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DCS: P-51D Debden Eagles Campaign

Some of the first American airmen to join the air war over Europe were the volunteers of the RAF’s Eagle Squadrons. In 1942 they were transferred to the Mighty Eighth Air Force under the 4th Fighter Group, based in Debden, Essex. The 4th was the first fighter group to penetrate German airspace, the first to escort bombers over Berlin, and led the first shuttle mission from England to Russia. Under the indomitable leadership of Colonel Don Blakeslee, they became the highest scoring unit of the USAAF, destroying 1,016 enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground.

In this campaign you will join the 4th Fighter Group during the first week following the D-day landings, and relive every mission they flew exactly the way they happened 80 years ago. These were meticulously recreated based on original documents and personal accounts with a keen focus on the finest details, allowing you to firsthand experience what it was truly like to take part in ‘The Mighty Endeavor’, one of the greatest military operations in history.

Pubblicazione: 19.12.2023

DCS: MAD Black Shark Campaign

The principle of deterrence was founded on the notion that a nuclear attack by one superpower would be met with an overwhelming nuclear retaliation such that both the attacker and the defender would be annihilated.

This would create such losses in both population and industrial capacity that society would cease to exist. You will take part in a series of interesting campaigns; MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction.

On the eve of World War III, Naval Aviation Pilot Captain Korneev arrives in the Persian Gulf as part of the Military Group of Peacekeepers to protect the interests of a friendly country. The suppression of the civil war and the settlement of the operational situation in the Strait of Hormuz leads to an escalation. The blue coalition initiates the beginning of the operation - Preemptive Blow. Active fighting on both sides is further feeding conflict in the Middle East.

Pubblicazione: 19.10.2023

DCS: F-16C First in Weasels Over Syria Campaign

Strap on the mighty F-16C Viper and enter the world of the Wild Weasels! First In - Weasels Over Syria will immerse you in this legendary mission as you fly head on into the enemies air defenses.

Set during the events of Operation Cerberus North, FIWOS will place you in the cockpit of Captain Dan ‘Forrest’ Wilson, a Wild Weasel pilot with the 79th Fighter Squadron. During this incredibly detailed, exciting and immersive campaign you will engage in a wide range of Weasel missions as the Joint Syrian Task Force fights for dominance over the highly contested Syrian skies. YGBSM!

Pubblicazione: 19.10.2023

DCS: Mi-24P The Border - Prequel Campaign

In the summer of 2015, the Russian Aerospace Forces achieved significant results in the fight against terrorist groups on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR). Our sources embedded in the ranks of terrorists say that a series of terrorist attacks are being prepared in the North Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation in order to reduce the military activity of the Russian Federation in Syria by blackmail. According to the information, the penetration of small sabotage detachments into the territory of the Russian Federation is planned from the territory of Georgia through the unrecognized Republic of South Ossetia. The authorities of South Ossetia, together with their Russian colleagues, carried out a number of measures to strengthen control over the border of the republic. Additional border posts were deployed, and patrol squads were reinforced in the most vulnerable places. Roadblocks have been set up on the main roads adjacent to the border with Georgia.

Taking into account mountainous forested areas and difficult terrain in some areas, the Russian side handed over two Mi-24P helicopters to the border service of South Ossetia for air patrol and rapid response to incidents. The infrastructure for the deployment and maintenance of helicopters was created in the shortest possible time. Two helipads are equipped with the necessary equipment and specialists. The Otkrytka FARP is located in the northeast of the republic, and the Podkova FARP is located in the southwest direction.

The plot intersects with the "The border" campaign for the Mi-8MTV2 helicopter.

Pubblicazione: 16.08.2023

DCS: UH-1H The Huey Last Show Campaign

The Huey Last Show is a fictional story-based campaign that will test your skills as a helicopter pilot, in 15 missions you will be facing various challenges and various missions while confronting the forces of the Soviet Union.

It is the 14th of January 1979. The Black Jacks 4th Aviation Regiment is being deployed to Krasnodar to support the UN resolution for the Independence of the former Soviet Union provinces. In a relatively moderate response, US President Jimmy Carter and the other NATO countries are deploying a force consisting of elements from the 9th Infantry Division, 6th Cavalry Air Brigade, an MAU from the 1st Marine Division, and SOC from Green Berets, SAS, and SASR. USAF is preparing 3 squadrons of F5-E and 2 squadrons of F4-E to provide air support.

