DCS Open Beta

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Added initial release of DCS Voice Chat

DCS World
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet
DCS: F-16C Viper
  • Jettison will no longer break SAM designation or STT Lock.
  • Added damage as a result of an overload of G-forces
  • Track While Scan (TWS)
  • Data Link (Link-16 with MIDS)
  • External Lights (wip)
  • Countermeasures Dispenser System (CMDS) manual option programming
  • Fixed countermeasures rearming.
  • Fixed dispensing on both press and release by wall dispense button.
  • Corrected RWS Contact Symbols. Now contact displayed as a small square with velocity vector.
  • Now radar scan area centered about cursor.
  • Radar cursor is drawn below friendly and foe contacts - fixed.
  • FCR tracks bugged target up to 20 degrees outside antenna limits - fixed.
  • FCR cursor jumps from page edge to center even at max/min range scale - fixed.
  • Added missing SAI pitch trim scale and arrow on the knob.
  • Corrected antenna elevation axis.
  • Added 300 gal centerline fuel tank.
  • Adjusted payloads drag.
  • MFD Clips text on SMS page - fixed.
  • The eject sequence animation has been adjusted.
  • Adjusting the seat animation by height corrected.
  • Added radio-commands for radar usage to wingmen.
  • Improved cockpit interior lighting at night.
  • Added MPO test function.
  • Added AUTO Steerpoint sequence function.
  • Long press of the NWS/MSL Step button will now cycle the missile type.
  • HMCS enable/disable corrected such that it is only DMS switch aft now.
  • AoA indexer lights control added.
  • Tadpole (sherm) logic adjusted.
  • Adjusted engine nozzle animation for short, fast throttle changes.
  • Added Steerpoint and Heading autopilot modes.
  • Steerpoints now start at Steerpoint 1, there is no Steerpoint 0.

DCS: MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Added Phase 1 Radar glass screen cover.
  • Added Phase 1 Radar indicator lights.
  • Added Phase 1 T-4, T-6, and T-10 indicator lights.

DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC
  • Fixed propeller animation at idle.

DCS: C-101 by AvioDev
  • Engine won't stall now when using emergency fuel lever with engine computer off.
  • Now it's not so easy to get engine stall when moving throttle abruptly is engine computer is off.
  • Changed the name of "computer total failure" for "failure of auto and manual modes (back-up mode)".
  • Added specific normal inverter and standby inverter failures, apart from both inverters failure already present.
  • Implemented caution lights of normal and standby inverter failure.
  • Normal and standby inverters failure logic:
    -After a failure of normal inverter there is an automatic switching to standby inverter, if CB Normal Inverter is IN.
    -When there is an inverter failure, the corresponding caution light will illuminate, unless the pilot sets the inverter switch to the position of the working inverter.
  • Added several new liveries made by "Etten" for Chile and Spain.

  • 3D Model: RWR display cutting off symbology fixed
  • 3D Model: PCA CAS button texture changed
  • Coding: RWR & Radar threat library update
  • Coding: Covered switches behavior fix

DCS Fw 190 A-8
  • Eliminated black stripe artefact that was displayed after pilot ejection.

  • Pilots not die at external view - fixed.
  • Good old mission "A Hop from MinVody" (Russian voiceovers) is remade and available from Single Mission menu.

DCS Combined Arms
  • Clients unable to assign fire at point tasks via Combined Arms for units dynamically spawned in multiplayer - fixed.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  • NEW: Introducing NAVGRID for the TID
  • Added Jester functionality for Navgrid
  • Added Navgrid section to the manual
  • Make Jester switch to wide FOV on TCS more reliably when target becomes too large, including when TCS is tracking without radar STT
  • Increased IR signature for the F-14
  • Added AIM-7MH (aka AIM-7M H-build) to loadout
  • Further tweaks to Afterburner cone pending new afterburner effects
  • Fixed triggers for "HB Tomcat Iran Flogger Faceoff Coop" mission
  • Fix for IP to TGT settings not synced in multicrew (for CMPTR/IP bombing)
  • TCS: you can now fire phoenix and sparrow missiles on targets that have the radar slaved to TCS; WIP/not yet implemented: lock azimuth to TCS angle for RDR supersearch
  • Removed baking residue from cookies: black helmet knob shadow removed on default liveries.
  • Show more accurate radar altimeter reading on carrier deck
  • Allow hooking datalink targets on TID in all radar modes
  • Fix: Allow half-action HCU slewing in TV mode to override slave to STT for TCS direction
  • Fixed floating RIO mirror
  • Fix HUD glow visibility
  • Fix RIO console & instrument light brightness step keybinds
  • Increased brightness of LANTIRN panel lights & text
  • Increased brightness of RIO cockpit buttons/controls
  • Tweaked missile loadout drag values on all stations
  • Fixed double fuel weight assigned to ac on carrier spawn
  • Possible fix to right engine not starting on spawn
  • Improved lead pursuit steering solution for missile launches
  • Fixes to TALD loadout definition for Jester menu naming
  • Fixes to TALD drag influence
  • Fix CTD when trying to enter lat/long for location hook

Known issues
Known issue: track reproducing crash when Voice Chat option is set ON
Workaround: set the checkbox 'Voice Chat' in OPTIONS -> SOUND to OFF