MiG-21Bis ASP Block Station mod

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MiG-21Bis ASP Block Station mod

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - Mainstay
Datum - 09.09.2016 21:34:08
MiG-21Bis ASP Block Station mod

Made it look like the stations are stamped into the leather. Barely visible so its not annoying during flight but visible enough to read the numbers.

Mod is JSGME ready.

To install unrar.
Then either manual follow folder path and copy and paste file so it overwrite. (WARNING MAKE A BACKUP OF ORGINAL FILE BEFORE OVERWRITING!!!!)
Or go the easy way and simply enable with JSGME.  
  • Lizenz: Freeware - Kostenlose Version, Freie Weitergabe
  • Sprache: Alle Sprachen
  • Größe: 1.48 Mb
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