Pubblicazione: 24.07.2023

DCS: F/A-18C Flaming Sunrise Campaign

È il giugno 2005. La situazione nel Golfo Persico è stabile da alcuni anni. Nell'ultimo mese c'è stata una crescente tensione da una nuova direzione mentre l'Iran ha lanciato molteplici esercitazioni navali e aeree sulla costa meridionale del paese. L'Iran ha lanciato provocazioni politiche e diplomatiche contro altri Stati del Golfo, principalmente Emirati Arabi Uniti, accusandoli di produzione di armi nucleari e chimiche e di ripetuti attacchi contro navi commerciali iraniane. Forse la cosa più preoccupante è stata la dichiarazione del ministro della difesa iraniano che ha parlato alla televisione iraniana la scorsa settimana dicendo che gli Emirati Arabi Uniti sono governati da leader nazionalsocialisti che minacciano la sicurezza dei cittadini iraniani che vivono negli Emirati.
Pubblicazione: 17.05.2023

DCS: F/A-18C Inherent Resolve Campaign

Welcome to Inherent Resolve - an exciting and immersive player friendly campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet in Syria.

Join the multinational coalition and fight against ISIS in 13 epic missions, suitable for flyers at all skill levels. With emphasis on experience and gameplay Inherent Resolve puts you front seat inside the world's most powerful military force. Whether flying as part of a strike package or leading your own wing, each unique mission brings a diverse range of challenges and scenarios.

You are Stryker - a likeable and handsome rookie deployed to Incirlik Airbase, Turkey with your wingman "Jazzman".

This progressive campaign utilises a range of target locations and airfields meaning that you will be bombing some of the best parts of the map!

Aircraft are hot-starts. Mission briefs are quick and easy and come supplied with kneeboards, mission PDFS and associated imagery. 

The action piles up fast as you navigate your way through a series of dramatic and exciting mission sets that you will enjoy playing again and again

- Welcome to Inherent Resolve

Pubblicazione: 10.03.2023

DCS: Mosquito FB VI - V for Victory Campaign

Some of the thrilling sorties flown by Mosquito units in World War II belong to movie screens rather than history books. The ’wooden wonder’ flew in an astonishing variety of roles, and some of them were truly stranger than fiction. ’V for Victory’ will take you through most of these different sorties: Night intruder, ranger, oboe pathfinder, noball, photo recce, Joan Eleanor - just to mention a few. It also contains accurate recreations of some of the most iconic Mossie missions of the war. Help the prisoners break out from the Amiens prison, bomb the Gestapo headquarters, or attack the radio station as Reichsmarshall Goering is delivering a propaganda speech. Put on your Irvin jacket, climb into the cockpit, and see if you have what it takes to be the leader of a Mosquito Squadron.

Pubblicazione: 10.03.2023

DCS: AV-8B Kerman Campaign

Join ‘Detachment B’ of US Marine Corps Harrier squadron VMA-311 as they embark on ‘The Kerman Campaign’. The 2011 Arab Spring has driven civil unrest across the middle east and in Iran has resulted in the violent repression of it’s citizens, this chain of events has led to the formation of a US led coalition and the launch of Operation Persian Freedom. The Kerman Campaign puts you in the shoes of USMC Captain Mitch ‘Mike-Mike’ Mickleson as the Harrier pilots of ‘Det B’ fight to protect their fellow marines on the ground.

This highly immersive and exciting campaign is set across 11 missions and features a standalone story set within the Operation Persian Freedom campaign storyline. The Kerman Campaign will push virtual Harrier pilots to the limits as they experience intense and detailed close air support operations.

Pubblicazione: 10.03.2023

DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign

And the battle rages on! This time you are an officer of the UAE Air Force, with Bedouin ancestry; a pilot of the Special Operations Squadron - Captain Khalid Al-Mansouri. You will take part in a series of interesting campaigns; MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction. Detailed and high-quality work from Stone Sky will once again surprise you.

The USA has strengthened its military forces in the region, Iran is embroiled in a civil war but it continues to protect its interests in the Persian Gulf. Maritime traffic in the Strait of Hormuz is at a standstill. Every day, opposing interests enforce security protecting their oil tankers from enemy sabotage. Intelligence proved that Iran still has nuclear weapons capabilities and added fuel to the fire.

The Special Operations Squadron is one team! And during all 12 missions you will be able to feel like a part of this team. Each mission for you is a flight as part of a group as a wingman or as a leader!

A realistic story will reveal interesting facts about the weapons and capabilities of the Blue Coalition for you.

In the collaborative operation with NATO "Preventive Blow" in the heart of the Musandam Peninsula, you will take part in the NATO Helicopter-Ship Qualification in the Arabian Gulf, facing high winds and a sandstorm. You will take part in the landing on the coast near the city of Bender-Lengeh, as well in the assault on a large city as part of a major operation "Sweltering Heat"

Pubblicazione: 25.01.2023