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DCS World

  • Sound. Force stereo when drivers report 0 output channels
  • Sound. Recover from device disconnection (like hibernation or device unplug)
  • MP. Fixed a rare crash on client connection in busy missions
  • Fixed crash caused by a memory leak in clickable elements of cockpit
  • Added "engage air weapons" option for ships
  • Su-33 AI don't use AAR lights for refueling at night - fixed
  • Voice chat - added an option to block start of the voice chat on the server
  • MP. Added ability to see Time on Map in multiplayer lobby
  • MP. Added national flags to the server list
  • JTAC switching target caused crash - fixed
  • Black exhaust smoke from jet engines gets bright in moonlight - fixed
  • MP. Exhaust smoke in one flight, between multiple aircraft is synchronized - corrected
  • Vehicle not moving because of too steep elevation - fixed
  • Host crash when player reloads vehicle ATGM and leaves the vehicle - fixed
  • Sometimes no sound when starting DCS - fixed
  • AGM-84. Harpoon R/BL Skim ditch into the sea sometimes - fixed
  • Graphic option window. Added Custom Graphic Preset buttons
  • Animated fences on ships stopped working - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated server unable to disable voice chat - fixed
  • Ejected Pilot falls through roofs - fixed

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Improved rudder pedals adjustment mechanism. It now works in the following manner: pull handle and adjust rudder pedals distance while keeping the handle pulled, then release handle. Using keyboard or joystick commands also works correctly now
  • Added backlight to FD front cockpit buttons that are not activated
  • Added smoke command to communications menu
  • Deleted attack commands from comms menu of C-101EB
  • Changed 3D model of cockpit mirror
  • Harnesses are now correctly displayed when control stick is hidden
  • Updated EN and ES localizations
  • Fixed oxygen consumption at oxygen pressures less than approx 150 psi
  • Corrected oxygen consumption to take into account 2 pilots (it was consuming two times what it should), and improved timing of oxygen consumption as well

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur

  • Fix to Sidewinder model / smoke
  • Fixed Master mode switch sound when using keyboard/joystick
  • Fixed intermittent keyboard mapping bug
  • Rb04 radar altimeter now works over terrain
  • Fix a small issue where Rb04s wouldn't fly in parallel but instead eventually converge
  • Fixed issue where only one bomb would be released per trigger press in DIRECT mode
  • Fix to Emergency pitch trim clicking nose up not working
  • Fixed issue where RUTA-beam would stay on the radar screen after another waypoint has been selected
  • Fixed that FACKLSL warning would stay on even after reload when having only one KB-pod loaded
  • Corrected amount of chaff and flares carried in KB-pods
  • Fixed issue where not all chaffs would be released
  • Fix to lysbomb not releasing after rearm

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW! Introducing TWS-Auto for the AWG-9
  • Updated tutorial mission “Carrier based take off”
  • Added keybinds for seat adjustment
  • Added Jester keybinds for BVR
  • Disabled AI kneeling (for supercarrier)
  • Added holdback bar (for supercarrier)
  • Added salute command (for supercarrier)
  • Supercarrier compatibility added for client/player
  • WIP: F-14B AI compatibility for supercarrier
  • Fixed VIS FIX updating delta continuously
  • Fix VDI range bar scale value not being shown
  • Fixed Track Hold green light
  • Adjusted pitch rate damper

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM

  • CNM logic fix. Approved and Finalized
  • MAG/MAV search logic update. Approved and FInalized
  • Selective Jettison CTD bug fix
  • INS: BAD Rho/Theta entry modified from KM/Deg to NM/Deg
  • Radar lost contact memory (DO) enabled
  • PCA updated: RDO Button enables/disables DO for manual unlock
  • Special Options update:
    • Show the AOA in the HUD: fixed
    • TDC Gate Aperture for PPI Mode: Added (modificator for radar TDC in PPI mode)
    • TDC Keyboard Precision: Added (modificator for TDC speed when using keyboard)


  • Updated exterior models - fixed tail code number
  • Updated Training Mission 9 (LHA) - TACAN changed so there is no conflict with Kobuleti

