R-73 for MiG-23MLD (Ai)

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DCS: World 2.5

R-73 for MiG-23MLD (Ai)

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - Bartek16194
Datum - 31.10.2020 16:46:27
Simple modification of the game code to add R-73 to the MiG-23MLD

According to information available on the Internet, the MiG-23MLD was able to carry and use the R-73 in combat from the very beginning. This simple mod allows you to hang the R-73 on pylons 3 and 5.
The position for the missile has also been corrected to fit perfectly with the pylons.
If you want to use this in your MP mission, no one except the mission maker needs to have this mod, you can make loadout and uninstall the mod and you will still be able to install R-73.

Mod doesn't pass through IC

Put MiG-23MLD.lua in "\DCSWorld\Scripts\Database\planes"
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