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Represents group of Units.


 Group.Category = {

enum contains identifiers of group types.


Identifier of a group. It is assigned to a group by Mission Editor automatically.

Static functions

 Group function Group.getByName(string name) 

returns group by the name assigned to the group in Mission Editor.

Member functions

 boolean function Group.isExist(Group self)

returns true if the group exist or false otherwise.

 function Group.destroy(Group self)

destroys the group and all of its units.

 enum Group.Category function Group.getCategory(Group self)

returns category of the group.

 enum coalition.side function Group.getCoalition(Group self)

returns coalition of the group.

 string function Group.getName(Group self)

returns the group's name. This is the same name assigned to the group in Mission Editor.

 Group.ID function Group.getID(Group self)

returns the group identifier.

 Unit function Group.getUnit(number unitNumber)

returns the unit with number unitNumber. If the unit is not exists the function will return nil.

 number function Group.getSize(Group self)

returns initial size of the group. If some of the units will be destroyed, initial size of the group will not be changed. Initial size limits the unitNumber parameter for Group.getUnit() function.

 array of Unit function Group.getUnits(Group self)

returns array of the units present in the group now. Destroyed units will not be enlisted at all.

 Controller function Group.getController(Group self)

returns controller of the group.