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DCS: World 2.7

Mi-24P NVG MOD (IC Pass) (JSGME Ready)

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - Bartek16194
Datum - 19.06.2021 17:35:49
Adds NVG capability to the Mi-24P by editing the .lua and adding missing keybinds for keyboard or any input device.

It replaces original keybinds files with modified ones containing 3 new keybinds:
-Toggle goggles (Default: RShift+H)
-Gain goggles up (Default: RCtrl+RShift+H)
-Gain goggles down (Default: RAlt+RShift+H)

Your binds will not be overwritten / removed after installing this mod.

JSGME or any mod manager compatible.
VR Friendly
Passes Integrity Check

Paste "Mods" folder into game main directory. If you are asked to overwrite the files, agree.
If you are using JSGME/Mod Manager, you probably know how to install it anyway.

After installing the mod in controls, you will find a new "NVG" category.

Have fun.

1.1 21.06.2021: Fix for bug where NVG did not work for people who do not have Mi-8T
1.2 03.08.2021: Fix for ACCESS_VIOLATION and for new binding
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