lock Errors - Fixed
    • Added Yardstick Value for Targeting Pod
    • Adjust autotrack range
    • Adjust Track frame size
    • Designated with offset cursor has wrong elevation value - Fixed
    • Offset cursor should not be available in area track - Fixed
    • Snowplow up/down slew is reversed when tpod is pointing aft. - Fixed
    • Unable to un-designate in MEM mode - Fixed
    • After coming out of area or point track tgp will not slew - Fixed
    • Offset not ground stabilised when TDC depress is used - Fixed
    • Shows wrong azimuth values and inverts controls - Fixed
    • Does not create a designation when in a tracking mode - Fixed
    • FRZ changes exposure of the picture - Fixed
    • Litening: after switch to INR track after offset push FLIR LOS jumping crazily - Fixed
    • Reticle is not flashing during laser firing like LTD/R - Fixed
    • A/A Radar Slave mode doesn't work if you warm-up the TGP while in A/A - Fixed
  • Pilot helmet visor showing through the canopy - Fixed
  • INS/GPS Weapon Accuracy Error with Container - Fixed
  • Mk-82 dropping long if speed is faster than 400 knts - Fixed
  • Navigation lights visible at far LOD when turned off - Fixed
  • TGT Designation drifts when JHMCS - Fixed
  • HARM TOO - Possible to Handoff 2 emitters at once- Fixed
  • Radar Antenna Elevation not Synchronized with the TDC - Fixed
  • The radar sees the target at the minimum closure rate - Fixed
  • Weapons mass inconsistencies - Fixed
  • At slow speeds the gun funnel is not predictive of the path of the bullets - Fixed
  • Reflected CUE for CCIP bombing is not mechanized correctly - Fixed
  • Vertical Auto Acquisition (VACQ) mode - slow lock speed - Fixed
  • VACQ scan pattern too wide - Fixed
  • Radar elevation previously set in bvr modes affects WACQ and Vertical scan - Fixed
  • Setting Map North Up for HSI makes it North for Map on SA Page - Fixed
  • Drag change with removed pylons - Fixed
  • PRF can stick on medium switching between gun and AMRAAM - Fixed
  • Hidden on Planner option in ME should hide on SA Page - Fixed
  • AIM-7 Radar frequency can't be set for RWS - Fixed
  • PRF setting not stored via the SET function - Fixed
  • Launch Acceptable Region shows with no missile selected - Fixed
  • AGM-84 stores page option buttons should not cycle options - Fixed
  • HARM indicator not crossed out on HUD when crossed out on DDI Page - Fixed
  • Using SET on RADAR page will not save PRF data - Fixed
  • SA Page - Hostile AC info blocked by black bar - Fixed
  • USA flag stripe on the pilot's left sleeve is reversed - Fixed
  • Pylon weight not calculated - Fixed
  • RWR trackfile layering on radar display - Fixed
  • Own-ship TDC BRA disappears after a lock - Fixed
  • Should PRF switch back to the previous state when moving to 10nm or more - Fixed
  • AIM-54 shows as Unknown (U) from Heatblur's module - Fixed
  • Wingspan indication errors - Fixed
  • HUD target square (selected target indication) in LTWS missing sides - Fixed
  • Entering TWS resets L&S to highest priority trackfile, even if a different L&S existed previously - Fixed
  • Negative weight of payload - Fixed
  • TDC altitude readouts not correct with TWS AUTO centering - Fixed
  • Command steering cue is not wind corrected - Fixed
  • ASL in AUTO bombing is not wind corrected - Fixed
  • Command steering cue does not guide to weapon release point in AUTO when a target is designated - Fixed
  • Radar format BRA to cursor missing when L&S exists - Fixed
  • Misprint in ADF band in EA manual - Fixed
  • TWS Auto - Acquisition Cursor Displays Ambiguous Scan Range - Fixed
  • After rework, A/A radar has extremely high detection range - Fixed
  • Frozen target symbol on HUD in vertical scan ACM mode - Fixed
  • AGM-84E initial alignment - Fixed
  • No images on the second monitor - Fixed
  • AG Radar: Turning off EXP does not return to previous Display Distance - Fixed
  • Incorrect behaviour after repair - Fixed
  • Altimeter pressure value overlaps A symbol on HUD - Fixed
  • A/G radar DBS: picture will be updated stably even in intensive aircraft evolutions - Fixed
  • A/G radar EXP designation while FRZ is enabled blanks the picture - Fixed
  • Bombs On stores page not X out when master ARM off - Fixed
  • Incorrect logic for radar raw hits (bricks) - Fixed
  • TWS BIAS centering ignores priority targets position - Fixed
  • TWS manual scan center slews with the cursor - Fixed
  • GRVC radio 1 radio 2 use makes radio 2 unresponsive to button pushes - Fixed
  • SA Page shows airborne radar contacts after switching to ground radar - Fixed
  • HARM Symbology in HUD and DDI if crossed out - Fixed
  • Radar page LAR disappears when STT is entered on the target - Fixed
  • A/A radar: Radar spots targets even outside of scan zone (vertical) - Fixed
  • HSI / SA Symbols are different at the same scale - Fixed
  • TACAN heading tape cue changes on true/magnetic heading selection - Fixed
  • HARM unable to detect Type 71 Amphibious Transport Dock in TOO mode - Fixed
  • “GO STT” cue is not displayed below the TD if the RADAR is not tracking the target in Single Track Target mode - Fixed
  • Entering MAN from AUTO in TWS doesn't allow elevation changes - Fixed
  • Draw Distance on A2G Radar is affected by zoom level - Fixed
  • Pulse Doppler Illumination incorrect indications - Fixed
  • AIM-9X seeker can't be directed in vertical manually - Fixed
  • Sounds choppy from front in F2 View - Fixed
  • Check GBU-32 Weight - Fixed
  • Rapid flickering on MAP EXP screen after TGT designation via HMD - Fixed
  • Invalid INS alignment on moving carrier - Fixed
  • WSPN on XXX A/A Gun Stores format - Fixed
  • Sometimes shutting left engine down creates avionics issues - Fixed
  • Radar scans outsize zones - Fixed
  • Overlapped info on radar page - Fixed
  • HARM TOO Mode issues - Scan refresh/TD problems - Fixed
  • HARM TOO/PRI mode seems too slow - Fixed
  • Turning off Link16 makes onboard targets in SA page disappear - Fixed
  • Un-commanded Locking of air targets after WPDSG - Fixed
  • Acquisition radars show on HARM display in MP despite 'alarm state' green - Fixed
  • Switching to guns while target is locked breaks search radar modes after breaking lock - Fixed
  • Mark points reset with WoW - Fixed
  • Switching from Surf to Air radar with EXP selected - MAP over written by RWS - Fixed
  • Does not disable AIM-7 loft in FLOOD mode - Fixed
  • GMT/SEA Radar - Display flashing - Fixed
  • AGM-65E will not fire when using GMT on first attempt - Fixed
  • Emergency Jettison Bug - Fixed
  • LOW Altitude aircraft - SEA radar can still pick targets at max range - Fixed
  • late activation ship shows on SEA RADAR before activation - Fixed
  • Radar TWS mode, Antenna Elevation - Radar beam Unwanted behaviour - Fixed
  • After using TWS auto/man, radar elevation can become stuck in RWS - Fixed
  • Exiting FTT or GMTT with sensor control switch also causes undesignation - Fixed
  • User track in Syria shows GMT tracking stationary targets - Fixed
  • RWR trackfile layering on SA page - Fixed
  • BDU-45 flies too far away from target - Fixed
  • Rocket / Gun CCIP doesn't calculate fall point outside IN RANGE zone - Fixed
  • MSI contacts appear about 75% of the correct range - Fixed
  • VACQ scan pattern has wrong elevation coverage - Fixed
  • Error with indication of Mach number on DDI - Fixed
  • Repeated cycling through 'Elevation scan bar' and 'Azimuth scan' causes both settings to exceed limits - Fixed
  • No 'tone' when using Aim-9L head on aspect - Fixed
  • Changing weapons away from SLAM causes SLAM guidance alignment to reset - Fixed
  • HUD Reject freezes HMCS display for G and M - Fixed
  • BDU-45 free fall and retarded don’t seem to change piper - Fixed
  • Tracks dropped on IFF and donor interactions - Fixed
  • Inappropriate behaviour of the AG gun sight - Fixed
  • ME: Payload viewer - no external model of the central pylon (5) - Fixed
  • Investigate time to active cue on HUD for AIM-120 - Fixed
  • Impossible speed for up to 3-4 seconds on radar tracks - Fixed
  • Radar Elevation is stuck between TWS Auto and RWS - Fixed
  • LDDI + Camera + RDDI - Displays freeze if not in F1 view - Fixed
  • Rockets type is always crossed on DDI - Fixed
  • AGM-65F on AMPCD has green aiming indication - Fixed
  • AGM-65F has an extremely high-resolution image - Fixed
  • TAC menu displays az/el button in NAV and A/G modes - Fixed
  • Remove GBU-12 and GBU-16 pylon 5 references from the manual - Fixed
  • Updated the english manual.
  • Model issue - medium LOD - Fixed
  • Added AIM-7 HOJ mode
  • HMD + NVG text appears blurred on canopy arch - Fixed
  • HARM Uncage on HOTAS should select highest priority target - Fixed
  • AIM-9 icons depend on payload type - Fixed
  • Attack format RSET option should be boxed upon selection - Fixed
  • Steering still works with wheel chocks in place - Fixed
  • KC-135 MPRS not IDing through MIDS/NCTR in HMD - Fixed
  • RSET option should clear L&S in TWS - Fixed
  • DDI Elapsed Time stuck on 59 minutes - Fixed
  • Added a new Hornet QS mission
  • Ground RADAR zoom can produce a half image in DDI - Fixed

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added EOM (Equation of Motion submode) and PB (Pre-Briefed mode) for POS Mode HARM
  • Pitot get frozen despite heat is on - Fixed
  • Players unable to transmit on VHF radio with Easy Communications enabled - Fixed
  • Loss of control - icing - Anti-ice in auto - Fixed
  • No 'tone' when using Aim-9L head on aspect - Fixed
  • On aircraft controlled by AI, flaperons do not act as flaps during takeoff and landing - Fixed
  • Added China asset pack units to ALIC table:
    • Type 52B Destroyer
    • Type 52C Destroyer
    • Type 54 Frigate
    • Type 72 Assault ship
    • HQ-7 STR
  • Added Arleigh Burke to ALIC table
  • Updated the Early Access manual
  • Added new F-16C QS missions

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added clickable activation of cut lights and wave off lights for LSO station.
  • Added Departure Radio Messages
  • Carrier Landing Sound Improvements
  • Remove "request start-up" from radio menu on CV
  • SC CV on red uses old radio communications - Fixed
  • Approach Controller "signal is charlie" message should happen at 5 nm from the carrier and not 3 nm - Fixed
  • Case II recovery - missing radio ball call - Fixed
  • S-3 and E-2 not launching from supercarrier - Fixed
  • Added FLOLS indicator enable/disable checkbox into Special options panel.
  • Kuznetsov. Flight deck fences open and close without planes - fixed.
  • E-2D collision that appears in some cases on CVN74 deck - fixed.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Belsimtek

  • Emergency jettison not functional - Regression - Fixed

DCS: P-47 Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added new skins from the skins contest
  • Intercooler shutter position does not match indicator - fixed
  • FFB shakes improved for some maneuvers

DCS: FW 190A-8 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Japanese skins available for Japan only.
  • Added 'Stick' section in EN manual.

DCS: A-10C Warthog by Eagle Dynamics

  • Updated the A-10 Shturmovik campaign.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • Aircraft gross weight - fixed
  • A-10C II will not engage infantry with APKWS - fixed
  • Sound parameters updated for the turbofan engine

DCS: L-39 Albatros by Eagle Dynamics

  • Updated cloud settings in IA missions.

DCS: Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Shkval. Adjusted dead zone of TDC axis.
  • Added airfield callsigns (EN Flight manual) and corrected bookmarks (RU Flight manual).
  • Adjusted the level of the landing gear on the old Kuznetsov model deck. The helicopter will not sink in the deck.
  • Updated cloud settings in IA missions.
  • MP server/client crash on ejection or destruction - fixed.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight by Belsimtek

  • Updated cloud settings in IA missions.

DCS: Yak-52 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Updated cloud settings in IA missions.

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 by Eagle Dynamics

  • MiG-29. Game flight dynamics at max speed caused flutter and black out - fixed.
  • MiG-29. Pitch damper Improvement.
  • MiG-29. Restored RU text in training lessons.
  • Updated clouds setup of IA missions.
  • MiG-29. Add to HUD the indication of waypoint number.

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Improved firing and aiming of FLAK and other AA.
  • Added AAA S-60 57mm.
  • Updated models 2P25 and 1S91 SA-6 Kub.
  • Updated bus model LAZ-695.
  • Updated bus model LiAZ 677.
  • Updated MBT model M60A3 Patton.
  • Updated APC model BTR-80.
  • Updated textures for BTR-80 and BTR-82.
  • Improved movement of units.
  • Bushes can block ground units- Fixed.
  • Fixed smoke and fire for submerged units.
  • When destroyed, vehicles could fall under bridge - Fixed.
  • An isometric-view checkbox has been added to the SPECIAL CA menus.
  • Added disabling rotation of the radar antenna of ships in case of critical damage.
  • Fixed problems with movement of units with custom templates.
  • Fixed incorrect horizon range for radars.
  • Fixed reflection limit for Aegis Combat System.
  • Tweaked SAM's sensors S-75 (SA-2) and S-125 (SA-3).
  • Fixed speed limit for ground units when moving from a slope .
  • Fixed Infantry not embarking (infantry stopped during embarking), several soldiers destroyed during disembark and infantry do not follow the route after disembark.
  • Fixed Flak not deployed on The Channel map.
  • Added the ability to build an alternative route (off road) if the detour on road is much longer.
  • Updated historical mode and added weapons.
  • MG was removed from the enumeration of the armament of the BTR-80 and BRDM-2, added for the buttons [LShift + Space].
  • Fixed - flight deck fence open and close without planes.
  • Fixed life for static units.
  • Fixed - Chaparral M48 not turn body for attack enemy
  • Added sound of destruction of static units
  • Improved ground units fire effects

DCS: Syria Map by Ugra Media

  • Added 6 new airfields H4, Gaziantep, Rosh Pina, Sayqal, Shayrat, Tiyas, Tha'lah and heliport Naqoura.
  • Added terraces.
  • Added borders between states: Israel-Syria, Turkey-Syria, Syria-Jordan.
  • Added scenes of hotels on the coast.
  • New original objects have been added: Gaziantep Terminal, Haifa Stadium, Haifa Cooling Towers, Gaziantep Fortress, Tripoli Citadel, Akko Fortress.
  • Improved original facilities and airfield infrastructure facilities.
  • Improved airfield scenes.
  • Performance improvement.

DCS: The Channel Map by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added airfields in England: East Church, Biggin Hill, Headcorn, High Halden.
  • Improved scenes around airfields of England and France (roads, forests, settlements, etc.).
  • Added V1 Launch sites: Neuville, Wallon-Cappel, Maisoncelle, Siracourt, Vacqueriette, Ligescourt, Val Ygot, le Bouc, Wizernes, Lottinghen, Yvrenches.
  • A lot of unique historical objects (Monasteries, Churches, Castles) have been added, the scenes around them have been improved.
  • Improved airfield scenes.
  • Added more parking slots at airfields in England.
  • The size of the airfields in England has been increased, and they can accommodate larger aircraft.
  • Increased depth in ports.
  • Fixed bugs with non-destructible bridges.
  • Fixed many cosmetic land bugs.
  • Fixed many cosmetic bugs of static objects.
  • Fixed many bugs with non-destructible objects.
  • Fixed errors in airfield taxiing.
  • Fixed errors in constructing train routes.
  • Performance improvement.

DCS: Normandy 1944 Map by Ugra Media

  • Environment sounds update.
  • Technical update, improved work of the map module with the new version of the DCS client.


Su-25 Revanche campaign:

  • Remade all briefing covers, statics and units were relocated from the forest, helipads were moved so that there was no overlap of roads and other objects, vehicle waypoints were adjusted so that they didn’t enter the forest, the intro in the second mission was fixed, and skins for some aircraft in some missions were corrected.

DCS: F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 Campaign by SorelRo

  • Mission 16 – CAP OVER UBINSKAYA. Adjusted the path to AI units and adjusted victory conditions.
  • Mission 24 – CAP. Adjusted victory conditions. Adjusted speed of AI flights.

A-10C AAT Campaign by Maple Flag:

  • Package updated with new campaigns for the A-10C II module.

F/A-18C Hornet The Serpent's Head 2 Campaign by Badger 633:

  • Two new Campaign options added. Options available now are
    • Normal Campaign,
    • Easy Air to Air refuel version,
    • Normal Campaign with SuperCarrier,
    • Easy Air to Air version with Supercarrier.

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • Updated skins
  • Performance improvements
  • 2 Coop missions added
  • Mission 14 upscaled
  • Channel map bonus mission added
  • Fine tuned triggers and instructions
  • Wallpaper added

Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • Updated skins
  • 2 Coop missions added
  • Performance improvements
  • Alternate Channel map missions added
  • Wallpaper added

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • Updated skins
  • Updated Merville Airfield
  • 2 Coop missions added
  • Performance improvements
  • Wallpaper added

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • Updated skins
  • Updated Merville Airfield
  • 2 Coop missions added
  • Performance improvements
  • Wallpaper added

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • 2 Coop missions added
  • Wallpaper added

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Weather update
  • Fine-tuned AI skills and behaviour
  • Skin update
  • Corrected tanker TACANs
  • 2 Multicrew missions added
  • Wallpaper added

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon

  • Updated weather conditions (clouds)
  • Added new weather conditions mission variant
  • Added extra field in Campaign Progress Code to connect with new computations
  • Current strike target info and mark in F10 map, is now available after entering campaign Progress Code too
  • Tweaked friendly AI groups behaviour
  • Corrected typos

Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • New Weather and Cloud Optimization.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

  • New Weather and Cloud Optimization.

The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • All Missions. Updated for 2.7, including the new clouds.
  • Mission 12. Fixed problems with immortal insurgents shooting at US Humvees.

