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Havoc's Quick Autostart for AH-64D

Typ - Mod
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Datum - 27.04.2022 16:12:05
Optimized autostart script that takes 4m18s (default script takes ~6m35s) and completes several common post-start procedures.

Havoc's Quick Autostart for the AH-64D

This is an optimized autostart sequence designed to get the helicopter up and running as quickly as possible, and complete several common post-startup tasks.  It is a modified version of the default autostart sequence.  It passes IC and is OvGME-ready.

The main differences between this and the default autostart sequence are:
* Reduced total startup time to 4m18s instead of ~6m35s.  The actual startup only takes ~2m45s, the rest of the time is just waiting for the EGI alignment to complete.
* No checks to make sure initial switch positions are correct.  This assumes the switch positions as they are when the aircraft spawns cold.  (It will probably work even if the switches have been changed though.)
* No BIT or self-tests of any kind.  Alert messages are cleared so no errors are visible in the MFDs or caution display.  All systems still work correctly since aircraft are spawned in perfect condition.
* Leaves parking brake on and tail wheel locked, so you don't start rolling if on an uneven surface.
* Additional pre- and post-startup procedures:
** Turns on PRIMARY internal lights so the HMD alignment rings show up in the boresight scope.  Other lights are left off; set as needed.
** RLWS (Radar/Laser Warning Receiver) -- On.  I believe this should be on by default, but currently is not.  This will need to be disabled if the game is patched to have this on by default.
** AUX fuel tank -- On.  This enables feeding fuel from the internal Robbie tank, which is currently always installed in the helicopter.
** ASE chaff system -- On.  This enables your chaff dispenser.
** CMWS system -- On and set to Bypass.  This enables your flare dispenser and missile warning system.
** All radio switches -- On, and RLWS volume up.  This enables all your radio audio.  Both back seat and front seat switches are set.
** TEDAC TDU -- On.  This turns on the TEDAC display in the CPG cockpit.  (I can't figure out how to make it turn back off during shutdown, see comment in the Lua file, but it doesn't matter, subsequent autostarts work fine.)
** Time display -- set to Local time.  This makes the current time display in local instead of zulu.
** TDC -- Turns on all optional SHOW settings for both NAV and ATK phases, including threats, other crewmember cursor, current route, cursor info, HSI, and others.  It does this for both front seat and back seat, so both seats should start configured the same way if you change in flight.  This makes the TDC page more cluttered, but I like seeing the extra information.  You can turn off whatever you don't want to see, or easily modify the Lua to your preferences.
** Pilot MFDs -- Sets left MFD to TADS repeater display, and right MFD to TDC with ACQ source set to TADS.  This is the configuration I find most useful, especially for single-crew flying with George in the front, but can be easily changed if you want.
** SAI -- Uncage.  The default startup leaves it caged, and if uncaged manually, the default shutdown leaves it uncaged.  It is now caged/uncaged appropriately.
** Master Caution/Warning -- Reset.  The default startup leaves these blinking.

After startup you will only need to set up the lights and radios as needed, and boresight the IHADSS.  Unfortunately there's no function yet to do the boresight automatically as there is with the F-18 and F-16.  Reminder text is shown after startup is complete; these steps can be done while waiting for the EGI to finish aligning.

Any of these settings can be easily disabled or changed in the Lua file to suit your preferences.

The file has been divided up into several functions that should make it a bit easier to find what you need.  I've also replaced the separate push_start_command and push_stop_command functions with a single push_combined function so that blocks of commands can be re-used for either startup or shutdown.  This code could be applied to other aircraft startup sequences as well.

The shutdown procedure has also been optimized, mainly to make sure that it restores the aircraft to the cold-start state.  (The default autostop leaves several systems active, such as the CMWS, SAI, and radios.)

To install, copy the Macro_sequences.lua file to C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\AH-64D\Cockpit\Scripts (or whatever your game install folder is).

To use, press LWin+Home to autostart, or LWin+End to autostop.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or other problems.

Finally, big thanks to the ED programmers who had the foresight to make this scriptable, and Bailey for the inspiration to make my own.

2022/04/28, Open Beta
* As of this patch, RDR ALT now starts enabled by default, so removed that from the script.
* Filename changed to be unique, in case you download my scripts for other modules.

* Added some code that accurately times the start/stop sequences and also inserts some messages into the output with time remaining.

* Fixes for DCS Open Beta, AH-64D radio squelch switches were changed to be momentary on/neutral/off, and affect both PLT and CPG radios.  Script modified accordingly.

* Refinements to the startup sequence:
* DOPPLER now starts on, so the startup sequence was turning it off.  That's now fixed.
* Master Caution/Warning doesn't activate any more during the startup process, so pressing the reset for it has been removed from the script.
* CPG MFDs are now left on WPN and TSD instead of FLT and TSD (more useful defaults).
* CPG laser is turned on (George turns it on automatically if he's in the front seat, but for MP this will enable it for a human CPG).
* Changed the combined sequence push commands to use a variable that's set at the top of the start and stop functions.  Now you can copy/paste commands between the functions without having to change each command from start to stop or vice versa.
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