Errors during update

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Errors during update

ERROR: Can't copy or Can't move the file dcs.exe / DCS_updater.exe

possible errors in the file autoupdate_log.txt from root DCS World folder :

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

For example after running update you get the following error:
can't move Disk:\dcs world\_downloads\bin/dcs.exe to Disk:\dcs world 2 openalpha\bin/dcs.exe (183) cannot create a file when that file already exists.
After clicking ok to that error you get the following error:
can't run Disk:\dcs world\bin/dcs.exe (2) the system cannot find the file specified.

It could be due to Antivirus software that DCS captures the keyboard stroke directly instead of Windows standard API/handle. And this can be considered as unfriendly behavior by some Antivirus software

the recommendation is to turn off Antivirus and security monitoring software (such as 360, etc.) on your computer

Check the disk space and admin rights for DCS World folder

then start DCS World update or repair again