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • All missions. Updated to 2.7, added new clouds.
  • Mission 02. Updated timing for Reaper11 turns.
  • Mission 03. Fixed problems with packages orbiting endlessly and not pushing towards the target.
  • Mission 08. Fixed problems with package not moving from WP2.
  • Mission 13. Fixed timing for Twister takeoff. Fixed issue with Chevy 21 not dropping bombs on time.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • All missions. Updated weather settings to 2.7. Replaced Litening with ATFLIR.
  • Mission 06. Fixed rare issue where aircraft would despawn when player waits too long with takeoff.
  • Mission 12. Fixed rare issue where Iranian Tomcats wouldn't engage. Changed the way in which player reports kills (from SPACE BAR to F10).

F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • All missions. Updated weather settings to 2.7

UH-1H Argo Campaign by 373vFS Greg:

  • Missions updated with clouds presets.
  • Mission 15. Changed landing position to avoid building collision.
  • Mission 7 and 10. Fixed mission progress issue.

A-10C Basic Flight Training Campaign by Maple Flag Missions:

  • Missions BFT09. Updated the triggers.

F/A-18C Hornet - The Serpent's Head 2 Campaign by Badger 633:

  • Updated 2.7 files for the Serpent’s Head Campaign, both normal version and easy air to air version.
  • Additional 2.7 files for both versions of the campaign above but now including the SUPERCARRIER.

The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600:

  • Updated atmospheric conditions for each mission.

DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign by Eagle86:

  • Mission 9. The distance for escorting the intruder's aircraft has been increased.
  • Mission 10. Increased tanker speed.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable standard wingmen reports in the radio menu.
  • Added the ability to view the wingmen fuel and weapons reserves in the radio menu.

DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign by INVERTED:

  • Optimization of DCS World 2.7, overhauled scenery design for all missions.
  • Standardized label system. Friendly is GREEN, hostile is RED, unknown is YELLOW. HEXAGON, SQUARE, BOAT-SHAPED, TRIANGLE, represent AIR, LAND, SEA and WEAPON units respectively. Players can press Shift + F10 to turn labels ON or OFF.
  • Optimized AI logic.
  • Reset Automated AAR (pre-recorded controls) for M02 and M08 to accommodate changes in F/A-18C flight model.
  • Added an ability to skip missions using the F10 menu.
  • Fixed an issue of HMD only shows single eye (VR) in some missions.

Known Issues

  • VR users may see some vertical ‘jittering’ when looking at distant clouds - This is a priority issue, and we are currently working to resolve it.
  • There are Anti-aliasing artefacts visible under some conditions when clouds are low on the horizon
  • The lighting effects on the clouds, especially when the sun is low on the horizon is still very much a WIP, and will be improved.
  • Currently as part of the initial release, clouds do not affect LOS for the AI.
  • The legacy fog effects are not suitable for use with the new clouds - a new fog layer using the new technology will follow.
  • Thunderstorms and lightning effects will follow in future updates.
  • Using SLAM/AGM-65E alongside targeting pod can in some circumstances result in some ground units becoming semi-transparent to the targeting pod. This is currently a priority item to resolve.
  • We have greatly improved many of the visual effects, and some tuning of brightness still remains to be completed.
  • Night vision goggles do not provide sufficient illumination with no moonlight.
  • Dedicated server window can hang when minimised.
  • MP. Ping info missing (always zero) in player's list.
2 mars

DCS Campaigns

Campagne A-10C: Basic Flight Training (BFT) par Mapl Flag:

  • Dans certaines missions de la campagne, l'ailier IA entre en collision avec une unité statique suite à un mauvais placement sur la piste. - corrigé

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign by 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, par Baltic Dragon:

  • Ajustement des options de la mission 1 (labels, communications simplifiées)
  • Option ajoutée pour passer la Mission 1
  • Information des communications inversée sur la planchette de vol - Corrigé
  • Optimisation du traffic aérien afin d'éléminer une potentielle chute de fps
  • Optimisation des conditions de trigger du vol basse altitude de l'IA
  • Optimisation du comportement du trigger RTB des IA
  • Correction des messages de spawn et de fin de mission pour les missions d'interception

L-39 Albatros: Kursant Campaign par ED:

  • Dans la première étape, la voiture entrait en collision avec l'aéronef du joueur sur le parking - corrigé.

DCS: F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 Campaign par SorelRo:

  • Lorsque les hélicoptères sont engagés par les forces armées au sol, il est impossible pour le joueur de terminer la mission et de continuer la campagne - corrigé
  • Message affichant "Mission terminée" au début de la mission - corrigé
  • Plan de vol et altitude modifiés pour le vol hélicoptère affecté
  • Ajustement des triggers dans la mission

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign par Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 02. Smoke créait son propre Case III au lieu de suivre le joueur jusqu'au bateau
  • Mission 03. Ajout d'une protection permettant au joueur de passer le ravitaillement en vol OU de charger une version de la mission dans laquelle il commence derrière le ravitailleur
  • Mission 08. Les jumelles de vision nocturne (NVGs) sont maitenant installées par défaut au début de la mission
  • Mission 09. Updated kneeboard to reflect double ugly configuration.
  • Mission 09. Mise à jour de la planchette de vol pour afficher la configuration "Double Ugly"
  • Mission 10. Suppression de la partie AAR. Les NVGs sont installées par défaut lors du début de la mission. Correction de problèmes où les SA-15 détruisaient les joueurs trop facilement
  • Mission 15. Les NVGs sont maintenant installées par défaut au début de la mission

The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign par Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 02. Correction d'une erreur où la patrouille Géorgienne restait bloquée sur le trajet vers le véhicule suspecté
  • Mission 09. Correction d'une mauvaise information sur la planchette de vol concernant l'objectif
  • Mission 10. Mise à jour de l'emport des F-16s Polonais (GBU-12s au lieu des JDAMs)

DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign par Eagle86:

  • Correction de bugs dans les missions 3 et 4, qui rendaient impossible le passage de certaines missions
  • Augmentation du nombre d'ailiers dans les missions
  • Ajout de la possibilité de passer une mission et de revenir une mission en arrière dans le menu radio
  • Ajout de la possibilité d'afficher les marks
17 févr.

DCS World

  • Crash dans avArmamentControl_AYK22_F18 - corrigé
  • Multijoueur: Crash dû au conflit entre les différentes versions des scripts du navire de classe Tarawa - Corrigé
  • Multijoueur: Nouveau prédicteur de réseau pour les aéronefs
  • Crash de Stack Overflow sur wcWing::trySelectAndAssignTargetGroup - corrigé.
  • IA WWII. IA suivait en montée jusqu'à la surchauffe - corrigé.

DCS M-2000C par RAZBAM Simulations

  • Crash de l'Autostart du M-2000 - corrigé

DCS F/A-18C Hornet par ED

  • Réduction de la hachure du son dans les vues rapprochées

DCS F-14 Tomcat par Heatblur

  • Crash dû à l'appareil "SENSORS" - corrigé
  • Correction d'un crash ou larguer certaines armes provoquait un crash de la simulation
  • Correction d'une des moitiés de VF-103 qui apparaissait noire / sombre
  • Amélioration / Correction de l'algorithme de pilotage de collision STT
  • Correction de la portée maximale du radar en mode d'acquisition transitionnel PLM/VSL/MRL et PAL
  • Correction: Affiche le prefixe CR (Cap) pour les pistes de replay au lieu de MC (Cap magnétique)


DCS: F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 Campaign parSorel:

  • F5-R-C7.miz Correction d'une collision d'hélicoptères en plein vol. Plan de vol et altitudes modifiés pour crééer une séparation suffiante.

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus Campaign par 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_Petritis, Baltic Dragon:
  • Correction des fichiers PDF.

F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign par Reflected Simulations:

  • Changements dans les défenses FLAK pour la survavibilité.

F/A-18C Hornet - The Serpent's Head 2 Campaign par Badger 633:

  • Mission 7. Marshall vehicle drifted to different route and prevented another vehicle from accessing a critical trigger - fixed.
  • Mission 7. Le véhicule des Marshalls dérivait sur une route différente et empêchait un autre véhicule d'accéder à un trigger critique
DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign par Eagle86:
  • Marquage sur les cibles principales sur la carte F10
  • Simplification de plusieurs missions
  • Augmentation du temps imparti pour compléter certaines tâches
  • Dialogues basiques se lancent automatiquement si le joueur est inactif
  • Possibilité de désactiver la musique dans le menu radio
DCS: F-16C Red Flag 21-1 Campaign par Bunyap Campaigns:
  • Correction de la fréquence de Nellis AFB ATC dans tous les documents
  • Correction de la fréquence pour le tanker au Nord dans toutes les missions
  • Mission 8 - Correction des presets des canaux radios du joueur
DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign par INVERTED
  • Cachet de la version ajouté à toutes les missions
  • M01 - Conflit dans un dialogue pour Aegis-4 - Corrigé
  • M03 - Mission continuait si le Cargo 1 est touché - Corrigé
  • M04 - En cas d'appontage, déclechement accidentel d'un groupe d'aéronefs ennemis qui ne devrait pas exister, menant à l'échec de la mission - Corrigé
  • M04 - Le fichier des checkpoint des missions était terminé avant que cela ne soit prévu - Corrigé
  • M05 - Quelques conseils sont plus détaillés - Corrigé
  • M06 - Un nouveau checkpoint avant l'atterissage a été ajouté - Corrigé
  • M06 - Le temps d'activation du repère de l'arrondi et de la fumée a été ajusté - Un peu plus tôt et plus évident - Corrigé
  • M09 - Reef mourrait mais la mission continuait - Corrigé
  • M09 - Dans certains cas, si le convoi REEF était détruit, cela engendrait quelques conflits de dialogues - Corrigé
  • M09 - Le conseil "Succès Mission" était en Chinois - Corrigé
  • M10 - Crash lors de la selection du WP3 en dehors de 40NMs - Corrigé
  • M10 - Perte de la musique de fond après le WP2 - Corrigé
  • M10 - Lowered possibility of AAA and CIWS interception possibility.
  • M10 - Possibilité d'interception CIWS - Corrigé
  • M10 - Ajout d'instructions plus détaillées pour la dernière tâche - ajout
  • M11 - Ajout d'instructions pour le waypoint "Homebase"
  • M12 - Si le joueur est trop proche de l'une des escortes (Chainmail), cela lancera la prochaine étape
  • M12 - Conflit du dialogue "Last warning" pour Aegis-3 - Corrigé
  • M12 - Livrées perdues pour Aegis-2 - Corrigé
28 janv.

DCS World

  • Corrigé: Erreur d'autorisation 400
Changelog principal:
27 janv.
Ajout de nouvelles campagnes:

  • DCS: F-14 Zone 5 Campaign par Reflected Simulations.
  • DCS: AV-8B Sky Warrior Campaign par Eagle86.
  • DCS: F/A-18C Operation Pontus campaign par 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_Petritis,
  • Baltic Dragon.DCS: F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 Сampaign par SorelRo.
  • DCS: F-16C Red Flag 21-1 Campaign par Bunyap Campaigns.
  • DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign par Inverted.

DCS World:    

  • Corrigé: Artefacts sonores en vue extérieure sous certains angles
  • Corrigé: Disparition de bateaux placés en eau peu profonde
  • Corrigé: Visualisation des dommages du porte avion non synchronisée en multijoueur
  • Corrigé: Aéronefs IA fantômes. Certaines surfaces de contrôle n'affichaient aucun mouvement
  • Corrigé: SA-2 (S-75). Correction de l'autopilote du missile. Correction de la précision.
  • Corrigé: Démarrage à froid de l'IA avec le RADAR en mode recherche continue au waypoint zéro.
  • Corrigé: Les navires IA de classe Ticonderoga tiraient sans ligne de mire.
  • Amélioration: Les unités au sol contrôlées par le joueur s'affichent maintenant en blanc sur la carte du menu F10
  • Ajout: Livrée désert du BTR-82.
  • Corrigé: Les unités passaient à travers les ponts sur la carte Channel.
  • Corrigé: L'IA continuait de tirer sur l'aéronef après éjection du pilote.
  • Corrigé: L'outil mesure de la carte F10 ne s'alignait pas correctement si l'échelle du GUI n'était pas sur 1.0.
  • Corrigé: Possibilité de contrôler l'aéronef en cas de perte de connaissance des suites d'un voile noir / rouge en multijoueur.
  • Ajout: Nouveau modèle 3D Mk-82 Snakeye inerte.
  • Corrigé: La tâche "Attaquer groupe" ne fonctionnait pas avec certains aéronefs IA.
  • Corrigé: La torpille LTF5b manquait sa cible constamment.
  • Corrigé: Les aéronefs IA constituants une escorte n'engageaient pas correctement en solo et en multijoueurs.
  • Corrigé: IA F/A-18C désactive maintenant son radar si l'ECM est mis sur ON.
  •  Ajout: Chat vocal: Possibilité de choisir les périphériques audio en mode simulation.
  • Corrigé: NS 430: Le réglage manuel de la luminosité ne pouvait être modifié.
  • Corrigé: M45 Quadmount n'enregistrait pas les impacts à cause d'une épaisseur de blindage incorrecte.
  • Corrigé: Heure de la destruction de certains ponts ne s'enregistrait pas dans le replay, le rendant incorrect.
  • Mise à jour du son d'un départ missile depuis le cockpit
  • MM: Ajout de la possibilité de désinstaller plusieurs modules à la fois.
  • Corrigé: AGM-154A/B JSOW: Echec de la manoeuvre finale.   
  • Corrigé: Editeur de Mission: Erreur GUI en cas de sauvegarde de la mission quand la fenêtre "Options de la nouvelle mission" est ouverte.
  • Corrigé: Editeur de Mission: Boutons d'initialisation du script (Ouvrir, Reset) ne fonctionnaient pas.
  • Corrigé: Erreur de typo dans la fonction checkMaxDistance l'empêchant de fonctionner correctement avec des balises de marquage.
  • Corrigé: Bug de la radio causant une chute de performance.
  • Ajout: Vraquier Handy Wind avec hélipad
  • Corrigé: Animation du recul du canon gauche du ZSU-57 sans départ de coup. 

DCS MiG-21bis par Magnitude 3

  • Ajustement des reflets sur les verres des instruments.

DCS JF-17 par Deka Ironwork Simulations   

  • Ajout:  Mode TA du radar Air/Sol
  • Ajout: Texture de la poignée des gaz dans le cockpit
  • Ajout: L'équipe au sol peut maintenant réinstaller/remplir certains équipements (parachute, bouteille d'oxygène, etc...)
  • Ajout: Si M>=1,35 il devient impossible de passer la poignée de gaz de la position post-combustion aux positions IDLE ou MIL à moins que le boutton "Throttle emergency" ne soit appuyé. Cas échéant, cela provoquerait une surtension du moteur, ou même une extinction de la flamme dans la chambre de combustion.
  • Ajout: Réticule de visée / limiteur, préréglage dans le menu options spéciales
  • Ajout: Plus de raccourcis claviers pour les potentiomètres
  • Corrigé: Nombre de contacts suivis en mode TWS augmenté à 10
  • Corrigé: SD10 ne suivait pas les cibles qui brouillaient le radar après brûlure de celui ci
  • Corrigé: Si le radar n'est pas brûlé suite au brouillage, le SD10 peut toujours opérer
  • Corrigé: Impossible de cocher le radar
  • Corrigé: Status du contact radar HOJ non mis à jour si brouillé après verouillage / track
  • Corrigé: Programme SMS ne se réinitialisait pas si DTC était mis à jour après réarmement
  • Corrigé: Pod fonctionnait encore malgré avoir disparu du pylône
  • Corrigé: Localisation de la campagne 07/09
  • Ajusté: Programme des contre-mesures peut être défini comme salve (dans le menu d'options spéciales)
  • Ajusté: En cas de départ en l'air, cela ne déclenchera plus la buée sur la verrière, jusqu'à l'atterrissage et ouverture de la verrière puis vol en altittude (si l'humidité relative est élevée au sol)
  • Ajusté: Interrupteur de zérotage du siège mis sur ON par défaut en cas d'un départ cold & dark (ne pas oublier de le mettre sur OFF avant les réparations !)
  • Ajusté: Taille des étapes modifiée lors du contrôle de la manette des gaz avec un clavier
  • Mis à jour: Langues (CN, RU, DE, ES, et FR) et crédits
  • Mis à jour: Modèle du cockpit et textures

China Asset Pack par Deka Ironwork Simulations   

  • Ajusté: Toutes les unités au sol utilisent WSTYPE_PLACEHOLDER comme wstype4
  • Ajusté: Surface Equivalente Radar des armes
  • DCS AV-8B N/A par RAZBAM Simulations
  • Ajout: Raccourci manquant pour l'ajustement de la hauteur du siège
  • Ajout: Paramètres du terminal JDAM sont maintenant activés
  • Ajout: Roquettes guidées AGR20 - APKWS II
  • Mis à jour: USS Tarawa: Missiles Sea Sparrows remplacés par les RIM-116 RAMs
  • Mis à jour: Potentiomètre Course remplacé par l'interrupteur Course
  • Mis à jour: Option des roquettes: Roquettes FFAAR (Mighty Mouse) ont été supprimées
  • Mis à jour: Représentation LAR du JDAM sur le EHSD
  • Mis à jour: Ajout d'un délai de 1.5sec pour la libération JDAM. C'est le temps nécessaire à l'ordinateur AC pour envoyer les coordonées de la cible et les paramètres du terminal à la bombe
  • Mis à jour: Consistance du poids et de la trainée lors des chargements avec un grand nombre de bombes
  • Amélioration: Sons du moteur, avec l'aide de 112th_Rossi
  • Amélioration:  MPCD converti à une symobologie Stroke (SVG)
  • Amélioration: Data Block du JDAM activé dans le EHSD
  • Corrigé: La ligne de course n'apparaîssait pas pour certaines cibles
  • Corrigé: Position WYPT et WO/S quand la carte est sur North-UP et Cap Magnétique sélectionné
  • Corrigé: Rotation de la carte quand North-Up et Cap Magnétique sont sélectionnés
  • Corrigé: Position de la station AWLS quand la carte est sur North-Up et Cap Magnétique sont sélectionnés
  • Corrigé: Affichage incorrect du SEQ sur l'EHSD
  • Corrigé: L'horloge analogique affiche maintenant l'heure Zulu au lieu de l'heure cockpit définie dans l'éditeur de mission
  • Corrigé:  ALE-47 est désactivé en cas de départ dans les airs
  • Corrigé:  L'indicateur de cap EHSD utilisait toujours le Cap Vrai (Corrigé avec SVG)
  • Corrigé:  Point manquant au centre du symbole TD (Corrigé avec SVG)
  • Corrigé: Ligne de trajectoire sur l'EHSD restait verte malgré une autre couleur sélectionnée
  • Corrigé: EW ne réinitialisait pas le programme des contremesures après réarmement
  • Corrigé: Croix CCIP et BFL toujours visible après que toutes les bombes aient été lâchées
  • Corrigé: Position corrigée des vortex de bout d'aile pour le KC-130
  • Corrigé: Les affichages MPCD montraient le même point quand le mode d'affichage était HUD ONLY
  • Corrigé: L'aéronef passait en vol supersonique quand une grande quantité de bombes étaient lâchées
  • Corrigé: Symbologie DMT du HUD

