Possible troubles with orders

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Possible troubles with orders

Charged Twice for One Purchase in case of Debit or Credit cards

If you found that you has been charged twice for one order, please don't worry.

Looks like you're experiencing a "shadow" on your bank account. This occurs when a transaction is authorised by your card issuing bank but it fails on the payment systems for another reason. It may appear as "pending" in your bank statement.

The funds did not leave your account, they had simply been "shadowed" as your bank is expecting us to remove those funds at some point. But we can not actually accept the payment as it has failed.

The shadow automatically expire after 1-2 weeks according to your bank policy and the funds will appear again in your bank account.

Error message about The Authorisation. Please try a different card

Error message:
The Authorization has been declined by the bank. Please try a different card

Please make sure you are choosing a correct bank card.

You can try to use PayPal if you have a continuous problem with your bank card at the Saferpay payment gateway.

Payment system declined transaction, Payment rejected

Saferpay payment system are located in Switzerland, ask your bank to allow payments in that country.

Please make sure your card supports international payments.

The  Saferpay system doesn't accept a Visa / MasterCard debit Gift card and prepaid cards.

Pay attention that Debit and Credit cards are different !

The Card Type selected does not match card number

Please try to choose another payment method, card type

If you can't pay with the elctronic VISA card try to choose VISA credit (rather than the VISA electron) and it should work

Payment failed, you never see the payment screen

You have tried several times to purchase a module and all goes fine until payment. 
You never see the payment screen it skips and goes to tell you payment failed awaiting payment.
You can't ever see the screen to put in the credit card info.

In most cases it is a problem with incorrect Billing information
a. You should cancel the failed unpaid order
b. Create a new order and Double check that your Billing information is correct

Please use only Latin symbols to fill the Billing information for the order.
Don't use any specific symbols from your Alphabet.

Carefully check the Post/Zip code (Error #3138).

If you are from USA, carefully fill a State Code. You can find it from a list of U.S. state abbreviations.
Here is another list of states and territories of the United States