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Technical questions

How to repair or update DCS World?

Windows Start Menu / All Apps / Eagle Dynamics. Locate the Repair option for the DCS product (version) you wish to repair.

Note that you can do both repairs and updates from this location.

Cleanup and repair

Remove your user mods if you have any, and backup any changes

go into your Eagle Dynamics\DCS World [openbeta]\bin folder.

There, hold Left Shift and right click and click "Open Command window here."

( Windows 10 creators update now uses powershell, type cmd in powershell, press enter and then continue )

Then, type the following exactly as printed:

DCS_updater.exe cleanup

this will delete all non official files

then do a dcs repair

DCS_updater.exe repair

You can find the youtube tutorial here:

Also you can use the batch files directly in root DCS World folder
please download the files DCS_updater_cleanup.bat and DCS_updater_repair.bat
and then use one by one to clean up first, and then repair.