DCS M-2000C par RAZBAM Simulations   

  • Ajout: Nouveaux raccourcis claviers. Voir le post sur le forum pour une liste complète
  • Ajout: Nouveaux axes. Voir le post sur le forum pour une liste complète
  • Ajout:  Gain de la vision nocturne (avec les raccourcis clavier)
  • Mis à jour: Comportement du sélecteur rho/theta du HSI VAD
  • Mis à jour: Comportement du mécanisme Cage/Uncage de l'ADI
  • Amélioration: Mise à jour de l'INS Vertical
  • Amélioration: Mise à jour de l'INS Horizontal
  • Amélioration: Mise à jour du modèle extérieur des LOD pour un meilleur affichage des lumières de navigation lorsque la distance est élevée
  • Corrigé: Rhéostat de la flood light du cockpit
  • Corrigé: Comportement du potentiomètre d'ajustement du HSI
  • Corrigé:  Cible verouillée devenait DO lorsque la portée se réduit
  • Corrigé: Ordre d'affichage du scan Boresight / Vertical
  • Corrigé: Bug d'élévation du radar en mode ACM
  • Corrigé: Symbole "F" ou "A" du HUD IFF ne s'affichait pas au verouillage triangle du Magic
  • Corrigé: Mauvais affichage de la dérive sur le HUD FPM en cas d'angle d'inclinaison élevé
  • Corrigé: Mauvaises transitions d'altitude pour le caging/uncaging du HUD FPM 
  • Corrigé: Comportement du potentiomètre preset de la radio UVHF lors de l'utilisation de la fréquence manuelle
  • Corrigé: Signal radar OBL correspond à la position du faisceau


DCS C-101 Aviojet par AvioDev

  • Corrigé: Mission C-101EB: Syrie atterissage difficulté moyenne
  • Corrigé: Mission d'entraînement au vol IFR C-101EB
  • Corrigé: Erreurs d'affichage de l'échelle d'embarquement, du casque et des cales de roue en cas de démarrage dark & cold
  • Corrigé: Tangage excessif lors du décollage malgré un trim correct
  • Ajout: Marge du trim pour la phase d'atterrissage
  • Modification de l'efficacité des gouvernes de profondeur, le stick doit maintenant être tiré plus loin en arrière pendant le décollage, comme dans le véritable aéronef
  • Réduction du moment de tangage créé par le moteur
  • Corrigé: Dérive du HRS lors d'un vol proche du cap 360° ou 180°
  • Ajout: C-101CC IFR Mission d'entraînement (Anglais et Espagnol)
  • Ajout: Campagne du C-101

DCS F/A-18C Hornet par ED   

  • Ajout: Modes radar GMT/GMTT
  • Ajout: Mode SEA du radar
  • Ajout: Fonctionnalité pour ASPJ (Brouilleur)
  • Ajout: Fonctionnalité pour les modes S/A et AUTO ALE
  • Ajout: Option Transmettre et Désigner (TXDSG) dans l'affichage Situationnal Awareness
  • Ajout: BIT pour Kérosène Bas
  • Ajout: Bullseye sur le pod de désignation
  • Ajout: Bande noire sur le haut de l'affichage du Pod de désignation
  • Ajout: BDU-45
  • Ajout: Désignation laser automatique pour les GBU-24
  • Mise à jour du son départ missile / départ roquettes depuis le cockpit
  • Corrigé: Les cibles avec brouilleur activé ne s'affichaient pas sur le radar
  • Corrigé: Mauvais azimut des contacts affichés sur le RWR
  • Changement de la logique de fonctionnement de OFFSET - plus de symboles qui restent bloqués
  • Corrigé: Il est maintenant possible de crééer et éditer les programmes des contre-mesures lorsque l'aéronef est au sol avec du pois sur les roues
  • Corrigé:  Après avoir activé la commande AACQ sur une cible, le désignateur ACQ restait bloqué sur l'affichage, malgré l'appui sur la touche pour déverouiller pour retourner en recherche de cible
  • Corrigé: Point ACQ de devrait pas s'afficher si un L&S existe
  • Corrigé:  Pointeur CCIP du cannon visait trop bas au premier lancement de DCS
  • Corrigé:  AGM-154a PP manquait constamment sa cible
  • Corrigé: Chute de FPS sur les replay des joueurs utilisant l'EXP-1
  • Corrigé: Mode TWS se mélangeait avec les autres modes
  • Corrigé: Problème avec les missiles Maverick après réarmement, l'affichage ne fonctionnait pas
  • Corrigé: Bouger le TDC ou le simple fait de manoeuvrer bloquait parfois le faisceau radar
  • Corrigé: Les traces du radar sont affichées en zone AOT
  • Corrigé: RTS GACQ ne s'affichait pas quand le radar suivait une cible avec GUN sélectionné
  • Corrigé: Symbole départ missile sur la page radar n'était pas stabilisé à l'azimut
  • Corrigé: Centrage du TWS BIAS Azimut pouvait bloquer le radar au nouvel azimut défini comme centre
  • Corrigé:  Pointeur cible du TGP sur la page SA se déplaçait dans le sens opposé du mouvement du TGP quand DCNTR est utilisé sur la page SA
  • Corrigé: Radar saccade ou reste bloquer lors de grandes manoeuvres
  • Corrigé: Mode TWS. Balayage radar peut se bloquer lors d'un scan
  • Corrigé: JADM rayé dans DDI mais pas sur le HUD
  • Corrigé: AGM-65E ne peuvent être tirés lorsque la page Mav est SOI dans certaines conditions
  • Corrigé: "Echec RPM moteur droit: Arrêt de l'auto démarrage"
  • Corrigé: SLAM rayé dans DDI mais pas sur le HUD
  • Corrigé: Verrouillage FTT Break sur le TDC HUD
  • Corrigé: Sensibilité du potentiomètre de la pression barométrique
  • Corrigé: Problème de largage des Walleye
  • Corrigé: Symbole chapeau fixe sur le RWR pour les émetteurs aériens
  • Corrigé: Radar brouillé pouvait utiliser le tracking SARH
  • Corrigé: Problèmes avec le mode FLOOD
  • Corrigé: En démarrant l'AACQ lors d'un B-sweep gauche depuis la cible, retour sur la gauche après verouillage
  • Corrigé: Missiles SD-10 apparaissent comme des U sur le RWR
  • Corrigé: Problèmes avec la mission en Syrie "Gauntlet"
  • Corrigé: Radar A2G. Plate-formes pétrolières ne s'affichaient pas même en mode sea
  • Corrigé: Pilote PAI Phantom restait en position catapultage même après le décollage
  • Corrigé: Interrupteur de commande des capteursgauche n'affiche plus Az/EI après être revenu en mode A/A
  • Corrigé: Programme 1 des contre-mesures ne s'affichait pas lors d'un démarrage au sol
  • Corrigé: Solénoïde "Hook Bypass" ne fonctionnait pas
  • Corrigé: Ajout du Tchèque pour certaines missions d'entraînement du Hornet
  • Corrigé: L'aéronef avait un son d'hélicoptère

DCS F-16C Viper par ED

  • Corrigé: Bouger le TDC ou de simples manoeuvres pouvaient bloquer le faisceau radar
  • Corrigé: Fermeture de l'aérofrein trop rapide
  • Corrigé: Aucun Waypoint défini pouvait bloquer l'utilisation du TGP en CCRP
  • Corrigé: AIM-54 s'affichait comme un U sur le RWR
  • Corrigé: Sensibilité du potentiomètre de la pression barométrique
  • Corrigé: "Nouvelles missions solo" - Titres en majuscule, ne correspondait pas à l'écriture des autres missions
  • Corrigé: Erreur de l'autopilote lors du changement de verouillage de la roulette de nez
  • Amélioration des sons de l'exctinction du moteur
  • Corrigé: RS en mode HARM et SD / 11 Le filtre causait des problèmes de compte à rebours
  • Ajout du Chinois pour le Manuel du Viper
  • Corrigé: Erreurs de typo dans la mission d'entraînement TWS & Link-16
  • Mise à jour du Manuel du Viper

DCS F-5E Tiger II par ED 

  • Les anomalies dûes au vent de face et vent arrière ont été corrigées
  • Corrigé: Misile SD-10 était symbolisé par un U sur le RWR

DCS A-10C II Tank Killer par ED

  • Corrigé: Mauvaise altitude utilisée par le mode CCIP
  • Mise à jour des fonctionnalités HOTAS CMS
  • Ajout de la fonction brouilleur automatique OFF en mode AUTO quand la menace n'est plus valide (délai de 3 secondes dans tous les cas)
  • Corrigé: Oscillation de la jauge de pression d'huile avant démarrage moteur
  • Ajout du profil "Current MA" HMCS pour controler l'occlusion du symbole de l'objectif du "Current MA" (Triangle rouge)
  • Corrigé: Options du PPLI au sol du HMCS non respectées

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt par ED

  • Mise à jour de la modélisation des dommages sur certaines parties
  • Correction des animations pour les durites de frein
  • Corrigé: Oscillations de la queue détruisaient celle ci trop rapidement
  • Corrigé: Destruction des volets de capot suite à un "buffeting"
  • Corrigé: Animation des variateurs de luminosité de la lumière et de la boussole

DCS Bf-19 K4 Kurfürst par ED

  • Corrigé: Erreurs de typo dans certaines missions IA
  • Ajout de la langue Russe pour certaines missions IA

DCS P-51D Mustang par ED    

  • Corrigé: Dérive entiérement contrôlable malgré l'absence de gouverne de direction

DCS: F-14 Tomcat par Heatblur Simulations    

  • NOUVEAU: Ajout de la possibilité d'ajouter la longueur et le cap associé aux waypoints sur le TID
  • NOUVEAU: Ajout d'une version Co-Op de l'Operation Reforger
  • NOUVEAU: Ajout d'une version SuperCarrier de l'Operation Reforger
  • Ajout de l'option "activer cockpit cliquable" ON/OFF aux raccourcis souris
  • Ajout du manuel en ligne en Anglais ajouter /Docs/ à l'URL
  • Corrigé: Mission d'entraînement AIM-9
  • Corrigé: Mission d'entraînement M-61
  • Corrigé:  Divers problèmes dans la campagne Operation Reforger (Bugs, fautes de typo etc...)
  • Corrigé: DCS se fermait lors du changement de côté de la cassette dans le Walkman
  • TWS AIM-54 était lancé avec une piste track plutôt qu'un objet. Afin d'éviter les multiples pistes pour le même objet cile.
  • Améliorations de l'algorithme d'abstraction de l'API des missiles, pour des futures changements dans l'API
  • Corrigé: Jester restait en TWS-A avec des missiles en vol mais aucune Piste TWS lancée
  • Corrigé: Annonces de Jester pour le B-1 Lancer
  • Priorisation de la liste du datalink de la planchette de vol par Awacs, Porte-Aéronef, autres ...
  • Corrigé: Bugs de l'indicateur de vitesse du RIO qui ne se stabilisait pas
  • Corrigé: L'horloge devenait imprécise après un certain temps
  • Améliorations des performances pour le Shader DDD
  • Corrigé: Illumination de la roue de sélection des armes du RIO la nuit
  • Corrigé: Espaces entre les connections des tuyaux ECS
  • Corrigé: Différents problèmes de Z-Fighting
  • Augmentation de la luminosité maximum de l'indicateur d'angle d'attaque
  • Corrigé: Le conntrôle de luminosité ne n'influençait pas celle de l'indicateur d'angle d'attaque
  • Corrigé: L'aiguille de l'indicateur de G entrait en collision avec le modèle
  • Augmentation de la luminosité de la lumière de la perche de ravitaillement
  • Corrigé: Mouvement du levier DN LOCK ORIDE avec la poignée d'urgence de la pompe hydraulique
  • Corrigé: Animation incorrecte des premiers chiffres sur le paneau de code du mode 3/A
  • Corrigé: Lumières de formation non visible en LoD 1.
  • Ajustement de plusieurs aspects du rendering du TID pour plus de précision:
  • Augmentation de l'espace entre l'angle maximum et minimum du radar
  • Statut des armes repositionné
  • Ajout du signe + à l'intérieur du symbole de l'aéronef
  • Correction de l'altitude manquante sur quelques symboles de waypoints
  • Améliorations des positions des symboles des degrés et minutes avec la police du TID
  • Amélioration de la forme du symbole des degrés avec la police du TID
  • Ajout d'un "." au format lat long et le symbole des minutes a été déplacé à la fin
  • Corrigé: Longueur maxium des vecteurs du TID  passe de 1.35" à 1.5"
  • Corrigé: Bouton JETT bougeait avec le levier ORIDE
  • Corrigé: Balance incorrecte du son de la post-combustion
  • Ajout de quelques sifflements d'aspiration des moteurs TF-30
  • Corrigé: Localisation des sons internes de la post-combustion
  • Trainée ajustée pour les réservoirs additionnels
  • Corrigé: Destruction des moteurs / Incendies à Mach 1
  • Corrigé: Opération des spoilers au sol
  • Corrigé: Déploiement partiel du bouton "Man Devices"
  • Ajustement du modèle des températures à haute altitude pour le TIT
  • Ajout du bypass de verouillage pour le train d'atterrissage
  • Augmentation des effets de tangage
  • Changements dans la trainée en vol transsonique
  • DCS: AJS-37 Viggen par Heatblur Simulations
  • Corrigé: Problèmes de navigation après avoir utilisé la caméra des Maverick
  • Corrigé: Problèmes multiples aux Gyroscopes ADI, FLI ainsi que d'autres simulations de dérive et de mauvais alignement
  • Augmentation de la puissance du phare d'atterrissage
  • Corrigé: Mode RR du sélecteur d'armement effaçait les symboles du décollage
  • Corrigé: Indication de contre-mesures vides (FACKL SL) ne se remettait pas à zéro après réarmement
  • Corrigé: Brä 24% (Fuel 24%) ne provoquait pas une alerte
  • Amélioration du guidage des RB-75 pour les cibles aériennes

DCS: SA-342 Gazelle par Polychop Simulations   

  • Corrigé: Couleurs des lumières extérieures
  • Corrigé: Distance d'affichage des lumières extérieures
  • Ajout de la sélection du type de munition pour le cannon M621 dans l'éditeur de mission ainsi que dans le menu de réarmement du jeu

DCS UH-1H Huey par ED

  • Options des gunners (joueur solo et multi-joueur)
  • Ajout d'options avancée pour la vue du gunner et la direction de l'arme. Il est maintenant possible de désacoupler les deux, soit avec un système de tracking type TrackIR ou VR, ou simplement en assignant l'arme à un autre axe. Lors de la détection d'un système de tracking, la vue du gunner et la direction de son arme sont automatiquement découplées.
  • Correction de plusieurs bugs
  • Corrigé: Zone de trigger trop petite dans la mission UH-1H UN Mission 2.

DCS Black Shark par ED

  • Corrections apportées à des missions, sauf Ka-50 - Night Patrol.miz
  • Mission Courier: Suppression d'un soldat courrant à travers le nez de l'hélicoptère

Flaming Cliffs par ED   

  • Su-25T: Implémentation d'un bouclier de couleur du HUD
  • F-15C: Missile SD-10 apparaissait comme un U sur le RWR - Corrigé

DCS Combined Arms par ED

  •     Correction du modèle de dommages causés par les obus HE des ZSU-57-2
  •     Correction du nombre de munitions du BTR-82A

Campagnes DCS

  • Mi-8MTV2 The Crew campaign par Stone Sky:
        Correction de triggers pour 1.11Combat et 1.10Arctic
  • F/A-18C Serpents Head 2 campaign par Badger 633:
        Mise à jour des missiles tirés par le navire dans Mission 4 Camp 2 Rev 16TH
  • F/A-18C Raven One campaign par Baltic Dragon:
        Mission 05: Réduction des chances que Prince entre en collision avec l'eau lors du Dogfight
        Mission 06: Mise à jouer de la fréquence du Marshal pour correspondre à la planchette de vol      
  • M-2000C Red Flag campaign par Baltic Dragon:
        Mission 04: Correction du bug où le vol Banshee restait bloqué au WP 2.
        Mission 15: Correction du bug où le leader du vol orbitait au lieu de tourner.    
  • The Enemy Within 3.0 campaign par Baltic Dragon:
        Mission 13: Correction d'un bug rare où les hélicoptères de secours (Uzi) entraient en collision entre eux au décollage.    
  • Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger, F-86F Hunters over the Yalu, DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido!, P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, Spitfire IX The Big Show par Reflected Simulations:
        Flak et AAA plus réaliste
        Ajustements du comportement de l'IA
        Correction de la progression des missions

    The Border campaign par Armen Murazyan:
        Mission 08: La source du signal radio ne s'affichait pas à temps

    A-10C Stone Shield campaign par ED:
        Refonte des missions

4 janv.

DCS World

  • Corrigé: Rare crash lors du lancement de DCS
  • Amélioration de la vitesse de lancement de DCS
4 janv.

DCS World

  • Fixed a rare crash on DCS start
  • Improved DCS loading speed
25 déc.

Introduced new Damage Model:

  • The new Damage Model is turned on by default for all WWII aircraft.
  • Calculations based on internal structure added to WWII bombers.
  • Not registered damage to landing gear is fixed.

Introduced Multi-crew for DCS UH-1H Huey:

  • Added the ability to play with multi-crew for the UH-1H. Up to four crewstation are available for cooperative play: pilot, co-pilot, left gunner and right gunner (if they are added in missions).
  • Added multi-crew missions for the UH-1H helicopter.

