Discounts and promotions

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Discounts and promotions

50% discount for new users

All new DCS World users can take advantage of a 50% discount on their first purchase, regardless of the number of modules in the order.
The discount applies to products listed in a popup window inside DCS World.

Click to see a list of products available at a discount for new users

1.    A-10C II Tank Killer
2.    P-47D Thunderbolt
3.    Supercarrier
4.    JF-17 Thunder
5.    F-16C Viper
6.    Fw 190 A-8
7.    MiG-29
8.    Yak-52
9.    F/A-18C Hornet
10.   WWII Assets Pack
11.   Spitfire LF Mk. IX
12.   F-5E Tiger II
13.   L-39 Albatros
14.   MiG-15bis
15.   Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst
16.   F-86F Sabre
17.   Fw 190 D-9 Dora
18.   Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
19.   UH-1H Huey
20.   Flaming Cliffs 3
21.   Combined Arms
22.   P-51D Mustang
23.   Su-33
24.   Su-27
25.   F-15C
26.   Su-25
27.   А-10А
28.   Syria Map
29.   The Channel Map
30.   Persian Gulf Map
31.   Normandy 1944 Map
32.   NEVADA Test and Training Range Map

Each user that has no licenses and serial numbers even deactivated, orders, gifts or transferred from Steam licenses receives a promo offer in a popup window inside DCS World.

The discount does not apply to "Pre-order" products or any other products that are not listed in a popup window inside DCS World.

The discount does not apply to users using the Steam version of DCS World.

To receive a discount, you need to log into DCS World using your account, wait for the pop-up window with a 50% discount to appear and add the modules you want to purchase, then proceed to e-shop cart where the appropriate discount will be applied.

The discount is not available when adding products to the cart through the E-Shop on the site.

This promo offers do not apply to gift orders. So if a customer select "Buy as a gift" option in the basket with promo selected products, this discount will be cancelled at the next step.

This offer will be shown every time until the user makes the first purchase or receives the first license.

If you created and cancelled your order, so this order will block the appearance of a pop-up.
After three days (72 - 84 hours), the information about the cancelled order will be deleted from the E-Shop system, and you will get access to the discount offer.
You can use these three days to test modules.

Free to Play Program

With the release of the stable version of DCS World 2.7, all users have the opportunity to try almost any of our modules for free.

To use Trial Licenses, you need to enable Two-Step Authentication in your user profile.
For detailed instructions on enabling Two-Step Authentication, please refer to another section of our FAQ:

You can test one module for two weeks, and then take the next one or test several modules at once.
After the end of the trial period, the re-activation of the trial license will be available after 6 months.

To select a trial license, follow the link and click on the try button opposite the module you like:

Then install the module that you have chosen through the module manager.
Detailed information on installing modules:

List of products available for free play:
Our production: Aircraft, maps, Supercarrier, Combined Arms
Third Party Products: Aircraft by AvioDev, Deka Ironwork Simulations, Heatblur Simulations, Magnitude 3 LLC, OctopusG, Polychop Simulations, RAZBAM

Please note that offline mode will not be available if there are trial modules.