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Technical questions

About the current version of DCS 2.0 open alpha

DCS World 2 Open Alpha - completely independent early access version of the simulator, the purpose of its release -  "Running" developed innovations on the greatest possible hardware and software configurations for testing.

DCS 2 Open Alpha is also available on the Steam with the maps.

Open alpha can be downloaded here

DCS 2 Open Alpha requires the purchase of the NTTR or Normandy map which can be found in our E-shop

An old Caucasus map from DCS 1.5 now is under reconstruction and not yet available for installation in the DCS World 2

DCS 2 uses the serial numbers of the same modules, which you purchased for other versions of DCS  (activation of modules are only required if the module has not been activated before on the same PC ). 

It is important to keep the open alpha install separate from other versions of DCS. However the input folder can be copied to the open alpha install so controls do not have to be remapped.
'Saved Games \ DCS [openbeta] \ Config \ Input' >> 'Saved Games \ DCS.openalpha \ Config \ Input'

Open Alpha is feature limited during development,  instant action mission and our in-game Mission editor are available, however training missions are not .

Newly released campaigns can be purchased from the E-shop

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