DCS ME Aircraft Payload Preview Overhaul

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DCS: World 2.5

DCS ME Aircraft Payload Preview Overhaul

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - uboats
Datum - 16.05.2016 04:30:14
This ME payload preview mod created years ago now gets overhauled.
It's revised from OB

It can pass IC

2020/12/12: pass IC OB v3
2020/12/11: fixed for alignment OB v2
2020/12/11: fixed for dual loadout OB v1
2020/12/10: overhaul OB

This mod is JSGME ready

A. use JSGME
B. (1) unzip the downloaded file,
    (2) copy and paste the 'MissionEditor' & "Scripts" folders to DCS 2.5 installation folder and replace all 3 files

note: if any CTD, or incorrect payload display, please report

discussion and feedback:
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