DCS World

  • The new Damage Model WWII code with all last fixes is uploaded to build to start Open Public tests on the ED servers shortly. The information about how to connect to test servers will be placed on the forum soon.
  • Terrain: improved background preload for less stutters.
  • Terrain surface textures: improved details at altitude for HIGH terrain texture option.
  • Terrain: improved loading resources and memory management.
  • Terrain: fixed excessively curved paths.
  • Terrain: fixed leak after destroying scene object.
  • Terrain: fixed civil traffic disappearing.
  • Terrain: fixed grass disappearing.
  • Trees: improved far LOD rendering.
  • Trees: fixed mirroring far LOD (may break user MOD).
  • DCS crash when Land Rover 101 died - fixed.
  • Big formation task aircraft placement doesn't work as intended - fixed.
  • Behaviour of the AI gunners on bombers improved.
  • AI Pilot Bailout Procedures were improved.
  • Behavior with WGr-21 improved: fire to targets in formation only, dropped the rockets (or launchers) when engaging the dogfight.
  • WWII bomber formation keeps mission set altitude during threat of AAA.
  • AI Emergency Procedures - ditching on water is added.
  • WWII torpedoes have better destruction force against ships now.
  • Mission Editor: Added ability to Show/Hide all units of coalition (found in map options).
  • Corrected Historical Mode database.
  • AI F-14s don't use TWS with AIM-54 missiles - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Client stopped on black screen when server restarted mission - fixed.
  • AI MLRS do not rearm and continue to fire - fixed.
  • AI Tornado GR.4 unable to mid-air refuel - fixed.
  • ME. Fix displayname tasks: 'WW2 big formation' -> 'Big formation' 'WW2 Carpet bombing' -> 'Carpet bombing'.
  • GUI. Name of the mission file will be taken from mission description if omitted in description .lua.
  • MP. Servers are complaining of strange behaviour when RegMapStorage has no more IDs starts to log - got experimental solutions.
  • Sound. Support mono USB headsets.
  • Sound. Update for new sound feature Origin Sphere (wip) - P-51, Spitfire, Bf 109, Yak-52, Fw 190, and others.
  • Sound. Added global origin-sphere around spatial sources.
  • JDAM. Fixed satellite seeker error.
  • JDAM. CEP for JDAM is equals 5 meters now.
  • JDAM. Possible fix for MP sync of satellite guided weapons.
  • JDAM. New features. Added onboard algorithm for finding optimal impact parameters and flightpath. Improved terminal guidance accuracy. Added zero AoA command for the last second of flight to reduce the probability of slap and to improve penetration (as on the real bombs).
  • JDAM. Improved pathfinding algorithm (+-2 degree accuracy for desired vertical angle). Improved guidance (autopilot accounts for additional path curvature due to AoA and eliminates it now). Additional autopilot adjustment.
  • JDAM. Fixed g-load "freeze" bug.
  • JDAM. GBU-38/54 supersonic lift correction.
  • JDAM GBU-54. Fixed guidance law switching if laser spot disappears. Set laser spot lock distance to 4.5km, seeker FOV 35 degree.
  • JDAM. Stiffer restrictions on miss for JDAM. JDAM launch distance tables corrected.
  • Added new AGM-65L model.
  • JDAM. A JDAM bomb without GPS navigation flies only by INS without SatNav correction. So it will have CEP about 5 times more.
  • AGM-84A/D Harpoon. Increase seeker search range from 28 to 45km.
  • AGM-84H terminal stage parameters update.
  • CBU-87/97/103/105. Reduced the influence of the wind.
  • SEAD task. AIs will try not to enter the lethal zone of SAMs and will not attack SAMs with guns.
  • AI unable to drop multiple JDAMs on a single attack run - fixed.
  • AIs optic sensors will take into account the blindness by sun.
  • AI. Reduced the probability of AI planes falling into the water during air combat.
  • AI. Air combat improvement when the wingman has BVR missile and opportunity to shoot.
  • AI. Fixed a bug leading to incorrect placement of AI aircraft on the surface when activated during a mission.
  • AI goes to ground collision when used Mk-82 AIR "Ballute" - fixed.
  • AI. Two runways blocked by unit one clear's but other which is blocked allows clearance - fixed.
  • AI aircraft stuck on some runways before takeoff - fixed.
  • AI. Corrected the helicopter group landing.
  • AI. Mi-8 jitters during taxi to takeoff - fixed.
  • AI. Improved Supercarrier compatibility of Heatblure F-14. Wing config during ship taxi fixed.
  • AI WWII. AI pilots will go bail-out faster. Added dead AI pilot lean head animation.
  • Aerobatics task. Added Horizontal Eight.
  • AI Mi-24. The argument for opening the optics doors is not transmitted in MP - fixed.
  • AI will not go to takeoff with significant damages.
  • AI with damage after landing will not remain on the runway.
  • Radio. WWII. Restored radiocommand “Cover Me”.
  • AI behaves incorrectly during a follow task in some cases - fixed.
  • Update of Russian Localization (GUI mission list).
  • AI aircraft goes to collision during taxiing to the runway in some cases - fixed.
  • AI. Carrier based aircraft unable to find the parking spot in ME if landing at an airbase - fixed.
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Neutral units appear as RED on client - fixed.
  • ME. Unable to move the first unit of a group, without moving the entire group - fixed. Moving the first unit is possible with Left Ctrl.
  • ME. Loading Static template with higher unit/groupIds makes new Ids larger - fixed.
  • ME. After saving the mission aircraft start up heading changes to heading to the first waypoint - fixed.
  • Mission generator. The player will be able to rearm and refuel at his airbase in the generated mission.
  • MP. Multiplayer: Airfield doesn't turn runway light after changing night-day-night - fixed.
  • ME. Added ability to set engagement range for SAMs in percent of full range. Advances Actions -- Set Option -- Interception range.
  • ME. The mission editor will generate an error while loading a mission if a unit has a linkUnit assigned to it and the object type does not exist - fixed.
  • SSE. When using the scripting function coalition.addGroup the groupId value passed within the table is ignored and a value is automatically assigned - fixed.
  • MP. Select Role window. Added filters and search box for slots.
  • AI. Crash on wcPlane::Select_Flight_Task - fixed.
  • AI. After taking damage and a decision to crash landing, the plane became immune to further damage and could fly without wings - fixed.
  • AI. Strange oscillation behaviour of planes in Syria when trying to get to a set altitud - fixed.
  • Updated DE, CN, RU, FR localization.
  • Crash during loading or immediately after loading a track - fixed.
  • Crash in the webrtc_plugin.dll - fixed.
  • Night time unit visibility, flickering white dots - fixed.
  • Major RU localization update.
  • MP. Su-25, Su-25T net phantom is not syncronized with pilot when server started paused - fixed.
  • Damage - fixed crash when crewman state change is not created as neglectable.
  • MP. Fixed multiplayer crash due to overflow of ammunition table.
  • Added the bomb speed indication into the object panel of the F10 map.
  • Triggered action 'Load Mission' only functions will work not only for missions from Saved Games/DCS/Missions folder.
  • Syria Map. Rearming and refueling on Syria map doesn't work in MP - fixed.
  • R-27T/ET missile. Decreased the delay of control after launch from 1.0 to 0.4 second.
  • R-27R/ER missile. Decreased the delay of control after launch from 1.5 to 1.0 second.
  • MP. Dedicated server crash in lua.dll when some client connected - probably fixed.
  • Upgrade cockpit kneeboard. Mouse drag and resize. Added clickable buttons for navigation and making bookmarks. Each new bookmark - new color. Route UI buttons callbacks to track.
  • Mig-29 AI will not use air break when the centre fuel tank is fitted.
  • AI aircraft. Persian Gulf Al Dhafra AI stuck on 31L - fixed.
  • AI aircraft. Large aircraft (E-3, KC-135) unable to taxi to the runway in Sukhumi - fixed.
  • ME. Added Logbook option into Customize menu.
  • Infantry ground collision with aircraft can do massive aircraft damage - fixed.
  • AI B-17. Wingmen do not open bay doors, only lead aircraft - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B. Fixed crash in the game if AV-8B landing point was assigned to Ticonderoga, Oliver Perry, Arleigh Burke.
  • AI AV-8B. When assigned a landing on ships such as Ticonderoga, Oliver Perry, Arleigh Burke, the plane first flies to the airfield, and then returns to the ship - fixed.
  • Sound. Support mono sound devices.
  • Fixed crash on terrain preload.
  • Reduced memory consumption during clipmap textures loading.
  • Tuned terrain lights visibility.
  • Crash fread_nolock viObjectShape::LocalBox - fixed.
  • Crash when taking second place in a multi-seats aircraft - fixed.
  • Updated CN and DE localization.
  • Kneeboard fix for multimonitor configs.
  • AI vehicles. Added new MBT T-72B3, SPAAG ZSU-57-2, and APC BTR-82A.
  • Parking Position Numbers reversed at Tbilisi Lochini, this bug originates from 2012, please be aware of any changes this might make to existing missions.
  • Added modify coalition in mission editor (Thank you to Grimes and uboats, their mod is now no longer required if used).
  • AIM-120 AMRAAM active radar seeker bug fixing/improvements:
    • Fixed HOJ logic, missile will switch between HOJ and active modes if target is lost.
    • LOS rate limit computations. Restriction on the angular rate of the line of sight has been restored.
    • Fixed visual launch mode behaviour. The missile in this mode no longer receives target designation from the aircraft, but itself searches for a target after launch. The search for the target is provided inside the 15 degrees cone (the width of seeker FOV) right in front of the missile.
    • Fixes in seeker target searching logics.
    • Introduced last target LOS storing. When the target is lost, the seeker retains its orientation, directed to where the target was.
    • Datalink. A fighter-missile line-of-sight check has been introduced.
    • Fixed periodical desynchronization of chaff lock in MP.
  • AIM-7 semi-active radar seeker bug fixing/improvements: most of the above changes applied to active seeker were also applied to semi-active seeker.
  • Optimized culling for Default Terrain Objects Shadows option.
  • The new Damage Model improvements:
    • Multi engine aircraft support
    • AI reaction on different damages
    • Visualisation of a fuel leakage stops when the fuel ends
    • Removing control surfaces disproportionally reduces size of the connected airfoil - fixed
    • Bearing damage model is added to FW 190A-8 and P-47D
    • Stutters on hits to the fuel tanks are fixed
  • Added ability to remove bookmarks in the cockpit kneeboard.
  • Fixed crash when attacking ground targets by a group of helicopters in some conditions.
  • SS-1 Scud range and rearming time are corrected.
  • Improved WWII AI tactics for attacking bombers.
  • IR Pointer too much blooming - corrected.
  • Fixed error ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND that occurred in some cases.
  • A high polling rate on your mouse results in a poor response time in the game - fixed.
  • ME. Error when click on new button for vehicle units in some cases - fixed.
  • Unable to delete unit from within a group in ME - fixed.
  • AI B-17G collides when climbing in formation Bomber element - fixed.
  • AI AV-8B. Landing overloaded AV-8B on some ships leads to plane crash - fixed.
  • AI. F-16 breaks engagement after HARM attack into a hillside - fixed.
  • AI. Samuel Chase ship. Some AA guns do not attack surface targets - fixed.
  • GUI Input. Better folder management while saving input profile.
  • Radio transmission from a unit doesn't work after using the radio for calling the ATC - fixed.
  • GUI Input. Added button Rescan devices.
  • AI. SSK-887 does not hold appointed depth in the waypoint - fixed.
  • White dot can be seen in day time for aircraft and units in the far - fixed.
  • AI. B-17 and two-piston engine bombers formation lateral separation fixed.
  • ME. The leader of the ground group on the map will be indicated with digit 1.
  • ME. Static objects are not displayed in the mission planner - fixed.
  • ME. Hide units filter doesn't work in the mission planner - fixed.
  • ME. New piktogramm of Templates icon.
  • GUI Input. UI Layer and NS430 Input categories do not show if bind is already in use in another module - fixed.
  • Wire strike for helicopters doesn't occur- fixed.
  • Track replay mouse cursor issue when using Scale GUI and UHD fixed.
  • AI. Helicopters will be spawn on the FARP with direction opposite to wind instead of North direction.
  • AI. Aircraft fly over previously bombed target enroute to next waypoint - fixed.
  • AI. Aircraft when they miss TOT will fly the remainder of the route at extremely slow speeds - fixed.
  • ME payloads panel. When modifying an aircraft payload via the mission payload selection the weight stats for the loadout are not updated when a change is made - fixed.
  • ME. Warehouse screen: added field - fill column to value.
  • ME. Added ability to copy and paste Coordinate info via mouse position.
  • GUI VR options. Added some help images.
  • GUI input. No possibility to tune FFB joystick - fixed.
  • ME. Aircraft. Advanced Actions. Add Multirole Fighters to the list of Enroute tasks.
  • ME. Added Argentina.
  • Fixed crash - set mission date in editor prior to 1970 save and start mission from editor.
  • AI Ship. Aircraft carriers revised: sounders, phalanx elevation added.
  • AI Ship. Arleigh Burke sounder fixed.
  • AGM-84 Harpoon fired from B-52 never hit target, they either fly over, circle around, pop upk, and completely overshot the target - fixed.
  • AI pilot falls through Tarawa deck after shutting down - fixed.
  • DCS freeze when assigning a route to a ground unit in some case - fixed.
  • MP. Barrage Balloon does not show for clients - fixed.
  • AIM-120 Midcourse guidance - fixed unwanted target id reset, fixed seeker los rotation in midcourse phase and restored protection from LOS rate surge.
  • AIM-7. Loft trajectory initialization corrected.
  • After ejecting player can still control aircraft - fixed.
  • net.lua2json generates error if table indexed numerically has missing index - fixed.


  • GBU-54 are now loaded on DITERs.
  • Removed all TERs with 3 bombs from Stations 3 and 5.
  • Improved JDAM Relative targeting procedure. Now it is possible to do multiple JDAM relative releases.
  • Improved: High Drag bombs can now be released as Low Drag.
  • Improved: Ghost Velocity Vector on HUD will now flash when at limits of HUD display area.
  • Improved: Long Winc does not disable JDAM Relative Targeting (TOO mode). To disable you must undesignate.
  • Added flight control system joystick switch abstraction keybinds.
  • Fixed: FPM erratic behavior in NAV or AG mode when total velocity close to zero.
  • Fixed: TPOD/JDAM CTD when releasing the bombs.
  • Fixed: TPOD erratic behavior when using JDAMs.
  • Fixed GBU-32 not tracking.
  • Fixed Waypoint Icon not visible if designated and NWS is pressed.
  • Fixed Com channel selector keybind incorrect behavior.
  • Fixed LAR rings not showing on EHSD for GBU-54.
  • Fixed EHSD ground track digits still use TRUE when EHSI is set to MAGNETIC.
  • Fixed: No markpoint menu option in AG mode.
  • Fixed: DMT roll stabilization when in A/A mode.
  • Fixed: AGM-65F internal handling inconsistency.
  • Fixed: HUD Velocity Vectors going invisible at some limits of HUD display area.
  • Fixed: Release tone to sound after each release.
  • Fixed: NSW not changing IRMAV FOV when missile is uncaged.
  • Fixed: AAR zone circle out of position when EHSD is decentered.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the caged velocity vector.
  • Updated: AUTO release mode. New procedure is in the Forums.
  • Updated: TPOD Functionality for G4 integration with aircraft systems:
    • TDC button (PB14) has been deleted. TDC modes are now only two: AC TDC and HTS.
    • HTS TDC now updates System Designation.
    • Super Wide FOV (SWFV) mode has been enabled (PB10).
    • LSS/LST Mode has been improved. To enable LSS/LST you must long press PB19 (INR).
    • Zoom factor has been incremented from 10x to 16x. Zoom factor increases/decreases by 0.3X.
    • Zoom factor now changes when long pressing PB3 or PB4.
    • New laser modes have been added.
    • Tracking has been modified: AR (Area Track) only locks a ground position. PT (Point Track) can lock a moving target. MT (Moving Target) works the same as PT.
    • When the TPOD is the SOI, NWS slaves the sensor to the aircraft system designation.
  • Removed all GBU-16 x 2 loads.
  • GAU-12 gunpod engine based firing restrictions enabled.
  • Fixed: cage/uncage behavior for rockets and AG gun. Now it toggles gunsight mode between CCIP (default) and DSL (manual).
  • Fixed: DSL(1) release mode.
  • Fixed: Missing switches sounds in the cockpit.
  • Fixed: EHSD DESG behavior when using AUTO release mode.
  • Fixed: AA Gunsight’s BFP. Now it accurately shows the bullet stream from the selected gunsight distance, 1200ft (365m) or 2400ft (731m), to 4800ft (1463 m).
  • Improvement: HUD updated to SVG. Note: FLIR video output is disabled for the MPCD HUD repeater.
  • Added: Ottoman Courier Campaign by Baltic Dragon.
  • Fixed: SKID Warning Light illuminates with parking brake engaged.
  • Fixed: Selected weapon box remains after store depleted.
  • Fixed: Keyboard pitch command resets to centered position.
  • Fixed: Unable to edit Markpoints and Target Points.
  • Fixed: Brake Accumulators reading 0 when starting on carriers.
  • Fixed: External 3D model errors when taking damage.
  • Improvement: Added VR Pilot body.
  • Improvement: Added Parking Brake keyboard/joystick command.
  • Improvement: Added wheel chocks & ground crew menu option.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RWR library.
  • Improvement: Added Mission Route Plan page in the kneeboard.
  • Improvement: Aircraft will now taxi roll on idle power if parking brake or brakes are not applied or nozzle deflection is not used to control taxi speed.
  • Improvement: Parking brake will now be engaged by default for all ground start missions.
  • Improvement: Wheel chocks are now installed by default when starting cold and dark.
  • Improvement: Nozzle stop now moves in steps based on the lock locations.
  • Improvement: Nozzle lever now will latch slightly around the hover stop to simulate hitting the hover stop.
  • Improvement: Enabled show/hide VR body (and force stick and throttle visible when VR body enabled).
  • Improvement: Enabled mirrors clickable.
  • Improvement: Merged show/hide stick and throttle keyboard commands.
  • Improvement: Enabled show/hide stick and throttle clickable.
  • Improvement: Enabled UTM input for Waypoints and CAS. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.
  • Improvement: Merged missing command definitions from keyboard to joystick.
  • Improvement: Waypoint can be defined as Target Zone or IP in the Mission Editor. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.
  • Improvement: Waypoints Offsets can now be defined on the Mission Editor. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.


