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12 jan

With the release of multi-threading and DLSS/FSR, the next big core DCS task is the support for the Vulkan Application Programing Interface (API). Multi-threading was a prerequisite to support the Vulkan API backend and enhance system performance/efficiency. 

Much of the Vulkan API work over the past several years has focused on adapting the DCS internal tools to seamlessly integrate with optimized functionality to ensure peak performance. This has been a challenging endeavor to rectify all validation errors, streamlining graphics and processing tasks, improving compatibility with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel hardware and a diverse set of drivers, and creating and refining the groundwork for rendering across multiple threads that will allow even more advanced graphic capabilities.

As we move into 2024, we continue to optimize and refine performance to exceed what is possible with DirectX 11. It is important that we continue to push graphic standards whilst maintaining excellent performance for both 2D, and even more so, VR. 

However, like multi-threading and DLSS/FSR, results will vary between players based on their hardware and settings.