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DCS: World 2.7


Typ - Mod
Autor - MEBF109
Datum - 28.07.2021 20:55:20
MOD for the ED AI MIG-27K to make it client flyable one of my favorite cold war aircrafts of all time, that was still in service until recently and saw a lot of combat with the Indian Air Force.


This SFM, MOD is a mixtures of Free MODS mixed together to make it look better, it contains higher quality looking liveries by the great artist (Urbi) you can find some of his work here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306739/ also some lua scripts were added to make the wings sweep by Firesilver and my self is simply to make it look good (keyboard Rctrl+P), be aware that some weapons like anti radar weapon can not be used anymore by client only AI, before I had the sensor inside the aircraft now is not possible because of the ED Aircraft lua's been locked, there are two Pit versions below.

Installation path: Drive C:/ Users / Your User / Saved Games / DCS.openbeta / Mods / Aircraft

1-MIG-27K with SU-25A Pit it uses the SU-25T Avionics you will need FC3, also The glass hud cannot be raised or lowered in this MOD. The Skval TV screen is floating in the air you also have to fix the camera view up or down to a comfortable position of your choice.
Link: https://mega.nz/file/fIR2VDxS#MVPcK3wrQ39u5AAdbYtDvtoOJq0NUb5zWQJhRBpfY8w

2-MIG-27K with SU-25T Pit it uses the SU-25T Avionics, you have to fix the camera view up or down to a comfortable position of your choice.
Link: https://mega.nz/file/CVRkCTqI#dYSIb1ShmlL_2lMZvxUnzFqbWgo8DoUJRJkz6VolwT8

This is my 1st time uploading a MOD so Please if I forgot to give credit to anyone let me know my apologies in advance this is something simple that I wanted to share with all, specially cold war era lovers like me a little MOD for fun I Humbly hope you all like it enjoy and have fun.

You can also come and have fun with it in (4YA Training Server) MP PvE some slots available in Caucasus and Syria maps.
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