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DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign

During the winter of 1942-43, the air battle raging in the skies over Europe was at its fiercest. The Focke Wulfs and Messerschmitts flown by the Luftwaffe’s ’experten’ proved to be more than a worthy foe for the RAF’s new Spitfire Mk.IX-s. The air supremacy of the Allies was still just a distant dream. In the thickest of this battle stood the Biggin Hill Wing with 611 (West Lancashire) and 340 (Ile de France) Squadrons. As a result of thorough research in the national archives, squadron records and combat reports, Reflected Simulations managed to recreate 14 of these sorties down to the smallest details. Come, join 611 Squadron at the height of the air war over Europe, and experience what it was like to be a fighter pilot in the RAF in the most realistic way that it’s ever been possible in a simulator.

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign

It is the year 1998. Tension is building up in the Persian Gulf region. Violations of human rights, demonstrations terminated by the military and executions of political prisoners in Iran have led to financial sanctions set by United States and European Union. Iran has responded with airspace violations and disruptions of commercial shipping. Diplomats are doing their best but the Gulf states and the World are afraid of war.

Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt with Air Wing Nine onboard has been sent to the region to prevent the situation slipping into open war. Welcome to Operation Sandworm!

Release: 04/27/2022

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign

In a surprise move, Russia has, again, invaded Georgia and the United Nations is unable or unwilling to provide even the most basic military response to this attack. Initially, only the United States commits a small but highly effective force of A-10C Warthogs to help defend its Black Sea ally.

You are Major "Took" Key, a Flight Lead and Instructor Pilot assigned to the 74th Fighter Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga, who will lead the military response against the invading Russians.

Operation Agile Spear is a 16-mission, single player, story-driven campaign that will test you and your aircraft to the limit. Do you have what it takes to repel the invading Russian Army? Download Operation Agile Spear and find out.

"The campaign is great and extremely immersive!" Ian S.
"... it's a great campaign, it's fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it!" Yurgan S.

Release: 03/30/2022

DCS: AV-8B Hormuz Freedom Campaign

Operation Hormuz Freedom is a fictional story-based campaign that will test your skill in using the AV-8B Harrier in a variety of missions while you operate with the VMA-513 "The Flying Nightmares", on board LHA-1 Tarawa as part of a carrier group.

You are tasked to enforce the freedom of the high seas act and allow naval traffic through the Strait of Hormuz and protect the states in the Persian Gulf from any aggression from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The states in the Persian Gulf are not allowing any military operations out of the US bases in the Persian Gulf, however, AWACS and re-fueling flights are still allowed to operate. US Navy and US Marines will have to carry the load without any support from the US Airforce.

Release: 03/30/2022

DCS: MAD Campaign

MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction

The principle of deterrence founded on the notion that a nuclear attack by one superpower would be met with and overwhelming nuclear retaliation such as that both the attacker and the defender would be annihilated

As a result, both sides are guaranteed to be annihilated.

This would create such losses in both population and industrial capacity that society would cease to exist.

MAD UH-1 or SA-342 This campaign will convey a gripping story about a PMC pilot named Anton Orlovskii.

You will take part in the series of campaigns called MAD Mutually assured Destruction.

The USA has strengthened it’s military forces in the region, Iran is embroiled in a civil war but it continues to protect its interests in the Persian Gulf.

Maritime traffic in the Strait of Hormuz is at a standstill and every day hostile sides enforce security protecting their oil tankers from enemy sabotage.

Intelligence that Iran still possesses nuclear weapons has added fuel to the fire. A Russian PMC called RSCS has arrived in Bandar Abbas. Orlovskii is an experienced pilot. He has experience of combat missions in Syria and Libya but he has never been so close to a real war.

