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DCS: World 2.5
Airfield attack training mission
Autor - aiye400
Date - 18.01.2020 16:25:26
This is a mission that I made mostly for A2G attack practice, has some triggers, F10 radio menu options, and voice requests for the mission. Most usable aircraft are available, either with an air start or cold start on the ground. There is also some A2A engagement, but can be disabled via the radio comms. It's a good mission for learning and practicing air to ground attacks, and anti ship fighting if you so choose.

*****Unzip the file and place the mission folder "Airfield Attack Training Mission" in the mission directory .

Usually under:

[drive letter]\users\[your user name]\saved games\DCS\missions\

Then go into DCS and it should be under the "Missions" option*****
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