Crash Reporting Tool

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Crash Reporting Tool

What to do in a case of game crash?

To help us improve DCS World, we have added a new crash reporting tool.

If you suffer a game crash, the new tool will allow you to submit a report to allow us to diagnose and correct the problem.
We encourage you to take advantage of this tool and include a detailed description of the circumstance that led to the crash.

This is how it works

The system automatically recognizes the crash, collects data to logs with the files associated with a crash and creates a package to send developers for further actions and analysis. The picture shown below appears.
All you have to do is to write down what happened and how it can be reproduced. Use "Crash report comments" text field for it.  After all click "Send crash-report" button.


When you create a support ticket, please let us know that you already uploaded the latest crash reports to the system.