DCS: F/A-18C Flaming Sunrise Campaign

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It is June 2005. Situation at Persian Gulf has been stable for some years. For the last month there has been rising tension from new direction while Iran has launched multiple naval and air force exercises at southern coast of the country. Iran has made political and diplomatic provocations against other Gulf States, mostly United Arab Emirates, accusing them about production of nuclear and chemical weapons and repeated attacks against Iran commercial shipping. Maybe most worrying was statement of Iran defense minister speaking in Iran television last week telling United Arab Emirates being governed by national socialist leaders threatening security of Iran citizens living in Emirates.

USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group has moved from western Persian Gulf closer to Emirates waters. Within limitations of Air Tasking Order, you as an Executive Officer of VF-192 Golden Dragons are responsible of planning of training, patrol and if necessary, combat operations of the squadron.

Flaming Sunrise is a story-driven semi-dynamic single-player campaign inspired by great Operation Pontus Campaign. You are set in place of squadron XO. You will plan and lead some of combat sorties of your squadron giving your best to create circumstances for coalition forces to win the war.

Release: 05/17/2023

Key Features:

  • Dynamic campaign structure: situation at the beginning of the mission depending about success of previous mission.
  • From 8 to 26 story-driven single-player missions depending on how well you do your job. Usually, 12 to 17 missions needed to complete the campaign.
  • Detailed mission debriefing at the end of the mission giving player information needed to plan the next mission for the squadron.
  • More than 100 pages of tutorials, briefing materials, charts and kneeboard pages