DCS: AV-8B Kerman Campaign

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Join ‘Detachment B’ of US Marine Corps Harrier squadron VMA-311 as they embark on ‘The Kerman Campaign’. The 2011 Arab Spring has driven civil unrest across the middle east and in Iran has resulted in the violent repression of it’s citizens, this chain of events has led to the formation of a US led coalition and the launch of Operation Persian Freedom. The Kerman Campaign puts you in the shoes of USMC Captain Mitch ‘Mike-Mike’ Mickleson as the Harrier pilots of ‘Det B’ fight to protect their fellow marines on the ground.

This highly immersive and exciting campaign is set across 11 missions and features a standalone story set within the Operation Persian Freedom campaign storyline. The Kerman Campaign will push virtual Harrier pilots to the limits as they experience intense and detailed close air support operations.

Release: 03/10/2023

Main Features:

  • Detailed storyline that unfolds as the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force advances across Kerman province.
  • Over 150 pages of detailed documentation, including a 35 page theater briefing, 19 pages of SPINS and highly detailed mission briefings and kneeboards.
  • Highly immersive mission design with multiple ways of completing missions that react and respond to your actions and performance.
  • Custom Air Traffic Control system at your home base - FOB Juliet.
  • Detailed Close Air Support operations through the custom built ‘advanced JTAC system’ that provides immersive control of your attacks.
  • FARP operations from both short fields and road bases.
  • Fully voice acted with over 2500 lines of dialogue recorded.
  • Optional conversations that can be accessed to enhance the story or ignored for a quieter cockpit.


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English