  • Fixed: Missing wheels.
  • Fixed: left/right wheel brake combined axis command not working.
  • Fixed: throttle deadzone at high throttle.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the caged velocity vector.
  • Fixed: Keyboard pitch command resets to centered position.
  • Fixed: TDC waypoint range and bearing info display condition.
  • Fixed: HSI knob decreases value.
  • Fixed: ADI "pole" mode not working on INS failure.
  • Fixed: PRET keeps blinking after alignment is finished and INS is set to NAV.
  • Fixed: INS decimal value.
  • Fixed: INS short alignment.
  • Fixed: INS off has no impact.
  • Fixed: TDC position reset when switching from search mode to scan.
  • Fixed: Radar SIL message position on the VTB.
  • Fixed: External 3D model error.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RWR library.
  • Improvement: Added F-14A to the RDI library.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD altitude display conditions.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD RS arrow display conditions.
  • Improvement: Updated SELH behaviour.
  • Improvement: Updated VTB heading tape indicator behaviour.
  • Improvement: Updated HUD RS Arrow behavior.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Fixed and improved startup training missions (EN, ES and CN).
  • Fixed basic visual flight training mission (EN and ES).
  • Fixed radios and navaids lesson 1 (EN, ES and CN).
  • Fixed IFR Flight training mission (EN, ES and CN).
  • Fixed Guns and Rockets training mission.
  • Changed direction of engine y moment (pitch moment).
  • Fixed Bombs training missions, EN and ES.
  • Fixed Sea Eagle training missions, EN and ES.
  • Fixed Air Combat training mission, both EN and ES. Fixed typo in EN version of that mission name too.
  • C-101 mach number indicator scale reaches now 1.0.
  • Cockpit lighting knobs do not deploy the gear anymore when flying multicrew.
  • Updated fuel selector switches sync in multicrew, now the cockpit switch is moved, instead of directly setting the variable for Flight Model.
  • Now Flight Model takes into account rear cockpit fuel transfer switches positions (manual or forward cockpit priority).
  • Added lighting to OFF labels in forward cockpit fuel panel.
  • Fixed sound error message at engine shutdown.
  • Improved aircraft stabilization at mission air start, since stabilizer position initialization was slightly off after latest flight model changes (WIP).
  • Added Georgia fictional liveries.
  • Fixed trim system in multicrew (it doesn’t desynchronize now over time).
  • Removed trim tone when acting on the trim if the aircraft is controlled from another seat in multicrew.
  • Electric load of batteries is now balanced according to their current capacities.
  • 'Sight Sun Filter' and 'Smoke On Ground' properties set in Mission Editor show now correctly to clients in multiplayer.
  • Improved synchronization of flight controls position in multicrew (when the client doesn’t have control, won’t be able to move the stick).
  • Updated handling of fuel system and masses of C-101EB as described below:
    • Updated maximum fuel mass in lua to be exactly the same as the one in the Flight Model. This mass is also used by AI.
    • Updated Empty aircraft mass. Subtracted unusable fuel, and added the mass of two pilots (160 kg). This mass is also used by AI.
    • Updated maximum aircraft mass according to the mentioned fixes in empty aircraft and fuel masses. This mass is also used by AI.
    • Fixed center of gravity change when one of the pilots ejects.
    • Refueling and defueling update now fuel masses correctly.
    • Unlimited fuel flag is correctly accounted now in the fuel system.
    • Fixed center of gravity computation at aircraft rebirth in the same mission.
    • Smoke system weight is correctly accounted now in the center of gravity computation.
  • Improved smoke system. White color is properly disabled now when colorant is turned on. This means no more low FPS when using colored smoke in multiplayer.
  • Improvements in fuel system. Now fuel transfer switches are off at mission start, if the corresponding fuel tank has no fuel. They should be set manually after in-game refueling.
  • Synchronized parking brake handle in multicrew.
  • Fixed animation of clock needles.
  • Added GPS circuit breaker on main panel.
  • Added C-101CC Video Camera light.
  • Fixed 0.8 Mach mark size in speed/mach indicator of C-101EB.
  • Fixed orientation of several C-101EB speed/mach indicator marks.
  • Removed unused lua files.
  • FD horizontal bar is no longer stuck to ADI aircraft symbol when pressing TCS button.
  • Made Vertical Speed mode of Flight Director in C-101CC less sensitive.
  • Added Georgia fictional skin for C-101EB.

DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations

  • Fixed RWR symbology.
  • Fixed TV targeting symbology.
  • Fixed laser rangefinder symbology.
  • Added possibility to enable/disable NS430 in mission (additional tab in SA342 properties in ME).

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Added external fog and MFCD screen animations for player and AI.
  • Added 2 training missions.
  • Added more keyboard/device bindings.
  • Should fix slew axis reverse on C701 when zoomed in.
  • ​​​​​​​Fixed TOT desired speed.
  • Fixed T5 differences between axis and buttons.
  • Fixed inlet total pressure recovery coefficient at lower speeds.
  • Fixed gain/level value display in WMD7 page.
  • Fixed HUD brt/cont adjustment.
  • Fixed CM802AKG keeps tracking target even outside FOV, now will return to MITL mode, seeker returns to search mode.
  • Fixed wheel brake axis first half no effect issue (general rudder axis should give -1 ~ 1 input).
  • Removed blank angle for AG radar (because no SAR feature).
  • Adjusted actuator rate for Elevator and ailerons.
  • Adjusted WMD7 IR WH/BH effect (still WIP).
  • Adjusted deadzone for antenna axis.
  • Revised landing gear drag & damage model.
  • If born on ground, force WOW to true during the first few seconds to avoid gear up due to improper external device switch position.
  • If hpt/spt is notching, hpt/spt position will be predicted and target box on HUD blinking.
  • Fixed: support unlimited ammo.
  • Fixed: hand tremble during defog.
  • Fixed: removed deadzone for HOTAS T6 slide axis.
  • Fixed: too long defog time.
  • Fixed: BRM1 “INRNG” notification.
  • Adjusted: all MFCD/HUD TDC share same axis deadzone (set in special option).
  • Added more key bindings.
  • Added one training: anti-ship missile.
  • Updated CN locales.
  • Fixed: CTD due to AA radar hpt/spt switch under some condition.
  • Fixed: laser-guided bomb tracking issue (adjusted motor speed).
  • Fixed: CCRP cannot release bomb with crosswind.
  • Fixed: DTC data copy between 01-49 and 50-59.
  • Fixed: potential CTD from new kneeboard design.
  • Fixed: salvo bomb release under infinite ammo mode.
  • Fixed: engine oil pressure.
  • Fixed: CLINK page network host indicator.
  • Fixed: input master_mode_next/prev keys not work when start from cold.
  • Fixed: INS page display error.
  • Adjusted: Radar page IFF indicator will show disabled symbol if no INT mode selected.
  • Adjusted: too dark MFCD camera page for wmd7 and c701.
  • Adjusted: MFCD SMS CNTL page and AG param page.
  • Adjusted: Training 08 CCRP.
  • Added: applied new CCRP symbols (more details).
  • Added: AG radar AGR mode for bomb (when close to SPI, AG radar automatically switches to AGR mode, later returns to prev mode once done. You cannot enter AGR mode manually).
  • Added: MFCD DATA-> NAV can manually set wind speed/dir if INS works abnormally.
  • Added: HSD shows target indication lines of wingmen in the same flight via datalink.
  • Added: CLR button for MFCD in edit mode (to clear current input and then re-enter digits).
  • Added: F-14A in RWR detection.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

  • Added Azimuth / Elevation Radar Sublevel (FLIR Sublevel/AUTO IFF/MIDS - W.I.P).
  • Added PRECISE and GRID Coordinate Entry.
  • Added Datalink Symbols on HMD.
  • Added HMD control page from SUPT.
  • Added IN LAR indication.
  • Added FTT mode for moving targets.
  • JDAM:
    • Added input of terminal parameters. (DLZ for terminal data - W.I.P).
  • DCS Hang / crash with jettison procedure - Fixed.
  • AACQ mode - Correction of the logic of work (W.I.P).
  • Datalink in the Hornet only works in the day, not at night - Fixed.
  • HMD A/A indicators don't match HUD A/A Indicators (Added IN LAR/SHOOT indication, DT2 symbol) - Fixed.
  • Missing Course Line Option for TGT (HSI and SA Page) - Fixed.
  • Automatic IFF disabled in LTWS.
  • COMM window illuminates whenever transmissions are received on COMM 1 and COMM 2, respectively - Fixed.
  • Radio digits corrupt during cold start - Fixed.
  • AGM-65F resets after shooting all AGM-65E's - Fixed.
  • Laser mavs will not fire after IR mavs used - Fixed.
  • Added Angle of Attack (AoA) steady tone for certain conditions:
    • AoA above 35 and below 7 degrees (with AUTO flaps)
    • FLAP FULL AoA above 32 degrees
    • FLAP HALF AoA above 35 degrees
    • With stores AoA above 25 degrees
  • AGM-84E - PP mode unable to set target elevation - Fixed.
  • PRF should not be pilot selectable in ACM modes - Fixed.
  • TDC over Azimuth hides the setting - Fixed.
  • STEP cursor fixed when using EXPAND.
  • RDDI will display the AGR page in A2G mode when the lightning is changed from NIGHT to DAY - Fixed.
  • Corrected guns and rockets HUD / STORES symbology.
  • EW symbols on SA always show upright - Fixed.
  • SURV still contributes to ROE ID criteria when SURV is deselected in SA SENSR subpage - Fixed.
  • Removed LOFT for HARM in TOO and SP modes (same way as F-16C).
  • IN RANGE notification in HUD with no target data - Fixed.
  • Mark points become corrupted when using WPDSG - Fixed.
  • Fixed indication of JDAM and cannon on HUD.
  • AGM-65E Will not fire on a building if the MAV is SOI - Fixed.
  • Weapon volume for AIM-9X adjustment - Fixed.
  • FPAS descent distance - Fixed.
  • Paddle switch and Pinkie button animation switched - Fixed.
  • TAC Menu does not show the weapon option unless the stores page has been selected - Fixed.
  • Fixed indication of AGM-65E.
  • COMM control does not work while the radios are not powered - Fixed.
  • UFC Scratchpad Error input - Fixed.
  • ACM and SIL mode crossing - Fixed.
  • Reversed ground effect at high speed is fixed.
  • T UP is using heading and not track in HSI Aircraft symbol is aligned with the heading in HSI and SA - Fixed.
  • Mark point cannot be displayed in feet - Fixed.
  • If waypoints are cycled after using WPDSG, laser Maverick seeker will wander - Fixed.
  • A-G/A-A radar page shows true heading - Fixed.
  • TWS still functions on ground -Fixed.
  • Radar scans even on the ground (on carrier as well) - Fixed.
  • AG radar. Functions on the ground at zero speed and WoW - Fixed.
  • STT acquisition always uses the current PRF in INTL - Fixed.
  • DDI#7 function during TDC designation - Fixed.
  • Harpoon HUD intersection indication - Fixed.
  • Loud "fluttering" sound inside the cockpit when speed > 200 KIAS - Fixed.
  • AACQ with TDC over different track than L&S - Fixed.
  • AACQ/FACQ command is always SCS right instead of SCS towards the radar page - Fixed.
  • Player's ladder at cold start moves - Fixed.
  • HUD TD Diamond not ground stabilized - Fixed.
  • Bloom around hornet nav lights appears too large/bright at distance - Fixed.
  • Navigation lights very bright in day time - Fixed.
  • Added AG Mode for JHMCS.
  • Completed HUD TD designation logic.
  • Added GBU-32 and GBU-31V2 /V4.
  • HUD TD Diamond not ground stabilized - Fixed.
  • ASL blank in AUTO Mode - Fixed.
  • REL indication missing in HUD designate - Fixed.
  • Adjusted AIM-9 family missiles drag.
  • Laser guided bombs crossed out in HUD but not DDI if laser code not set - Fixed.
  • DL-13 Remains after rearm - Fixed.
  • AGM-65F Sometimes wanders off target when MAV is made SOI - Fixed.
  • Gear lights seem to have to much bloom on last LOD - Fixed.
  • There is no reticle on HUD for Walleye.
  • Updated Flight Manual in Chinese.
  • Added GBU-24 A/B Paveway III laser-guided bomb.
  • Added Auto IFF/CIT from the AZ/EL A/A page.
  • Added AZ/EL FLIR Sublevel.
  • Redesigned threat search algorithm for HARM for TOO mode.
  • AGR Ranging Uncommon Symbology - Fixed.
  • Hostile NCTR doesn't contribute to hostile ID - Fixed.
  • Hornet radar azimuth reverts to a RWS behavior WHEN changing weapons in TWS and also allows WAY more Azimuth than normal - Fixed.
  • ACM Mode - GACQ circle disappears after switching modes or weapons - Fixed.
  • Un-designate in any Gun mode should return to GACQ - Fixed.
  • Bar setting glitch upon exiting GACQ - Fixed.
  • GACQ shows strange search pattern dependent on radar elevation upon entry of GACQ - Fixed.
  • GACQ + AG radar breaks both AA and AG radar modes - Fixed.
  • AG Radar picture anomalies at 160nm range - Fixed.
  • Walleye HUD error - Fixed.
  • AGM-65E code step when unboxed- Fixed.
  • Double Print on DDI - Fixed.
  • Heatblur F-14A appears as 'U' in RWR- Fixed.
  • JHMCS ATC indication is linked to gun selection - Fixed.
  • Problem with AGM-65E after using LST when not self-lasing - Fixed.
  • AIM-9X Can't be Slaved Off Waterline with JHMCS - Fixed.
  • LGBs still releasable without laser code set - Fixed.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Added new, free MP mission by Baltic Dragon.
  • Not losing lock on STT When turning off the radar, Guides missile all the way. - fixed.
  • GBU-24 does not explode on impact - fixed.
  • AIM-7MH not lofting when LOFT is turned on - fixed.

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • Added HARM loading option on stations 4 and 6.
  • Added HQ-7 and Roland to HARM sensor database.
  • Waypoints are disappears after switching to A-G and back to NAV - Fixed.
  • Adjusted landing behavior in crosswind (adjusted side friction factor for crosswind landing and takeoff/nose gear absorber updated).
  • Nosewheel steering gains - sensitivity adjusted.
  • AGM-65 D, G, and H, K Maverick non-consistent lock on - Fixed.
  • AGM-65G/D/H/K adding missing options:
    • Boresight (BSGT) option.
    • Uncage (allow Maverick gyro to complete 30 seconds earlier).
    • It is possible to lock on with two missiles prior to launching the first missile.
  • Generator stops and FCR alignment turns off after being idle for too long - Fixed.
  • NOT SOI for HSD - Fixed.
  • AGM-65 WPN Page symbology errors - Fixed.
  • Check Exterior lights COVERT modes - Fixed.
  • HARM HAS - redesigned logic - Fixed.
  • Switching Master Modes PWR OFF HARM's - Fixed.
  • Mavericks should already be powered on and warmed up on air start - Fixed.
  • Livery names are incorrectly formatted - Fixed.
  • EO submodes not remembered - Fixed.
  • Aerodynamic forces on gear posts inverted - Fixed.
  • Selected station number must be highlighted, not boxed - Fixed.
  • Fix for fuel flow indicator, hydraulic pressure indicators, oil pressure indicator, nozzle position indicator.
  • Updated DE Viper manual.
  • Added AGM-88 HARM section with HAS mode procedures.
  • UFC Training mission static aircraft placement issue - Fixed.
  • Added Viper AIM-9LM Training mission.
  • Fixed typos and mission (Lesson 11) picture error.
  • Added Viper AIM-120C training lesson.
  • Added Viper Lesson 13 - Air-Air TWS and LINK-16 use.
  • Added Viper training lesson 14 - Air-to-Air ACM and HMCS use.
  • Added pylons mass accounting to FM.
  • Adjust payloads drag AIM-9.
  • 3 Syria mission have snap views included creating problems for users - Fixed.
  • Added chinese localization for QS and Single missions.
  • UFC Training mission static aircraft placement issue - Fixed.
  • Fixed the logic of the System Point of Interest (SPI) concept.
  • Added POS (Position) mode, RUK (Range Unknown) submode for the AGM-88C HARM.
  • SPI location isn't changed when steerpoint is changed - Fixed.
  • Maverick Slew Error in PRE Mode - Fixed.
  • Phantom waypoint issue - Fixed.
  • Un-commanded return to CZ when A2G Weapon select or dogfight switch is used branch only - Fixed.
  • F-16 Firing HARM blocks CCRP SPI movement with TGP - Fixed.
  • CCRP SPI not updating with TGP designation - Fixed.
  • Using VIS mode with AGM-65 interrupts autopilot settings - Fixed.
  • Uncommanded TGP to Maverick Handoff - Fixed.
  • Maverick Not Slaving to TGP LOS in PRE - Fixed.
  • Uncage switch works for all sensors independently from SOI assigned - Fixed.
  • Fuel quantity dial sound only in one direction - Fixed.
  • Reduced search time for HARM for HAS mode.
  • AIM-120B/C Training lesson bugs - Fixed.
  • Minor cockpit sound fixes.
  • Added new F-16C A/A Training Missions.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Fixed wrong release scheme in POS mode.
  • Update of the Taxi and Take-Off Mission.
  • HARM POS/RUK does not track SA-2 track radar - fixed.
  • No TOT in CCRP mode after firing off 2 Harms - fixed.
  • Post-release CCIP point is no longer there with the weapon release button still held down - fixed.

