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Technical questions

How to purchase the product in the DCS E-shop ?

  1. On the DCS site in the E-shop menu choose the product you want to purchase and click on BUY.

  2. Click on Go to shopping cart or you can continue to choose products from the DCS E-shop by clicking on Back to products.

  3. In My cart click on CHECK OUT to continue the payment.

  4. Check the box on I agree…  and click on CONFIRM.

  5. Correctly fill your Billing information using Latin symbols

  6. If you have a bonus points on account, you can use it to pay current order

  7. Check the box on I agree with a refund rules and Complete order

  8. Choose the payment method which you want to use…

  9. Continue the payment with your chosen card or PayPal…

  10. If your order was successful, then…

  11. You can find purchased serial numbers in the order details at the Orders page, at the product page in the E-Shop and in the Module manager in the game.

Additional information: DCS E-shop PDF guide with pictures

You can't purchase/order the DCS campaigns

If you unable to purchase the DCS campaign, please make sure that you have the module required for this campaign!

If you already had the module (aircraft), but the website still cannot give you BUY option, please try to use another browser or clean the cookies.