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • comm.lua and texture/liveries for AAR included
  • Fixed incorrect radar TDC el range
  • Fixed radar notch for surface units
  • Fixed data-link color issue of enemy symbol
  • Fixed ufcp fill-in text when input iff code
  • Fixed ground crew voiceover mismatched text
  • Fixed chrono digit issue
  • Fixed "music num" slider click issue
  • Fixed dplayer not stop after power-off
  • Fixed CTD when 2 802AKG hit target simultaneously
  • Fixed BRM1 and unguided 90mm rocket names
  • Adjust WMD7/701 TVIR default gain/level value
  • Adjust engine response now dependent on airspeed and altitude
  • Adjust SD-10 loft trajectory, more smooth, better energy management
    • loft condition: target range 30km and not jamming, pitch >= 8.0 degrees
  • Tweak Radar behavior:
    • If target in notch, will try predict target position with last known target position and target velocit
    • SEA1/SEA2 can EXP (TODO: EXP effect), HOTAS S2_Left
    • Support radar AG image FRZ (MFCD OSB R3)
    • Switch between RBM/EXP/DBS will unfreeze radar image if it's frozen
    • EXP/DBS submode limit: radar MUST be following hpt or fixed point; SP state cannot switch to EXP/DBS1
  • Added aar light speed limitation (extend when M0.85/420knots - broken)
  • Added more key bindings (toggle)
  • Added Type-200A anti-runway bomb (single and dual on stations 2/6)
  • Added “hacked” station payload (missile/rocket) cannot launch

DCS Black Shark by ED

  • Corrected flight manual. Added descriptions of switches of PPR-800 panel
  • Dead Valley mission, вugfix. Ka-50 born on the perking with MiG-27 - fixed. Ka-50 group assigned to correct parkings. Removed forest on the SPG Msta position.

DCS F-18C by ED

DCS F-16C by ED

  • CNI Errors (Wind data/Hack time added) - Fixed
  • Engine Is torching intermittent during startup - Fixed
  • Active (A) and Time to Impact (T) for AIM-120 Errors - Fixed
  • FPS Loss at High AOAAOA - fixed. Radar altimeter calculations were modified to improve performance.
  • TGP rewrites point coordinates to first selected point coordinates - Fixed
  • Missing wheel chocks model and functionality - Fixed
  • RWR keybindings are mapped wrong - Fixed
  • In MP a contact can show as Hostile and Friendly at the same time - Fixed
  • Added Sound effects for throttle movements
  • F-16 STBY Compass seems to be affected by acceleration a lot - Fixed
  • Added a new fake afterburner sound
  • Canopy tint synced in MP
  • US marking missing on wings - Fixed
  • Update to Russian localization
  • Training. Lesson 4 - Added CN localization. Lesson 19 - Added DE Voice-Overs.

DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED

  • MiG-29. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25. Corrected reflections on the HUD
  • Su-25T. When you start the right engine you see the animation of the left engine - corrected.


  • First training mission. Localization reverted back to the Russian language.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED

  • Cockpit red flood lights corrected

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

DCS WWII Asset Pack by ED

  • New AI units added to the module:
    • Ju 88A-4 - torpedo bomber aircraft
    • A-20 - medium bomber aircraft
    • Stug III - assault gun
    • M10 - tank destroyer
    • Mk VIII Centaur IV - cruiser tank
    • Elefant - heavy tank destroyer
    • Mk IV Churchill VII - infantry tank
    • M8 Greyhound - armored car
    • 8.8 cm Flak 41 - anti aircraft gun
    • Flakscheinwerfer 37 - searchlight
    • V-1 and launching ramp as static object
    • Shnellboot S-100 class
    • U-boat Type VII
  • LS Samuel Chase damage model corrected
  • APC and HE shells added for M10

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Fixed for WW2 unit incorrect sound idle run, accelerate, synchronized engine sound with transmission
  • Fixed saving gearbox type in tracks
  • Fixed loop sounds for some MG
  • Fixed time for reloading and rearming for some units
  • Increased ship CIWS efficiency (Phalanx and AK-630)
  • Fixed the continuation of AC tracking after destruction of the radar in Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed position and animation of protective doors for Ticonderoga type of cruisers
  • Fixed SAM Rapier, now for the Rapier work requires LN + Blindfire and / or optical
  • Improved AI movement when controlling on F10 map.
  • Fixed the problem with the insufficient turn of TD on target
  • Fixed armor SPG M12

DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX by ED

  • Fixes for arguments for proper visualisation of battle damage

DCS FW 190A-8 by ED

  • Geometry of propeller edited in 2-4 LODs for better FPS performance
  • Wing payload drag and mass fixed

DCS Bf 109 K-4 by ED

  • Added controls for new FyG 25 knob


M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 4: fixed bug with wingmen not responding to player

A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 12: fixed issue with ground units (Raider) refusing to move
  • Mission 13: updated triggers for second briefing

WORLDS APART Spring 2025 Campaign by Low Level Heaven

  • Mission 3: Deleted broken trigger (Pilot dead)
  • Mission 5-2: Many new voice-overs, F-10 Map marker added, Score system adjusted, Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55)

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag

  • Mission BFM04: Updated skin for AI aircraft

Known issues

  • Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only
  • MP: Ship speed calculated with errors and drifted, so aircraft can slide on the deck
  • PLAT camera view missing from the Stennis