DCS F-14A/B by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW Added F-14A Model Tomcat (F-14A-135GR, Late USN, ALR-67 Equipped Variant). New Systems and Changes include:
    • TF30 engine model, including:
      • Mid Compression Bypass Circuit
      • Mach Lever
      • Expanded compressor stall model
      • Hydromechanical fuel control
      • New thrust model
      • New engine spool dynamics
      • New afterburner model
      • Updated nozzle logic
      • New audio
    • Reshaped engine nacelles and added new nozzles
    • New - A specific liveries:
      • VF-21 Freelancers 200
      • VF-111 Sundowners (200)
      • VF-154 Black Knights 101
      • VF-211 Fighting Checkmates 105
  • NEW: Complete external sound overhaul (TF30 & F110). We’ve entirely overhauled the F-14’s exterior soundset, including the following changes:
    • New rear aspect exhaust sounds
    • New intake sounds
    • New afterburner sounds
    • New fly-by sounds
    • New engine fan blade rattle sound (slow windmilling speeds)
    • AB Zone lighting thump (internal)
    • Fixed stall warning tone + new audio sample (internal)
    • New compressor stall sounds
    • Tuned engine start and idle sounds
    • Adjusted all sdef files to improve directional sound and audible distance
    • Complete overhaul of audio driver logic on code side
    • Various other common sound fixes:
      • Sounds now load quicker
      • Tomcat is no longer unbearably loud at idle and at distance
      • Reduced total number of sound samples being played in external view
  • NEW Added simulated yaw string (A and B models) with corresponding wind simulation.
  • NEW Fire Suppression System + keybinds.
  • NEW Mid Compression Bypass Circuit Breaker keybind (F-14A only).
  • NEW Afterburner Gate option + keybind.
  • NEW Jester Features:
    • JOKER callout
    • BINGO fuel callout
  • Fixed fuel shutoff handles not shutting down engines.
  • Fixed engine stall/over temperature warning light logic.
  • Added F-14A versions of Caucasus, PG and Syria Quickstart missions.
  • Adjusted F-14B fuselage nacelle area for more roundness and visual fidelity.
  • Adjusted afterburners to not show black streaks.
  • Engine windmill speed now affected by relative wind direction.
  • Adjusted F110 AB thrust below mach 0.7.
  • Fixed crashes caused by visual effects during compressor stalls.
  • Adjusted engine fire and compressor stall visual effects.
  • Engine fire and compressor stall effects now synced over the network.
  • Adjusted pitch damping and pitch with power effects per SME comments.
  • Adjusted inlet aerodynamic performance per SME comments.
  • Adjusted subsonic airframe drag per SME comments.
  • Fixed TF-30 oil overheating.
  • Misc potential crash fixes in engine code.
  • Updated F-14B Syria Take-Off Instant Action mission.
  • Painted air brake pistons white.
  • Allow AIM-7MH to loft, except when fired in ACM or boresight modes.
  • Added CVN-75 to the data link capable carriers.
  • Flood antenna identifies as missile lock instead of STT to targets now, for consistency with other DCS modules.
  • Enable sparrow flood antenna if STT is lost while sparrow is in flight.
  • Update RWR threat library version.
  • Fix RWR symbols for HQ-7.
  • Fix ARC-159 (pilot radio) keybinds for OFF/MAIN/BOTH/ADF.
  • Fixed VF-11 Red Rippers (1997)/description.lua to remove problematic Spec Map.
  • Adjust AIM-54 chaff resistance after latest ED/DCS changes.
  • Add bindable input for pilot hydraulic hand pump.
  • Use the DCS global gameplay option for hiding control stick.
  • Fix typo in options dialog (butons->buttons)
  • Converted Bone Strike, Colorado River Time Trial, Debridging the River Ingur, Heatblurring the Lines, Kish Kat Attack, Protect the Viksburg, Rioni River Run, Seine River Endurance Run to F-14A compatible versions.
  • Adjusted AIM-54 countermeasure resistance to revert to old ED System.
  • Fixed TID STT strobe angle error when not flying level.
  • Potentially fixed a case where TWS AIM-54 could erroneously track a target not receiving recent radar returns.
  • Prevent RIO from using Pilot Controls from backseat.
  • Fixed steering tee not displayed in weapon off mode.
  • Fixed detached wing not disappearing in LoD1+.
  • Fixed Pilots not disappearing in static aircraft in LoD1+.
  • Fixed Pilots not disappearing after ejection in LoD1+.
  • Shifted pilot stick neutral position slightly aft.
  • Adjusted flap jamming logic - flap jamming is now more likely to occur.
  • Added anhedral tilt to horizontal tailplanes.
  • Fixed left horizontal tailplane being displaced along Z Axis.
  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher Handles & made accessible to pilot only.
  • Fixed TWS velocity vector sometimes getting stuck.
  • Ensure missile loses tracking when switching between PD-STT and TWS post launch.
  • Fixed AIM-54 RWR indications.
  • Updated manual to include F-14A late specific sections.
  • Crash F-14 in case some custom mods are installed - fixed.
  • Add new F-14A unit types to ALR-67 threat library.
  • Explicitly prevent all sparrows but AIM-7MH from lofting.
  • Fixed AIM-7 not tracking correctly in PD-STT.
  • Make Radar send radio command when launching in AIM-54 in PD-STT so F-14 RWR can detect it.
  • Fixed sparrow flood mode giving radio command (triggering target RWR) prior to launch.
  • Added new TTI calculation with real time update.
  • Renamed F-14A models to avoid clashes with VSN mods.
  • Added more potential fixes for Jester switching to RWS right after TWS Phoenix. Launch (could not reproduce bug reported by some).
  • Fixed DCS log warnings about duplicated ALU shapes.
  • Tweaked FM for both -B and -A:
    • Slightly reduced transonic airframe drag
    • Adjusted intake drag at low airflow ratios for TF30
    • Restored and re-tested previous F110 subsonic and supersonic AB thrust
    • Re-tuned TF30 AB thrust
    • Adjusted TF30 extreme high altitude core thrust and fuel flow
    • Adjusted TF30 extreme high altitude AB fuel flow schedule
    • Adjusted TF30 burner temperature model to be less prone to engine fires at extreme high altitude/low speed
    • Adjusted TF30 fuel control gains and spool dynamics
    • Adjusted TF30 gross thrust at low RPMs
  • Fixed ground spoiler logic.
  • Added F-14A single and multiplayer missions.
  • Added VF-11 Red Rippers 106 livery.
  • Added VF-33 Starfighters 201 livery.
  • Exterior engine sound adjustments.
  • Fixed LAU-7 color on some liveries.
  • AIM-54 now uses distance (determined by TGT Size switch: large=13NM, medium=10NM, small=6NM) for going active, instead of 16s TTI.
  • Added special option for convenience to allow “Weapon selector up” binding to emulate “weapon selector press” when in SP/PH position, to toggle between Phoenix and Sparrow.
  • JESTER Menu changes & additions:
    • Radar mode submenu renamed to Radar Settings
    • TWS-M switch added
    • TGT Size switch submenu added
    • Ground/Aircraft stabilize renamed to TID Ground/Aircraft stabilize
    • Scan distance renamed to TID range
  • Changed kneeboard datalink hosts page to use unit display name instead of type name.
  • Fixed AI F-14A nozzle animations & afterburner.
  • NEW! Added F-14B Campaign “Operation Reforger - The Iron Heel”.
  • Fixed TWS tracks clashing with datalink in multicrew.
  • Added TGTS size keybinds for RIO.
  • Updated AIM-7 to parity with ED’s AIM-7.
  • Fixed AIM-7 dogfight LTE to 0.7s (was accidentally immediate).
  • Prevent AIM-54 continuing to track target if TWS track was deleted and later re-acquired (new track technically).
  • Fix: ensure that AIM-54 active command is only sent while radar is transmitting.
  • Livery fixes for VF-102 and 103 Hi Vis.
  • Small fixes to A liveries.
  • Added hog to VF-11 droptank on B version.
  • Fixed mirroring issues on Last Ride and Grim Reapers liveries.
  • Fix for engine fire at continued M1.1.
  • Adjusted transonic drag for F-14A.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Static crew men have collision - Fixed.
  • "See you at 10" stays after used - Fixed.
  • AI F-14 In user mission gets stuck in middle of deck then vanishes - Fixed.
  • Added more Variance in AI Carrier Approach Speed.
  • SU-33 and Kuznetzov abort take off - Fixed.
  • Lights are turned on on bridge and opened spaces below flight deck day time - Fixed.
  • All aircraft spawn from runway - Fixed.
  • Deck crew disappears on game PAUSE - Fixed.
  • Crew only in one eye in VR in F2 view - Fixed.
  • Carrier accepts aircrafts even if the flight deck is damaged - Fixed.
  • F-14A replies "Hornet Ball" on landing - Fixed.

DCS A-10C and A-10C II Tank Killer by ED

  • Available for all countries in the Mission Editor.
  • Animation of opening of aircraft canopy has been improved.
  • Loadouts with triple SUU-25x8 aren't visible in simulation - Fixed.
  • "Hide stick" feature is added.
  • Aircraft skins are restored in all training missions.
  • Flashing for navigation lights - fixed.
  • Setting Chaff or flare above 255 and releasing crashes DCS - Fixed.
  • Flare count updated. Flares count increased up to 480.
  • Adjust Coolie Hat HOTAS functions: Coolie Hat Up: HUD as SOI; Coolie Hat Down: HMD SOI.
  • China Hat HOTAS changes. Regardless of what is Sensor of Interest (SOI), China Hat Aft Long always slaves the Targeting Pod to the current Steerpoint and not the Sensor Point of Interest (SPI). China Hat Forward Long slaves all sensors and weapons to SPI instead.
  • Sounds for the GAU8 gun are updated.
  • Updates to Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Profile (Profiles edited).
  • HUD frame size and HUD projection - fixed (Original A-10C only, fix for A-10C II coming).
  • A-10C II Canopy damage now visible in the external view and cockpit both.
  • UFC Panel Labels updated.
  • Radio Call placard matches ACFT Tail number now.
  • Nose gear strut compression improved.
  • NS 430 navigation system isn’t available for A-10C II further.
  • HMCS. Implemented blue line connecting mini-SPI and PPLI symbols: solid for flight members, and dashed for other flights.
  • Fixed Fuel Selector Knob position at start - it was not “lined up” correctly.
  • HUD CCRP mode was disabled for APKWS rockets.
  • HMCS brightness control was updated: both DAY and NIGHT modes have the range of 100% with 5% increments. Current brightness value is displayed for 3 seconds after last change.
  • HMCS SADL assigned target shape was changed to the red solid triangle.
  • Fixed sporadic crash in HMCS related to symbology occlusion by maximum range (the one set in the HMCS profile).
  • Fixed slight roll of the entire HMCS symbology when VR headset is used - it directly affected horizon line, as well as spatial symbols positions.
  • Added ‘Default Gun Mode' and ‘HMD render eye’ options for A-10C II.
  • Improved HMCS Line-of-Sight computation when DTSAS is not available. Now radar altitude is taken into account, when available.
  • TGP boresight option was added to TGP OSB5, with the ability to set boresight elevation via scratchpad.
  • Tweaks to Russian HOTAS input translations for A-10C.
  • A-10C Shturmovik campaign. Mission 5. There is no task to return to targets if enemy fighters are not destroyed - fixed.
  • Joystick VKB Gunfighter. Renamed correctly in customized profiles.
  • Fixed CTD on Transport.dll.
  • HMCS TDC makes jumps after movement - Fixed.
  • A-10C II. HMCD overlaps HUD. Fixed dynamic symbols positions near edges of the display.
  • TGP starts to drift after slaving to HMCS - Fixed.
  • Updated voice messages index - made A-10C II VMU messages audible.
  • Corrected the Free flight mission on Caucasus to avoid message DTSAS OFF MAP.
  • Added flashlight commands to joysticks profiles. Basic options like on/off and colors are working, but no control for brightness.
  • Central payload drag position fixed.
  • Default Laser Latch to ON.
  • 3D model. Added name change and texture remapping for the pilot.
  • 3D model. Removed unnecessary arguments on the second LOD.
  • 3D model. Helmet system hangs after pilot ejection - Fixed.
  • 3D model. Corrected pilot textures.
  • Visual improvements to 3D model of the cockpit:
    • SAS switches.
    • UHF selector positions.
    • STEER switch.
    • Reflections on glass.
  • Analog speed dial discrepancy Fixed.
  • IFFCC SPI in guns mode - Fixes.
  • Maverick IFFCC SPI wrong location - Fixed.
  • Improvements were made in the training missions.
  • Removed nose rise with PAC Off.
  • Emergency trim reversed when using mapped controls - Fixed.
  • With GBU selected switching to guns does not allow calculated Gun sight only cross and fixed - Fixed.
  • Flares will come from both dispensers behind the wheel bays, and chaff from both wingtips.
  • Updated the manual.

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

  • UHF selector stop positions corrected.
  • Analog speed dial discrepancy - fixed.
  • Eliminated intersecting the external mesh to cockpit mesh.
  • Recalibrated airspeed indicator main pointer to make it consistent with the drum indication.
  • Maverick IFFCC SPI wrong location - fixed.
  • STEER switch bug fixed.

DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED

  • Fixed Z fighting in main landing gears.
  • Adjusted drag of AIM-9 payloads.

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED

  • Fixed the animation of the pilot's hand in the rear cockpit.
  • Cockpit pressure initialization fixed. There was displaying the oxygen starvation during launch at high-altitude aerodromes.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed canopy position sync in multiplayer.
  • Updated RB75 A/B/T (AGM-65 A/B) flight model and seeker behaviour.
  • Fix to crash when dropping High-drag bombs.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Fixed radar causing a huge FPS loss when turned on.

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED

  • Water injection system is added.
  • Engine improvements based on water injection system.
  • Air cooling model improved.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying some elements after destruction of wings.
  • Rudder plate at max deflection angles intersects with other elements - fixed.
  • Cowl flaps control rod model improved.
  • Dive recovery flaps added to FM.
  • Damage of structural elements from G-overload is tuned.
  • Updated EN and RU manuals.
  • Default payloads added for all modifications.
  • Improvements to the aftercooler.
  • Pylons drag - fixed.
  • Structure elements parameters - tuned.
  • Improved visualisation of the damage on armor glass.
  • Pilot 3D model is added to the first person view.
  • Autostart procedure - fixed.
  • Improvements to FM and Systems:
    • Engine with water manifold pressure
    • Turbine stall
    • Buffeting from the cowl flaps
  • Engine damages and failures:
    • Detonation with water
  • New P-47 Turbine Stall and Bearing Sounds.
  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.
  • Aircraft will continue to climb on dead engine under certain conditions - fixed.
  • Updated PG, Caucasus and Channel IA Missions.

DCS FW 190 A-8 by ED

  • Smoke screen button assignment - fixed.
  • Oil temperature - fixed.
  • Fixed the oil pressure.
  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS FW 190 D-9 by ED

  • Corrections to the cooling model.
  • Updated Channel and Caucasus IA Missions.
  • Added SP mission.

DCS Spitfire LF Mk IX by ED

  • When leaving aircraft to AI it’s tail sinks into the ground - fixed.
  • Added the burned model.
  • Some visual gaps between cockpit and the external model are closed.
  • Added and updated IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.
  • Updated Spitfire Channel and Caucasus IA Missions.

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Minor cockpit sound fixes.
  • Added new IA missions for The Channel map.
  • Added new Caucasus IA missions.
  • Added SP mission.
  • Updated Channel IA Missions.

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Added SP mission.
  • Updated Channel, PG and Caucasus IA Missions.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • MiG-29G. Cockpit indication doesn't work - fixed.
  • MiG-29. Large bounce after a heavy landing, no nose gear damage - fixed.
  • Su-25. Added single mission to Syria map.
  • SU-25T. SPPU-22-1 gunpad not doing any damage to light armor - added some armor piercing shells into the round rack.
  • Updated / added Instant Action missions.
  • Adjusted Su-27 and Su-33 cockpit mirrors. Parts of the airframe are visible.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark by ED

  • The elevation of the Vikhr ATGM does not correlate with the sight - fixed.

DCS UH-1H Huey by ED

  • Fix altimeter.
  • Minigun sound fix.
  • Cockpit doors are now always operated separately.

DCS WWII Assets pack by ED

  • New units are added to the pack:
    • M1 37mm AAA
    • M45 quadmount AAA
    • QF 3.7-inch AAA
    • Daimler Armoured Car
    • M4 High-Speed Tractor
    • Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch
    • FuMG 401 Freya LZ radar
  • MG shoots higher on sd234\2 Puma. Sight reticle has been changed.
  • A-20G behavior is changed to attack aircraft/bomber.
  • The AI A-20G seems to ignore CAS / Bombing / Carpet Bombing tasking - fixed.
  • AI Gunners on Bombers are too accurate A-20G and Ju-88 effective turret range reduced.
  • Evasion maneuvers for WWII bombers improved.
  • The following units have been made available free for all users:
    • A-20G bomber
    • Flak 18
    • Bofors 40mm
    • Panzer IV
    • Sherman
    • Sd.Kfz.251
    • M2A1
    • Blitz 3.6-6700A
    • Bedford MWD
  • U-boat VII-C flak has wrong depth - fixed.
  • LSO view disabled for WWII ships.
  • KDO used an incorrect shell for flak 41 calculations - fixed. Some target assignment. optimization.
  • Sight M70D for M8 Greyhound.
  • Added warehouses for Bedford and CCKW.
  • A-20 x-ray model improved.

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • MLRS do not rearm and continue to fire - fixed.
  • Paratroopers don't move after landing - fixed.
  • Improved AI movement along the route.
  • Fixed infantry stuck.
  • Units "on road" are directed to the next WP - fixed.
  • APC M113. Implemented variable armor thickness in collision model.
  • AA guns do not attack surface targets - fixed.
  • Infantry collision with aircraft can do massive damage - fixed.
  • Compass for T-72 in isometric view - fixed.
  • Added indication of stabilization “STBL ON”.
  • Fixed missing sound CIWS for some ships.

China Asset Pack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed ZBD-04 collision model for AP ammo.
  • Fixed 052B cannot intercept harpoon.
  • Fixed (by ED) 093 flying after setting a new waypoint.
  • Adjusted: SD-10 active seeker param according to updated active radio seeker bugfixing/improvements in AIM-120 scheme.
  • Adjusted: JF-17 AI engine param.
  • Adjusted: SAM missile reflection limit.
  • Adjusted: 052B/052C SAM radar type and launcher.
  • Fixed zbd-04, hq-7 collision models.
  • Fixed C-802AK crashed into sea issue.
  • Fixed static warning board missing in game issue.
  • Adjusted BRM-1 engine for reasonable range.
  • Adjusted: ship collision parts life.
  • Adjusted: brm1 max range value for DLZ calc.

DCS The Channel Map by ED

  • Optimized surface details.
  • Fixed: unable to set temperature.
  • Improved TAD textures.
  • Made birds' ambient sounds less annoying.
  • Optimized VRAM meets 4GB requirements.

