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DCS: Mi-8 MTV2 English Black Cockpit Mod

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - Devrim
Datum - 18.11.2014 01:39:25
V1.7.1 (08/2020) With this mod, you'll get black/gray cockpit environment in English for DCS World: Mi-8MTV2 module.




    * This mod is compatible with DCS 2.x
    * This mod was made based on the stock cockpit textures. Pixel colors were changed.
    * Integrity Check: OK.
    * Please feedback about letter or translation mistakes, typos or your suggestions.
    * Please do not create mirror mods or download links for this mod!

Thank you. Have fun.


v1.7.1 - Little updates/fixes. Reviewed warning light texture. Added: Weapon Switch (overhead) Warning Light. "Dirty Windows" addon.

v1.7 - Brightened up dashes. (08/2019)(4880DLs.)
v1.6.5 - Completed translations (for blue EN cockpit whole texts & warning lights) according to "Technical (Operator's) Manual of Mi-17 (TM1-1520-Mi-17-10)" given by Belsimtek and "DCS: Mi-8MTV Flight Manual". Thanks a lot to Toby23 for his suggestions! Aiming Correction Table added. Warning Lights font changed (09/2017)(4262DLs).
v1.6.4 - Updates by Belsimtek: Updated speed gauge & added some rotary buttons. Fixed OAT (Thanks to Toby23) and updated some Warning Lts (08/2017)(2581DLs).
v1.6c - Fixed translates according to Mi-17's Technical (Operator's) Manual given by Belsimtek. Fixed MipMaps (05/2017)(2400DLs).
v1.6b - Handbrake bug fix and some corrections: Fuel Meter: "Feed" (right dash), Jardo fixes (right console), PKT switch box: "Engineer" (over right dash), Added "S" letter on compass, Fuel Switches: "Feed" (overhead), Lights panel: "Cargo Lts", "Duty" & "Common" (right overhead panel) (08/2016) (2151DLs).
v1.6a - A simple texture fix: P and S letters were swapped. Now S and P (Secondary & Primary).
v1.6 - Some fixes on textures (radio digits) and description lua (warning lights).
v1.5a - A fix for packaging. Now all DDS files in one folder. No update on textures (11/2015).
v1.5 - Updated for DCS World 1.5.x. Various typo fixes and corrections. Adapted for "Customized Cockpit" feature! Added 3d-ish needles for all gauges.
v1.4a - Fixed "aircraft(s)" folder issue (11/2014).
v1.4 - Updated for DCS World V1.2.8.
v1.3a - Updated for DCS World V1.2.7.23097.
v1.3 - Update for DCS Wold v1.2.7 OpenBeta.
v1.2 - Update for DCS World v1.2.6u2.
v1.1 - Small corrections.
v1.0 - Fix a little blue area.
v0.9 - First release (10/2013).
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