Errors during DCS update, install, repair

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Errors during DCS update, install, repair

ERROR: Version 2.7.X.***** is not available.

If you get  an ERROR: Version 2.7.X.***** is not available during install or repair/update, in most cases it is mean you are using an old version of DCS_updater.exe file.

This file should be updated automatically each release time. But some security software can block (cancel) an update process.
So, the file stay not updated and don't know about new DCS builds or patches.

To solve an error you need to download the latest 

This file can be found on the website

You need to Unzip the file to any temp folder and copy (replace) dcs_updater.exe into the "bin" folder
..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\    or
..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\

Then, run DCS World game and repeat the process of install, repair, update.

ERROR: Can't copy or Can't move the file dcs.exe / DCS_updater.exe

possible errors in the file autoupdate_log.txt from root DCS World folder :
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

For example after running update you get the following error: 
can't move Disk:\dcs world\_downloads\bin/dcs.exe to Disk:\dcs world\bin/dcs.exe (183) cannot create a file when that file already exists.
After clicking ok to that error you get the following error: can't run Disk:\dcs world\bin/dcs.exe (2) the system cannot find the file specified.

It could be due to Antivirus software that DCS captures the keyboard stroke directly instead of Windows standard API/handle. And this can be considered as unfriendly behavior by some Antivirus software.
The recommendation is to turn off Antivirus and security monitoring software (such as 360, etc.) on your computer.
Check the disk space and admin rights for DCS World folder.
Then start DCS World update or repair again

Database disk image is malformed

We will operate with the root folder where DCS game is installed ..\DCS World\ or ..\DCS World OpenBeta\

1) you need to save and backup the files autoupdate.cfg and autoupdate.dat from the root DCS folder for later use probably

2) delete the original autoupdate.dat  and keep the original autoupdate.cfg in the root folder

3) then run DCS update again

4) Start DCS World game and check the results

ERROR: Can't parse config: JSON error

If you receive this error when starting DCS, please find the autoupdate.cfg file in the root folder with the game and delete this file. Then start repair (default).