DCS Syria Map by Ugra Media

  • Optimized surface details.
  • Eliminated AIs traffic jam on some airport runways during takeoff.

DCS: Caucasus Map by ED

  • Kobuleti airfield: Large aircrafts can now reach the runway.
  • Lochini airfield: fixed reversed parking slots positions 8/9, 13/14, 18/19, 23/24, 28/29, 33/34 and 38/39.
  • Beslan airfield: fixed runway sign.
  • Fixed scenes objects: intersections, objects on roads, and elevated objects.
  • Added names of beacons on "ARK channels" plate KA-50.
  • Fixed random disappearance of airfield markings.
  • Cosmetic corrections in the airfield markings.
  • Fixed many surface elevation artifacts.
  • Many cosmetic corrections to forest tree distribution and tree-line borders.
  • Removed trees from ATC line of sight.
  • Fixes to building collisions.

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map by ED

  • North Las Vegas airfield: aircrafts can now reach runways from parking spot B19.
  • Nellis airfield: aircrafts can now reach runways from parking spot E11.
  • Runway/taxiway signs are no longer fuchsia colored at night.
  • Fixed many surface textures.

DCS: Persian Gulf Map by ED

  • Fixed tile of surface textures on far distances.
  • Khasab airfield: fixed VASI lights.
  • Jask airfield: added АТС frequencies.
  • Bandar-E-Jask airfield: added TACAN.
  • Sharjah airfield: fixed taxiway/runway signs.
  • Fujairah airfield: fixed scene objects distribution.
  • Al Minhad airfield: changed parking slot "Stand01" to "62".
  • Bandar Abbas airfield: fixed collisions of aircrafts with walls.
  • Bandar Abbas airfield: no more collisions with hangars when starting from the parking spot J04.
  • Liwa airfield: added more parking slots for larger aircraft.
  • Fixed duplicated airfield scenes objects.
  • Fixed airfields namings.
  • Fixed collision shells of buildings with flat roofs.
  • FIxed many air navigation beacons: types, channels, frequencies, names, and ATC.
  • Fixed many cosmetic errors on shorelines.
  • Fixed many surface artifacts (flipped triangles).
  • Added lightmaps for airfield taxiway/runway signs.
  • Cosmetic corrections to surface textures.

DCS Campaigns

The Border Campaign by Armen Murazyan:

  • The work of the nondirectional radio beacon, which was lost after updates in the mission editor, has been restored.

FW-190A-8 Horrido! campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Temperatures adjusted.
  • New assets added.
  • Flak adapted to the new DM.

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign and P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • New assets added.
  • Flak adapted to the new DM.

UH-1H Argo Campaign by by 373vFS Greg:

  • Mission 6: Fixed trigger zone bug that was not allowing the mission to continue after the first minutes.

F/A-18C Raven One campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 3. Fixed foul deck conditions in M03A and 03B. Fixed Smoke not engaging ground targets.
  • Mission 4. Updated kneeboard page and fixed wrong codeword for Sirri island.
  • Mission 5. Fixed instances where Prince would not end the exercise despite calling Joker. Improved Prince's behaviour - he should not fall into the sea anymore :)
  • Mission 6. Updated taxi instructions. Updated mission man (#3 will now leave the formation rather than #4).
  • Mission 7. Fixed again problems with Psycho dropping the smoke mark. Fixed typo in recovery coordinates in the briefing.
  • Mission 9. Fixed the triggers and problems with Raven 11 flight taking off too early and then things happening too quick (it was linked to two overlapping space bar calls). Added safeguards making it much more difficult for Tor to shoot down all the Mavericks. Changed the loadout, removing one tank for the player and adding one GBU-12 (double ugly config). Added safeguards, so whenever enemy sniper or his support are wounded / damaged, it would count as a kill. Maintained attack option for Dutch even if player chooses he will attack.
  • Mission 10. Updated location of player's waypoint over target. Updated position of the guard helo.
  • Mission 11. Updated triggers for Spades attack on Silkworms. Other minor corrections.
  • Mission 14. Removed debugging messages.

A-10C The Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Added campaign of A-10C II.
  • General. Fixed wrong wingman spawn locations in missions: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 16, 21. Minor spelling mistakes fixes.
  • Mission 19. Updated Player's loadout.
  • Mission 11: Updated kneeboard.
  • Mission 13: Fixed issue with Special Forces not entering the building and thus stalling the mission.
  • Documentation updated.

L-39 Albatros: Kursant Campaign by ED:

  • Mission 08: The logic of the final message in the unsuccess has been improved.

Memory of a Hero campaign by Stone Sky:

  • In mission 13, the behavior of the AI ​​escort helicopter has been improved.
  • In mission 16, the error of choosing the ending was fixed.

Mi-8MTV2 The Crew Part 1 campaign by Stone Sky:

  • In mission 7, the problem with landing on the first site has been fixed.

P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulation:

  • AI startup bug workaround.
  • Mission 13 progression fix.
  • Improved D-day landings.
  • Flak adapted to the new DM.

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign by Reflected Simulation:

  • AI startup bug workaround
  • Fine tuned AI speeds and trigger conditions.

F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag:

  • Changed Bandit ROE to Return Fire.
  • Added Random AI and Rookie AI versions of the campaign.

A-10C AAT Campaign by Maple Flag:

  • AFT04 Practice mission - fixed logic bug (wrong flag used) that prevents the mission from completing as expected.

M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 03: Unchecked "force alignment and INS drift option".
  • Mission 04: Fixed issue with mission not progressing when all flights are on station.

F/A-18C Hornet - The Serpent's Head 2 Campaign by Badger 633:

  • Missions & Briefs 5, 7 and 10: Description of obtaining and configuring Precise Coordinates updated.

F-5E Aggressors Air Combat Maneuver Campaign by Maple Flag Missions:

  • Behaves AI wingman F-5E corrected.

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaigns by Reflected Simulations:

  • Flak adapted to the new DM.

UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low Level Heaven:

  • French mission text localization added.
23 déc.

DCS World

  • MP. Barrage Balloon does not show for clients - fixed.
  • AIM-120. Midcourse guidance - fixed unwanted target id reset, fixed seeker los rotation in midcourse phase and restored protection from LOS rate surge.
  • AIM-7. Loft trajectory initialization corrected.
  • After ejecting player can still control aircraft - fixed.
  • net.lua2json generates error if table indexed numerically has missing index - fixed.

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • Update of the Taxi and Take-Off Mission.
  • HARM POS/RUK does not track SA-2 track radar - fixed.
  • No TOT in CCRP mode after firing off 2 Harms - fixed.
  • Post-release CCIP point is no longer there with the weapon release button still held down - fixed.

F/A-18C Hornet by ED

  • Not losing lock on STT When turning off the radar, Guides missile all the way. Still an issue if radar set to standby - fixed.
  • GBU-24 does not explode on impact - fixed.
  • AIM-7MH not lofting when LOFT is turned on - fixed.

DCS P-47D by ED

  • Aircraft will continue to climb on dead engine - fixed.
  • Updated PG, Caucasus and Channel IA Missions.

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Updated Channel IA Missions.

DCS Spitfire IX by ED

  • Updated Spitfire Channel and Caucasus IA Missions.

DCS P-51D Mustang by ED

  • Updated Channel, PG and Caucasus IA Missions.

DCS Fw 190 D-9 by ED

  • Updated Channel and Caucasus IA Missions.

DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED

  • Updated Channel IA Missions.

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop

  • Added possibility to enable/disable NS430 in mission (additional tab in SA342 properties in ME).

DCS F-14A/B Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW! Added F-14B Campaign “Operation Reforger - The Iron Heel”.
  • Fixed TWS tracks clashing with datalink in multicrew.
  • Added TGTS size keybinds for RIO.
  • Updated AIM-7 to parity with ED’s AIM-7.
  • Fixed AIM-7 dogfight LTE to 0.7s (was accidentally immediate).
  • Prevent AIM-54 continuing to track target if TWS track was deleted and later re-acquired (new track technically).
  • Fix: ensure that AIM-54 active command is only sent while radar is transmitting.
  • Livery fixes for VF-102 and 103 Hi Vis.
  • Small fixes to A liveries.
  • Added hog to VF-11 droptank on B version.
  • Fixed mirroring issues on Last Ride and Grim Reapers liveries.
  • Fix for engine fire at continued M1.1.
  • Adjusted transonic drag for F-14A.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Fixed radar causing a huge FPS loss when turned on.

DCS C-101 by Aviodev

  • FD horizontal bar is no longer stuck to ADI aircraft symbol when pressing TCS button.
  • Made Vertical Speed mode of Flight Director in C-101CC less sensitive.
  • Added Georgia fictional skin for C-101EB.

17 déc.

Introduction du multi équipage pour le module DCS UH-1H Huey.

Ajout de la possibilité de jouer en multi-équipage pour le UH-1H Huey. Jusqu'à quatre postes d'équipage sont disponibles pour jouer en coopératif. Pilote, Co-Pilote, Gunner Gauche et Gunner Droit (s'ils sont ajoutés dans la mission).
Ajout de missions multi-équipage pour le UH-1H Huey.

Problèmes connus à ce jour lors d'une partie en multi-équipage:

  • Possible désynchronisation de la visualisation 3D des dommages de l'appareil lors de la demande du groupe auxiliaire de puissance avant le décollage.

  • Le modèle 3D du gunner droit peut disparaître lorsqu'un joueur quitte le poste gunner gauche pour passer en vue spectateur puis reprends la vue de son poste d'origine.

  • Problèmes avec les commandes d'axes dans le cockpit (Potentiomètre du volume, potentiomètre de l'altimètre, etc ...).

  • Aucune visualisation du cargo sur l'indicateur de cargo (Affichage de position du cargo)

DCS World:

  • Numéro des emplacements de Parking inversés à Tbilisi Lochini, ce bug datant de 2012, il est possible que cela provoque des changements dans les missions existantes.

  • Ajout dans l'éditeur de mission de l'option: Changer de coalition. (Merci à Grimes et uboats, leur mod n'est maintenant plus nécessaire si vous l'utilisiez.)

  • Introduction de la GBU-24 Paveway III, bombe guidée laser

  • AIM-120 AMRAAM chercheur de radar actif, corrections de bugs et améliorations:

    • Logique HOJ corrigée, le missile permutera entre HOJ et modes actifs si la cible est perdue

    • Calculs de limite de taux LOS. La restriction de la vitesse angulaire de la ligne de visée a été rétablie.

    • Correction du comportement du mode de lancement visuel. Dans ce mode le missile ne reçoit plus la désignation de cible de l'avion, mais recherche lui-même une cible après le lancement. La recherche de la cible se fait maintenant à l'intérieur du cône de 15 degrés (la largeur du champ de vision du guidage radar) devant le missile.

    • Corrections dans les logiques de recherche des cibles du guidage radar.

    • Introduction du dernier stockage LOS cible. Lorsque la cible est perdue, le guidage conserve son orientation, dirigée vers l'endroit où se trouvait la cible.

    • Liaison de données "Datalink". Un contrôle de la ligne de visée des missiles a été introduit.

    • Introduction de l'erreur de visée indépendante à la vitesse à basse altitude (bruit au sol, clutter). Cela réduit l'efficacité des missiles contre les cibles mobiles sur la piste, ainsi que contre les cibles volant à très basse altitude.

    • Modification de la loi générale de distribution des erreurs de visée. Erreur distribuée uniformément remplacée par un vecteur gaussien bi-dimensionnel (également connue sous le nom de distribution de Rayleigh).

    • AIM-7 cehrcheur de radar semi-actif, corrections de bugs et améliorations: La plupart des changements ci-dessus concernant les guidages radar actifs ont également été appliqués au guidage radar semi-actif

    • Optimisation de la détermination des surfaces cachées pour l'option par défaut des Ombres des objets de terrain

  • Améliorations du modèle de dégâts:

    • Support des avions multimoteurs

    • Réaction de l'IA pour différents dommages

    • La visualisation d'une fuite de kérosène s'arrête quand le réservoir est vide

    • Correction de bug: La suppression d'une surface de contrôle réduisait disproportionnellement la taille de la gouverne de ladite surface.

    • Modèle de dommage des roulements ajoutés au FW190A-8 et au P-47D

    • Correction des stutters dûs aux coups reçus sur les réservoirs.

    • Ajout de la possibilité d'enlever les marque-pages de la planchette de vol dans le cockpit

    • Correction d'un crash de DCS provoqué lors de l'attaque de cibles au sol par plusieurs hélicoptères dans certaines conditions.

    • SS-1 Scud: correction de la portée ainsi que tu temps de réarmement.

    • Amélioration des tactiques de l'IA WWII pour l'attaque de bombardiers.

    • Pointeur InfraRouge: correction de l'éblouissement

    • Correction de l'erreur : ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND qui arrivait dans certains cas

    • Corrigé: Un haut taux de rafraichissement de la souris provoquait une allonge du temps de réponse en jeu.

    • Correction dans l'éditeur de mission: Cliquer sur "nouveau bouton" pour certains véhicules provoquait une erreur.

    • Correction dans l'éditeur de mission: Impossibilité de supprimer une unité à l'intérieur d'un groupe.

    • Corrigé: B-17G géré par l'IA provoquait parfois des collisions dans la formation des bombardiers.

    • Corrigé: AV-8B géré par l'IA s'écrasait parfois lors d'un atterrisage en condition de surcharge sur certains bateaux.

    • Corrigé: Ubot VIIC U-Flak géré par l'IA avait la mauvaise profondeur indiqué dans la bar d'état (F9) et définie à partir de la barre de commande en unité impériales.

    • Corrigé: Porte-Avion géré par l'IA ne refusait pas l'appontage même si le pont d'envol était endommagé.


  • Corrigé: Lumière d'alarme "SKID" s'allume quand le frein de parking est engagé.

  • Corrigé: La caisse d'armes sélectionnée reste après que le stockage soit épuisé

  • Corrigé: Commande de tangage au clavier se réinitialise à sa position centrale.

  • Corrigé: Impossibilité d'éditer les Markpoints et les Targetpoints.

  • Corrigé: Accumulateurs de freins affichent 0 au départ d'un porte avions.

  • Corrigé: Erreurs du modèle 3D extérieurs lors de dégâts

  • Amélioration: Corps du pilote ajouté en VR

  • Amélioration: Ajout de la commande du frein de parking pour clavier et joystick.

  • Amélioration: Ajout de cales de roues et option de menu pour le personnel au sol

  • Amélioration: Ajout du F-14A à la librairie RWR

  • Amélioration: Ajout de la page "Plan d'itinéraire de mission" sur la planchette de vol

  • Improvement: Aircraft will now taxi roll on idle power if parking brake or brakes are not applied or nozzle deflection is not used to control taxi speed.

  • Amélioration: L'aéronef roulera au ralenti si le frein de parking ou les freins ne sont pas appliqués ou si les tuyères ne sont pas utilisées pour controler la vitesse de roulage.

  • Amélioration: Le frein de parking sera maintenant engagé par défaut pour toutes les missions au départ du sol

  • Amélioration: Les cales de roue sont maintenant installés par défaut en cas de démarrage à zéro (cold and dark)

  • Amélioration: Les butées de tuyères bougent en fonction des emplacements de verouillage

  • Amélioration: Le levier de la tuyère se verouille légèrement autour de la butée de vol stationnaire pour simuler l'arrivée en position

  • Amélioration: Il est maintenant possible d'afficher ou de cacher le corps du pilote en VR, et de forcer l'affichage du manche et de la manette des gaz quand le corps du pilote est affiché.

  • Amélioration: Les rétroviseurs activés sont clicables

  • Amélioration: Combinaison des commandes d'affichage et de masquage du manche et de la manette des gaz dans les commandes clavier

  • Amélioration: Possibilité de cliquer sur l'action Afficher / cacher le manche et la manette des gaz

  • Amélioration: Entrée de coordonnées UTM pour Waypoints et CAS. Instruction dans la partie RAZBAM du Forum d'Eagle Dynamics.

  • Amélioration: Combinaison de définition des commandes manquantes pour clavier et joystick

  • Amélioration: Les Waypoints peuvent être définis comme zone cible (Target Zone) ou IP, dans l'éditeur de mission. D'avantage d'instructions dans la section RAZBAM des forums d'Eagle Dynamics.

  • Improvement: Waypoints Offsets can now be defined on the Mission Editor. Instructions on the RAZBAM section of the ED Forums.

  • Amélioration: Le décalage des Waypoints peut maintenant être défini dans l'éditeur de mission. D'avantage d'instructions dans la section RAZBAM des forums d'Eagle Dynamics.

DCS M-2000C par RAZBAM:

  • Corrigé: Commande de tangage au clavier se recentrait.

  • Corrigé: Affichage des infos de la distance et de relèvement TDC waypoint

  • Corrigé: Mode "pole" de l'ADI ne fonctionnait pas en cas de défaillance de l'INS

  • Corrigé: PRET continuait de clignoter après que l'alignement soit terminé et que l'INS soit mis sur NAV

  • Corrigé: Valeur décimale pour l'INS

  • Corrigé: INS désactivé n'avait aucun effet

  • Corrigé: Réinitialisation de la position du TDC lors du changement entre le mode recherche et le mode scan

  • Corrigé: Position du message du Radar SIL sur le VTB

  • Corrigé: Erreurs du modèle 3D extérieur

  • Améliorations: Ajout du F-14A à la librairie RWR

  • Améliorations: Ajout du F-14A à la librairie RDI

  • Améliorations: Mise à jour des conditions d'affichage de l'altitude du HUD

  • Améliorations: Mise à jour des conditions d'affichage de la flèche du HUD RS

  • Améliorations: Mise à jour du comportement du SELH

  • Améliorations: Mise à jour du comportement de l'indicateur du radar VTB

  • Améliorations: Mise à jour du comportement de la flèche du HUD RS

DCS SA-342 Gazelle par Polychop Simulations:

  • Ajout de l'option "Autoriser NS430" dans l'éditeur de mission

  • Ajout du système de navigation NS430, maintenant compatible avec le module SA-342 Gazelle

ChinaAssetPack par Deka Ironwork Simulations:

  • Corrigé: Modèle de collision ZBD-04 pour les munitions AP

  • Corrigé: 052B ne pouvait pas intercepter le AGM-84 Harpoon

  • Corrigé: Type 093 ne vole plus (par ED)

  • Ajusté: Limite de réflection du missile SAM

  • Ajusté: Paramètres du guidage actif du SD-10 mis à jour comme un guidage radio actif

  • bugfixing/improvements in amraam scheme

  • Améliorations / Corrections de bugs dans le comportement de l'AMRAAM

  • Ajusté: 052B/052C Radar sol/air type et lanceur

DCS JF-17 par Deka Ironwork Simulations:

  • Corrigé: Crash de l'application avec retour sur le bureau en raison du commutateur hpt/spt du radar Air-Air sous certaines conditions.