Release: 03/30/2022

DCS: F/A-18C Operation Cerberus North Campaign

Civil war is raging in Syria. A number of factions fight for survival across the country while around them their neighbours watch the unfolding chaos nervously. Emboldened by the support of the Russian Federation the Syrian armed forces strive to crush the breakaway Democratic Forces in the north, whilst in the northeast a violent insurgency is adding fuel to a raging fire. Committed to protecting the Syrian rebels, NATO forces, under the 'Joint Syrian Task Force', launch Operation Cerberus North to establish a series of no fly zones across Syria. As the chain of events in this deadly conflict develops, the regional powers are put on a collision course towards all out war.

Following on from the events of the A-10C campaign 'Operation Persian Freedom', Operation Cerberus North will pit RAF exchange pilot David 'Steep' Hill and his new VMFA-232 squadron mates into a deep and immersive story driven campaign set in Syria and the surrounding area. Based on months of research Operation Cerberus North offers an incredibly detailed and immersive scenario for Hornet pilots to pit themselves against.

This highly immersive campaign is set across 16 missions - spread over 21 parts, and will push your abilities to effectively operate the Hornet in a range of mission types.

Release: 03/30/2022

DCS: UH-1H Paradise Lost Campaign

1968. After a Chinese-backed communist coup, the Philippines started a hostile expansion, and its guerilla troops, the so-called “FC” are now controlling the southern half of Guam. WO Jack Wilson is being sent into this strange conflict to serve his one year tour as a member of the 4th Aviation Battalion at Andersen AFB. Fly resupplies, combat assaults, dustoffs, extractions, artillery spotting, psy war, sniffers, escorts and many other challenging missions. Put your skills to the test, and learn what it was like to fly slicks and gunships 3 feet over the jungle in the late 1960s.

Release: 12/23/2021

DCS: A-10C II Iron Flag Part I Campaign

Iron Flag is a training campaign for the A-10C II Tank Killer module. The goal of Iron Flag is to expand on the training missions that come with it and teach you new things not found there. Also, go more in-depth on some of the things that are included with the module and explain some of the tactics and rationale behind employing the A-10 C, its systems, and weapons so that you and your Hog emerge more lethal!

Baltic Dragon and Nicholas Barnwell, authors of the campaign, tried to make Iron Flag as realistic as possible, given the limitations within DCS and their knowledge. They have leaned on real civilian and USAF pilots, including a few A-10 drivers, other subject matter experts, and many within the DCS community to help them bring you the definitive A-10 training experience.

Release: 12/23/2021

DCS: MiG-21bis Battle of Krasnodar Campaign

Battle of Krasnodar is a story-based campaign that will test your air-to-air and air-to-ground skills in a variety of missions while you confront US forces in the emerging conflict.

Your Mig-21bis squadron is tasked to defend the region of Krasnodar from an invasion of UN troops that support the UN resolution for the Independence of Soviet Union provinces. The UN response is moderate; however, the Soviet forces in the region are facing supply problems due to the rapid destabilization of the Soviet Union. The resources are limited, and often the VVS forces suffer lack of support. As a frontline fighter squadron, you will have to move between airbases as the conflict evolves.

Release: 10/20/2021

DCS: MiG-21bis Constant Peg Campaign

The Constant Peg Campaign is based on operations carried out by the USAF's 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron, the 'Red Eagles'. These 10 missions are set in 1988 and replicate the unit's typical operations from Tonopah Test Range Airfield, Nevada. You will take flight in a MiG-21 to expose pilots from operational units to Soviet aircraft, and to replicate adversary tactics during realistic combat training scenarios. Face off against the F-14 Tomcat and F-15 Eagle in one versus one and two versus two air combat. Lead your flight against a larger force during realistic Fighter Weapons School 'Mission Employment' training and a 'Red Flag' exercise mission.

This campaign was designed in partnership with Steve Davies, author of Red Eagles: America's Secret Migs, host of the 10 Percent True: Tales from the Cockpit podcast, and the authority on Constant Peg operations. He brought with him access to the real Red Eagles pilots, whose technical guidance was used to ensure this is the most realistic experience possible.

Release: 10/20/2021