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DCS modules by VEAO

DCS: BAE Hawk Update

We regret to inform you that VEAO is no longer a developer for DCS World. As such, they have also ceased support of their Hawk. Although we offered to support their product, they declined making the files available to do so.

Given this unfortunate situation, we will fully refund all Hawk customers that purchased the module starting from 1 October 2018.

If you are sure, that your order in E-shop from 1 October 2018 and you wish a full refund, please enter a support request here.

For those that purchased the Hawk prior to 1 October 2018, will continue to make DCS World 2.5.3 available, such that you can still fly the Hawk.

To avoid such issues in the future, all future 3rd party agreements are now required to make the game files available in case they are no longer able to support their product.

If you want to revert your current DCS World version to DCS 2.5.3, please use the batch file
Place it to the DCS World root folder and run it once.

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