DCS Open Beta

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DCS World

  • Rearming at a FARP causes a crash - fixed
  • MP. Problem with empty server-list - fixed
  • MP. Added support for systems with disabled IPv6
  • Added check for SSE 4.1 support
  • AV-8B spawned on the inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed
  • Add Portugal as a country to ME and Logbook
  • ME. Removed some non working effect presets from Effects Static Object
  • Fixed crash after destruction of leader vehicle, during execution command Following leader
  • F-14. Fix of AIM-7 missile that has broken guidance
  • WWII aircraft. DCS hangs with black screen after player get certain damage - fixed
  • MP. Corrected the wrong countries' flags for server table

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • If an AI unit is damaged on the elevator or inside of the hanger deck, it will be teleported to the flight deck level - fixed
  • Corrected deck lights
  • It is possible to overload the Kuznetzov with helicopters, one spawn is to close to others - added limitation on helicopter count
  • LSO says "you are low" when above glidepath - corrected
  • IFLOLS indication is wrong if ship is rolling on waves - fixed
  • Carrier crew:
    • Fixed cat 3 and 4 collaboration
    • Implemented delay and message for cat 4
    • Fixed blocking 3 Cat while 4 in action
    • Added more messages in case of delay of service
    • Messages displayed only for players
  • PLAT camera view corrupted when 'GUI Scale' > 1 - fixed

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED

DCS Combined Arms by ED

  • Fixed CA crash in case of no CA module and user tries to take vehicle

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED

  • Broken Anti-collision light repaired

DCS A-10C Warthog by ED

  • If player was hit by missile when in cockpit view, dcs frozen - fixed

DCS F-16C Viper by ED

  • Added german Viper manual


F-15C The Georgian War campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • M8: silenced Georgian EWRs, adjusted F-16 behavior
  • M10: silenced Georgian EWRs
  • M11: Added AI AI Georgian GCI during combat
  • M12: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat. Removed truck blocking the taxiway
  • M13: Added AI Georgian GCI during combat

Known issues

DCS does not work on PCs without SSE4.1 support. Notably AMD pre-FX processors.

IFLOLS cockpit overlay may disappears when BRC is between 0-180 degrees