  • Corrigé: Problème de suivi des bombes guidées par laser (la vitesse du moteur a été ajustée)

  • Corrigé: CCRP ne pouvait lâcher une bombe par vent de travers.

  • Corrigé: Copie des données DTC entre 01-49 et 50-59

  • Corrigé: Potentiel crash de l'application avec retour sur le bureau dû au nouveau design de la planchette de vol.

  • Corrigé: Laché d'une salve de bombe en mode munition infinies.

  • Corrigé: Pression d'huile moteur.

  • Corrigé: Indicateur d'hôte réseau de la page CLINK

  • Corrigé: La combinaison de touches master_mode_next/prev ne marchait pas en cas de démarrage à zéro de l'aéronef. (cold and dark)

  • Corrigé: Erreur d'affichage de la page INS

  • Ajusté: La page du radar indicateur IFF affichera le symbole désactivé si aucun mode INT n'est séléctionné.

  • Ajusté: Page de la caméra MFCD trop sombre pour wmd7 et c701

  • Ajusté: Page MFCD SMS CLNTL et page AG paramètres.

  • Ajusté: Entraînement 08 CCRP.

  • Ajout: Application de nouveaux symboles CCRP.

  • Added: AG radar AGR mode for bomb (when close to SPI, AG radar automatically switches to AGR mode, later returns to prev mode once done. You cannot enter AGR mode manually).

  • Ajout: Mode AGR du radar AG pour bombes (à proximité d'un SPI, le radar AG passe automatiquement en mode AGR, puis retourne au mode précédent une fois terminé. Il n'est pas possible de passer en mode AGR manuellement)

  • Ajout: MFCD DATA-> NAV peut maintenant ajouter manuellement la direction du vent ainsi que sa vitesse si INS fonctionne anormalement.

  • Ajout: HSD montre les lignes d'indications des ailiers dans le même vol via le système datalink.

  • Ajout: Bouton CLR pour MFC en mode édition (pour effacer l'entrée actuelle puis réentrer les chiffres).

  • Ajout: F-14A dans détection RWR

DCS C-101 Aviojet par AvioDev:

  • Ajout: Coupe circuit du GPS sur le paneau principal

  • Added C-101CC Video Camera light.

  • Ajout: Lumière de la caméra vidéo du C-101CC

  • Corrigé: Taille de la marque 0,8 Mach dans l'indicateur de vitesse / de mach du C-101EB

  • Fixed orientation of several C-101EB speed/mach indicator marks.

  • Corrigé: Orientations de plusieurs marques des indicateurs de vitesse / mach du C-101EB

  • Suppression de fichiers lua inutilisés

  • La barre horizontale FD n'est plus bloquée au symbole ADI de l'aéronef quand le bouton TCS est appuyé.

  • Ajout: Livrée fictive Georgia pour le C-101EB.

DCS F-18C Hornet par ED:

  • Ajout: Bombe guidée laser GBU-24 A/B Paveway III

  • Ajout: IFF/CIT automatique depuis la page AZ/EL A/A

  • Ajout: Sous-niveau AZ/EL F|IR

  • Nouveau design de l'algorithme de recherche des menaces pour le mode TOO des AGM-88 HARM

  • Corrigé: Symbologie inhabituelle sur AGR Ranging

  • Corrigé: NCTR Hostile ne contribue plus à l'ID Hostile

  • Corrigé: L'azimuth du radar revenait au comportement RWS en cas de changement d'armes en mode TWS et autorisait beaucoup plus d'azimuth que la normale.

  • Corrigé: Mode ACM: Le cercle GACQ disparaît après avoir changé d'armes ou de modes.

  • Corrigé: Déstituer une cible dans n'importe quel mode GUN devait faire revenir au GACQ

  • Corrigé: GACQ affichait un modèle de recherche étrange, dépendant de l'élévation du radar lors de l'entrée en mode GACQ

  • Corrigé: GACQ + Radar AG rendait inutilisables les modes AA et AG du radar

  • Corrigé: Anomalies d'images sur le Radar AG à 160nm de portée.

  • Corrigé: Erreur de l'HUD Walleye

  • Corrigé: Pas du code de l'AGM-65E quand celui-ci est non sélectionné

  • Corrigé: Double impression sur le DDI

  • Corrigé: Heatblur F-14A apparaissait comme un "U" sur le RWR

  • Corrigé: L'indication JHMCS ATC était liée à la sélection des armes

  • Corrigé: Problème avec l'AGM-65E après utilisation du tracker point laser quand celui ci ne pointait pas automatiquement.

  • Corrigé: AIM-9X ne pouvait pas être asservi à la Waterline avec JHMCS

  • Corrigé: Possibilité de lâcher des LGBs sans code laser

  • Mise à jour du manuel

  • Ajout: Nouvelle mission multijoueurs gratuite par Baltic Dragon

DCS F-16C Viper par ED:

  • Correction de la logique du concept du SPI

  • Ajout du mode POS (Position), RUK (portée inconnue) sous-mode pour le AGM-88C HARM.

  • Corrigé: La localisation du SPI ne changeait pas quand le point pivot était modifié

  • Corrigé: Erreur de balayage du Maverick en mode PRE

  • Corrigé: Problème avec les Phantom waypoints

  • Corrigé: Retour non commandé à CZ lors de la sélection d'armes A2G ou lorsque le commutateur "dogfight" était utilisé.

  • Corrigé: Le tir de HARM bloquait le mouvement du CCRP SPI avec TGP

  • Corrigé: CCRP SPI ne se mettait pas à jour avec la désignation TGP

  • Corrigé: L'utilisation du mode VIS avec les AGM-65 interrompait les options du pilote automatique.

  • Corrigé: Remise du Maverick au TGP non volontaire

  • Corrigé: Maverick non asservit au TGP LOS en mode PRE

  • Corrigé: Commutateur "uncage" fonctionne pour tous les capteurs indépendamment du SOI attribué.

  • Corrigé: Son du capteur de la quantité de kérosène ne se diffusait que dans une seule direction.

  • Corrigé: Temp de recherche réduit pour le AGM-88C HARM en mode HAS

  • Corrigé: Bugs dans les missions d'entraînement au AIM-120B/C

  • Correction de bugs de sons mineurs dans le cockpit

  • Ajout: Nouvelles missions d'entrainement A/A F-16C

  • Mise à jour du manuel

  • Corrigé: Mauvais programme de libération des armes en mode POS

DCS A-10C II Tank Killer par ED:

  • Améliorations de modèles 3D dans le cockpit:

    • Commutateurs SAS

    • Positions du sélecteur UHF

    • Commutateur STEER

    • Reflets sur la verrière du cockpit

  • Corrigé: Contradictions de l'anémomètre analogique

  • Corrections: IFFCC SPI en mode canon

  • Corrigé: Mauvais emplacement du Maverick IFFCC SPI

  • Améliorations des missions d'entraînement

  • Suppression de l'assiette négative parfois générée lorsque le PAC est désactivé

  • Corrigé: Trim d'urgence inversé lors de l'utilisation de contrôles pré-définis

  • Corrigé: Lorsque les GBU sont sélectionnées, passer en mode canon ne permettait pas le viseur calculé du canon

  • Les fusées éclairantes partent maintenant de leur emplacement derrière les passages de roue, les paillettes partent maintenant des saumons.

  • Mise à jour du manuel

DCS A-10C Warthog par ED:

  • Correction des positions d'arrêt du sélecteur UHF

  • Corrigé: Contradictions de l'anémomètre analogique

  • Suppression d'une intersection du maillage de certains polygones du modèle extérieurs et polygones du cockpit

  • Corrigé: Mauvais emplacement du Maverick IFFCC SPI

  • Corrigé: Bug du commutateur STEER

DCS Supercarrier par ED:

  • Corrigé: Le porte-aéronefs autorisait les avions même lorsque le pont était endommagé

  • Corrigé: Le F-14A répondait "Hornet Ball" à l'appontage

DCS: F-14 Tomcat par Heatblur Simulations:

  • Ajout de nouveaux types d'unité F-14A à la librairie des menaces du ALR-67

  • Interdit les missiles de type Sparrow à l'exception de l'AIM-7MH d'avoir une trajectoire parabolique

  • Corrigé: Mauvais guidage du AIM-7 en mode PD-STT

  • Le radar envoie une commande radio lors du départ d'un AIM-54 en mode PD-STT, de manière à ce que le F-14 RWR puisse le détecter.

  • Corrigé:Le mode "Flood" des missiles Sparrow donnait une commande radio (déclenchant le RWR de la cible) avant le lancement

  • Ajout de nouveaux calculs TTI avec mise à jour en temps réel

  • Modèles du F-14A renommés pour éviter les crash avec certains mods VSN

  • Ajout de correctifs lorsque Jester passait en mode RWS juste après un lancement d'AIM-54 Phoenix

  • Corrigé: Erreurs du log de DCS à propos d'une duplication de formes ALU

  • Améliorations pour les F-14A et F-14B:

    • Légère réduction de la trainée transsonique de la cellule

    • Restauration et nouveaux tests de la poussée post combustion des F110 en subsonique et supersonique

    • Ré-ajustement de la poussée en post combustion des TF30

    • Ajustement du débit de carburant et de la poussée à très haute altitude des TF30

    • Ajustement du programme de débit de carburant en mode post-combustion à très haute altitude pour les TF30

    • Ajustement du modèle de température du brûleur des TF30 pour qu'ils soient moins sujets aux feux moteurs à très haute altitude / basse vitesse

    • Ajustement du gain du contrôle de carburant et de la dynamique du compresseur et de la turbine haute pression pour les TF30

    • Ajustement de la poussée brute des TF30 à bas régime

  • Correction de la logique des spoilers une fois au sol

  • Ajout: Missions simple joueur et multi-joueurs pour le F-14A

  • Ajout: Livrée VF-11 Red Rippers 106

  • Ajout: Livrée VF-33 Starfighters 201

  • Ajustement des sons des moteurs en vues extérieures

  • Correction des couleurs des LAU-7 sur certaines livrées

  • AIM-54 utilise maintenant la distance (déterminée par la taille de la cible définie par le commutateur TGT Size: large=13NM, Medium=10NM, Small=6NM) pour s'activer, au lieu des 16s TTI

  • Ajout d'une option spéciale pour permettre l'émulation de la touche "weapon selector press" à la touche "Weapon selector up" quand en mode SP/PH, pour passer entre les Phoenix et les Sparrow

  • Changements et ajouts dans le menu JESTER:

    • Sous-menu "mode Radar" renommé "options Radar"

    • Ajout du commutateur TWS-M

    • Ajout du sous-menu TGT Size

    • "Ground/Aircraft Stabilize" renommé en "TID Ground/Aircraft stabilize"

    • Distance de scan renommée "Portée TID"

  • Changements de la page des hébergeurs Datalink de la planchette de vol pour afficher les noms au lieu des types

  • Correction des animations des tuyères et de la post combustion pour les F-14A contrôlés par l'IA

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen par Heatblur Simulations:

  • Correction de la synchronisation de la position de la verrière en multi-joueurs

  • Mise à jour du modèle de vol et du comportement du guidage des RB75 A/B/T -AGM-65 A/B)

  • Correction d'un crash lors de la libération de bombes freinées

DCS L-39 Albatros par ED:

  • Corrigé: Initialisation de la pression du cockpit. Il affichait un manque d'oxygène lors des décollages d'aérodromes à haute altitude.

DCS P-47D Thunderbolt par ED:

  • Mise à jour des manuels Anglais et Russe

  • Ajout de la charge utile par défaut dans les modifications

  • Amélioration de l'aftercooler

  • Corrigé: Trainée des pylônes externes

  • Amélioration des paramètres de certains élèments de la structure

  • Amélioration de la visualisation des dommages sur la verrière

  • Ajout du modèle 3D du pilote en vue première personne

  • Correction de la procédure de démarrage automatique

  • Améliorations des systèmes:

    • Moteur avec la jauge de pression d'eau

    • Calage de la turbine

    • Agitation des volets du capot

  • Dommages et pannes moteur:

    • Détonations avec l'eau

  • Nouveaux sons pour le calage de la turbine ainsi que des sons de roulements

  • Ajout et mise à jours de missions IA

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS FW 190A-8 par ED:

  • Correction de la pression d'huile

  • Ajout et mise à jour de missions IA

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS Bf 109 K-4 par ED:

  • Corrections mineures de certains sons dans le cockpit

  • Ajout de missions IA pour la carte "The Channel"

  • Ajout de missions IA pour la carte "Caucasus"

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS Spitfire IX par ED:

  • Ajout et mise à jour des missions IA

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS P-51D Mustang par ED:

  • Ajout et mise à jour des missions IA

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS Fw 190 D-9 par ED:

  • Ajout et mise à jour des missions IA

  • Ajout d'une mission simple joueur

DCS UH-1H Huey par ED:

  • Correction du son de la mitrailleuse automatique

  • Les portes du cockpit sont maintenant toujours opérées séparément

DCS: WWII Assets Pack par ED:

  • Corrigé: La FLAK du U-Boat VII-C avait une portée incorrecte

  • Désactivation de la vue de l'officier de sécurité à l'atterrissage pour les navires WWII

  • Optimisation: KDO utilisait un mauvais calcul pour la flak.

  • Ajout du viseur M70D pour le M8 Greyhound

  • Ajout d'entrepôts à Bedford et CCKW

  • Amélioration du modèle rayon-x de l'A-20

DCS Combined Arms par ED:

  • APC M113: Ajout de l'épaisseur variable du blindage dans le modèle de collision

  • Corrigé: Les canons anti-aériens tiraient sur les cibles au sol

  • Corrigé: Collision de l'infanterie avec un aéronef causait des dégâts disproportionnés

  • Corrigé: Boussole pour le T-72 en vue isométrique

  • Ajout d'une indication lorsque la stabilization est activée "STBL ON"

  • Corrigé: Sons manquants CIWS pour certains navires

DCS: The Channel Map par ED:

  • Optimisation de la mémoire vidéo afin de satisfaire l'exigence des 4Go nécessaires

DCS: Caucasus par ED:

  • Aérodrome de Kobuleti: Les gros aéronefs peuvent maintenant atteindre la piste

  • Aérodrome de Lochini: Correction de l'inversement des emplacements de parking 8/9, 13/14, 18/19, 23/24, 28/29, 33/34 et 38/39

  • Aérodrome de Belsan: Correction d'un signe de piste

  • Correction d'objets fixes: Intersections, objets sur le route, et des objets surélevés

  • Ajout de noms et balises sur la plaque "ARK Channels" du KA-50

  • Corrigé: Disparition aléatoire des marquages de laérodrome

  • Corrigé: Artéfacts dûs à l'élévation de certaines surfaces

  • Corrections visuelles à la distribution des arbres en forêt ainsi que des lisières

  • Suppression des arbres depuis le point de vue de l'ATC

  • Correction de collisions avec les bâtiments

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map par ED:

  • Aérodrome Nord Las Vegas: Les aéronefs peuvent mainteant atteindre les pistes depuis l'emplacement de parking B19

  • Base aérienne de Nellis: Les aéronefs peuvent maintenant atteindre les pistes depuis l'emplacement de parking E11

  • Les panneaux de circulation Taxiway ainsi que les panneaux de piste ne sont plus fuchsia la nuit

  • Correction de nombreuses textures de surface

DCS: Persian Gulf Map par ED:

  • Correction des textures de surface à grande distance

  • Aérodrome de Khasab: Corrections apportées à l'indicateur de pente d'approche

  • Aérodrome de Jask: Ajout de fréquences ATC

  • Aérodrome de Bandar-E-Jask: Ajout du TACAN

  • Aérodrome de Sharjah: Corrections de panneaux taxiway ainsi que de panneaux de piste

  • Aérodrome de Fujairah: Correction de la distribution des objets

  • Aérodrome de Al Minhad: L'mplacement de parking "Stand01" devient "62"

  • Aérodrome de Bandar Abbas: Correction des collisions des aéronefs avec les murs

  • Aérodrome de Bandar Abbas: Correction de la collision avec les hangars lors du départ de l'emplacement de parking J04

  • Aérodrome de Liwa: Ajout d'emplacements de parking additionnels pour les aéronefs plus larges

  • Corrigé: Duplication d'objets sur l'aérodrome

  • Corrigé: Nom des aérodromes

  • Corrigé: Modèle de collision des bâtiments avec des toits plats

  • Corrigé: Balises de navigation: type, canaux, fréquences, noms et ATC

  • Corrigé: Erreurs visuelles sur les rivages

  • Corrigé: Artefacts visuels (triangles retournés)

  • Ajout de lumières pour les signes de piste et les signes de taxiway

  • Corrections visuelles aux textures de surface


Campagne The Enemy Withing 3.0 par Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 11: Planchette de vol mise à jour

  • Mission 13: Correction d'une erreur où les Forces Spéciales n'entraient pas dans le bâtiment et bloquaient l'avancement de la mission

  • Mise à jour de la documentation

Campagne M-2000C Red Flag par Baltic Dragon:

  • Mission 03: "Alignement des forces et INS drift option" maintenant décoché

  • Mission 04: Correction d'une erreur où la mission ne continuait pas quand tous les avions étaient sur la base

Campagne F/A-18C Hornet – The Serpent's Head 2 par Badger 633:

  • Missions et Briefings 5, 7 et 10: Description d'obtention et de configuration des coordonnées précises mise à jour

Campagne F-5E Aggressors Air Combat Maneuver par Maple Flag Missions:

  • Corrections du comportement des ailiers IA en F-5E

Campagnes Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger, Fw 190 A-8 Horrido!, P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, Spitfire IX The Big Show par Reflected Simulations:

  • Adaptation de la Flak à son nouveau modèle

Campagne UH-1H Worlds Apart – Spring 2025 par Low Leven Heaven:

  • Ajout du texte en Français de la mission