DCS Open Beta

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Changed net protocol.

DCS World

  • Crash during loading or immediately after loading a track - fixed.

  • Crash in the webrtc_plugin.dll - fixed.

  • Night time unit visibility, flickering white dots - fixed.

  • Major RU localization update.

  • MP. Su-25, Su-25T net phantom is not syncronized with pilot when server started paused - fixed.

  • Damage - fixed crash when crewman state change is not created as neglectable.

  • MP. Fixed multiplayer crash due to overflow of ammunition table.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Crew only in one eye in VR in F2 view - fixed.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • Adjusted Su-27 and Su-33 cockpit mirrors. Parts of the airframe are visible.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

  • Bloom around hornet nav lights appears too large/bright at distance - Fixed

  • Navigation lights very bright in day time - Fixed

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • Added AGM-88 HARM section with HAS mode procedures.

  • UFC Training mission static aircraft placement issue - Fixed

  • Added Viper AIM-9LM Training mission

  • Fixed typos and mission (Lesson 11) picture error

  • Added Viper AIM-120C training lesson.

  • Added Viper Lesson 13 - Air-Air TWS and LINK-16 Use

  • Added Viper training lesson 14 - Air-to-Air ACM and HMCS use

DCS Campaigns

Memory of a Hero campaign by Stone Sky:

  • In mission 13, the behavior of the AI ​​escort helicopter has been improved.

  • In mission 16, the error of choosing the ending was fixed.

Mi-8MTV2 The Crew Part 1 campaign by Stone Sky:

  • In mission 7, the problem with landing on the first site has been fixed.

P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulation:

  • AI startup bug workaround

  • Mission 13 progression fix

  • improved D-day landings

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign by Reflected Simulation:

  • AI startup bug workaround

  • fine tuned AI speeds and trigger conditions